About Beauty Mag

Our Mission: To provide you with accurate, detailed, and honest beauty product reviews to simplify your shopping experience.

How Do We Select the Products On Our “Best” Lists?

The product selection process is split into two key components. The first part involves leveraging our expert reviewers’ personal experiences. This includes their decades of experience as women who have used a wide variety of hair, skin, nails, makeup and other fashion products. This also includes physically examining any products submitted by a manufacturer for our consideration to include on one of our many lists.

The second part of our selection process is the data driven component. While our personal feelings towards a product are important, it is essential to factorin user reviews about the product and brand to truly understand what’s best.Our review team analyzes user reviews for every product and brand on our website. This time consuming, but incredibly important process includes aggregating reviews/feedback from reputable e-commerce sites, forums, YouTube and major beauty publications.

Does Your Product Qualify To Be On One Of Our “Best” Lists? Let’s Find Out

So you think your product has what it takes to make one of our lists? Send an email to [email protected] with the subject line “Product Review Request” including links to sites (your own and third party retailers) where we can find user reviews about both your product and your brand. If we think your product has potential based on our initial research we will respond with an address for you to ship a sample so we can do a more thorough review. Good luck