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Infinity Tattoo Meanings

Infinity Tattoo Meanings

The infinity symbol, known in geometry as the lemniscate, is a mathematical sign that represents the concept of infinity – something boundless or endless. Today, the infinity symbol is often used to symbolize the never-ending cycle of life and has strong ties to faith, spirituality, mythology, and much more.

Despite its simple design, the meaning of the infinity symbol is profound beyond belief. So much so that it has become one of the most popular tattoos of the 21st century. If you’re interested in getting an infinity tattoo, you may want to find out more about this symbol and how you can customize it to reflect your intentions and beliefs. In this article, we’ll reveal the rich history of the infinity symbol. We’ll also explain how the design and placement of an infinity tattoo can alter its meaning.

What Does the Infinity Symbol Symbolize?

Infinity tattoos are timeless, tasteful, and purposeful. They are prevalent in nearly every culture and can carry many different meanings. Ultimately, you’re the one who gets to decide what your infinity tattoo means. However, this little symbol tends to symbolize the following.

Oneness, Peace, and Balance

The infinity symbol has strong ties to the universal law of divine oneness. This law represents the oneness we feel when we accept our place in the cycle of life. An infinity tattoo can remind us that we are all one, no matter how different we may act, look, or feel. According to the law of divine oneness, all of humanity is one with God, forever. And just like the infinity symbol, God’s energy is believed to know no space or time.

When we believe in the law of divine oneness, we seek to find balance and harmony within ourselves and the world around us. The law implies that our thoughts and actions can cause ripples of change throughout the world, teaching us to reap what we sow.

The law of divine oneness can also be traced back to yoga, an ancient and spiritual practice that is rooted in Indian philosophy. Yoga is a practice that aims to connect and balance the physical, mental, and spiritual components of one’s self, and the infinity symbol mirrors these intentions.

Limitless Love

The infinity symbol can also stand for eternal love, representing how limitless it is in the grand scheme of things. Just like the love that soulmates share, the infinity symbol knows no end or beginning.

Infinity tattoos have become a popular way to express the undying love between two people. However, this love does not need to be romantic, as the love between parents, siblings, and friends can also be limitless.

Infinite Possibilities

An infinity tattoo can also symbolize the infinite possibilities that the universe has to offer. Those who choose to give this meaning to their tattoo may have once believed that they couldn’t accomplish their dreams, only to realize that anything is possible.

Reincarnation and Rebirth

Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, and Sikhism are religions that all have one thing in common: they believe in reincarnation. The prominent religions of these Eastern cultures often view the infinity symbol as a reflection of the reincarnation process. Those who believe in reincarnation accept that the soul never dies, choosing to be reborn at the end of every life cycle.

With this in mind, an infinity tattoo can serve as a reminder that we are all eternal and forever bound by karmic faith. An infinity tattoo can also symbolize rebirth and the strength it takes to end tumultuous cycles and start again from square one.

Infinite Wisdom, Luck, and Abundance

The infinity symbol resembles a horizontal number eight. In numerology, the number eight is a highly spiritual and lucky number that represents infinite wisdom and physical abundance. An infinity tattoo may be chosen by a spiritual person who has the number 8 as a life path number. Those who consider the number 8 to be their lucky number may also select this tattoo, as it can symbolize perpetual luck.

Circle of Life

ouroboros and infinity symbol drawing

Long before the infinity symbol was popular, the Ouroboros symbol reigned supreme. The Ouroboros is considered to be the oldest symbol in alchemy, as it dates back to ancient Egypt. The Ouroboros is depicted by a half white and half black serpent eating its tail. It can also be represented by a dragon, although this is far less common.

The Ouroboros symbolizes the circle of life, the unity of all things, and the soul’s dualistic nature. It can also express the need to flow back into one’s self. Since both the Ouroboros and the infinity symbols have similar meanings, those fascinated by Ancient Egyptian culture and alchemy may choose to model their infinity tattoo after the Ouroboros.

Different Infinity Tattoo Meanings

While some people enjoy the simplicity of a stand-alone infinity tattoo, others seek to embolden this symbol by adding personal touches to it. You’ll find some of the most common infinity tattoo combinations and their meanings below.

Infinity Symbol and a Feather

Perhaps one of the most famous tattoo combinations is one of an infinity symbol and a feather. Feathers are held in high regard in many Native American cultures because they symbolize trust, honor, wisdom, strength, and power. Since feathers tend to fall from the skies, many spiritual communities believe that feathers can connect them to their ancestors, spirit guides, and the all-encompassing Creator.

When you combine a feather and an infinity symbol into a single tattoo, you are confirming that your spiritual faith knows no bounds. It may also represent your infinite connection to the forces of the universe.

Both infinity symbols and feathers have spiritual meanings attached to them. However, you don’t need to be spiritual to resonate with this ink duo. If you’d like to get an infinity and feather tattoo, consider studying the meanings attributed to different bird feathers to find one that resonates with you.

Infinity Symbols and Words or Shapes

If you’d like to dedicate your tattoo to a friend, pet, family member, or loved one, you can ask your tattoo artist to add their name or initials to your infinity tattoo. By doing this, you’re proclaiming that your love for this person is eternal and limitless. Oftentimes, people choose to grace their infinity tattoo with the name of a deceased loved one, as this reminds them that the special bond they share will live on forever.

You can also choose to decorate your infinity tattoo with a phrase or word that you resonate with, like love, peace, freedom, etc. Or, you can customize your infinity tattoo by adding a shape to it, like a heart or a peace sign.

Infinity Symbol and a Butterfly

A butterfly tattoo symbolizes femininity, beauty, freedom, and transformation, whereas the combination of a butterfly and infinity tattoo represents the need to continuously revamp and improve yourself. This pairing can also imply that you are a sovereign being who has always been and will always be free. However, since the butterfly does have a direct link to beauty and femininity, a butterfly and infinity tattoo can be chosen to pay homage to a special lady in your life, be it your sister, best friend, mother, daughter, etc.

Infinity Symbol and Flowers

Just like the butterfly tattoo, a flower tattoo symbolizes femininity and beauty. However, a flower tattoo also represents love, creation, and devotion. In general, flower tattoos go hand in hand with romantic relationships. This is because men often give their romantic interests flowers during the courting stage. An infinity and flower tattoo combination can be a promise of everlasting love and devotion between partners.

There are thousands of flowering plant species, many of which have unique connotations. So if you’re thinking of pairing up your infinity tattoo with a flower tattoo, you can select a flower that has a meaning that matches up with your intentions.

An Infinity Cross

A popular tattoo amongst religious people is one of an infinity cross. An infinity cross tattoo is made up of two infinity symbols, placed on top of each other to resemble a cross. This tattoo represents God, the Eternal Being, and stands as a promise of one’s everlasting faith.

Interlocking Infinity Symbols (Double Infinity)

An interlocking infinity tattoo, or a double infinity tattoo, is symbolic of romantic relationships in which two very different individuals choose to come together as one. This romantic tattoo represents the union of two souls, who agree to cherish and support each other for the rest of their lives and beyond. Whereas a butterfly, heart, and flower tattoo can represent many different types of love, a double infinity tattoo tends to be reserved for lovers.

Infinity Symbol and an Animal

The sacred bond that humans and animals share is hard to ignore. It is so strong that many people decide to tattoo their pet’s names, faces, and paw prints onto their bodies. Pet owners who love their fur babies may even choose to incorporate them into their infinity tattoos, signaling that their bond will last forever. However, you don’t need to own a pet to get an animal tattoo, as many people choose to incorporate their spirit animals into their ink.

Infinity Tattoo Placement Meanings

Where you choose to get your infinity tattoo can affect its overall meaning. But this shouldn’t stop you from placing it where you see fit. If you’d like to give your tattoo a deeper purpose, you can always choose to position it over the following body parts.


The infinity symbol can represent the infinite possibilities that the universe holds. If the purpose of your infinity tattoo is to remind you that your past does not justify your future and that you can always start anew, you may consider placing it over your hand, wrist, or forearm. Should you choose one of these locations as the resting spot for your infinity tattoo, it can serve as a reminder that your fate resides in your own hands.

Ankle or Foot

If you’d like your infinity tattoo to remind you to stay balanced, grounded, and humble, placing it over your ankle or foot is a great choice. This placement is popular amongst yoga enthusiasts, as it is customary to practice yoga barefoot.

Wedding Finger

Many new-age couples choose to tattoo infinity symbols over their wedding fingers to demonstrate their eternal love and devotion to their partners. Commonly, however, those who decide to tattoo their wedding fingers will opt for a double infinity symbol to further express their love.

Getting an Infinity Tattoo

infinity symbol and feather tattoo on outer forearm

Although infinity symbols are often tied to spirituality, you don’t need to be spiritual to get one. After all, the infinity symbol has strong ties to everlasting love and can simply reflect the bond you share with a close friend, pet, relative, or romantic partner.

If you need extra help crafting up the perfect infinity tattoo, you can always ask a tattoo artist for their input. A good tattoo artist will be able to design an infinity tattoo that embodies the intentions you have in mind. Once you get inked, be sure to take good care of your tattoo by keeping it moisturized so that it heals quickly and beautifully.

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