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50+ Outfit Ideas to Beat the Winter Cold in Style

50+ Outfit Ideas to Beat the Winter Cold in Style

Winter is, in our opinion, an underrated season. Most people will say they prefer the summer, with all its warmth, beaches, sunlight and vacations abroad. But the winter can be just as great, especially for fashion.

People always look better in the winter, the outfits are classier, and you can combine many more elements and accessories that keep you warm and add to the look. Layers can create new concepts related to patterns and add depth and dynamics to outfits.

When you think of a winter outfit, there are certain pieces you think of straight away, such as jackets, coats, cardigans, boots, and knitted sweaters. Those are classics and will be part of the majority of looks, but let’s also have a look at what’s trending this winter.

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Leather has seen a huge rise in popularity in the last few years, especially in the winter. Not only can you get stunning jackets, but you can also get trousers, skirts, dresses, boots, accessories, and everything you can think of.

There is one product that’s specially made for the coldest season: fleece-lined leather pants. Yes, you read that right. And if you didn’t know these existed, your life is about to change. They look and fit exactly as regular leather pants do, but on the inside, you have soft fluff that will keep you warm even during the coldest winter temperatures.

Puffer Jackets

Puffy jackets have always been a thing. Over the years, there have been loyal fans who swear by them and seldom wear anything else for the cold. But in recent years, they’ve begun to trend again and everyone is getting their hands on one (or more).

But why are they so popular? Not only do they protect you from the cold, but they keep you sheltered from the wind. You’ll feel like you’re inside your very own greenhouse.

Quilted Pieces

This trend often combines with the puffy coat trend and many puffer jackets are now quilted. But jackets aren’t the only thing that can be quilted: skirts, dresses, and vests are also popular options.

Quilted pieces are made with two layers of fabric, usually with some padding in between them, sewn together with lines of stitching. The stitching is often done with parallel lines to form dynamic, geometric patterns.


The velvet trend came around when the vintage craze arrived. Velvet is a type of fabric that was seldom used in recent fashion, but that was popular decades ago, so as soon as more vintage trends started coming back, this one was first in line.

You can get anything made of velvet, from dresses, skirts, tops, to jackets and boots. The fabric is very soft and pleasant to touch, which has contributed to its rise in popularity.

Bodycon Dresses

With the body positivity movement making an impact on so many women’s lives, many women have learned to love their bodies no matter their size and shape. Empowering women in this way is a fantastic way to break stigmas and societal norms that have been detrimental to many people’s mental and physical health.

With an increase in self-love came the bodycon dress trend. While dresses that hug your figure and show off all your curves were once deemed a bit scandalous, now they’ve become universally loved by all. They’re available in any size from a mini dress to a maxi dress and they come in all colors, fabrics, and patterns.

Get Some Inspiration for the Winter Season

Below, you’ll find 50 different winter outfit ideas, some featuring the latest trends and others featuring classic, essential pieces you probably already own. For each look, we’ll dive into what occasion it’s best suited for and give you some ideas for how to accessorize and complement the outfits.

1. Tweed Blazer, Ripped Jeans, and Basic Top

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This cute outfit is meant for the start or end of the season when it isn’t too cold yet but it isn’t warm either. The ripped jeans and basic top and the basis of this look, and what you add on top of them is what will make the outfit.

The tweed blazer is the star of this outfit, it won’t warm you up, but it will help you maintain your temperature. The color is adorable and combined with the jeans make this outfit the perfect mix between formal and casual. You can wear this outfit to a business meeting or a shopping trip with friends. Just wear the outfit with heeled shoes for formal events and replace them with white sneakers for casual occasions.

2. White Jeans, Sweater and Faux Fur Coat

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This adorable look is perfect for those who love girly, cute outfits. You can’t go wrong with white jeans, no matter the season or weather. This outfit combines them with a pink sweater with some hearts embroidered on the front and fleece-lined boots in the same pretty pink tone.

To help keep you warm and complement the outfit, you have a big faux fur coat and a white knitted beanie with a cute pom-pom. This outfit is perfect for any relaxed occasion like a meal out, a shopping trip, or even to go to work or school if you don’t have a mandatory uniform.

3. Long Quilted Parka, Jeans, and Knee-High Boots

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This outfit features a long quilted parka which is a part of the latest fashion trends, and you may look at it and think that this is a simple outfit, and a familiar one too. And you would be correct, quilted items may only be a prominent trend now, but they’ve always been present in the fashion world.

The pillars of this outfit are the jeans and red top with polka dots chiffon sleeves, but both these items become almost invisible when you add the knee-high boots and long quilted parka. The boots are also a fantastic way to keep your legs warm. This outfit is perfect to take anywhere from a casual evening with family to a business dinner.

4. Plaid Dress and Black Long-Sleeved Top

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If what you miss the most about the summer and spring are the dresses, you won’t have to miss them anymore. You can wear dresses no matter the weather, as long as you pick the right ones. This plaid long dress looks amazing with thick tights and a basic thermal top underneath, so you will be as warm as ever whilst wearing your favorite piece of attire.

To complement the look, you can add a big belt around your waist, black boots, and a leather jacket. Although it is a dress, this outfit would be better suited for casual occasions as the plaid patterns make it a relaxed look.

5. Tweed Blazer and Skirt Set

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If you’re looking for something less casual and more glamorous, this one is for you. You can wear this stunning two-piece set to a business meeting, a visit to an art gallery, or even a date at a fancy restaurant. The outfit consists of a tweed skirt and blazer set, with a basic black turtleneck top and knee-high boots. Don’t forget the tights or you may get a little cold.

You can pair this outfit with a black leather handbag and gold earrings and bracelets. And if you opt for a regular top over a turtleneck, you can add a gold chain necklace.

6. Faux Shearling Coat and White Boots

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The beauty of winter outfits is that more often than not, your trousers and top don’t matter much, and your shoes and jacket will do all the work. This outfit combines a basic top and black jeans with a stunning long coat made of faux shearling and white boots to match.

You can rest assured that this big jacket will keep you warm through any weather and make you look amazing at the same time. This outfit is perfect for any occasion, whether it’s formal or casual. If you think you need more to warm you up, a white beanie and a pair of gloves are all you need.

7. Brown Leather Pants, Red Top, and Red Boots

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This outfit combines brown leather pants with a red top and boots, and it looks stunning. The color combination is perfect, and it gets even better when you add a long green wool coat. This outfit will fit in on any occasion, formal or casual. The trousers and top will make you look casual whilst the coat and boots will add all the class needed for a business function or dinner at a fancy restaurant.

If you wish to accessorize, a brown leather choker will look amazing, and so would a brown leather handbag, red earrings, and gloves in brown or red. If you just play around with the colors you already have, you can’t go wrong.

8. Black Pants and Brown Cardigan

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This outfit combines black pants and a brown cardigan, and it’s perfect for every relaxed occasion from a family lunch to an afternoon at the library. This simple look is ideal for indoor activities as it wouldn’t be warm enough if you intend to spend much time out in the cold.

If you want to accessorize, try using colors that are already part of the outfit, so you should add a black beanie, black gloves, a black choker, and a black or brown handbag. Since the outfit is casual and meant for relaxed occasions, just wear it with your favorite pair of sneakers or comfortable boots.

9. Bomber Suede Jacket and V-Neck Sweater

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This fashionable outfit combines a V-neck sweater with a black and eggshell pattern, with lightly flared black jeans and a bomber suede jacket. Overall you’ll get a vintage vibe mixed with casual class, perfect for taking on those occasions that aren’t formal but aren’t casual either, like a lecture, work, or a visit to the museum or art gallery.

You can wear this with black or suede boots, but if you prefer sneakers, opt for black ones. For accessories, you can choose a brown or black handbag, black gloves, a black beanie, and some simple jewelry like gold earrings or a black leather choker.

10. High Shine Puffer Vest

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This outfit is fairly simple, consisting of black jeans, a black top, a black beanie, and a high shine rust puffer vest. The entire essence of this outfit is in the puffer vest, all the other elements are black and basic, whilst the vest stands out so much you don’t need anything else to shine.

This outfit is perfect for casual occasions such as fun times with friends or family, a relaxed date, or some time outdoors as the puffer vest will protect you from the wind and cold. However, if you intend to spend time outdoors you should wear a thermal shirt since the vest won’t help keep your arms warm.

11. Long Tweed Coat and Big Scarf

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Winter is the best season to wear comfortable clothes. Your favorite joggers or jumper are most likely fleece-lined and perfect to combat the cold. This outfit is proof that wearing comfortable clothes doesn’t have to look lazy. The basis of this outfit is a comfortable jumper and joggers, both in a matching nude color. But you barely even notice that because on top of those pieces you have a long tweed coat and a big scarf.

This outfit is suitable for relaxed activities such as spending time at the library, or a cozy cafe with close friends or family. You don’t need to accessorize much with an outfit like this, but if you still feel like it could do with another element, or you simply need more warmth, add a fleece-lined hat and some gloves.

12. Checkered Pants and Blouse With Frill Layer

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This outfit combines checkered pants with a grey blouse and black boots. The blouse has a frilled layer on each sleeve, a small detail that adds loads of personality. Overall doesn’t have much to keep you warm, so it is better suited for the beginning, or the end of the season when it’s not too cold.

However, that doesn’t mean you can wear this in the middle of winter. If your end goal is to spend time indoor with it, like at a party, restaurant, or any other closed space, you just need to add a jacket for the way there and back. In that case, a leather jacket or a faux fur coat would look the best.

13. Tweed Short Dress

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If you’re attending an event like a wedding, a business function, or any other event that requires formal attire, this one is for you. The short checkered tweed dress combines perfectly with the checkered gloves, even though the checkered pattern is slightly different. In addition to this, you should wear tights, the thicker the better so you can stay warm, and heeled boots or shoes. However, if you feel like the event is formal but you can get away with wearing flats, short black boots would be the best option.

Formal attires require some accessories, and in this case, a black purse with a gold chain would look amazing, and so would gold earrings, a silver necklace, and some silver bracelets.

14. Long Pile Faux Fur Coat

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With a long pile faux fur coat, you don’t need to worry about anything else. The coat is so splendorous that no one will even look at what else you’re wearing; it is truly the star and center of the outfit. But just because it doesn’t matter much doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear anything else, although with a coat this big you probably wouldn’t be too cold.

What you wear under the coat will depend on where you’re going. Formal event? Go for a black dress and tights, with heeled boots. Or is it a casual gathering? Just wear a comfortable sweater, jeans, and your favorite sneakers or boots. Either way, this coat will fit in no matter the occasion.

15. Cable Knit Sweater and Suede Pants

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If you always want to be picture perfect and ready to showcase your amazing fashion sense, this cable knit sweater and suede pants combination is right up your alley. This outfit is a great choice to take to casual and semi-formal events, from coffee with a friend to a date at a nice restaurant.

To complement this outfit the best, you should go for short suede boots or white sneakers. And for accessories, you should use the colors already in the outfit, so a suede handbag, an ivory beanie hat, and scarf, and if you want jewelry go for gold bracelets, necklaces, and a watch.

16. Long Blue Wool Coat

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This stunning outfit looks like it was taken straight out of a fairy tale. It is very simple, yet the overall combination is magical. All it takes is a long blue wool coat with a strap of the same color and material, tying it at the waist, like a belt. And then just add a long pile faux fur hat and loop scarf. The white heeled shoes are just a bonus that fits perfectly with the theme.

This fun outfit is better suited for formal occasions such as a wedding, a date, or an art exhibition. You don’t need anything else, but if you can find long pile faux fur white gloves, it would be absolutely perfect.

17. Black Jacket, Black Tights, and Platform Boots

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Going back to the biggest trends this year, this all-black outfit stars high platform boots, a black jacket, black tights, and a black bag. This one is specially meant for those of you who love to be in on the latest trends. You can take this to a restaurant or cafe with friends or family, a date, or a shopping trip.

If you want to add accessories stick to the theme and choose black items, so a black scarf, a choker, or even a hat and gloves would be great choices. As for jewelry, choose between silver and gold and stick to your choice when picking earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

18. Open Front Fuzzy Vest, Sweater, and Black Jeans

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This cozy and casual outfit is easy to assemble, and you probably already own most of the pieces. All you need is a nice sweater of any color as long as it matched the next item, an open-front fuzzy vest. Finish it off with black jeans and short boots, and you have an amazing look for any casual occasion.

For simple outfits like this, sometimes you end up seeking a little spark, something to make you stand out and steer you away from dullness. The fishnets under ripped jeans are an idea that helps you achieve just that. If it is very cold outside, all you need to do is find a hat, gloves, and a cute scarf.

19. Leather Skirt, Shirt With Flutter Detail, and Knee-High Boots

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This monochromatic black look is bound to break some hearts. All your curves will be on display with this midi bodycon leather skirt. The skirt is accompanied by a black shirt with a flutter detail on each side, contouring the arms, and knee-high heeled boots. This outfit is perfect to impress your date on a night out, or to go on a shopping trip with your best friends.

When choosing jewelry, pick between gold or silver and then match the bracelets, necklace, watch, and handbag. If you think you’re going to be cold, just add a leather jacket and you’ll still be sporting a killer outfit.

20. Shirt With Crop Top and Long Wool Coat

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Here’s a fun trend that hasn’t made the top charts quite yet, but it surely will in the next few years as the style becomes adopted. That trend is the combination of a simple white shirt with a crop top, tank top, or any type of top that is small enough to keep the shirt visible.

This outfit combines a shirt and crop top with a long wool coat and knee-high heeled boots. You can then opt for black jeans or a black skirt. The entire outfit is black and white, but the wool coat comes in, adding a brown tone that combines perfectly with the other elements. You can also add accessories like a handbag or a beanie hat. You’ll look relaxed but also high-fashion, therefore this outfit is suitable for any occasion, although it leans a bit less formal.

21. Monochromatic White Winter Outfit

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We have seen a monochromatic black look in this leather Skirt, shirt with flutter detail, and knee-high boots outfit, and this one follows the same concept but in all white. It features a bodycon midi skirt, knee-high boots, and a comfortable batwing sweater.

You can combine this outfit with any item that matches the color, like a hat, a scarf, gloves, a choker, or a handbag. As for jewelry, choose between silver a gold and pick accessories in the same color, some can even feature white elements such as a pair of pearl earrings. You can wear this anywhere, but it would suit a formal occasion best, such as an art exhibition, a date, or a business function.

22. Plaid Jacket and Hoodie

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If you love relaxed looks that have you look fashionable and comfortable at the same time, take note of this one. A recent trend has emerged that has people assemble seemingly lazy looks that defy the idea of conventional beauty. These looks are characterized by oversized pieces and unflattering combinations. This outfit is a good example of this trend.

The look combines an oversized hoodie with a plaid jacket, black pants, and white sneakers. That is the kind of outfit we used to wear to quickly visit the neighbor, but nowadays it is very normal to see people dressed this way, and we love to see it. This outfit is meant for casual occasions such as coffee with friends, studying at a cafe, or even a walk outdoors since you’ll be warm.

23. Fuzzy Sweater and Black Leggings

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Let’s face it, winter calls for warmth and comfort, and it makes sense that most outfits focus on those two aspects. This outfit is another example of a warm and cozy look meant for relaxed occasions such as a fun time with friends at a cafe, or even some time spent outside doing something active.

This fuzzy sweater and black leggings combination can be adapted to the basis of any outfit, and you can add a long coat, a puffer jacket, or an open-front vest. Just grab some comfortable leggings and your favorite sweater and get creative. This look is also great to combine with scarves, hats, and gloves, so don’t be afraid to get warm and cozy.

24. White Leopard Print Jacket and Black Jeans

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Animal prints have seen a rise in popularity since 2019, and the trend has stayed put with a special focus on leopard and cow print for the next seasons. This outfit combines two colors you can never go wrong with – black and white. In white, we have the background on the jacket and the hat, and in black we have the jeans, gloves, and the leopard print on the jacket.

This outfit is ideal for casual situations and even better for outdoor activities since the jacket, gloves, and hat will do a good job at keeping you warm. You can wear this with anything from short to long boots. Alternatively, a pair of white sneakers would look amazing.

25. Multicolor Faux Fur Coat

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If you’re looking for an all-rounded outfit that’ll have your back on a casual occasion, have a look at this one. It combines white leggings with a white top which gives this outfit a casual side, and then you add the block tennis shoes and the faux fur coat, and you have an outfit that works in high-fashion settings as well.

For better results, you should consider the colors of the outfit when choosing your accessories. So if you want a handbag, hat, or gloves, you can pick ones that match one or more of the colors of the jacket or simply go for white.

26. Leather Pants and Knitted Sweater

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This outfit may be similar to the fuzzy sweater and black leggings one or even the white leopard print jacket and black jeans one, but one single element makes this outfit fit to wear to semi-formal occasions as well as casual ones. The leather pants add a shine and class that the leggings and jeans can’t help you achieve.

In combination with the leather pants, you can wear your favorite knitted sweater, but for better results, you should go for a solid color one with no patterns or graphics. Then all you need to do is add a matching hat and black or short brown boots. If it’s really cold outside and you want to add another layer, a leather jacket would look awesome.

27. Double Breasted Wool Coat and Puritan Collar Sweater

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This classy look consists of a double-breasted wool coat with a puritan collar sweater underneath. The puritan collar is pulled out to be on top of the coat, and the result is a cute and glamorous look. To complete the look, you only need to add black or dark blue pants and knee-high boots.

This look is meant for both formal and casual settings since it’s neutral and comfortable, but the collar adds a fancy touch. To complement this outfit, you can add a hat and some gloves, but not a scarf because you don’t want to cover the collar.

28. Striped Sweater and Linen Pants

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At first glance, this outfit looks casual and relaxed, but it’s quite the opposite. The linen pants make this look fit for business meetings, auctions, art exhibitions, or a meal at a fancy restaurant. The striped sweater is made of thin fabric, which still contributes to the formality of this outfit. To finish it off, heeled short boots or shoes would be the best options.

If you need another layer to try and find a blazer that matches the color of the linen pants, and if you don’t find one, just play it safe and wear a black blazer. You can also grab some jewelry to make the outfit better. You should opt for silver pieces as it tends to look better with blue than gold does.

29. Oversized Puffer Jacket

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This look combines two hot trends, oversized and puffer pieces, into one stunning article of clothing. All you need is an oversized puffer jacket, jeans, and boots or sneakers. What matters is that you’re comfortable because this look is meant for casual outdoor occasions. So whether you’re going for a walk in the park, exploring nature, or a fun activity with friends or family, this outfit will help you stay warm all day long and you’ll look great while doing it.

Since this outfit is meant for the cold outdoors, you may want to consider adding a fleece-lined beanie, a scarf, gloves, fluffy socks, and a thermal top. This will guarantee that you’re comfortably enjoying your day rather than shivering and wishing you were home.

30. Joggers and Bomber Jacket

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If you love exercising and can’t help but go for a job even during the coldest of days, this outfit will help you achieve that goal. It combines simple black joggers with two stripes running from top to bottom, one white and one red, with a chest support crop top. You may be thinking that a crop top isn’t the best choice for the winter, but don’t worry, the bomber jacket will do its job keeping you warm.

If you feel like it’s too cold even if you’re going to be active and wearing a bomber jacket, add a thick pair of gloves and a loop scarf. You can even get a beanie with a hole at the top so you can tie up your hair.

31. White Pants and Tweed Jacket

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To achieve this look, all you need is white pants, a turtleneck top, and a tweed jacket. Nice and simple, right? This outfit is fit for casual occasions such as a coffee with friends, a walk at the park, or a shopping trip with the family. But there’s a twist – if you replace the baggy white pants with skinny white jeans, this outfit would be suitable for formal occasions too.

If you intend to wear this for outdoor activity, add gloves and a beanie, and maybe even a loop scarf to protect your neck and face from the cold.

32. Green Wool Coat and Camo Scarf

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This look combines black with different green tones and the final result is an almost monochromatic look. All you need is leather trousers, short platform boots, a long wool coat, and a long camo scarf. The combination is fantastic and you’ll look like a million bucks wearing it. This one is ideal for both casual and semi-formal occasions so whether you’re just going for coffee with your best friend, or on a date at a fancy restaurant, this look will have your back.

If you intend to spend some time out in the cold, you can add a pair of gloves; imagine how great it would look if you also added a fleece-lined camo beanie.

33. Lace-up Black Jeans and Yellow Bomber Jacket

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Yellow and black go really well together, there is no doubt about that, and this outfit combines the two colors beautifully creating a loot that is fit for all occasions, whether you’re indoors or outdoors, on a casual outing or a semi-formal event.

If you’re going to be doing something relaxed with close friends or family, you can wear fleece-lined boots or your favorite sneakers. However, if you’re attending a lecture, going to a museum, or on a date, you should try heeled or platform boots. What you wear under the jacket will also be decisive of the formality or casualness of the outfit. For instance, a jumper would be more casual, whilst a thin turtleneck top would be more formal.

34. Black Dress With Pearl Details and Knee-High Boots

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Are you looking for formal attire to wear to a business function, an art exhibition, an auction, or a date? Then look no further, because this outfit is a safe choice for a formal occasion. Monochromatic black looks are the classiest around, and this one is no exception.

This look combines a long-sleeved short dress with pearl details on both shoulders with black tights and knee-high boots. To complement the outfit, you can add a big belt around your waist just to accentuate your curves and a black handbag. For jewelry, pick silver or gold and stick to it on all your choices, but a few white or black details would look good too—for example, picture a pair of pearl earrings or a silver watch with a black strap as the perfect final touch.

35. Baby Blue Puffer Jacket and Black Jeans

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This look has common winter outfit elements such as black jeans, a knitted sweater, and a puffer jacket, but what makes it special is the addition of bright colors. The black jeans add the neutral element so you can still look modest and discreet, but then the knitted sweater and puffer jacket are gorgeous baby blue tones that will stand out on any crowd.

To add even more color, you can add a knitted headband in yellow or any other color you like as long as it combines with blue. Pink and orange are nice choices too. You can wear this with short black boots or sneakers, but it would look even prettier if you added sneakers or boots the same color as the jacket. This outfit is great to take anywhere, especially outside, as the warm sweater and jacket will allow you to have fun without worrying much about the cold.

36. Corduroy Wrap Dress

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This fairly simple outfit consists only of a corduroy wrap dress. Now, it is the winter, and way too cold for a dress, but corduroy is a warm fabric, so it can work at the beginning or end of the season when it’s not too cold. But even if it’s really cold outside, you can still wear this, as long as you add thick tights and a jacket.

Wearing this, you can go anywhere, no matter how casual or formal it is. It’s a comfortable dress and corduroy isn’t the classiest of fabrics so you will never be overdressed on relaxed events, but it’s still a dress, and a gorgeous one at that so you won’t be underdressed at formal events either.

37. Long Denim Jacket and Striped Pants

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To achieve this fashionable look all you need is striped linen pants, a basic top, and a long denim jacket. This outfit is meant for the beginning or end of the season when it’s not too cold, because all the fabrics used are thin and wouldn’t keep you warm in the middle of winter.

Although you’d be wearing linen pants, the vertical stripes give them a casual vibe that matches perfectly the rest of the outfit. You’d ideally wear this to spend the day at the library, go for coffee with friends, or even to work if you don’t have to wear a uniform or formal attire.

38. Zebra Print Skirt and Long Pile Faux Fur Jacket

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This classy outfit is ideal for formal and semi-formal occasions, or maybe even a fun winter party. All you need to achieve the look is a zebra print mini skirt and a long pile faux fur jacket. If you’re going to spend most of the time indoors, you also need a pretty top. A white or black sweater would look the best.

To complement this outfit, you can wear heeled shoes or boots, bonus points if you go for knee-high boots as they’ll help keep your legs warm. That takes us to the next point, if it’s too cold, you don’t want to have your legs out, so wear some thick tights, you can get ones that match your skin color, so you don’t have to worry about them ruining the look.

39. Long White Leopard Print Coat

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This outfit combines leather pants, short boots, and a long white leopard print coat. This one is good for any occasion, as it is simple enough for casual events, and the coat adds enough class for a formal occasion. All you need to do is accessorize in accordance with where you’re going and what you’ll be doing.

For a casual occasion, you can add gloves, a beanie, and a scarf so you’re extra warm and cozy, and for formal events, you can add a nice leather handbag, gold or silver earrings, bracelets, and a necklace. Don’t worry too much about the top, a black sweater would work well and keep you warm, so you don’t need to go out of your way to find something special.

40. Turtleneck Top and Mini Skirt

Image Source

We all love an outfit that can be taken anywhere. This one is a perfect example of that. To achieve the look, all you need is a basic turtleneck top, a mini skirt, and thick black tights. If you’re going out for coffee with friends, to the library, on a shopping trip, or to the movies with your other half, all you need to do is add your favorite black boots or sneakers and a black jacket, preferably faux fur or leather, depending on how cold it is outside.

However, if you’re going on a date, an art exhibition, a work meeting, or any other place that warrants formal attire, all you need to do is add heeled black boots and a black blazer.

41. High Shine Duvet Coat

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Are you always extra and love standing out from the crowd? Then this outfit was made for you. It combines a high shine duvet coat, big bulky boots, black pants, and the cutest fluffy gloves we’ve ever seen. This outfit is designed to keep you warm through the cold winter weather, so if you’re going out on a walk, taking the kids to play in the snow, or exploring nature, this outfit is all you need.

You don’t need to add anything else to this look, it’s gorgeous enough as it is, but if it’s freezing cold where you live and you still think you need more padding, get a fleece-lined beanie, leg warmers, and a thermal top.

42. Button up Skirt and Knitted Sweater

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This outfit is one of those that can be worn on any occasion. The button-up skirt with its flower pattern is classy and great for formal occasions, whilst the knitted sweater gives the look a relaxed side perfect for casual events.

If it’s cold, or if you simply love the feeling of wearing tights, this outfit would look nice with black ones. As for shoes, black or suede boots would be the best option, anywhere from short to knee-high. If you’re wearing this to a formal event, ab elaborate belt and/or gold neck chain are great ideas, but you can also add a watch, bracelets, and some earrings in gold too.

43. Puffer Jumpsuit

Image Source

Do you love the puffer trend? Do you love all things puffer from jackets and vests to skirts and boots? Then this puffer jumpsuit will wow you. From top to bottom, this jumpsuit is fully padded, but it gets better, it is cinched around the waist, so even though the puffer craze isn’t the most flattering of all trends, this one will accentuate your curves and show off your beautiful body.

It is all pink, but you can find other colors if you prefer. All you need to add to this look is a pair of short black boots of your favorite white sneakers, a fleece-lined beanie, and a pair of gloves.

44. Plaid Pants and Turtleneck Sweater

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This fashionable look consists of a black turtleneck sweater, slightly cropped, and plaid pants with a strip of the same fabric tied around the waist serving as a belt. To complete the look, all you need is a pair of black boots. You would ideally wear this to a casual event such as coffee with friends, a shopping trip, a meal at a restaurant with family, or some quality time at the library.

However, if you’re attending a formal event or you’re going on a date at a fancy restaurant, you can totally wear this too, as long as you accessorize correctly. For example, you can add a leather jacket or a black blazer, a black leather or fleece choker, and silver or gold jewelry.

45. Polka Dot Maxi Dress and Faux Leather Jacket

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Do you love to look cute and girly at all times? Do you miss dresses more than anything when the weather is cold? Well, you don’t have to miss them anymore, because this outfit will allow you to wear your favorite maxi dress even during the coldest of winter days. All you need to achieve this look is a maxi dress, a black belt, and a leather jacket.

You may be thinking that it doesn’t sound very warm, but the secret is in what you wear under the dress. Wear thick tights even if you’re not showing your legs; they’ll keep your legs warm, bonus points if they’re fleece-lined. Then get a thermal top or two, depending on how cold you get, and you’re ready to face the weather in your pretty dress.

46. Zebra Print Faux Fur Coat

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If you love to stand out from the crowd, this glamorous zebra print faux fur coat is all you need to create a killer outfit. Whether you’re going for a simple coffee with your best friend or to a work meeting, this coat has you covered. And you’ll be warm too, so if you happen to want to go out for a walk in the middle of winter, you totally can without worrying about the weather.

If you’re asking yourself what to wear under the coat, the answer is simple – whatever you want, this coat can easily stand on its own and make the outfit shine. But for best results, go for a monochromatic black or white outfit.

47. Red Pants and Blazer Set

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This stunning outfit is great for formal occasions, but it’s perfect for fun events like a New Year’s Eve party. All you need to achieve this look is a basic white top and a red blazer and pants set. You will look like a million bucks wherever you go and be the life of any party.

You can wear heeled shoes or even boots, especially if they’re white. To accessorize, you should opt for a thick gold neck chain, a gold watch, and some bracelets. If you want to add something to the outfit itself, you can find a big-buckle belt and wear it around your waist to accentuate your curves.

48. Pleated Skirt and Turtleneck Sweater

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This adorable outfit consists of two pieces, a pleated skirt, and a turtleneck sweater. You would ideally wear this to a formal event or ceremony, such as a wedding or a work function. For that, you should wear heeled shoes.

However, if you want to wear this but you have relaxed plans, you absolutely can just replace the heels with your favorite pair of white sneakers. The pleated skirt is what adds the class, but the turtleneck allows this outfit to still fit in in casual settings. Don’t forget to accessorize; monochromatic looks tend to look a bit dull without some jewelry, so pick between gold and silver and match all your pieces. Although, with this tone of pink, silver would look better.

49. Leather Jacket, Jeans, and Turtleneck Sweater

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This cute outfit is for those of you who love to stay fashionable no matter the weather. All you need to achieve this look all you need is a turtleneck sweater, a leather jacket, and jeans. Instead of the turtleneck, you could use any sweater you want, but for better results, choose one with solid colors and no patterns or graphics.

Of course, a winter outfit with jeans won’t keep your legs super warm, and something else that can help is to add knee-high black boots or tights. White earrings will go well with this outfit.

50. Corduroy Overall Skirt and Turtleneck Sweater

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Overalls are a rising trend that is bound to make the charts in the next few years, and we can see why. They’re adorable, comfortable to wear, and can turn any simple outfit into an elaborate one. This look combines a corduroy overall skirt in a mustard yellow tone, with a turtleneck sweater. And of course, black tights because you must keep your legs warm.

You can wear this to any formal or casual event since it’s simple enough to fit in on relaxed settings, but it’s classy enough to deserve a place at a fancy occasion. If you’re cold and wish to add another layer, a leather jacket could look amazing combined with the other elements.

Products to Help You Stay Warm This Winter

If you suffer a lot with the cold, and struggle immensely every time you need to leave the house when it’s freezing outside, there are high-fashion steps you can take to stay cozy.  Many stylish products are designed to keep you warm even if there are 5 inches of snow outside.


Wearing a nice scarf can be the key to a good outfit, but these amazing accessories aren’t only good for the visuals. They help keep your neck warm, and even your face stays cozy if you wrap them around your head to cover your mouth and nose.

This long multicolored scarf is a very popular option as it goes well with almost anything you wear, and it’s bulky, which will keep you warm.

Another style you should consider is a loop scarf, these wrap around your neck like a necklace so you don’t have to keep adjusting them, and they’re very thick and warm.

Alternatively, if you love a good soft fabric and monochromatic items, this ultra-soft chenille thick scarf is the perfect option for you. It is guaranteed to go well with everything and it feels amazing to touch.


One of the inconveniences of the winter cold is dry, chapped hands. You can treat and prevent this with some ointments, but the best way to avoid getting to that point is by wearing warm gloves.

This pack of 6 winter gloves will help guarantee that you have a pair for every occasion. There are different colors to match different outfits, and you can keep a pair in the car, another in your purse. Even keep a pair inside your favorite jacket’s pocket!

If you love wearing gloves but find it annoying to take them on and off to use your phone, don’t worry – you can even get gloves that let you use your phone while wearing them.


Hats are awesome. They keep your head and ears warm, and they are your best friend when you’re having a bad hair day. This ribbed knit white beanie will have your back on any occasion.

Thermal Tops

Thermal tops are lifesavers. No matter what you’re wearing, you can always throw one of these under your sweater and stay as warm as if you were sitting by a fireplace. This fleece-lined long-sleeve black top is a basic to always have handy, but you can get them in different colors.

Heated Vests

If you’ve never heard of these, you’re in for a treat. These vests have heating pads inside, which you charge via a battery pack, and you can be outdoors and turn it on and you’ll feel really warm quickly. This is especially great if you live in an area that hits super-low temperatures or where it snows often.

Fluffy Socks

Our feet are the hardest body part to keep warm, and nothing feels better than warm cozy feet. If you get a multipack of fluffy socks, you can make sure to always have a fresh pair to wear whether you’re going out or staying in.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’re aware of all the latest trends, and have some outfit inspiration you can try yourself, winter doesn’t seem so daunting anymore, does it? Winter is an amazing season – you have hot chocolate, fluffy blankets, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and fantastic outfits. You’re ready to create your own winter wonderland.

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