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50+ Dog Tattoo Ideas

50+ Dog Tattoo Ideas

A dog is a man’s best friend; there is no doubt about that. Because of that, dog-themed tattoos are very popular amongst owners and sympathizers alike.

What makes dogs such special pets and companions is their intelligence and protective instincts. You can trust your four-legged friend to always be by your side and to alert you of any dangers around you.

Dogs are part of the family; therefore, we cherish, love, and respect them as such. So it isn’t strange when we choose clothing, stationery, jewelry, or even tattoos that allude to how much we care about them.

Tattoo designs featuring dogs are always trending, it’s one of those things that never run out of style and everyone loves.

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Reasons to Get a Dog Tattoo

There are multiple reasons you may choose to have a tattoo honoring our furry friends.

To Celebrate Your Dog

You can choose to tattoo an image of your dog, either based on a picture or not. You can also just choose a general design showing your own pup’s breed.

To Show Your Love for Dogs if You Can’t Have One

However, it doesn’t mean you need to tattoo a design of your dog. A lot of people love dogs but can’t own one because of living arrangements, etc.

If you tattoo a dog and don’t own one, don’t worry, no one is going to think it’s weird because they are adorable.

To Highlight a Symbolic Meaning of Dogs

Plus, a dog tattoo has a lot of meanings – love, affection, protection, guidance, loyalty, and fidelity.

To Honor a Dog Who Has Passed

Another common reason to tattoo dogs is to honor them after they’ve passed away. It is a morbid theme, but it needs to be talked about. Losing a pet is like losing a member of the family; it is devastating and heartbreaking. For a while, you will look for ways to help you cope with grief. Perhaps, a tattoo will help you come to terms with the fact, and it’s a beautiful gesture.

When it comes to honoring a pet who has departed, you will find common themes like dates, and angel wings. But that doesn’t mean you need to do something like that – you can opt for a beautiful portrait, a pawprint, or a line drawing of a candid scene between you two. What matters is that you know the meaning behind it.

Things to Consider When Getting a Dog Tattoo

There a few things to keep in mind when deciding on a dog tattoo.


Like with any other tattoo, a lot of things come into play when it comes to price, and how easy it is to get it done. Colors, a lot of detail, and shading will increase the price, and of course, the size.

But simple line drawings, without much detail and in black and white will be cheaper, with some even being so cheap that tattoo artists have to charge a minimum fee to make it worth their time.

The Tattoo Artist’s Abilities

Another thing to keep in mind is how capable a tattoo artist is. Just like with any other profession, the tattoo artists will have different specialties, experiences, and abilities. Always make sure to check their portfolios and look for previous jobs they have done that are similar to what you look for.

In this article, we will explore 50 dog tattoo designs, which styles they are suitable for, and their price ranges. Keep reading to find one that is perfect for you, as there are designs for every taste and occasion.

1. Little Heart With Paw Prints and Flower Tattoo

Image source

This design combines three elements to create a single tattoo: a heart, paw prints, and a flower. If the elements are small, you will end up with a heart shape without it being too messy and cluttered.

The only color in this tattoo is in the flower, but you could also color inside or around the heart. Alternatively, you can choose not to add any color at all. Either way, the price won’t fluctuate much since the area that needs coloring is small.

This look would be easy to achieve, as it would be within the capability of tattoo artists on any level of experience. Since the design is so small, you are likely to only pay the minimum fee set by the artist.

2. Cartoon Style Dog Tattoo

Image source

This tattoo features a lovely puppy with its tongue sticking out, wearing a chest harness and heart-shaped glasses. Around it, you can also see a few small pink hearts which adds to the fun vibe. The art style is simple, consisting of single lines and minimal coloring on the glasses and harness.

The design is inspired by cartoon and anime art styles, and it is perfect if you have a girly, youthful style. Getting this tattoo would be cheap since it consists of lines, and the amount of color is so minimal that it wouldn’t cost you much.

3. Half Heart, Half Dog Tattoo

Image source

This minimalist tattoo features a straight line; on one side of it, you have one half of a heart and on the other, you have half of a dog’s face – in this case, a Pomeranian. Some other details were added, like dots and minimal shading.

Minimalist tattoos are very popular for many reasons. Not only do they look beautiful, but they are widely accepted in most workplaces. Even those who have stricter policies might be able to open an exception, if the tattoo is small. This isn’t a guarantee, so you should always check with your employer.

What makes a minimalist tattoo is the size, of course, but also the drawing style which is often a line drawing. For that reason, minimalist tattoos are more often than not, really affordable.

4. Owner Petting Dog Tattoo

Image source

This tattoo features a person crouching next to their dog and petting them. The image can be seen as a guideline only, as you can modify the design to look like you and your pet.

This design is proof that line drawings will look simple and chic even if what is drawn is complex. In any other art style, this design would be full of detail and shading, but this way, you avoid that and the high prices that come with complex designs.

5. Pokemon Houndoom Dog Tattoo

Image source

Pokemon was part of a large number of people’s childhood, and some of us never got over it. It is most famously known as an anime, but the franchise reached many industries, and it can be found in clothing, games, toys, books, etc.

This tattoo features Houndoom, the evolution of Houndour, an adorable canine with two horns and a bad temper. Its fierce expression says it all. If you’re looking for a design that is a mixture of fun and a strong vibe, this one is for you.

This design may have a fair share of detail and shading, but it is simple enough that if you go for a small size, the price won’t be too high.

6. Dogs and Flowers Tattoo

Image source

This tattoo features two dogs drawn in a semi-realistic style with some flowers around them, and finely lined minimalist shapes to complement the look. The mix of styles makes this tattoo a versatile and unique choice, perfect if you enjoy multi-layered art that puts together different elements in a seemingly effortless fashion.

When it comes to price, this tattoo is on the higher end. Even though a lot of the features consist of only lines with minimal shading, there is a lot of small detail involved that would demand a lot of time and ability from your tattoo artist.

7. Colorful Jumping Dog and Flowers Tattoo

Image source

This playful and very colorful design features a dog jumping through a hoop made of leaf branches, with primroses underneath. The art style is New Americana, which is known for its bold outlines and bright colors.

This one is for you if you are looking for an old-school classical look. It could even be integrated on an existing sleeve, or the start of a new one. The tattoo would look better on a larger size, but it would work on a smaller scale too. The price would be inflated by the use of color so keep that in mind.

8. Line Drawing of Dog’s Back Tattoo

Image source

If you are looking for something simple and discreet, then this design is perfect for you. It features a dog sitting and facing away, so the required detail is minimal since you don’t have to add elements such as facial features or leg outlines.

This would be really simple to achieve and it would take very little time for any tattoo artist to finish. As you can imagine, the price for this tattoo would be very low, and you are likely to only pay your artist’s minimum fee.

9. Paw Print With Dog Inside Tattoo

Image source

This lovely design showcases a window shaped like a pawprint, and on the inside, you have a dog’s face drawn in a semi-realistic style. To simulate how this design would work if it featured your own pet, you can edit in a picture of them yourself, or ask your tattoo artist to do so.

In terms of price, this design would be in the medium range. It has no color, and the level of detail isn’t too high, but it needs to be done in a larger size to reach its full potential, and it requires a good level of skill from the tattoo artist.

10. Dog Finger Tattoo

Image source

Finger tattoos are not ideal for most people. They fade quite quickly in comparison to if they are done in other body parts, so they require a good amount of maintenance. If you are aware of this and wish to proceed, then a thin small design may be the one for you.

This design is very detailed, so you must make sure that your tattoo artist is comfortable doing it on such a small scale. That being said, you may think that the price would be low, since it will only be around an inch, but due to the level of skill required, you may be charged a surprisingly large amount, but nothing that would break the bank.

11. Black and White Dog Portrait With Colourful Background Tattoo

Image source

This design mixed three different tattoo art styles – Neo Traditionalism, Classic Americana, and Colored Realism. It consists of a frame with a dog’s portrait in it, and a colorful background.

As you can see in the picture, this design is part of an existing sleeve, so if you already have a lot of tattoos in a similar style, you know this one would fit perfectly. However, it would also look great by itself. The amount of detail and the addition of color make this tattoo quite pricey, but we can all agree that it is worth every penny.

12. Geometric Shape Dogs Tattoo

Image source

Geometric designs have become a very prominent trend in the past few years, and you can see why. Not only does it look amazing, but it can help reduce the price by substituting detail-filled drawings with simple line shapes.

This one shows three different dogs with half of each face drawn normally and the other half in geometric shapes. Around it, there are some minimalist features and flowers. The price for this tattoo would be quite elevated because there are so many elements, but if you only have one dog, the design would be considerably smaller, and therefore cheaper.

13. Dog Howling at the Moon Tattoo

Image source

This beautiful design shows a dog with the moon in the background, and a splash of color that makes the entire scene look magical. This one’s perfect for you if you enjoy whimsical themes.

The simple art-style combined with the simple details make this tattoo fit for most budgets. The design can also be modified to feature your pup, but it’s not a requirement. Even if you don’t have a dog, this design would be a lovely addition to your tattoo collection.

14. Mandala Dog Tattoo

Image source

This tattoo consists of two elements – a dog’s portrait and a mandala behind it. There is some color on the background, which is entirely optional as it would look great without color. But it would also look good if you decided to color the entire mandala.

Some say a mandala represents the universe, how everything is connected, and how life never truly ends. Others believe that mandalas are portals to the human consciousness, and the different elements are put together to show who you truly are.

These designs have been a rising trend not just for their meaning but also for how aesthetically pleasing they are. Plus, if you don’t add any color, the price will be on the lower end since it will consist mostly of lines.

15. Minimalist Dog and Name Tattoo

Image source

This design may be simple, but it has everything a tattoo to honor a pet should have. There is a minimalist drawing of the pup with its name underneath and a little heart. The name should of course be your dog’s name, but the dog itself can also be done to resemble yours.

To achieve a minimalist design, you only need to draw a rough outline of a picture you like, and that’s it, no fuss and minimal effort. Something this small and simple will likely only cost the minimum fee your tattoo artist charges.

16. Realistic Dog and Owners Tattoo

Image source

This design was done in a photorealism style to look as approximate to a real image as possible, and it features a lovely dog and a happy couple. If you love this art style and want to tattoo a realistic picture of your own family, now you know it can be done, and it looks great.

This tattoo would not be possible in a small size so you must make sure you have a body part dedicated to it only. Another factor to consider is who your tattoo artist is, as some don’t have enough training to achieve such a complex look – always make sure to check their portfolio.

And finally, price. This would require a high budget so take into account how much you’re willing to invest in a tattoo.

17. Real Pawprint and Name Tattoo

Image source

Pawprints are a very popular symbol in pet tattoos. You can opt for a realistic drawing, a cartoon-like illustration, or you can go for the real thing. Tattooing your dog’s real pawprint will feel even more special and is a way to have them with you always

This design shows a real pawprint with the owner of the paw’s name under it. It’s a simple idea that’s definitely worth a try, and it will always be unique. The price wouldn’t be too high, so this design would be achievable even if you have a small budget.

To obtain your dog’s pawprint, you just need a pawprint kit. The ink is easy to clean and not harmful in any way, it’s cheap and can be used several times.

18. Infinity Symbol, Initial, and Pawprints Tattoo

Image source

This small design combines three elements – An infinity symbol, two pawprints, and a letter. It may be simple, but it looks very thought out and beautiful. The tattoo may be only made with black lines with no shading or complex details, but the font used on the letter gives it a fashionable look.

If you’re looking for something small, affordable, easily achievable, and quick to do, this one would be a great option for you. Just substitute the letter with your dog’s initial, and you have a finished design ready to get on your skin.

19. Realistic Dog and Tree Branch Tattoo

Image source

This tattoo shows a dog drawn in a photorealism style with a tree branch around it as if embracing it. The tattoo is masterfully done, and it offers a trendy look that is both adorable and classy. Tree branch tattoos mean family and home, so having one around your dog makes sense, since dogs are part of our families, and we treat them as such.

Although this design has a lot of detail, it doesn’t necessarily need to be enormous; it would work wonders in a medium-size too. As with all realistic tattoos, this one would require a high budget, but if you’re ready to invest in it, this is a great option you should consider.

20. Pug in a Suit and Name Tattoo

Image source

This tattoo shows a very fancy pug wearing a suit with its number written under it. The art style may be realistic, but it is not entirely based on a real picture unless the dog really owns a suit in real life – if that’s the case, we love to see it.

It goes to show that you can choose to have your pet drawn realistically, add some fun elements, and have it look amazing. If you don’t like the formal suit, other outfits would look just as hilarious, such as a ballerina dress or a superhero costume.

If you were able to draw inspiration from this design and want something in the same style, just keep in mind that this art style tends to be pricey compared to others.

21. Realistic Dog Portrait Tattoo

Image source

This design simply shows a dog’s portrait done in a photorealism art style. If you prefer simple tattoos but still love complex designs, then this one is for you. It doesn’t feature any other elements apart from the dog itself, but that’s more than enough to honor and show how much you adore your pet.

To obtain better results, this tattoo should be done in on a large scare, almost life-size, so that the correct amount of detail can be added. Both size and detail add to the price so this one would require a big budget.

22. Cartoon Style Illustration of Dog and Owners Tattoo

Image source

This illustration shows two people sitting with a pup in the middle. Other elements, like grass and the moon, were added to complete the scene. The tattoo is done using a dotwork art style and looks cute with a childlike innocence.

Although dotwork is used, this design has some minimalist features that provide a clean and simple look such as linework and minimal detail. Even if you want to have this done in a bigger size, the price would be low since it would take little time and effort to achieve the look.

23. Funny Sausage Dog Tattoo

Image source

If you like to insert humor into every aspect of your life and appreciate a good pun, this design may be the one for you. This colorful tattoo features a dog inside a hot dog bun with various toppings on top of it.

Having this done would be especially suitable if you own a Dachshund, also known as a sausage dog. This fun little tattoo would be affordable to do even though it has color because the amount of detail and the size are minimal.

24. Dog in a Suit Portrait Tattoo

Image source

We have seen a Pug in a Suit, and although this design may be similar, it adds two elements that make it stand out – color and a frame. This tattoo follows a photorealism art style, and the red suit and big oval frame make it look like something you would find on the walls of an old Victorian mansion.

This design must be done on a large scale to reach its full potential. The size, detailed art style, and color make this tattoo only achievable if you want to invest a good amount of money on it. Alternatively, some tattoo artists agree to do the work in different sessions, so you don’t have to part with a lot of money in one go.

25. Red Angry Dog Tattoo

Image source

This traditional New Americana style tattoo features an angry-looking pup smoking a cigar, wearing a spiked collar and a bowler hat. The dog has a stereotypical mafia look and is fully colored in red, which accentuates the angry vibes.

If you enjoy old-school styles, this may be the perfect option for you. What normally adds to New Americana tattoo’s prices is the addition of vibrant colors in large quantities, so this may be pricier than you expect. If that is not a problem for you and you love the design, you should go for it. This would work as the start of a new sleeve, or an addition to an already existing one within the same art style.

26. Dog and Angel Tattoo

Image source

This fun design has two elements, an angel and a dog. In a way, it compares both, as in our eyes, our dogs can do no wrong and are pure, innocent, and loving creatures. The angel looks like one of those old garden statues, and the dog is mimicking its position.

The art style is simple, there isn’t much detail, and there’s no color at all, so achieving this look would be affordable for you, and easy and quick for the tattoo artist. You can make the dog resemble your dog’s breed, but as it is, it looks fantastic already as the curls on the dog’s fur matches the angel’s hair.

27. Dog Polaroids Tattoo

Image source

What if instead of tattooing a nice image based on a picture of your dog, you tattoo the actual picture? This person did just that, and the result was stunning.

There are two different pictures in what looks like Polaroid photographs. In one of them, the dog is laying on its back ,probably asking for belly rubs. On the other, the dog is looking at the camera. A few other elements were added such as flowers and leaves.

There is a lot of detail in this design, as well as shading, and the size must be large so all the elements can fit snugly. Something like this would require a lot of skill and time from the tattoo artist, as well as a large budget.

28. Hand With Leash Tattoo

Image source

To have a nice dog tattoo, you don’t have to necessarily tattoo the animal itself – you can also tattoo something symbolic that makes you think of them. In this case, the person tattooed a hand holding on to a chain leash. The chain looks as if it’s being pulled, so the person is probably walking their dog.

This may be a small tattoo, but the realistic detail would probably make it pricey. It would also look better if you made it a bit bigger. On the subject of symbolic tattoos, your dog’s favorite stuffed animal or a distinctive birthmark they might have would also work really well.

29. Realistic Full Body Dog Tattoo

Image source

Just like in the Realistic Dog Portrait tattoo, this design was done in a photorealism art style, but instead of only a portrait, this person had the entire dog’s body tattooed on them. If you think your dog is adorable from the tip of its snout to its paws, then this tattoo is perfect for you. It will showcase every little detail of your beloved pet.

One thing to take into consideration is your budget. A design like this one would have to be large unless you decide to go for a different art style that doesn’t require as much detail, but as it is, this tattoo would be in the highest price range.

30. Hand Holding Paw Tattoo

Image source

This one is for the simplicity lovers. The tattoo shows a hand holding a dog’s paw, and it proves that sometimes an image is indeed worth a thousand words. The design may be small and simple, but it showcases the deep feelings of love and affection that we attach to our pets.

Not only does this tattoo hold a beautiful meaning, but it is simple to achieve and would suit a small budget perfectly. If you’re looking for something discreet, heartwarming, and affordable, you should add this one to your candidates list.

31. Line Drawing of Dog’s Profile Tattoo

Image source

This design is an illustration of a dog’s profile portrait. It is simple and uses very few lines, making this tattoo a mixture between minimalist and sketch art styles. A bit more detail was added to the eye, an awesome twist that makes the tattoo look even better.

As with any minimalist tattoo, the price for this one would be quite low, and you’re likely to only pay the tattoo artist’s minimum fee, which can be anything from a symbolic value to an hourly set rate.

32. Triangle and Dog Portrait Tattoo

Image source

This design is a mixture of linework, geometric, and photorealism art styles, and it’s done masterfully. It consists of a simple triangle with a realistic dog’s portrait inside. Having a geometric shape as a frame makes it look like the dog is peeking through a window, and the effect is adorable.

Because the dog is drawn realistic and requires a lot of detail, this tattoo would look better bigger, which would bring the price up quite a bit. However, you can teak this by requesting a different art style for the portrait.

33. Arms Hugging Dog and Flowers Tattoo

Image source

If this was a beauty competition, this one would be almost at the top. At the center, we have a dog laying down in a comfortable sleeping position, with two arms hugging it and a red heart. That in itself would already be a great design, but that’s not all. Flowers were added below and above it, and it looks amazing.

This tattoo invokes feelings of love and protection in a feminine, trendy style. If you’re looking for something that you won’t be able to stop looking at and that won’t cost much, this would be the perfect choice.

34. Dog and Owner With Quote Tattoo

Image source

In this tattoo, you can see a girl with her dog, candidly looking at each other. There are hearts all around them, and below, there is the quote, “Not sister by blood, but sister by heart” which reinforces the idea that dogs are part of the family, in this case, this person esteems their pet as much as they would a sister.

The tattoo isn’t rich in details, but it is large, and it is colored, both features that add to the price. It wouldn’t be on the highest price bracket, but it wouldn’t be on the lowest either. If you have a generously sized budget and love this art style, this option could be the right one for you.

35. Owner Hugging Dog Tattoo

Image source

If you’re a fan of small tattoos, here’s a nice option for you. It’s simply an illustration of a girl hugging a dog. The art style is minimalist, so everything about this design is simple and to the point.

This option is good for many reasons, like how good it looks and its compact size, but it becomes an even better option when you factor in the price – spoiler alert: it would be low. It’s likely you would only be required to pay the tattoo artist’s minimum fee, which is often generous.

36. Sugar Skull Style Dog Tattoo

Image source

Sugar skulls have been a trend in the tattoo world for a long time, and for a good reason. It’s a distinctive design that involves many elements that go beautifully together. The meaning behind a sugar skull is another reason why they’re so popular; they represent a departed soul, but they do so in an uplifting way with bright colors and exuberant symbols.

This tattoo shows a dog’s face with bat wings coming out of its side and hearts, leaves and flowers added to the face – a common feature in sugar skulls. The art style is New Americana; therefore, bold colors are a must.

Due to the large size of the piece and the heavy use of color, you should expect a high price.

37. Dog Ears Tattoo

Image source

Minimalist designs have become a trend lately. A few decades ago, most people would opt for big pieces, and only a few select people would get them. But more recently, this has changed, and now most people will have at least one tattoo.

Tattoos are very popular, and a lot of people use them to express themselves, their ideas, and their passions. A lot of people will also opt for a minimalist design that won’t break the bank and will give a trendy look.

This small design of the outline of a dog’s ears has everything, it’s adorable, it’s discreet, and it’s cheap – that’s a guarantee.

38. Dog and Owner Sitting on the Moon Tattoo

Image source

This design has an almost childlike vibe. The simple details and bright colors make it seem like it was drawn with crayons, and the result is adorable. It shows a person and a dog sitting on the moon, the sky has a mix of stars and flowers, and a blue smudge was added which could either be the sea or the blue of the sky.

Although the design is simple and most likely small, there is a lot of color, which bumps up the price significantly, so you should expect a medium price range if you decide to have this one done.

39. Simpsons Style Paw Tattoo

Image source

It’s safe to assume the entire world knows who the Simpsons are and that a lot of people love them. This design of a dog’s paws draws inspiration from the art style of the most famous yellow family in existence.

You can see that this paw is likely to belong to Santa’s Little Helper and those pearls resemble the ones used by Marge and Lisa. Apart from the obvious inspiration, the art style is considered Neotraditional, which is a mix between Old School and American traditional.

This tattoo is done with bold lines and heavy shading, which is a small size like the one pictured, would be affordable to most people.

40. Dog Anatomy Tattoo

Image source

This design looks like it was pulled straight out of an anatomy book. This art style is quite popular, and we can see why. It looks fashionable and artsy, two qualities essential to any great tattoo. It shows a dog’s body with its skeleton visible.

This design can be done on a smaller scale, but with the amount of detail it has, it would look better large. Considering both the size and the detail factors, this would be a pricey piece.

41. Dog Wearing Onesie Tattoo

Image source

In this tattoo, you have a lovely dog wearing a onesie. This is symbolic for two reasons. First, it evokes the concept of childlike innocence and playfulness, and second, the dog has outgrown the onesie; as you can see, it’s too small to reach the hind legs, but the dog is still wearing it, not letting go of its younger years.

Of course, you can just ignore the hidden symbolism, and have it done because it looks adorable and fun. That is a perfectly valid reason as well.

This simple design uses only linework and minimal shading; that and its small size contribute to the low price tag it will certainly have.

42. Dog Balloon Tattoo

Image source

If you love cute images and are all for uplifting designs that will turn frowns into smiles, this one is for you. This design of a red balloon shaped like a dog will take you right back to your childhood when these were given at birthday parties, circuses, and fairs.

This design may only be of something as simple as a dog-shaped balloon, but it is a masterpiece. 3D tattoos are a whole other league of tattoos and not every tattoo artist can replicate the beautiful work shown in the picture. It takes a lot of skill and experience to be able to master the art that is 3D tattoos; therefore, the prices for them tend to be high.

43. Paw Print and Snout Tattoo

Image source

This design shows a dog’s snout shaped like a paw print. At the bottom, the nose tip is featured, and the rest of the pawprint is made of lines to replicate the effect of fur, with a tiny heart making an appearance at the top too.

To achieve something like this, you don’t need a high budget. The tattoo is small, and it has minimal detail even though, at first glance, it looks very complex. That’s the magic of it; it looks convoluted when you first look at it, and it gets simpler as you start taking notice of all the details.

44. Pawprints Tattoo

Image source

This tattoo is as simple as it gets: just three small pawprints going up the arm. No-fuss, no overcomplicated designs, no color – just simple black dots arranged to look like pawprints. They almost look like beauty marks.

This is a very simple look to achieve, and it would probably take longer for your tattoo artist to prepare the equipment than to get the tattoo done, so the price would likely be a minimum fee set by the artist which can be set on a case to case basis or a set hourly rate.

45. Funny Peeing Dog Tattoo

Image source

This old school style tattoo is a humorous take on the dog-themed tattoos. It features a dog emptying its bladder on a fire hydrant, a classic.

Old school art styles are characterized by the bold outlines and bright colors used, and the absence or minimal presence of shading. The majority of tattoo artists are trained in this art style, so you can window shop for a bit and request quotes in many places until you find the right price for you.

The only thing that could potentially increase the price to a high range is the color, but if you keep the tattoo small, you shouldn’t go past the medium price bracket.

46. Dog Wearing a Spacesuit Tattoo

Image source

If you’re looking for a small tattoo that is lively, colorful, and fun, this option may be the right one for you. It features a dog wearing a spacesuit, and it looks like he’s floating in zero gravity.

The amount of color is small, and so is the size. The only feature that may contribute to a higher price tag is the amount of detail, but even then, this small tattoo should be affordable even if you have a small budget. You can always teak the design and decrease the amount of detail or even remove the color to make it more cost-effective.

47. Linework Dog and Name Tattoo

Image source

This design consists of only one line that forms the shape of a dog and its name underneath. It is a very simple design that looks fashionable and gets the point across. If your dog had a signature, this would be it.

As you can imagine, achieving this look would be quick, easy, and cheap.

If you want to add your own twist, you can play with the line, so it forms the shape of your dog’s breed. Remember, just a rough outline will achieve the desired effect, so don’t overthink it.

48. Simple Heart With Dog Face Tattoo

Image source

This linework design features a heart with some elements attached to it. On one side, you have the outline of a dog’s head and a tiny black heart. On the other side, leaves and dandelions are coming out of the main line, as if it was a branch.

Linework tattoos are more often than not very cheap, so you can rest assured that you won’t need to dip into your savings to pay for this one. This one is cheap, discreet, and aesthetically pleasing. What more do you need?

49. Dog Made of Ham Tattoo

Image source

This design looks like it came straight out of a manga. The art style and bold colors give this fun tattoo an uplifting vibe that’s bound to spark some humorous conversations. It shows a dog cut in half, and it looks like a ham. No dogs were harmed in the making of this tattoo, and the pup in the design looks very pleased with himself.

There is a fair amount of detail in this design, as well as a lot of colors, so be prepared for a higher price tag. But don’t worry, the tattoo isn’t very big, so it won’t break the bank.

50. Dog’s Behind Tattoo

Image source

To end on a funny note, this linework design of a Corgi’s behind is perfect for those who love to laugh. It will spark conversations with friends and strangers alike; you are guaranteed to always have a good icebreaker with something like this.

Of course, if you have a Husky, a Dachshund, a Labrador, etc. you can get their behind tattooed instead. This tattoo is hilarious, simple and quick to achieve, and really cheap. You are probably only going to pay your tattoo artist’s minimum fee.

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You have just gone through a list of 50 dog tattoo ideas, but you still don’t know what to get for yourself. Don’t worry, that is perfectly normal. Getting a tattoo is a big event, so you should take time to explore all your options, and pick what’s right for you.

A really good source of designs, and often underrated, is coloring books. You will find pages and pages of blank designs that you could potentially use, and you can personalize it by adding shading or colors to match your taste.

“A Million Dogs” features all the breeds you can imagine; their art style is fun and childlike, but the main thing that makes them stand out is the number of different drawings. The pages are filled with collages featuring dogs and other elements, so even if you don’t find the perfect design for you, you will most certainly find ideas to create your own.

“Dog Shaming” is a clever compilation of dog drawings with posters telling us the naughty things they did. If you want a fun, lighthearted tattoo design, this coloring book may be the perfect place to look for it.

“Rescue Dogs: Coloring Book” is a coloring book for all ages that features both purebred and mixed-breed dogs to raise awareness to causes such as “Adopt, Don’t Shop.” The art style is very simple with no abstract elements or mandalas. If you’re looking for a design that doesn’t involve much detail you will be able to find it here, or at the very least get some great ideas.

“Doodle Dogs” features designs of all breeds. All drawings are filled with mandala patterns, which you can choose to color for your tattoo, or not. This book is the perfect place to look for a design if you want something with a lot of complex details and you love mandalas.

“Dog: Coloring Book” is a bit like Doodle Dogs when it comes to art style as all drawings are filled with mandala patterns, but the ones in this book are simpler and have more open space.

“Art of Dachshund Coloring Book” is specially tailored for those who own a Dachshund. The designs are a mix of abstract, floral, and mandala patterns. Whether you choose to add color or not, there are many designs here that could be used on a tattoo.

If you find a design you love but it features a different breed than you desire, you can always adapt it. Even if you’re not an artist yourself, many tattoo artists will create the design for you.

Now that you have seen 50 different ideas and you know what to buy to get even more inspiration, the process of choosing should be easier, and you are ready to go ahead and get the tattoo you want so badly.

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