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50 Flower Tattoo Ideas

50 Flower Tattoo Ideas

If you have a particular liking toward flowers and nature, then inking a flower tattoo will be the best match for you. Getting a flower tattoo is also a great choice because every flower carries a different symbolic meaning. You can even choose a flower to ink based on your birth month or zodiac sign. Or you can also learn about the symbolic meanings of different inspiring flower tattoo designs and see how they can match your personality traits.

Although flowers are generally associated with femininity, flower tattoos are not reserved for women alone; even men love to get stylish floral designs inked on their bodies. There are countless flower tattoo ideas out there, which allow men and women to express themselves or pay tribute to a loved one. In any case, finding the right flower tattoo design is imperative to flaunting it with style as well as justifying the symbolism and hidden meaning of the tattoo.

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Where Should You Get the Flower Tattoo Inked?

Flower tattoos can be easily scaled to your preferred size to suit your style and personality. You can also have almost all kinds of floral tattoos inked on anywhere you like. However, there are still a few things, which you should consider when deciding the placement of a flower tattoo on your body.

  • The size of the tattoo: Choosing the right spot for your tattoo mainly depends upon its design and size. Remember, the larger the tattoo is, the more area on your body it will need. However, it is not necessary to get a huge flower tattoo inked to make a bold statement; even a minimalistic one can do its job because of the deep symbolic meaning behind the flower.
  • The visibility of the tattoo: You may want your tattoo to be readily visible so that everyone can admire it at a single glance. Even so, some companies have strict workplace policies on visible tattoos. In such cases, you will need to choose a generally hidden area to get the tattoo inked, such as your lower back or leg. Getting a small wrist tattoo can also be a good choice.
  • The specific feature of the tattoo: If you are looking to emphasize an exclusive feature of your flower tattoo, then you will need to place it strategically to draw more attention. For instance, you may not be able to show off the symbolism of a floral mandala band if it is on the ankle. Therefore, you need to understand how the placement of the tattoo in a particular area of your body can complement your style.

Apart from these aspects, you should also keep in mind that you would have to bear some amount of pain when getting the tattoo inked. Generally, the thinner the skin and the bonier the area is, the more you will feel the needle. So if you have a very low pain threshold, avoid areas like the foot, elbow, and ribs. Instead, go for the forearm, upper back, shoulder, or biceps to better handle the brief discomfort.

As far as finalizing the design goes, check out the below flower tattoo ideas to pick the best one that would blend flawlessly with your personality.

1. Flowers on Mandala Design

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Mandala tattoo designs are composed of different shapes and symbols that radiate from the center to form a circular pattern. A mandala tattoo can have a deep symbolic meaning, which often reflects eternity, balance, and perfection. As flowers are considered strong symbols of natural beauty and life, adding a bunch of flowers on top of an artistic mandala design will further add to the importance of the tattoo.

2. Sunflower With a Butterfly

Image source

Sunflowers are generally associated with the warmth and intrinsic beauty of summer in the US. However, sunflowers also represent endurance, loyalty, love, and good luck in many other cultures. A sunflower tattoo can also mean happiness, joy, and a strong aspiration to seek light in every situation. Adding a butterfly on the tattoo upholds these meanings and can even stand for freedom, beauty, or change.

3. Colorful Radish Flowers

Image source

Radishes bloom in cooler temperatures, which means that this artistic tattoo can represent the relaxed and loving nature of the wearer. The elegant tattoo can also symbolize your affection toward your partner. However, it could also mean that you are emotionally sensitive, and just like the radish flowers, anything “warmer” can influence your feelings deeply. As the petals of a radish flower appear as if they are forming a Greek cross, radishes also have great cultural importance.

4. Painterly Poppy Flowers

Image source

Poppies have long been associated with peace, harmony, and calmness. In some cultures, the blood-red color of poppy flowers is also considered a symbol of death. Ancient Greeks and Romans even used poppies to commemorate their deceased family members. So this graceful tattoo can be an ideal way to honor someone you have lost and signify that they are at peace. Aside from that, a poppy tattoo may also symbolize imagination and stand for your creative side.

5. A Rose With a One-Word Quote

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Roses are universally recognized as a symbol of love and passion. Ancient Romans and Greeks associated roses with Venus and Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. While a single red rose tattoo can speak a thousand words about your loving and warm nature, adding a one-word quote to it will make it even more special. This tattoo design replaces the stem of the flower with the word “fearless,” which is a complete sentence in itself and sends a strong message about who you are.

6. Minimalistic Dandelion

Image source

If you were looking for a minimalistic flower tattoo idea, then inking a small dandelion would be a great choice. As dandelions symbolize how life can be delicate and tenacious at the same time, the tattoo will remind you to cherish every moment in life. The dandelion tattoo can also mean hope, and stand for the challenges and difficulties that you have endured in life by holding fast to your optimistic nature.

7. Wrap-Around Floral Vine

Image source

This small flower tattoo can be the perfect match for those who are looking for something subtle, but unique and creative. The wrap-around bracelet-style tattoo ties different types of flowers in a single floral vine, which can have different symbolic meanings. You can go for any specific flower you want to add a personal touch and deeper meaning to your tattoo while flaunting the colors and beauty of the flowers with style.

8. A Flaming Rose

Image source

Fire has long been considered a symbol of many things in literature and religious texts, such as rebirth, desire, passion, hope, purification, and eternity. A flaming rose can also carry these traits and mean different things to the wearer. Yet generally, a burning rose tattoo signifies the passion and love you have for your partner. This can be a great flower tattoo idea for those who do not want a standard rose tattoo inked on their body.

9. Unalome Flower

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A unalome tattoo can represent many things, but in the Buddhist culture, it is regarded as a symbol of wisdom and the path to enlightenment. The spirals in the tattoo stand for the difficult circumstances in life while the half-moon on the top represents light in the darkness. Adding a lotus flower to the tattoo design seamlessly embodies the meaning of the unalome symbol, as a lotus represents overcoming challenges to achieve perfection.

10. Cherry Blossoms Outline

Image source

A cherry blossom tattoo can be a wonderful reminder of the passing of time and the impermanence of life. It carries the symbolic virtues of love and beauty while telling you constantly to take a break and savor life. The innate elegance and poetic grace of the cherry blossom tattoo will move you continually and push you toward chasing peace and tranquility in life.

11. Lotus Mandala

Image source

Lotuses symbolize enlightenment, purity, and rebirth in many cultures. When blended with a mandala design, it further elevates the symbolic importance of the tattoo. Yet unlike the Flowers on Mandala tattoo, the entire flower features the mandala design here instead of placing some flowers on top. This gives it a graceful and creative appeal. It is even believed that gazing on a lotus mandala can enlighten the spirit and enhance mental growth to keep negative thoughts at bay.

12. Poinsettia With a Heart of Leaves

Image source

Ancient Aztecs considered poinsettias to be the symbols of purity, although it can mean many different things today. Many cultures associate poinsettias with success and happiness, while some believe that they bring wishes of joy and cheerfulness. No matter what you believe, this cute flower tattoo design will be something that you will surely cherish for life. The heart shape formed by the poinsettia leaves behind the flower raises the stakes and transforms the tattoo as your own symbol of love.

13. Poppy Flowers on the Neck

Image source

If you like the Painterly Poppy Flowers tattoo design, but wanted something simpler, then go for this flower tattoo idea. The delicate placement of the small poppy flowers on the neck will make it look adorable while symbolizing everlasting beauty and peace. Likewise, it can also be a subtle tribute to someone you have lost recently. Just make sure that it does not violate your employment policies.

14. Artistic Rose With Thorns

Image source

Roses are one of the most popular flower tattoo ideas, so that makes it somewhat common. Yet you can have a rose tattoo inked with many creative touches to get a unique appeal. This artistic rose tattoo, for instance, could also mean much more than love and passion. The inclusion of thorns on the stem can symbolize the hardships you have endured in life while the small lines above the rose can represent how you emerged as a winner overcoming the challenges. The tattoo can also symbolize the Christian faith, referencing the Crown of Thorns.

15. Small Minimalistic Sunflower

Image source

This is another great minimalistic flower tattoo idea for those who are looking for a subtle and low-key design. Even though it is a small wrist tattoo, this elegant sunflower tattoo can have great symbolic importance and reflect upon your cheerful, joyous, and worry-free nature. Sunflowers also symbolize everlasting and hopeful love in some cultures, which makes this tattoo a gentle way of expressing your commitment to your partner.

16. Pink Orchid Vine

Image source

Orchids are associated with many things, such as fertility, strength, love, happiness, and joy. Pink orchids are also considered a symbol of innocence in some cultures, whereas they can also represent grace and royalty in others. This elegant orchid vine would perfectly symbolize those virtues while motivating you to keep moving forward with a cheerful heart no matter what comes in life.

17. Graceful Lily and Butterfly

Image source

The universal symbolic meaning of a lily flower tattoo is renewal and purity, although it can also represent passion, femininity, motherhood, or royalty. This elegant tattoo design adds a beautiful butterfly hovering over the lily flowers to add to the significance of the tattoo. Butterflies represent the transformation in a woman’s life, which, when coupled with the strong traits of lilies in the tattoo, make a bold statement on how you have evolved over the years.

18. Black and Gray Lotus

Image source

This elegant black and gray lotus tattoo can be the perfect alternative for the Lotus Mandala tattoo design. Although it will not have the same deep symbolic meaning, lotus has long been associated with self-renewal, enlightenment, and rebirth. So, this small lotus tattoo will still inspire you with its graceful appearance and say it out loud that you can always produce a beautiful flower even amidst all kinds of struggle.

19. Blue Columbine Flower

Image source

Inking a columbine flower may not strike you at first when you think of flower tattoo ideas. They are not that common but are often chosen by Christian believers to signify the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit, which includes wisdom, understanding, and knowledge. Moreover, a columbine flower can also symbolize happiness, contentment, and internal strength, which makes it a special and unique tattoo design to cherish your faith and relationship with God.

20. Sleeping Beauty Amongst Flowers

Image source

This creative tattoo speaks aloud how deeply inspired you are by the beauty and elegance of nature. It also symbolizes your caring attitude toward the environment while representing your calm, relaxed, peaceful, and worry-free personality. You can add as many flowers as you want in the tattoo design, which will give a deeper symbolic meaning to the tattoo and make it more valued to you.

21. Floral Vines Making a Heart

Image source

This tattoo design gives a unique twist to the Wrap-Around Floral Vine tattoo idea. Instead of the bracelet-style design, the floral vines make a heart shape in this one. It not only adds a different meaning to the tattoo but also makes it more special for the wearer. You can choose any flower to include in the tattoo design, although poppies and roses are the most preferred choices.

22. Mother and Child With Floral Vine

Image source

This impressive take on the fashionable flower tattoo idea of a running floral vine takes the tattoo design to another level. The outline of a mother holding her baby makes it a great tattoo idea to cherish your motherly love for your newborn baby. On the other hand, you can also have this tattoo inked to symbolize your love and affection for your mother.

23. Artistic Black Rose

Image source

This simple black rose tattoo would perfectly suit those who do not want to go with a rose silhouette tattoo design. Black roses are often associated with grief and death, so you can have the tattoo inked in the memory of someone you have lost. Some people also have a black rose tattoo inked to signify rebellion and strength. In some cultures, black roses can stand for hope and courage too.

24. Blue Flower With a Snake

Image source

A blue flower tattoo can represent love, hope, or beauty, while some cultures associate blue flowers with the desire to reach the unreachable. In ancient mythologies, a snake represented wisdom, fertility, knowledge, and patience. Together, the tattoo will blend those characters and symbolize how patient you can be to achieve your goals. It will also stand for your commitment to your dreams and loved ones.

25. Flowers, Bees, and a Beehive

Image source

With their perfect hexagonal walls, beehives represent structure, community, and connectedness. Inking bees and flowers over the honeycomb design will make it a symbol of growth, renewal, and the spring season when all flowers bloom. This tattoo design adds a rose and a lotus over the beehive. However, you can go with any flower you like to connect its meaning with the eternal beauty and symbolism of the bees and honeycomb tattoo design.

26. Red and Black Lilies and Moon Outline

Image source

Different varieties of lily flowers hold different symbolic meanings. Where the lilies in the Graceful Lily and Butterfly tattoo design represent purity, renewal, and fertility, the red lilies here add passion and romance to its symbolic meaning. The crescent moon in the tattoo design symbolizes growth, creativity, and achievement, while the sparkling stars reflect upon your desire for truth and spirituality. Collectively, the artistic tattoo design can signify your transition through the different stages of life.

27. Dandelion and Birds

Image source

If you admire the symbolic representation of the Minimalistic Dandelion tattoo design but want something more special, then this one will be the right choice for you. This elegant tattoo will remind you of the transient nature of life and motivate you to enjoy every moment. The tattoo design will also depict how you can give anything to cut loose from normalcy and relish life like free birds.

28. Crystal Lotus Flower

Image source

Crystal tattoos are growing more and more popular these days. The mystical qualities of crystals draw everyone to explore the deeper meaning behind the beautiful stones. While crystals can mean many things like the metaphysical energy around you to positivity, having it inked in the shape of a lotus flower gives it a unique twist. It will also add to the symbolic significance of the tattoo and represent purity, enlightenment, good luck, joy, and peace.

29. A Bunch of Lavender

Image source

Lavender flowers are associated with devotion, serenity, purity, grace, and calmness. The purple color of this lovely tattoo will also represent elegance, royalty, refinement, and luxury. In some cultures, lavender is also regarded for its healing properties. Getting this tattoo inked will be a subtle way to express your love and devotion to your family and how you carry all the essential characteristics to “heal” and keep your bonds strong.

30. Barbie in Blue Flowers

Image source

This Barbie-inspired floral tattoo will be the ideal choice for fashion-forward women. The Barbie in the tattoo can represent your classy and elegant style while the blue roses will add the traits of quality and royalty to it. Blue roses also signify the unachievable, which means that the tattoo can stand for your desire to step up your game at every point of life and your determination to try to make the impossible possible.

31. Hibiscus With Initials and a Wing

Image source

A hibiscus flower can have multiple meanings for the wearer, ranging from friendship to passion and love. Adding your partner’s (or your) initials to the tattoo design will make it more special while having a wing beneath it will give it a different symbolic meaning. The combination of the wing and flower will be a beautiful way to express your desire for love, freedom, and constant movement in life.

32. Rose and Dagger

Image source

A rose and dagger tattoo is a classic design that represents the unspoken duality of life. While the rose in the tattoo symbolizes love, beauty, and friendship, the dagger stands for ruthlessness, betrayal, and death. The two sides of the coin combined in this tattoo design give it a timeless appeal and remind you to stay true to yourself and face life as it comes.

33. A Compass With Flowers

Image source

A compass tattoo represents the longing for traveling and exploring the world on your terms. Sailors used to tattoo a compass to get a sense of safety when voyaging through troubled seas. In addition to that, a compass tattoo can also signify guidance, direction, or protection. Adding flowers to it will signify the intrinsic beauty of nature and remind you to dive deep into its splendor during your expedition.

34. Roses, Moon, and Feathers

Image source

This classy tattoo design combines the symbolism of roses, the moon, and feathers to give you a welcoming symbol of renewal, freedom, and attainment. The artistic tattoo will remind you to keep dreaming and be creative to achieve your goals in life. You can also have this tattoo design inked to honor the moon of your life with roses, while the feathers will signify the spiritual protection you always received from the person.

35. Flowers With a Message

Image source

This design features a different take on the Rose with a One-Word Quote tattoo idea. Here, an awareness ribbon holds the stem of the flowers that says “unbreakable.” This tattoo design can perfectly represent your victory over a tough situation and inspire others to be strong always no matter how challenging the times are.

36. Lotus, Quote, and Infinite Galaxy

Image source

This expressive tattoo design says a lot about how you long for perfection. The lotus on the top represents enlightenment, while the infinite galaxy symbol stands for your constant desire to move toward your goals. The quote, “My journey is not over yet,” binds everything together to give it a spiritual meaning, while it can also stand for the difficult times that you have endured in the past.

37. Yin and Yang Sunflower

Image source

Yin and yang represent the dualism of human life and depict how opposite forces may be interconnected and interdependent sometimes. Adding the yin and yang symbol to a sunflower not only gives your tattoo a distinctive look, but it also elevates its symbolic importance. Besides, the leaves forming an infinity symbol around the yin and yang sunflower tie everything in a loop and denote how you continually exert yourself to find balance in life.

38. A Small Floral Wreath

Image source

A floral wreath tattoo can represent love, renewal, birth, and the beginning of a new life. You can have a colorful floral wreath inked to indicate how you have thrived over the hardships of life and evolved to become a new you. The combination of different flowers in the tattoo design can add a deeper symbolic meaning to it while giving it an elegant appeal that you can flaunt everywhere.

39. Sweet Peas, Sun, and Cross

Image source

This tattoo can be an interesting choice to represent your faith and remind yourself of the sacrifice of Christ on the cross. The sweet pea flowers are typically used to symbolize remembrance of a departed loved one, so this tattoo can be inked to honor your cherished memories together as well. At the same time, the rising sun in the tattoo can represent your new beginnings that are rooted in God’s love.

40. Hummingbird on Flowers

Image source

If you are a nature lover, then this eloquent tattoo design will totally justify your passion to uphold and preserve the environment. Apart from that, the hummingbird in the tattoo can also signify love, hope, joy, and good luck, while some cultures consider it a symbol of peace too. Collectively, the beautiful flowers and hummingbird will represent that you admire hard work and putting in a consistent effort but with a lighthearted approach.

41. Roman Numerals With Daffodils

Image source

This is a simple yet elegant tattoo design that you can ink to commemorate a special day. Roman numerals make it an exceptional way to express that. It can be your birthday, anniversary, or any other important day in your life that you would never want to forget. Although this tattoo design has daffodils, you can go with any choice of flowers that will add more value and significance to it.

42. Rose in Barbed Wire

Image source

This beautiful tattoo design symbolizes hope even when you are facing troubled times. The rose in the tattoo represents a promise of new beginnings, which denote that even if you are surrounded by challenges, you can emerge as a blossoming flower. The barbed wire may also represent the crown of thorns worn by Christ at the time of the crucifixion, while the rose can stand for “the rose of Sharon.” This makes it a great flower tattoo idea to symbolize your faith and connection with God.

43. Flower With a Pocket Watch

Image source

A pocket watch tattoo can be a constant reminder of the passing of time and motivate you to focus on today instead of keeping looking back in the past or too far in the future. Likewise, it can also signify the importance of enjoying every moment of life, and state aloud that once the time is gone, it will never come back. Adding an elegant flower with the pocket watch will elevate its appeal as well as give it more meaning.

44. Name Embedded in Flowers

Image source

This colorful tattoo design is made for the romantic ones. While red roses represent love and passion for your partner, embedding their name on a bed of roses will further make the tattoo more important for you. You can also go for the initials of your name and your partner’s name in the tattoo, and maybe add a few tiny heart shapes on the sides to make it even more special.

45. Tiger With Flowers

Image source

Inking a tiger with a flower represents your strength, fearless nature, and positivity. This creative tattoo conceals the tiger’s face halfway behind the flowers, which can be your way to express how you have overcome your prejudicious or negative side and evolved into a new self. The tattoo can also mean a free spirit or independence and portray your brave and bold personal traits.

46. Bird on a Floral Vine

Image source

This is a colorful and vibrant version of the Hummingbird on Flowers tattoo design. This one too will represent your unending desire to protect and preserve the environment while symbolizing freedom, beauty, elegance, and life. The tattoo will inspire you to explore and relish life as it comes while working consistently to achieve your dreams.

47. A Bee, a Lotus, and a One-Word Quote

Image source

This is another take on the Rose with a One-Word Quote tattoo design. Here, the rose is replaced by a lotus, which gives it a different symbolic meaning of purity and virtue. The bee on top of the lotus flower symbolizes hard work and cooperation, which when coupled with the one-word quote on the stem, “believe,” gives your tattoo a more inspiring meaning.

48. Lone Blue Lotus

Image source

In the Buddhist culture, a blue lotus represents intelligence, knowledge, wisdom, and the victory of the spirit over the senses. Inking a small blue lotus can symbolize your constant desire to achieve perfection as well. At the same time, having a solitary lotus will denote that one has to fight their own battles in life with a belief in self and a yearning for excellence.

49. Black and Grey Butterfly Among Flowers

Image source

A black butterfly can symbolize different things in different cultures, which ranges from a change in power to a positive transformation in life. In some Asian cultures, a black butterfly can also represent death. This means that you can ink this unique tattoo design to honor a loved one you have lost or to denote how you have accepted the changes in your life for the better.

50. Artistic Moth With a Daffodil

Image source

This is another unique tattoo design that puts a moth above a beautiful daffodil flower. Generally, a moth tattoo is inked to represent that you are ready for the major changes that are coming your way. Yet it can also symbolize your constant desire for perfection and portray how you make every effort to achieve your dreams. You can also choose a rose, lotus, poppies, or any other flower with the moth to add more meaning to the tattoo design.

Aftercare Tips for Your New Flower Tattoo

Some tattoo designs are simple and can be done in an hour, while others can involve a complicated interplay of ink and needles. In any case, you will need to follow some aftercare tips to ensure that it heals well and lasts forever. So it does not matter whether you are going with a minimalistic sunflower tattoo or an elaborate poppy flowers design; you will still need to follow these steps to let your new tattoo heal properly.

  • Apply a thin layer of soothing cream to cover your new tattoo as soon as you get it inked. You can use After Inked Non-Petroleum Jelly or Hustle Butter Tattoo Cream if you are looking for a vegan alternative. Cover it up with a bandage and let it heal for at least 24 hours.
  • After removing the bandage, gently wash the tattoo with an antimicrobial soap and water. You can choose Nat-A-Tat2 Organic Foam Cleanser for that. Make sure to pat dry the area after washing.
  • Make sure to apply a layer of an antibacterial tattoo aftercare ointment like Green Goo Tattoo Care Salve twice a day to the surface. You can also use a good-quality moisturizing lotion like INKEEZE Ink Enhance instead of the salve. However, you do not have to cover the tattoo with a bandage now.

You should gently wash the tattoo area twice a day and reapply the antibacterial ointment or moisturizing lotion to keep it moist for at least 2 – 4 weeks. Moreover, do not wear clothes that could stick to the tattoo and avoid swimming and sunbathing as well. If you have inked the flower tattoo on a readily visible area and need to go out in the sun, use a sunscreen lotion to protect your new tattoo from fading due to harsh sun rays.

Choose the Right Flower Tattoo for You

Remember that choosing the right tattoo can take some time, so relax, research well, and understand how it will represent your personality. Once your flower tattoo is healed, you can cherish it for the rest of your life and flaunt your ink wherever you go.

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