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The 10 Best Bonnet Hair Dryers to Buy in 2024

The 10 Best Bonnet Hair Dryers to Buy in 2024

Once a staple found in any 1950s salon, the bonnet hair dryer has been experiencing a resurgence of popularity in recent times. The convenient hands-free design allows you to multitask – you can dry your hair while reading a book or doing your makeup. Plus, bonnet dryers are better for your hair. The unique circulatory design allows warm air to flow evenly over your tresses, reducing frizz and adding shine.

Bonnet dryers can have hard or soft bonnets, be portably or stationary, and come in at all ends of the pricing spectrum. With so many different types available today, it can be hard to know what to look for when you set out to purchase a bonnet dryer.

To help you out, we’ve gathered a list of the best bonnet dryers available today and broken down what makes them so great. Read on to start learning which product suits your hair the best.

What Is a Bonnet Hair Dryer?

A bonnet hair dryer consists of a cap (the bonnet) and a heating element. For soft bonnet dryers, the cap is made of heat-proof plastic or nylon material, and there is a tube that attaches either to a hair dryer, or is built into a motor that controls the heat.

Hard bonnet dryers feature a plastic cap with small holes covering the inside that allow heat to escape. The cap is held standing upright by a plastic support where the controls are also located.

When turned on, warm air will fill the inside of the hard cap or plastic bonnet and evenly distribute across your hair. This is known as indirect heat, which is safer and less damaging than using a regular hair dryer.

Bonnet dryers can help reduce frizz in curly styles, and speed up the processing time for hair treatments such as dyes and deep conditioning. For more information about the benefits of bonnet dryers, check out our complete guide.

Things to Consider in a Bonnet Hair Dryer

Bonnet dryers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. In order to find the best one for you, there are some things you need to consider.

Your Hair Type

Hair type is an important factor in selecting a bonnet dryer. If you have long hair, you want a bonnet that can incorporate all of your hair without flattening it. If you regularly use rollers, you want to make sure the bonnet will be big enough to fit them underneath (for roller styles, we suggest the Conair Soft Bonnet Dryer, and suggest that you check out our guide to the best hot rollers available).

For more information on finding your hair type, see our guide below.

Hard vs Soft Bonnet Dryers

There are two main types of bonnet dryers. Hard bonnet, like the one in Nova’s Professional Hooded Bonnet Dryer, and soft bonnet.

Hard bonnets are more likely to be found in salons and professional environments. You sit underneath them instead of putting your hair up inside of them like you would for a soft bonnet. They are typically better for very long hair or if you are applying a treatment to your hair.

Soft bonnet dryers have a hood made of heat-proof and sometimes water-proof (like the bonnet on Granteva’s Soft Bonnet Dryer) materials. They are perfect for drying hair in rollers or speeding up your drying time.


Another important factor to consider is affordability. Bonnet dryers can range from cheap to a more expensive, premium price depending on the style of dryer and any accessories that are included.


While not portable in the past, today’s bonnet dryers can be surprisingly versatile. Many act as hair dryer attachments, so you can sit and blow dry your hair anywhere your hair dryer plugs in. You can also purchase hard bonnet dryers that can be carried around and folded into themselves for storage – our best hard bonnet pick Conair Hard Bonnet Dryer is a great example of this.

If you are going to purchase a bonnet hair dryer that serves as an attachment, be sure to pair it with one of the year’s best hair dryers.

Now that you have a good idea of what to consider in a bonnet dryer, let’s head straight into our top 10 picks!

Top 10 Best Bonnet Hair Dryers 2024

1. Best Overall Bonnet Dryer: Elegantly Soft Hood Bonnet Dryer

Elegantly Soft Hood Bonnet Dryer

Why we like it: One of the best bonnet dryers on the market, the Elegantly soft bonnet accommodates all hair types and styles all for one affordable price.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts:

  • Type: Soft bonnet attachment
  • Good for: All hair types and styles
  • Price: Budget-friendly
  • Portability: Good

If you’re looking for a simple solution to your hair drying needs, the Elegantly soft bonnet dryer might be the thing for you. Made of a soft, heat-proof material and featuring a 3.5ft long hose, this dryer makes it easy for you to move around and multitask while your hair is drying.

As a bonus, the Elegantly comes with a cloth heat-protectant headband which will protect your delicate scalp and ears from the heat generated inside of the bonnet. The company also provides access to a free ebook that gives in-depth instructions on how to use the dryer and styling tips for all hair types – a great item for beginners to bonnet drying.

You do have to be careful when using this dryer. When used on the high setting, it can get very hot and potentially melt the end of your hair dryer.

Be sure to carefully read the instructions and check your hairdryers compatibility before attaching the Elegantly to it. If you’re looking to stay away from dryer attachments altogether, check out the Andis Ionic Professional dryer instead.


  • Comes with a heat-protectant headband
  • 3.5ft long hose
  • Free ebook with instructions and style tips


  • Potential for attachment to damage hair dryer

2. Best Premium Bonnet Dryer: Nova Professional Hooded Bonnet Dryer

Nova Professional Hooded Bonnet Dryer

Why we like it: Delivering salon quality at home, the Nova Professional Bonnet dryer is a premium tool for any hair enthusiast looking to get quality styles.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts:

  • Type: Hard bonnet
  • Good for: Deep conditioning treatments
  • Price: Expensive
  • Portability: Poor

A professional bonnet dryer, you are likely to find the Nova Bonnet Dryer the star of any salon-quality hairstyle. The circular design and enclosed door allow heat to surround your head and dry your hair in no time.

This is also a great choice for someone who enjoys applying hair dye or deep conditioning treatments at home; you can sit under this dryer to speed up the processing time without having to place your hair in a bonnet and potentially ruin the style.

The Nova features an adjustable height, so you can fit it behind anywhere you wish to sit, and a timer function that lets you relax while you wait for it to ring and automatically shut off the dryer. This is great for people who don’t want to keep track of time while under the bonnet – you can just set it and let it work its magic.

If you’re looking to do your hair in a hurry, this isn’t the best product for you. It requires up to 30 minutes of preheating time before it is hot enough to use. For a fast-drying product that heats up quick, look at the Hot Tools Soft Bonnet Dryer instead.


  • Professional bonnet dryer
  • Adjustable height
  • Timer function


  • Must be preheated

3. Best Budget Bonnet Dryer: Granteva Hood Bonnet Dryer

Granteva Hood Bonnet Dryer

Why we like it: Don’t let Granteva’s low cost fool you. Despite its budget-friendly price, it is still a high-quality soft bonnet dryer that is easy to use and promises great styles.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts:

  • Type: Soft bonnet
  • Good for: Curly and frizzy hair, shorter hair
  • Price: Budget-friendly
  • Portability: Good

Made from a lightweight windbreaker material with added ventilation holes for increased airflow, the Granteva Bonnet Dryer is sure to get the job done. It heats up quickly, and evenly distributes heat across your hair. This is a good choice for anyone looking to purchase a bonnet dryer that doesn’t break the bank.

This product is both waterproof and washable, and the bonnet suits short hair and natural hair types very well. It inflates upwards, leaving ample space for hair and providing a large area for air circulation that will help dry hair faster.

The chin strap on this product doesn’t hold very well, and you need to be careful when turning it on, making sure the strap is secured or the bonnet can fall off of your head. If you want a product with a more secure bonnet, try looking at the Mifine Hood Bonnet Dryer.


  • Ventilation holes for airflow
  • Lightweight windbreaker material
  • Waterproof and washable


  • Elastic chin strap doesn’t hold well

4. Best Bonnet Dryer for Travel: Mifine Hood Bonnet Dryer

Mifine Hood Bonnet Dryer

Why we like it: Great for traveling, the easy to use Mifine dryer comes with a secure storage bag and adjustable chin straps that can fit any user.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts:

  • Type: Soft bonnet
  • Good for: On-the-go styles
  • Price: Budget friendly
  • Portability: Very good

For on-the-go styles, the Mifine dryer is the perfect choice. The hose has an adjustable end, allowing it to connect to virtually any hair dryer, and comes with a secure storage bag that doubles as a travel bag. The Mifine dryer is super easy to use and has a bonus portable makeup mirror included, so you can apply makeup wherever you use the dryer.

The secure chin straps are fastened with adjustable buttons, so you can easily tailor the strap to the size you need. This is a good option if you are planning on purchasing the dryer for family use.

While the Mifine does fit most head types, the actual bonnet may be a little too small if you are planning to use it with medium- to large-sized rollers. It can be difficult to properly fit all of the rollers under the cap. For a product guaranteed to work with any size roller, check out the Conair Soft Bonnet Dryer.


  • Comes with travel bag
  • Adjustable to fit any size hair dryer
  • Secure, adjustable chin straps


  • Too small for most rollers

5. Best Hard Bonnet Dryer: Conair Pro Style Bonnet Dryer

Conair Pro Style Bonnet Dryer

Why we like it: A good alternative to the professional Nova Hooded Bonnet Dryer, the Conair Pro Style features a high-powered hard bonnet that is more portable than it’s competitors.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts:

  • Type: Hard bonnet
  • Good for: Longer hair
  • Price: Expensive
  • Portability: Medium

If you liked the look of the Nova Professional Dryer, but want something a little more portable and affordable, the Conair Pro Style is a great option. It isn’t as large as the Nova, but the height is still adjustable. It also features an extra-large hood, which is great for drying longer hair that doesn’t fit into a bonnet, or for use with rollers.

This high-powered dryer works fast and can even be folded down for compact storage. You can carry it around and place it on different counters, but you do need to make sure you are close to an outlet to plug it in.

This product is one of the louder ones on the list. Due to the high-power and the open bonnet design, the noise it makes can turn some people away from purchasing. If you’re interested in a quieter dryer, we suggest the Revlon Ionic Soft Dyer.


  • Flexible insulated hose
  • Great frizz control
  • Strong storage case


  • Not great for deep conditioning

6. Best Bonnet Dryer for Rollers: Conair Soft Bonnet Dryer

Conair Soft Bonnet Dryer

Why we like it: The Conair Soft Bonnet Dryer features a bonnet large enough to fit any size rollers for curled styles, and a bonus hot air brush for when you want a salon-quality straight style.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts:

  • Type: Soft bonnet
  • Good for: Roller styling
  • Price: Mid-range
  • Portability: Good

If you’re someone who loves to use rollers to style their hair, the Conair Soft Bonnet might be perfect for you. The bonnet is lightweight and extra-large, so no matter what size roller you use, the bonnet can be stretched over the top of them to accommodate. It also has a 6 foot long power cord, so you can move it around and dry your hair from anywhere around your home.

This dryer also comes with a hot air brush. Hot air brushes straighten hair using heat plates and bristles to straighten as you brush it through your locks. They are great for straightening hair while adding shine and maintaining volume. This is a great choice for someone who values versatility.

The high heat setting on this dryer can become very hot, so it might be a good idea to test the device first and figure out the right temperature for you, before you start to use it on your hair. The Gold N Hot Soft Bonnet Dryer might not handle quite as large of rollers, but it will fit most and it has a more adjustable temperature range.


  • Jumbo bonnet for roller use
  • Bonus hot air brush for straight styles
  • Long power cord for portability


  • High heat can be too hot

7. Best Frizz Control Bonnet Dryer: Andis Ionic Professional Bonnet Dryer

Andis Ionic Professional Bonnet Dryer

Why we like it: Perfect for reducing frizz in all hair types, the ionic Andis dryer produces soft, manageable hair with every use.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts:

  • Type: Soft bonnet
  • Good for: Frizz control
  • Price: Mid-Range
  • Portability: Good

Ionic hair dryers have long been regarded as a fantastic option for reducing frizz in your hair. The negatively charged ions they produce help lock in moisture to create smoother, shinier hair. Usually only found in regular hair dryers, the Andis dryer is one of the leaders in ionic bonnet dryers. It is a fantastic option for frizz control because of the combination of ionic drying and the even heat distribution a bonnet dryer provides.

The Andis has a bendable, insulated hose that can be placed anywhere, giving you the flexibility to sit in whatever position you want while your hair is drying. It also has a sturdy storage case you can place the bonnet and hose into between uses.

If you’re looking for a bonnet dryer primarily to deep condition, this may not be the product for you. The ionic heating in the bonnet doesn’t get quite hot enough to significantly speed up any deep conditioning or dye treatment you might be using on your hair. For a dryer that candle handle those type of treatments, look at the Nova Professional Bonney Dryer.


  • Flexible insulated hose
  • Great frizz control
  • Strong storage case


  • Not great for deep conditioning

8. Best Bonnet Dryer for Thick Hair: Revlon Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer

Revlon Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer

Why we like it: An ionic dryer like the Andis, the Revlon Soft Bonnet Dryer runs quieter than its competitors and features a set of adjustable speed settings.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts:

  • Type: Soft bonnet
  • Good for: Thick hair, natural hair
  • Price: Expensive
  • Portability: Poor

The Revlon Soft Bonnet Dryer’s adjustable speed settings make this a great option for drying thick and natural hair types. You can change the fan speed from low to high in order to customize it to your hair and any treatment you may be using. The high-speed works well for penetrating thicker and natural hair to completely dry it, while the lower speeds give a shiny, frizz-free style to finer hair types.

It is also not as loud as its competitors. The motor in this dryer runs fairly quiet, and you should be able to do other activities such as reading or watching tv while using it without being disturbed.

Unfortunately, the Revlon dryer does not have a very long hose. It is only about 2ft long, which doesn’t give you a lot of room to move around and sit far away from the motor while using. It can also be hard to use this product in different rooms because of the limited hose length. Check out the Elegantly Bonnet Dryer for a product with a longer hose.


  • Adjustable speed settings
  • Great for natural hair
  • Not too loud


  • Hose is too short

9. Fastest-Drying Bonnet Dryer: Hot Tools Soft Bonnet Dryer

Hot Tools Soft Bonnet Dryer

Why we like it: The fast-drying Hot Tools Soft Bonnet Dryer adds shine to hair and comes with in a case with a convenient carry handle, so you can easily style anywhere.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts:

  • Type: Soft bonnet
  • Good for: Fast drying
  • Price: Expensive
  • Portability: Medium

Guaranteed to dry your hair fast, the Hot Tools Soft Bonnet Dryer adds shine and smooth texture to your locks after each use. The combination of higher fan speed and 800-watt power setting circulates air quickly, so your hair is continually surrounding by a gentle warmth.

This product arrives in a case with a convenient carry handle, so you can move this dryer to different rooms as needed, which is great if you plan on drying your hair while relaxing on the couch reading. It also comes with a one-year warranty, giving you peace of mind as you style your hair.

The elastic in this bonnet can be very uncomfortable. It doesn’t stretch very easily, leaving marks on your forehead, and it is not very accommodating to large rollers or longer hair. If comfort is your priority, look into the Gold N Hot Soft Bonnet Dyer.


  • Gives shine to hair
  • Convenient carry handle
  • One-year warranty included


  • Bonnet is uncomfortable
  • Doesn’t work with large rollers or very long hair

10. Best Compact Bonnet Dryer: Gold N Hot Soft Bonnet Dryer

Gold N Hot Soft Bonnet Dryer

Why we like it: With four different temperature settings, you’re sure to find a perfect way to dry your hair using the Gold N Hot Soft Bonnet Dryer.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts:

  • Type: Soft bonnet
  • Good for: Compact storage
  • Price: Expensive
  • Portability: Good

Gold N Hot has a very comfortable bonnet that is easy to wear. The elastic isn’t too tight, but it still securely holds your hair, including longer hair, in place for drying. The bonnet will also accommodate most sizes of rollers.

This product has four temperature settings, so you can adjust it from cool all the way to hot, and it has good drying power on each setting. No matter what temperature you use, you are sure to get soft, shiny hair at the end of the drying process.

The hose in this product detaches from the cap easily, which is not a good option if you plan on moving around a lot and multitasking while drying your hair. It also doesn’t make for a good traveling device because of this. If you’re looking for a product that gives you the flexibility to use it anywhere, try checking out the Mifine Hood Bonnet Dryer.


  • Four temperature settings
  • Comfortable bonnet
  • Good drying power


  • Hose detaches from cap easily

Your Complete Guide to Bonnet Hair Dryers

If you still have burning questions about bonnet hair dryers and their uses, don’t worry – we’ve got a full guide ready for you. Read on to discover the benefits of bonnet dryers, find your hair type, and learn some pro hair drying tips!

Finding the Right Bonnet Hair Dryer for Your Hair Type

In order to know how to properly style your hair, you should know what your exact hair type is. This information will help you select products and creams that work with your hair to give you the best locks of your life.

Type 1 Hair

Type 1 hair is straight and typically very shiny. Styling this type of hair requires the use of shape-defining products to get it to hold. Most bonnet hair dryers that aren’t made for a specific type of hair, including our top overall pick, do well with type 1 hair.

  • Type 1A: Thin, fine, soft hair. Fairly straight.
  • Type 1B: Medium textured hair, has a bit more body and volume.
  • Type 1C: Straight, but with a coarse texture. Requires lots of extra strength products to keep a style.

Type 2 Hair

Type 2 hair is wavy. It has a slight S pattern that places it right in between straight and curly type hair. There is a little bit of a shine to it, and styling it either straight or curly is pretty simple to do. It does frizz easily, and can benefit from the use of anti-frizz products (including use of a bonnet dryer made for frizz control).

  • Type 2A: Finely textured, may be on the thin side.
  • Type 2B: Defined, face-framing waves
  • Type 2C: Coarse texture, easily frizzes

Type 3 Hair

This hair has a tighter S shaped pattern or a loose coil pattern. It is springy, tends to snap back into place when pulled, and may or may not have a visible shine. Frizz is definitely present here. If you’ve got curly hair, you need a bonnet dryer equipped to handle everything you can throw at it like the Revlon Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer.

  • Type 3A: Loosely curled. Typically has the most natural shine out of the type 3 hairs.
  • Type 3B: Ranges from loose spirals and ringlets to tighter corkscrew curls. Becomes dry fast, so products with hydration are a good choice.
  • Type 3C: Tight curls, usually about pencil-width. Benefits from moisturizing products and defining creams.

Type 4 Hair

Very tight curl patterns are present in this hair type. Textures can be anywhere from fine and soft, to coarse and wiry. The curls are defined by a coily S shape or a Z-shaped zigzag pattern. It requires a lot of moisturizing products and shrinks when wet. Not all bonnet dryers work well with type 4 hair, but some, like the Granteva Hood Bonnet Dryer are specifically designed to bring out its best qualities.

  • Type 4A: Denser S shaped curls, but still soft and pliable
  • Type 4B: Z-shaped coil pattern. Denser and thicker.
  • Type 4C: Z-shaped pattern. Very thick and prone to breakage. Leave-in conditioner is a must for this type.

Want to know more? Use this chart of hair types for help understanding your hair.

Benefits of a Bonnet Dryer

Bonnet dryers use indirect heat to dry your hair, as opposed to the direct heat used by regular hair dryers. Direct heat dries out the hair and causes long-term damage if used regularly. Conversely, indirect heat is not applied directly to the hair, it is applied all around the head. This is where the bonnet design comes in; it traps the heat in around your hair.

Bonnet dryers are used on low heat settings, allowing your hair to dry without damage and without losing moisture. They are also more convenient to use since you can put your hair up to dry in the bonnet, leaving your hands free to do your makeup or simply relax while your hair dries.

Bonnet Hair Dryers Are Multipurpose

Beyond just drying hair, bonnet dryers can be used for a variety of styling needs. You can use them with rollers to dry your hair into a curled style, or to aid a deep conditioning treatment. They cut down the average air-drying time of hair from 2 to 3 hours, to somewhere between 10 minutes and an hour.

Can I Use a Bonnet Dryer Every Day?

Any amount of heat is enough to damage your hair, but the low heat method of drying your hair with a bonnet dryer is considered much less damaging and safe enough for daily use. Of course, this is only true if you are using them on a low or medium heat setting and not cranking it up to the highest heat possible every time.

Always take care to monitor your hair’s condition, and if it starts to feel damaged or dry, take a break from using heat to dry and style your hair.

How Long Does Bonnet Drying Take?

The time your hair takes to dry depends heavily on the type of bonnet dryer you are using and your specific hair type.

For instance, if you are using something like the Hot Tools Bonnet Dryer, your hair might dry within 30 minutes. On the other hand, if you are using a dryer with a lower heat setting, such as the Andis Ionic Dryer, your hair might take an hour to fully dry.

Hair that is being styled with rollers underneath a bonnet dryer should be left to dry between 20 and 30 minutes (look back at the Conair Soft Bonnet Dryer for a dryer great with rollers). If you are deep conditioning your hair, you will be under the dryer for anywhere between 15 and 30 minutes.

As a general rule, you only want to stay under the dryer until your hair is about 70-80 percent dry. This helps you avoid frizz and maintain bounce and shine in your style as your hair air dries the rest of the way. Average drying time can take 10 to 45 minutes, depending on the type and thickness of your hair.

How to Tell If Your Hair Is Damaged

Constantly using heat styling tools such as curlers and hair dryers puts your locks at risk for damage. Excess heat can burn the strands, and repeatedly forcing your hair into either curly or straight shapes destroys the hair fiber over time, leaving you with dull, lifeless hair.

If you suspect your hair is damaged, but want to know for sure, there are a few tests you can try out to tell.

  1. Take a small piece of hair and hold it between two fingers. Gently pull it out. If your hair is healthy it will stretch out and snap back into place once you let go. If your hair is damaged, it will either snap off or stay stretched out without returning to its original length.
  2. Separate an inch-wide section of hair and carefully pull your fingers down it. Healthy hair should feel smooth all the way down. If the surface is uneven, snaps off in any place, or feels excessively dry, your hair is probably damaged.

Deep Conditioning Treatments and You

Do you keep hearing about deep conditioning treatments, but you aren’t sure what they are? Have no fear, because we’re here to give you all the information you need to know about these popular hair treatments.

What Are They Good For?

There are two kinds of deep conditioning treatments – protein-based and moisturizing. Both have the ability to begin repairing and nourishing hair after the first use, but there are some differences.

  • Protein-based treatments strengthen the hairs and prevent breakage. These are great for use on heat damaged or chemically damaged hair.
  • Moisturizing treatments hydrate hair and leave it feeling soft. They also help bring shine back to the hair.

The Application Process

Deep conditioning treatments should be applied after shampooing your hair. The shampoo cleans the follicles and leaves them open to absorbing the nutrients deposited by the treatment.

After shampooing, work the treatment into your hair. Focus on the ends and areas that are prone to breakage. If possible, use a wide-toothed comb to brush it through your hair and ensure total coverage.

Deep conditioning treatments work the best when used with heat. Heat speeds up the process and expands the hair follicle even more, allowing the maximum amount of benefits to be absorbed. We recommend the Nova Professional Hooded Dryer for use with these treatments.

If you don’t have a bonnet dryer just yet, you can cover your head with a plastic cap instead. The heat from your scalp will be contained in the cap and help speed up the processing.

After you have allowed the treatment to stay in your hair for the recommended amount of time, wash it out thoroughly. You can now style and dry your hair.

Things to Keep in Mind

While deep conditioning treatments can be very good for the hair, you don’t want to overuse them. For very damaged hair, you can use them every two weeks; for regular maintenance, once a month is perfect.

If you have loose curly hair or tighter kinky curls, select a treatment with shea butter in it. It will deeply moisturize your hair without weighing it down.

If you have wavy hair or hair on the straighter side, coconut oil is a great lightweight ingredient that will leave your hair feeling soft after treatment.

Pro Tips for Hair Drying

  • Always use heat protectant on your hair when styling it with heat tools. This includes the use of bonnet dryers.
  • Use moisturizing shampoos, conditioners, and leave-in creams if you know you will be applying lots of heat to your hair
  • If you are using rollers on your hair, section out small pieces before rolling the hair up. This will ensure even drying all around your head.
  • When using any kind of heat styling tool, make sure your hair is not soaking wet when you start using it. Applying heat to soaking wet hair can burn the outside of your hair and damage it. Try to let your hair lightly air dry and rid it of excess moisture before blow drying.

Discovering the Best Bonnet Dryer for You

Deciding which bonnet dryer suits your lifestyle isn’t an easy process. There are so many things to consider, from hair type, to the style of bonnet, to the affordability of the dryer. Hopefully, with our list you have gained a better idea of what to look for in a bonnet dryer and your decision will be that much easier. All you have to do now is purchase your favorite product and start your journey to salon-quality hair at home.