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50 Fall Hairstyle Ideas

50 Fall Hairstyle Ideas

You may be sad that the Summer has ended: no more beach vacations and cute dresses for the rest of the year. But don’t panic because Fall can be just as amazing. It may not be super warm anymore, but it’s not freezing cold yet either, so you can still wear all your summer outfits as long as you have a light cardigan with you.

Another thing that changes after the hot season is hairstyles. Maybe you chopped your hair really short for the Summer, and now that it’s growing you’re not sure what to do with it. Or maybe your hair got damaged from the sun and you’re looking for a short Fall look.

Certain hairstyles are timeless. No matter the season, weather, or circumstance you can wear them and look fabulous, but others are especially fitting for a specific time.

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Best Fall Hair Colors

For the Fall, colors such as brown, gold, red, yellow, and orange are going to be trending. You can dye your hair one or even more of those colors and get creative with the styling. But just because it’s Fall it doesn’t mean that only those colors are trending. Purple and blue are also very popular all year round.


Accessories are also important, and things such as flower crowns will fit in with the season even though they’re most associated with the Spring. Other accessories that always look amazing are hairbands, pearl drops, hair claws, scrunchies, and decorative hairpins.

Fabulous Fall Hairstyles

If you’re looking for a change because your hair is damaged from the sun there are many ideas for short haircuts on this list, and if you keep reading at the end you’ll find some product recommendations to treat and hydrate your hair at home and on a budget.

Most hairstyles are fairly simple to achieve on your own, and even if you need some help you can find tutorials for anything on the internet. But if a hairstyle is too complex and requires bleaching, or dying your hair of multiple colors, you may need to find a professional. In that case, I will let you know on every hairstyle if it’s achievable on your own or if you need to see a professional.

Apart from telling you how easy it is to achieve each hairstyle, we will also tell you the perfect occasions to wear them, and if there is anything that can be added to make it look even better, such as a small accessory or even bangs.

Whether you like braids, buns, pigtails, or even to just let your hair loose, you will find something on this list for you, so turn your creative mind on and keep reading.

1. Brown Fishtail Braid

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Fishtail braids are one of those hairstyles that are super easy to achieve, but it looks complex and chic. You can absolutely do this by yourself, but it may be easier if you ask someone to help you. However, you wouldn’t need a professional to get a lovely result.
You could wear this hairstyle anywhere and fit in. Whether you’re going to a fancy party or a walk at the park, this hairstyle has that versatile component you desire. To spice it up a little bit, you can add a colorful scrunchie or a metallic cuff hair tie instead of the lace bow.

2. Loose French Braid and Tricolor Hair

Image source

Before we dive in on the loose french braid, let’s have a look at the hair colors. There is a big mixture of tones such as orange, blonde, brown, and even a little bit of pink. All these colors are commonly associated with the season. This in itself would already be a Fall hairstyle to dye for.

Unless you are very experienced or a hairdresser yourself, this mix of hair colors should be done by a professional. It is too complex to be done by yourself, and even if you want to try there is no promise that the result would be as expected.

However, the loose french braid can be done at home, so as soon as you have your hair colored you can achieve this look effortlessly.

3. High Contrast Blonde and Brown Balayage

Image source

This high contrast balayage is a very good idea for a Fall hairstyle. What we mean by high contrast balayage is that rather than highlights that discreetly add new tones to your hair, this one is right “in your face”. The blonde is very blonde, and the brown is very brown.

To achieve this look, you would get better results if you sought a professional, but with the right products, you can have a go at home. As soon as the colors are done, try using a curling iron to achieve those beautiful waves, and you’re ready to shine on any occasion.

4. Half-up Tricolor Fall Hairstyle

Image source

Just like in this stunning tricolor hairstyle, the pink, blonde, and orange tones are mixed beautifully. What changes here is how the hair is presented. The colors already shine sufficiently, but when you add a little twist you have a hairstyle for any occasion.

This half-up tiny ponytail is a good example of a timeless hairstyle. It is comfortable as it keeps your hair off your face, whilst your hair is still loose over your shoulders. This simple yet classy hairstyle would fit any occasion, from a fancy event to an afternoon coffee with friends.

5. Shoulder Length Balayage

Image source

Balayage is very popular because it gives your hair some life. It will avoid you getting bored with a monochromatic look by adding a discreet twist. In this hairstyle, blonde highlights were added to brown hair, and it looks super chic.

Achieving this color would be easier with the help of a professional as they can better control the final tone your hair acquires. But the wavy look can be done at home with a simple curling iron.

This look would fit in on every occasion, and if it’s a more formal event you can just add some pretty accessories to complement the look. Keep reading until the end of the article to find some nice accessories for a low price.

6. Red Highlighted Bob

Image source

If you chopped off all your hair for the Summer and now that it is growing you’re not sure how to style it, or simply if you prefer short haircuts, here is an amazing idea to give your whole look another dimension.

The red highlights here mix so well with the rest of the hair that it almost looks purple or pink. The way it looks will depend on the lighting, which is a really fun element to add to your day to day style.

The coloring itself should be done by a professional, as well as the cut, so to achieve this style it is recommended to find a good hairdresser that can help you achieve the best results. To make the look a bit more casual for relaxed occasions, add a nice hairband, you can find some nice options at the end of this article.

7. Blonde Highlighted Shoulder Length Fall Hairstyle

Image source

These blonde highlights almost look natural. The blonde has a nice and light tone, and if you wish to get something like this done, to maintain the blonde coloring intact you will need purple shampoo and conditioner, and even a purple hair mask.

This look is fairly simple to achieve, but only if done by a professional, as it is likely to require some fine-tuned bleaching. The hair color is neutral enough that any hair accessory would look amazing on it. Any color hair tie or hairband would add the effect you desire for any occasion.

8. Five Strand Braids

Image source

These five-strand braids will take your hairstyle game to a whole new level. This is a fairly simple hairstyle, but the detail of the braids is so amazing that you would fit in in any environment no matter how relaxed or formal it is. You can achieve this look by yourself, but it would be preferable to have someone helping you. There are helpful tutorials to help you with the process, as these braids are pretty complex. To add a twist to the look, you could use some cute scrunchies or metal cuffs to the end of the braids.

9. Blue Wavy Fall Hairstyle

Image source

Blue is one of those hair colors that trend all year round. It can evoke warmth during the hot months resembling the color of the sea and the clear sky. And it’s a cold color that fits perfectly with the colder months. Such a versatile color will, of course, be good for the Fall.

To make it look even better you could add some black highlights, that way when your roots start to grow it won’t be as noticeable. This hairstyle would fit any occasion as you can complement the look with accessories and add braids, ponytails, or anything else you like.

The waves are easily achievable with a curling iron, so you can do that at home. The color would be better done by a professional, but you could try and do it yourself as it’s monochromatic unless you decide to take the highlights idea.

10. Double Stacked Dutch Braids

Image source

Just look at how amazing those double stacked dutch braids look. It may look simply like two big braids and two smaller braids on top, but it’s more complex than that. The smaller braids are part of the bigger braids, so achieving this look may be a bit hard.

There are helpful tutorials, and with the right amount of persistence, you will get there. Like with any other braiding work, you are better off asking for help from a friend or family member.

You can wear this hairstyle anywhere as it has the relaxed look of braids and the complexity of a formal styling. To make it look even better, substitute the simple hair ties with some prettier ones such as metal cuffs or velvet scrunchies.

11. Bubble Ponytail

Image source

If you love ponytails but sometimes feel like they’re too simple for a certain occasion, why not add a twist to it? Bubble ponytails have been a rising trend for a while, and it’s clear why. It transforms a functional hairstyle into one that’s also fashionable.

Keep the comfort of a simple ponytail whilst looking like the life of the party with a bubble ponytail. To make it look even better add some scrunchies instead of the simple hair ties, maybe even in different colors so it stands out even more.

The secret is to make the “bubbles” smaller each time—it’s not rocket science and you can certainly achieve perfection at home by yourself in a little amount of time, so it’s a great option for when you’re in a rush but need something special.

12. Sloppy Fishtail

Image source

A sloppy hairstyle may not have a flawless look, but it is certainly full of charm. Sloppy looks are a rising trend and are a nice way to make an elaborate hairstyle good for relaxed occasions.

You can achieve this fashionable look at home by yourself, or with the help of a friend. Just do a regular fishtail braid and then pull at the sides so it becomes loose. A simple hair tie is all you need, but a silver cuff would look even better.

The silver highlights make this hairstyle even trendier, but to maintain the light color you will need to look into buying purple shampoo and a hair mask.

13. Blue Highlighted Bob

Image source

This bob haircut is perfect if you’re looking for a way to style your short hair if it’s just starting to grow. It’s simple, and the straight cut will allow more room for styling when it grows longer. This particular hairstyle would look even better with bangs.

The blue highlights add a fun twist, and you can have it high contrast or as a simple balayage. To achieve the color you will probably need to see a professional, but once that is done you’re free to experiment with different accessories and even try some braiding, both things you can easily do at home.

14. Light Blue Wavy Fall Hairstyle

Image source

We have established that blue is a really popular hair color, but you usually see it in a dark tone. However, this light blue hairstyle is absolutely dreamy.

To achieve this color you may need a professional, as you will probably need to bleach until you achieve a silver color. But once the hairstylist has helped you achieve the desired shade of blue, you can style your hair at home with a curling iron and get those beautiful waves.

With a hair length and color that pretty, you can wear your hair naturally and look like you made an effort. But if you wish to experiment with accessories and styling you can do pretty much anything you like.

15. Braided Buns

Image source

This hairstyle consists of two braids that are twisted to form two buns, and its beauty is in the way that it looks elaborate whilst it’s simple. It mixes two popular elements – braids and buns, and it does so in a classy and fashionable way.

This look is easily achievable at home, and you can certainly find a tutorial to help you, and if anything you’ll only need a friend or family member to lend you a hand. This hairstyle would fit fun and relaxed environments better, but if you’re attending a formal event and still want to give this a go, you can add some pearl pins around the buns.

16. Copper Shaggy Bob

Image source

If you want the comfort and symmetry of a bob, but you also want volume and a disheveled look, a shaggy bun is the perfect option for you. The seemingly choppy and messy finish of a shaggy bob will add the lively twist you seek.

You could try and have a go at home, as the cuts don’t need to be perfect, but there’s always the risk of messing it up, so it’s safer to seek the help of a professional hairstylist.

The copper color is what makes this a perfect Fall hairstyle. It’s the perfect color for the season and it adds some warmth to your face.

17. Wavy Purple Ombre

Image source

Ombres have become popular in the last decade. At first, people started by adding blonde to the ends of dark hair. Once the trend was established, people started experimenting and adding different colors, and maybe even more than one color.

This ombre hairstyle has a natural dark done down to the shoulders and then a gorgeous purple tone. You could use your curling iron to achieve those waves, but it would also look amazing on straight hair.

To achieve this look successfully, you should find a hairdresser rather than trying at home because bright colors can be hard to achieve, and you don’t want to mess up your hair. Once the coloring is done you can get creative with accessories and styling.

18. Red Framing Highlights

Image source

This shaggy bob has a lot of personality. The overall color is a pretty copper, perfect for the Fall season, but red face-framing highlights were added, and it’s a twist we love to see.

Something like this would be fairly simple to achieve since you’re only dying two locks, the rest of the hair can be left in your natural color. To achieve the best results it’s better to see a professional, but if you want to experiment and do it yourself you most certainly can—just make sure to follow any tutorials and instructions to make sure what you do is well done.

19. Loose Dutch Braids

Image source

This hairstyle consists of two loose dutch braids that end on a simple low ponytail. It’s one of those simple looks to quickly get done when you’re in a rush, but it will still look like you made an effort because it isn’t just a simple ponytail.

You can certainly do this by yourself, as long as you know how to braid hair. If you don’t, you can quickly learn how to master the style on the internet. To add a twist to this look you can change up the hair tie for a metal cuff, or add some pearl pins.

20. Braided Ponytail

Image source

Another way to spice up a simple ponytail is to braid it. You can do this with a low ponytail but to achieve better results it’s better to do a high one. If you’re wondering how to tie up your hair with what looks like a lock of hair, don’t worry, there aren’t any big secrets behind it. You can buy hair ties made of synthetic hair.

This hairstyle can be achieved at home by yourself, you probably don’t even need help with this one. Three-strand braids are very quick and simple to do. You can wear this anywhere you like as it would look classy or relaxed depending on the occasion.

21. Low Bun

Image source

If you’re looking for a hairstyle you can quickly get done on-the-go this one is for you. A simple low bun can be a lot easier to achieve than a high one because you won’t be fighting against gravity. Follow the instructions until you are confident you can do this without any aid, and then always go everywhere with a hair tie around your wrist in case you need a quick styling.

To make this look even better you can add a colorful hairband or a few pearl pins, and you’ll get the perfect Fall hairstyle without much effort.

22. Metallic Hair Clip Fall Hairstyle

Image source

Some of us seek beauty, others seek functionality, but why not both? This Fall hairstyle combines class and elegance with comfort. Just hold your hair back and twist it, and once it’s all together, grab it with a metal hair clip and you’re ready to go.

You can achieve this look by yourself and anywhere, just have a metal hair claw in your handbag and take it with you everywhere, you can never be too prepared. Some people even like putting the claw around the strap of their handbag, that way you’ll always remember you have it and it adds some personality to your look. You can find the link to some stunning hair claws at the end of this article, so keep going.

23. Blonde Pixie Cut

Image source

Pixie cuts are a delight to have and to see. They’re easy to maintain and you can play around a lot with colors because there’s no danger of damaging hair that took years to grow. Plus, it’s so comfortable.

This blonde pixie cut will give you the vibe you are looking for. You still have the fresh look of the Summer months, but with the cozy colors of the Fall. For better results you should seek a professional, but if you have the equipment and you’re confident you can do it yourself at home.

However, to achieve that baby blonde you will need bleaching and for that, you need a professional so you don’t damage your hair and scalp.

To maintain the color intact and avoid brassy, yellow tones you will need a purple shampoo and hair mask, you can find the link to some really good ones at the end of this list.

24. Bun With Two Loose Locks

Image source

This beautiful hairstyle is fit for any occasion. If you wear it with a formal dress and pearl pins or any other form of hair jewelry, you are set to go to a fancy event. But if you wear it with a sweater and some leggings you have the perfect cozy and relaxed look to go out for coffee with friends or an outdoor walk.

You can do this by yourself without much effort, just do a high bun and release two locks of hair, one on each side of your face. Are the loose locks mandatory? No, but they really add to the charm.

25. Purple Balayage on Dark Hair

Image source

If you love colored hair but can’t see yourself with a bright tone, this discreet look will be the perfect choice for this Fall. If your hair is already dark, a purple balayage will blend in perfectly and you’ll probably only be able to see purple in the sunlight. So you can be discreet indoors and stand out outdoors.

The same way you could do this in purple, you could try dark blue, or even burgundy. For better results you need to see a professional, as unusual colors tend to be harder to achieve and usually bleach needs to be involved. As soon as the color is done, you can get creative with your now beautifully dyed hair, and perhaps even try other options from this list.

26. Black Bob

Image source

If you have dark brown hair, perhaps you have thought about trying lighter colors, but have you ever thought about going darker? Pitch black hair is stunning, and it will give you the change you need without damaging your hair as much as bleach would. With that being said, you can even do this at home, no matter what your hair color is, monochromatic black will be easy to get.

As for the haircut, you will need a professional so you can get that clean, perfect cut. This bob is a really great option if you had a pixie and it’s starting to grow or even if you just love to have short hair. You can part it in the middle, or you can go for a side part and look more fashionable.

27. Blonde and Brown Feed-in Braids

Image source

If you had your hair bleached and dyed blonde, but your natural color is much darker and roots are starting to show, this hairstyle is a great way of taking that inconvenience and turn it into a fashion statement. These four feed-in braids will use up all your hair, so it’s a comfortable and functional look you can wear to more relaxed occasions.

The contrast between the color of the braids and your roots will look even prettier because they’re two separate elements. When you have your hair loose and the roots are a different color it can sometimes look lazy, but here it looks like it’s done on purpose and the effect is beautiful.

28. Blonde Spikey Pixie Cut

Image source

We have established that pixie cuts are easy to maintain, style, are comfortable and functional. And here is definite proof of it. Sometimes you don’t even need to properly style a pixie, they look amazing even when disheveled.

This blonde spikey pixie cut can be your this Fall. You should, of course, see a professional, but if you own a hair clipper you can definitely try this by yourself. Afraid of messing up? No worries, the messy look is what gives it charm.

The haircut done in layers like this will also allow your hair to grow uniformly and ready for your shoulder-length phase.

29. Short Ginger Curls

Image source

If you’re a natural ginger, I’m jealous. But even if you’re not, you can certainly achieve that beautiful golden orange color. To do so, you need to find a professional hairdresser and get yourself some purple shampoo and hair mask so you can maintain the tone you desire.

The curls can be done at home if you have a good curling iron and a lot of patience, but remember that a professional would always do them better, and it would last longer. With this beautiful color and curls you don’t need anything else to complement the look as it looks amazing as it is already. This look is the poster child of a Fall hairstyle and we love to see it.

30. Two Small Buns Over Curly Hair

Image source

This cute and simple look will give the twist you need for a Fall afternoon outing. It looks cozy and adorable, two highly desired features for the increasingly colder weather. All you need to do is two small high buns on opposite sides of your head. Bonus points if you have curls because it adds more personality, but if you don’t it would also look incredible with straight hair.

You can do this at home with relative ease, and very quickly if you’re ever in a hurry. If you wish to add some accessories, scrunchies or hair ties made of synthetic hair would add some spice to the look.

31. Side Braid

Image source

Side braids are one of those dreamy hairstyles that we often forget about but it’s worth a reminder. This hairstyle is fit for any occasion, whether you’re attending a formal event or you’re just going to spend the afternoon studying at a cafe, this simple braid has you covered.

You can complement the hairstyle with accessories such as metal cuffs or scrunchies, or even some pearl pins running all the way from the top to the tip of the braid, the effect would be stunning. You can do this at home, and probably by yourself since you don’t have to reach to the back of your head with limited visibility.

32. Blonde Balayage Bob

Image source

This short bob combines functionality with class and it will be fit for any occasion. You could even add a nice hairband to make it look even cuter.

To make this hairstyle pop, you can have a blonde balayage done, either high or low contrast and that will even give your hair a volume effect. To achieve this look you will need to see a professional hairdresser, both for the haircut and the balayage, since you are likely to need bleaching.

Even though only a few locks of hair will be colored, you should get purple shampoo and a hair mask so the color stays intact, you can find the link for a few good products at the end of this list.

33. Bun and Hair Jewelry

Image source

If you’re looking for a Fall hairstyle because you’re attending a formal event, this one is for you. The tight, perfectly done bun is a classic for events such as dinner at fancy restaurants, weddings, or other white-collar functions.

The star of this hairstyle is the hair jewelry. The flowers made of pearls with a few leaves and a lot of spark and glam are the perfect way to turn any simple hairstyle into a face-turner. You can try and do this at home, but the amount of detail and effort put into it would be better achieved by a professional.

34. Silver Pixie Cut

Image source

Long gone are the days when silver hair needed to be dyed and hidden and all costs. Nowadays having a full head of silver hair isn’t only desirable but it’s trendy. Why? Well, with silver hair you can choose any color dye and it will stick. But even if you want to keep the silver by itself, it looks clean and goes well with every outfit and accessory.

You don’t need to wait for old age to achieve this look, just find a professional hairstylist and you can sport this beautiful hairstyle within a few weeks, as you’re likely to need more than one bleaching session.

35. Orange and Pink Short Fall Hairstyle

Image source

This pink and orange hairstyle is perfect for the Fall. The two colors are reminiscent of the season and look great together. The curve at the end of the hair almost looks like it was done with an eyelash curler, and the concept is the same! Just use your curling iron to give the edges a slight tilt and you’re done.

The styling can be done by yourself, but the bright colors will need to be done by a professional as you’re likely to need bleaching. To make sure that the colors stay as bright and perfect after a while, you will need purple shampoo and hair mask.

36. Loose Wavy Ponytail

Image source

A ponytail doesn’t have to be simple and standard, depending on how you do it it can become a very classy hairstyle to wear to a formal event. This loose ponytail requires a different level of tightness from each lock of hair, it might be a lot of work but it’s worth it. After all the hair is gathered, add a thin hair tie or a synthetic hair tie, so it’s not noticeable.

Finally, gently curl your hair starting from the hair tie to create those stunning waves. You could have a go at home, but it seems to be too complex and something that would be better achieved by a professional. The hair jewelry adds the final touch to an incredible hairstyle that will have you shine on any fancy occasion. You can also use pearl hairpins to add even more glam.

37. Half-up Three Strand Braid

Image source

Three-strand braids are the easiest to do, and you probably have some experience with them already, but if not, it’s very easy to learn and you can find tutorials online for it. This hairstyle consists of a half-up three-strand braid, secured with a thin hair tie and topped up with a red bow.

This would be perfect for any occasion but especially for relaxed event, or even a date night. Spice up the Fall season with the red touch from the bow and the natural look of a simple braid, you can do this at home effortlessly.

38. Braided Bun

Image source

This beautiful braided bun will be your best friend whether your plans are casual or formal. The feen-in braids go around the head in a circular motion until they reach the middle and form a perfectly done bun.

Something like this is much too complex to be done by yourself, so you will need to see a professional hairstylist, but once it’s done, it will last for a while. The braids are nice and tight, and even if the bun does come undone, you can always substitute it with an easier to do ponytail.

39. Half-up Twist

Image source

If you’re looking for something super simple and quick to do, this one is for you. Simply grab two thick locks of hair, one from each side of your face, and tie them together on the back. Once that’s done, simply grab the point where the two locks meet and flip it inwards, giving it a 360° twist.

You can do this at home within seconds. This is the perfect choice for a Fall afternoon outdoors or a cozy meal at a cafe. If you want to make it even better, add a velvet scrunchie instead of a simple hair tie.

40. Blonde and Brown Curls

Image source

This beautiful hairstyle is bound to make you stand out for the entire Fall season. The tight curls running all the way from the top to the edges almost look like thin braids if you don’t look closely.

You will need a professional to achieve this look, both for the perfect curls and for the colors, as you will need bleaching, and probably multiple sessions. The alternate coloring of the curls individualizes each lock of hair and gives your hair a lot of personality. After the curls and colors are done, all you need is some imagination and either wear your hair loose, or maybe wear a hairband, a half-up ponytail, or even some small cuffs scattered around your curls.

41. Half-up Half-Down Curls

Image source

This half-up half-down hairstyle will give you the perfect combination of class and comfort. Your hair will be up in a very high ponytail, giving you the sense of freshness and freedom a ponytail often gives, but at the same time your long hair will still cover your neck and give you some warmth for the chilly Fall evenings.

Leaving two locks free at the front is optional, but highly recommended. It adds some glam to the look and will allow you to wear this simple ponytail to a formal function and fit in. To make it even more natural looking, use a hair tie made of synthetic hair.

42. Half-up Braided Buns

Image source

If you have your hair fully done into tight small braids, this hairstyle may be the perfect twist you’re looking for. But even if your hair isn’t braided yet, that can be arranged too. This type of braiding is very difficult to achieve therefore you will need the help of a professional.

Once your hair is nice and braided, grab a haldful of braids and twist them into two buns on opposite sides of the head. This will give you a cute look, perfect for a nice Fall afternoon outing, or even a photography session with a golden-brown background of leaves.

43. Side Part Pixie Cut

Image source

This hairstyle is perfect if your pixie is starting to grow but it’s in that awkward phase when it’s neither a short pixie not long enough to become a bob yet. The side parting will make you look classy and ready for anything, whilst getting your hair used to parting a certain way, which will make your life easier when it starts growing more.

To achieve this look all you need is a hairbrush, and perhaps some dry shampoo to make your hair settle down. You won’t need a hairdresser to do the styling, but you may need one to retouch the roots or fully color your hair.

44. Bubble Pigtails

Image source

We have seen a bubble ponytail, but how about bubble pigtails? Pigtails was most people’s standard childhood hairstyle, but just because we grew up doesn’t mean we can’t indulge in this adorable look.

This look is very easy to achieve and you will be able to find tutorials online for it, that being said, you won’t need anyone’s help with this one as it is easy enough to do by yourself. This look is perfect for any fun plans you have coming up, from a cozy Fall afternoon at your friend’s house, to an evening meal with your family, and everything in between.

45. Pink Short Fall Hairstyle

Image source

Here we have another shaggy bob perfect to fit your relaxed and casual lifestyle. This type of cut will give you enough creative freedom to do whatever you want with it, but also to do nothing apart from a quick brush and still look phenomenal.

The pink pastel color is what makes this a really good Fall hairstyle, evoking a color of the season by giving the effect of neutrality between hot and cold. The shaggy bob could even be done by you as it’s a haircut that doesn’t require sheer perfection, but it is always better to leave that part to a professional. The bleaching and coloring should be done by a professional, so since you’re there to do one thing might as well do both.

46. Double Bun

Image source

Sometimes your hair is just having a bad day. It’s everywhere and you can’t get it to settle down, but you also have so much hair that doing a bun or a ponytail is near impossible. So how about two buns?

This is very simple to do, just do the buns on opposite sides of your head and try your best to be symmetrical, and that is it. Your hair is now tied up and pretty and it won’t go crazy with the typical winds of a Fall day.  If you want to add some personality, use some thick hair ties of scrunchies, or even a hairband with a nice pattern.

47. High Ponytail

Image source

Sometimes simple is the way to go. When you’re in a rush, all you can do is quickly hold your hair and tie it up, and there’s nothing wrong with it. A simple ponytail can be beautiful too. Bonus points if it’s high up on your head.

If all you have time to do is a ponytail but you still want it to have some glam, just play around with the hair ties. You can use one made of synthetic hair, or a metal cuff, maybe even a thick brightly colored one. Needless to say you will be able to do this by yourself and be ready to go in seconds.

48. Pink Ombre Fall Hairstyle

Image source

This bright pink ombre is bound to bring life to any gloomy Fall day.The way it goes from dark to bring pink will allow your hair to grow freely without you worrying about retouching your roots.

To achieve such a bright color you will certainly need a few bleaching sessions and maybe even more than one coloring session. This will take time and you will need to find a professional hairdresser to do it. However, the waves and curls can be done by you if you have a curling iron.

49. Short Bangs

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Almost everyone has bangs at least once in their life. It’s a very high maintenance cut, but it’s so worth it. No matter how old you are, bangs will make you look younger and angelic. These short bangs are meant to last; you don’t have to worry about trimming them for a long time, because they’ll only reach your eyes after a few months.

Bangs are a really good option for a Fall hairstyle because they almost hug your face, giving you a cozy look fit for the season. You can technically try and cut some bangs at home, but do yourself a favor and see a professional instead, because if you mess up the cut, the results could be catastrophic.

50. Purple Face Framing Highlights

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Face framing highlights are a recent trend, and it’s on the rise. Adding just a tiny bit of color to two locks of hair can do wonders to your looks. And just imagine a nice and tight ponytail, and those two purple locks hanging freely around your face? The effect will be stunning.

You may need bleaching and dying done by a professional, but since it’s only two small locks of hair, you could try and do this yourself. However, if you’re also dying the rest of your hair a different color, play it safe and see a professional. And remember to get purple shampoo and a hair mask to maintain a flawless tone. You can find the links to some good products on the next section.

Essential Accessories and Products to Improve Your Hair Game

It can be a challenge to find the right products for your hair, especially when it suffers damage from outside factors such as sunlight. Here you will find all the essentials you should add to your cart today.

To Treat and Maintain Colored Hair

Do you dye your hair blonde, light brown, silver, or orange? Or maybe you only have highlights? Do you bleach your hair? If the answer to any of those questions is yes and you’ve never heard of purple shampoo, it’s time for your world to change.

Purple shampoo helps hydrate your hair and avoid the damage done by products such as bleach, at the same time that it avoids brassy and yellow tones to take over your baby blonde hair. Other than the shampoo and conditioner you may also want a purple hair mask, just to make sure you go that extra mile to help your hair be at its best.

To Treat Sun Damage

Sun damage tends to be a big problem. Your hair will lose its natural shine, become dry, and maybe even look lighter. Unfortunately, those are signs of sun damage.

To prevent this from happening you should always protect it as much as you would protect your skin. Heat protector spray will give you the layer of protection you need, and it’s easy to carry in your purse.

If the damage is already done, don’t despair, it is fixable with the right products and care. This Avocado Hair Mask may just be what you’re looking for, plus it’s infused with biotin, which will promote faster hair growth.


Now that your know the best products to take care of your hair in the Fall, let’s talk accessories.

Scrunchies are essential, and you should always have one on your wrist because you never know when you might need one. This multipack of velvet scrunchies has one to match every outfit you might have—plus, velvet feels and looks amazing.


Hairbands are also a very comfortable hair accessory that keeps the hair off your face but still loose and free. This multipack has six different patterns, and the fabric is nice and tight. If you prefer some elasticity, these hairbands have just that plus beautiful patterns.

Metal Hair Clips

If you’re looking for a classic look, a metal hair clip is just what you need. The vintage vibes are on show when you wear one of these.

Hair Jewelry

And finally, for a formal look if you ever need to attend a fancy event, or even if you just enjoy whimsical, feminine looks, hair jewelry is always on-trend. This long hair vine would complement a wavy hairstyle or even a half-up half-down bun.

Love Your Leafy Locks

Now that you’ve had a look at fifty fall hairstyle ideas, and you know what the best products and accessories are to complement your look, did you find the inspiration you were looking for? If the answer is yes, it’s time to start styling to go out and enjoy the fall vibes.

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