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50 Stupefyingly Magical Harry Potter Tattoo Ideas

50 Stupefyingly Magical Harry Potter Tattoo Ideas

Harry Potter fans have one of the most dedicated fandoms in the world. Kids and adults alike love the unique magic that only the wizarding world of Harry Potter and Hogwarts can provide.

Perhaps what makes this fan community so large is how varied it is, ranging from kids to their grandparents. No matter how old you are or what your path in life is, Harry Potter has a universal appeal.

In this seven-book series there is a myriad of symbols, and all of them are beloved by fans. Whether it be the famous Snitch or Luna Lovegood’s glasses, you can find a creative way of inserting your favorite representation of the series into a tattoo design.

There are so many things to choose from that you can make a collage of all your favorite things. A small tattoo could work, but the real magic comes with more detailed designs. You could get a tiny lightning bolt on the side of your finger and be discreet, and later connect it to a full sleeve with all the Harry Potter-related things you love.

As with any tattoo, the size and complexity can vary greatly. It will all depend on your final choices. Small line drawings are cheaper, and big complex designs are more expensive. As a rule, bigger tattoos are more costly.

But they all have one thing in common—they connect you to the magical fandom that all Harry Potter fans know and love.

So let’s take a step into the barrier at Platform Nine and Three-Quarters and enter the Wizarding World with our picks for the fifty best Harry Potter Tattoos.

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1. Deathly Hallows and Snitch Black and White Tattoo

Image source

There are some Harry Potter references that only fans would understand, but these two aren’t the case. The deathly hallows are the most famous symbol to feature a tattoo, and with good reason! It’s a simple, inexpensive design that holds , very affordable to get, and it carries great meaning.

The Snitchsnitch is another popular choice, and this design combines both perfectly. It could even be the start of a full-sleeve, Harry Potter-themed sleeve…

2. Platform Nine and Three Quarters Tattoo

Image source

Another famous reference is the platform number that Hogwarts students went to catch their train to school. Platform 9 ¾ is widely known by fans and non-fans alike, and its fictional location was even brought to life at Kings Cross Station, London.

This option is extremely affordable as it is done with single lines only, and there’s no shading e or coloring, making it painless and quick as well.. Although most tattoo artists would charge you a minimum fee.

3. Lightning Bolt Tattoo

Image source

This small tattoo is for the fans of minimalist tm, that love tattoos but don’t want to ruin the natural look of bare skin, this. A small finger tattoo is discreet and causes the desired simplistic effect.could be the trick. You can also choose to have it done on the side of your finger so it is hidden the majority of the time, that will avoid problems with nitpicky employers.

For really small designs tattoo artists usually have a minimum fee, so that would probably be all you would have to pay for it.

4. Deathly Hallows Colorful Tattoo

Image source

This is an another interesting take on a deathly hallows tattoo. You have a simple , line drawing bbut then there is a splash of color, seemingly messy but taking the shape of the deathly haollows symbol.

If you like things outside of the box and prefer colorful tattoos then this one is for you. Especially if your budget is low but you still want color. This design is so small that it would likely not inflate the price too much.

5. Sorting Hat Tattoo

Image source

We all dream of one day putting the Sorting Hat on and being told we belong to our favorite Hogwarts House. Unfortunately, though, Harry Potter is fictional but very real in our hearts.

This design of the Sorting Hat is your best chance of getting close and cozy with the decider of your wizard fate. This tattoo would look amazing as part of a collage, or even by itself, as it is inexpensive and you can play with the size and still have it look good.

6. Harry Potter Collage With Splashes of Color

Image source

Here we have another classic collage, and this one mixes even more elements by adding a splash of color.

You have a wand and the SnitchSnitch forming the deathly hallows with the help of a triangle. Around it, you can see Hedwig, Harry’s glasses and scar, and Platform 9 ¾. As if that wasn’t good enough already, the color around it makes a mystical effect and forms a patronumm at the top.

It’s everything you could ever want in one compact, affordable design.

7. Mandrake Tattoo

Image source

Now we get into the territory of more obscure references. Unlike the most famous ones like the deathly hallows, lightning bolt, the Snitchsnitch, and platform 9 ¾, the mandrakes won’t be easily identified by those who don’t know the Harry Potter series like the back of their hand.

Mandrakes are ugly littlelittle ugly creatures, so this tattoo wouldn’t be for those who care about the fine, beautiful aesthetics, but they are hilarious.

Although their cries are fatal for those who hear them, mandrakes have restorative properties, so this idea would be great if you have struggled with your health and need a little magic to help you heal.

8. Pet Cat With Slytherin Scarf Tattoo

Image source

Cat lovers are another breed. No matter what you want to wear, use, or tattoo on your body, it will always look better with your furry best friend in it.

This design combines the best of both worlds – a stunning cat, and a Harry Potter reference. All you need to do is give the cat a magic wand and a Slytherin scarf. Of course, if you’re a Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, or Ravenclaw instead, just change the colors on the scarf!

This option would require a higher budget due to the amount of detail on the design and the use of color, but it is totally worth it.

9. Wand With Harry Potter References Tattoo

Image source

This design combines various elements cleanly and fashionably, avoiding cluttering like some tattoo collages do.

At the top, there is a wand, which you can even modify to look like Harry’s wand, or Tom Riddle’s, or anyone else’s! Under the wand, as if hanging from it, you have Harry’s glasses and scar, Hedwig, the Snitchsnitch, the sorting hat, the deathly hallows, and platform 9 ¾.

This would be a cheap and minimalist option if you want to use various elements without having to get a big large format tattoo.

10. Realistic Harry Potter Tattoo

Image source

Line drawings, illustrations, and written words aren’t complex enough for some people. Tattoos are subjected to personal taste and sometimes people do prefer realistic imagery.

This design features a young Daniel Radcliffe in his infamous Harry Potter form, with the round glasses, and magic wand in hand. Harry’s patronusm was also added underneath and it gives the tattoo a mystical vibe.

If you wish to achieve a look like this one make sure you are prepared to face the costs, as this level of detail would make for a very expensive tattoo.time and cost constraints, as the tattoo has a great deal of detail.

11. Grim Teacup Tattoo

Image source

Tessomancy is the art of reading tea leaves, one of the components of the Divination class. As a Harry Potter aficionado, you know that when you have the Grim, death is a part of your near future.

The meaning of this tattoo is a would be darkbit dark, but if you are a fan of everything morbid then this one is for you. It would look especially good if you have other tattoos with unfortunate meanings like a reaper, or a Mexican ‘Catarina’ skull.

This option is affordable, even if you decide to have it in a bigger size. The minimal shading and the lack of color make this the perfect fit for a small budget or first tattoo.

12. Colorful Realistic Hogwarts Tattoo

Image source

Most people choose to have a black and white tattoo for a few reasons including price, how it looks good with any outfit, and because they age better. But, it is undeniable that colored tattoos look almost magical.

This realistic design of Hogwarts works well in a small size, so the price problem isn’t that bad. All that was added was some blue and yellow, giving the tattoo a discreet look.

13. Hedwig Tattoo

Image source

Hedwig is a very popular choice. Every Harry Potter fan has wished at least once to own a pet as great as this Harry’s beautiful snowy owl.

You can go for a realistic design, a line drawing, a colored piece, or even just a written word. It all depends on your taste and budget. The design pictured may only use black ink, but it is a very large design which results in high costs. But despite that is beautiful, and subtle. Despite its size, it still has a rare beauty and subtlety to it. Those who know Harry Potter will recognize Hedwig, but those who don’t will still see a gorgeous howl tattoo.

14. Harry Potter References Collage Tattoo

Image source

This design has everything. The more you look at it the more details you can find, but that doesn’t make it messy at all. The drawing style is adapted so that every element fits perfectly in the collage. And it works so well.

You have the deathly hallows, Dobby, Nagini, the Marauder’s Map, and the Expecto Patronum spell. You can even add more elements and make a sleeve out of it. A pricey big job, but one that you certainly won’t regret.

15. Line Drawing of Hogwarts Tattoo

Image source

Line drawings are one of the most popular forms of tattoo designs, and it’s not hard to see why. The price is low, pain is minimal, and the results are stunning.

If you are a fan of simplicity and clean minimalist styles, then this Hogwarts tattoo would be a great choice. If you think it’s hard to discern what’s portrayed, then you can opt for adding a bit more detail.

16. Felix Felicis Potion Tattoo

Image source

The Felix Felicis potion is also known as Liquid Luck, and it grants certain luck to whoever drinks it for a certain time. It’s not hard to see then why it would be a great tattoo option.

Give yourself good luck and set yourself on the right path to victory with this beautiful design. The gold color makes it even prettier, giving it a luxurious vibe. This is the perfect attractor harbinger of good fortune.. Plus, it won’t cost you that much, unless you want to increase the size by a lot.

17. Nagini Tattoo

Image source

Nagini is Voldemort’s snake friend. They are linked because Nagini, cursed to take the shape of a snake, feels lonely, and since Voldemort can communicate with her they became allies. Now, you may hate Voldemort for all his wickedness, but Nagini is undeniably beautiful and would look amazing in a tattoo.

This design of Nagini hanging from a skull is for the lovers of the dark side. It can be a bit pricey due to the detail, but a great acquisition for sure. to existing body art without doubt.

18. Deathly Hallows and Flowers Tattoo

Image source

This one is for those who like to enjoy a more feminine looktattoo. The flowers are gorgeous by themselves, but the deathly hallows symbol is a great detail that turns your girly design into a Harry Potter tattoo.

Something like this would involve a bit of work with shading so the flowers can really reach their full potential, so the price would be a bit high, but nothing out of this world since there is no color.

19. Colorful Dobby Tattoo

Image source

This realistic Dobby design looks magical. Dobby has a smug look on his face, and the background is a gold, glittery pattern. This character broke many hearts and will break many more as he is everyone’s favorite house-elf.

If you love Dobby and prefer realistic, colored designs then look no further. But keep in mind you would need a high budget for a project like this.

20. Gryffindor Tattoo

Image source

This design is for those who belong to Gryffindor. It has the lion’s head that famously represents Harry’s house, backed up by a wand, the deathly hallows, and the spells “Lumos” and “Nox.””.

This tattoo can be adapted for your favorite Hogwarts, so instead of the lion, you could add a serpent, a badger, or an eagle. The amount of detail and the size requirements make this tattoo substantially expensive, but a tattoo is an investment. Right?

21. Dementor Tattoo

Image source

If you want to get a dementor tattoo you are certainly not doing it for the meaning. Dementors are awful creatures that feed on happiness, thus leaving people their victims depressed. But even if you are aware of that, and still want one tattooed on you, then go for it.if you’re a fan of the dark, evil side of the world, this tattoo could be for you.

This design paints dementors in a childlike, cute manner, making those horrible creepy creatures look like an adorable bobblehead. It would also be an inexpensive job, so there are no barriers on that front. in terms of price.

22. Colorful Lightning Bolt With Hogwarts Inside Tattoo

Image source

This design creates a unique effect. The lightning bolt looks like it’s carved on your skin, and inside you can see Hogwarts. It’s magical and the effect almost looks like it came out of the movies themselves.a super-hero movie, or a wizardry one.

The number of small details and the color would make this option pricey, but it is worth putting some money aside for it and get it done, because not only will you not regret it but everyone will love it as much as you, no matter if they enjoy Harry Potter or not.

23. Harry Potter Quote Tattoo

Image source

Written words and sentences are very popular tattoo choices, some people don’t agree with the concept of “an image is worth a thousand words” and that is ok because luckily, tattoos are a way of expression and you can use it any way you like.

Although Harry Potter is a series for young-adults, it often explores serious themes, thus containing beautiful quotes that people of all ages can identify with. This design has the quote “Do not pity the dead. Pity the living, and, above all, those who live without love” along the spine. Since it is only words, this look would be inexpensive to achieve.

24. Expecto Patronum Tattoo

Image source

Expecto Patronum is a defensive charm that summons a partially-tangible spirit guardian. Patronus manifest in many different forms, and it varies depending on who cast the spell.

Most people choose to tattoo Harry’s Patronus, but if you want a fully personalized design but you cannot discover what your Patronus is in this world, then why not tattoo the spell itself?

Choosing a written word tattoo is a smart option for those with small budgets, or who simply prefer to keep things simple.

25. Colorful Nagini, Skull and Deathly Hallows Tattoo

Image source

This design of a skull, Nagini, and the Deathly Hallows combined looks amazing, the added color and diamond effects make it all the more interesting. This tattoo may be gorgeous, but it wouldn’t suit everyone. There are a lot of things to take into account if you wish to achieve a similar look.

This design would only reach its full potential in a larger size, so you would need to have it done on your arm, including a bit of your shoulder, or anywhere on your torso or legs. So if you prefer something on your arms or shoulders, this probably isn’t the design.

26. The Office Dementors Quote Tattoo

Image source

This one is a collab between Harry Potter and The Office. If you are a fan of both, then this Michael Scott quote on a tattoo would be a great conversation starter.

If you have also been to prison, then it would be even more suitable. It’s always good to express ourselves in positive ways, and humor usually helps us do that perfectly.

27. Harry’s Patronus Tattoo

Image source

Harry Potter’s’s  patronus is a majestic Stag, which is also the form his father takes as an Animagus, and the male counterpart to his mother’s Patronus, the doe. Such a heart-warming coincidence has left many hearts brought many smiles to readers melted over the years.

This tattoo of Harry’s Patronus with the spell written underneath is small and discreet, yet it is adorable. You also don’t need to spend all your life savings on it, since a design this small would be moderately cheapsimple and inexpensive to execute.

28. Hogwarts Crest Tattoo

Image source

Some people have a preferred Hogwarts House, oftentimes the one that fits the best with their personality. If you love them all equally and cannot choose a favorite, this tattoo of the famous Hogwarts crest will help you showcase that.

29. Umbridge’s Black Quill Tattoo

Image source

Harry is assigned the task to write “I must not tell lies” on a piece of parchment, over and over again, he didn’t think much of it. But when he started doing it the ink turned into blood and the sentence was carved on the back of his hand. You might think that Umbridge’s form of punishment was inhumane, but it did create an iconic moment in the series.

This design of Umbridge’s black quill, with the infamous sentence Harry wrote, has a dark underlying statement. It alludes to the abuse and oppression some kids face and the brutality within the education system.

You can get this tattoo for the meaning, or simply because you love the intensity of the sceneat scene. N, no matter what the reason is, this look is inexpensive to is visually striking and incredibly interesting.

30. Round Glasses and Lightning Bolt Tattoo

Image source

This design of Harry’s glasses and scar is perfect if you prefer small designs. The way the round glasses are drawn in a sloppy way rather than perfect circles is just a small detail, but it makes the tattoo look more artsy and edgy.

As you can imagine, something like this would be really cheapsimple to accomplish. That is true, however, it may be more expensive than you expect due to the minimum fee tattoo artists often charge.

31. Time Turner Tattoo

Image source

Everyone has wished, at least once, that they could go back in time. The time turner is a magic device that allows the user to do just that. With one you can go anywhere in the past and stay there for five hours without risking harm to yourself, or the future.

The time turner is often featured in jewelry items, it looks stunning in earrings, bracelets, and of course, necklaces. But what about tattoos? As it is evident in the picture, it also looks amazing engraved tattooed oin the skin.

Due to the level of detail and color, this would be a bit pricey, but it is worth every penny.

32. Deathly Hallows and Phoenix Tattoo

Image source

We have established that the Deathly Hallows are the most popular symbol in Harry Potter tattoos, and with good reason. Geometric shapes are aesthetically pleasing, and these carry great meaning within the fandom.

This design featured the Deathly Hallows and a Phoenix flying over it, in an almost protective position. The phPhoenix from Harry Potter, Fawkes, was Dumbledore’s loyal companion and many fans love this bird as much as the Professor did.

This design is on the expensive side, due to the level of detail put into Fawkes, but adding color would make it shine even more. Unfortunately, that would raise the price too.

33. Wand Tattoo

Image source

This design of a wand may appear too simplistic, but it has its beauty. Something like this would look great as part of a sleeve, whether it be Harry Potter related or not. As long as the drawing style is the same, it will fit anywhere and look like it belongs.

You can change things up and make it look like the wand of your favorite character, or even create your own. Whichever way, this look is inexpensive to achieve, and it would make a great first tattoo as well.

34. Nagini’s Name Tattoo

Image source

Rather than having a big tattoo with Nagini in it, by herself, or with other elements, you can opt for simply tattooing her name. This tattoo shows just that. The font is amazing, and the tiny snake on the side makes it even cuter.

It’s pPerfect if you have a small budget, and don’t like big tattoos. To make it even more discreet you can get it on a finger, ankle, or anywhere else you rarely show.

35. Snape’s Famous Quote Tattoo

Image source

Albus Dumbledore asked Professor Snape the question “After all this time?”, and Snape replied with an anguished look on his face “alAlways”. In that moment, every fan’s heart broke in a million pieces.

This has become the most famous Harry Potter quote, and for t those who know it the meaning is immense, for those who don’t it might seem like a regular Q&A. What truly matters is what it means to you personally. This is perhaps the most meaningful and simple ddesign you can get.  you can get for a low price.

36. Amortentia Potion Tattoo

Image source

Amortentia is the most powerful love potion in the world. It can’t create actual love, instead it creates powerful infatuation and obsession, but that’s just a little detail. You should get this tattoo if you want to attract love in all areas of your life.

Even if you’re not a die-hard Harry Potter fan, this design would work for you. The meaning is sweet and powerful, the aesthetics are pleasing and the price is reasonable kind too. That’s right, you wouldn’t have to dip into your savings to pay for this one.

37. Ravenclaw House Tattoo

Image source

The A member of Ravenclaw values intelligence, learning, wisdom, and wit. If this sounds like you, then you are likely to belong to this Hogwarts house. Their colors are blue and silver, which are featured in this tattoo design, and their animal is the eagle, which isn’t part of the design but you totally add it. Or maybe just a feather, to allude to it without cluttering the design.

Colored tattoos are always more expensive complex so keep that in mind, also, the size needed for this design would just about make your forearm big enough. If you understand these two factors, you may proceed with getting this cute tattoo.

38. Colorful Patronus and Dementors Tattoo

Image source

This design depicts the infamous scene where Harry’s Patronus saves Harry, Hermione and Sirius from the Dementor’s kiss. It is a truly heartwarming scene, and it’s well-known for being the moment Harry discovers that his Patronus is the same as his late father’s.

There is a good amount of detail in this design, plus, it is colored, so this tattoo wouldn’t be ideas for every budget. If you do have some spare money you would like to invest in a tattoo, this one should be on your list to be considered.

39. Harry’s Face and Hogwarts Tattoo

Image source

The art style for this one is edgier, even riskier than any other we have seen so far. You can see Harry’s head split in half, with Hogwarts coming out of it. Some may even think it is bizarre, but it’s art, and some find the design is subjective.

If you like looks that don’t fit the mould, and carry are outside of the box, this is the perfect choice for you. Make it as big as you like, perhaps even add color to Hogwarts to give it an even more magical effect. Those choices will affect the price, but as it is, it isn’t expensive at all.

40. Harry Riding Buckbeak Tattoo

Image source

Buckbeak is the nation’s most beloved Hhippogriff. He lived with Hagrid until he was unfairly sentenced to death, eventually being saved by our favorite wizards and their time-turner. Buckbeak ended up under the care of Sirius Black, making its story a happy one.

This detailed design of Harry riding Buckbeak with Hogwarts in the background is perfect for those who have experience with tattoos and are ready for a big one. Something like this would take many many hours to complete, and not every tattoo artist would be able to do a good job, so make sure to always check their portfolios. Also be prepared for a hefty price on this one.a long, complex job on this one.

41. Luna Lovegood’s Glasses Tattoo

Image source

If you’re one of those people with stunning tattoo collages, with colored, vibrant designs, this one would be the perfect addition to your collection. Of course, you can still do something like this if you don’t have any other tattoos. But amongst a myriad of other small tokens from different shows, and books, and whatever else you like, this tattoo would really be in its element.

Although it is colored, this tattoo would look good in a small size, so the price wouldn’t be too high.

42. Azkaban Prison Tattoo

Image source

Sirius Black,  when introduced incited fear, and wasn’t the most beloved. But as time went goes on and we learn more about his story, and who he really is, he becomames a respectable, cherished character.

The first time we spot him is in his mugshot, put on flyers asking if he had been sighted. In that picture he holds up his prisoner number, two symbols followed by a number: (gebo)(algiz) 390.

If Sirius is your favorite character and you can identify with him when it comes to how his freedom was stolen unfairly, then tattooing his prisoner number would be a fun way to show that. Don’t worry, this project would be neither complex nor painful.he price would be low for this one.

43. Harry, Ron and Hermione Tattoo

Image source

This design the world’s three favorite wizards drawn in an anime style is the right choice for you if you’re into candid, cute illustrations rather than realistic.

Something like this would be cheap, as it is simply a line drawing. Unless you want to add color, w which would look fantastic in this art style.

44. Deathly Hallows Forming the Word Always Tattoo

Image source

If you enjoy floral, feminine themes, t this one tattoo is for you.

The Deathly Hallows are strattegicallystrategically placed to look like the letter A and form the word “alAlways”. A simple word that carries profound meaning, as it was said by Snape. It symbolizes amongst many things, undying love. A painful feeling many are burdened with their entire lives, but a beautiful one to tattoo as well…

Due to its size, this tattoo would only cost you the minimum fee charged by the tattoo artist.

45. Parchment With Quote Tattoo

Image source

In Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Albus Dumbledore speaks the following sentence: “hHappiness can be found even in the darkest of times if only one remembers to turn on the light.”

No matter if you are a Harry Potter fan or not, the quote is beautiful and many people can draw strength from reminding themselves of it every day. If you need a little liftpick-me-up, have this tattooed on your forearm so you can read it when you need some support.

The parchment paper is optional, however, it adds a rustic, old-fashioned look to it. The parchment would make it pricier, so if you have a small budget opt for the quote by itself.

46. Winged Keys Tattoo

Image source

This design can please all crowds. It’s style would fit perfectly if you have a feminine, cute personal style, but it would also look amazing if you like dark, twisted themes.

The Winged Keys, also known as Flying Keys, are a set of keys enchanted by the flying charm, with the goal to protect the Philosophefer’s stone. They feature very early in the series, but many people still hold it close to their hearts as an important part of the wizardry world.

Something like this may look cheap, but the tiny lines and details would raise the price a little bit.

47. Wand and Name Tattoo

Image source

This design can be fully customized. It features a wand, and a splash of color as if sending a wave of magic, and it forms a name.

You can choose to use any wand you like, perhaps the one your favorite wizard uses, or you can create your own. You can also change the color to any you like, or maybe even add multiple colors. And then the name can be your own, or that of a relative.

This option is simple, yet magical, and the price to achieve it would be quite low.

48. Sword of Gryffindor Tattoo

Image source

Just like a wand, the sword of Gryffindor is almost sentient and can respond to commands. It appears whenever a true Gryffindor needs it, and pulls it out of another beloved artifact, the Sorting Hat.

This one’s a pricey one. The amount of detail would take hours to achieve, and you must make sure your tattoo artist has done similar jobs and is comfortable they can achieve perfection.

With all those factors taken into account, this design is stunning. You can choose to have it on your forearm like in the picture, but it would also look great on your calf, or even along your spine.

49. Buckbeak Portrait Tattoo

Image source

We’ve seen Harry riding Buckbeak, but in this design, Buckbeak takes central stage and poses for a beautiful, candid portrait. Even with the chain around its neck, this creatures evokes power and strength.

This look is something you definitely can customize, if you wish to add some elements around it, but overall, this design shines enough as it is. Keep in mind that it will be expensive due to the small details and shading.

50. Marauders Map Tattoo

Image source

The Marauder’s map is a magical artifact that shows the secret passages in and out of Hogwarts. It was created by a famous group of friends that comes second only to the stars of the series – James “Prongs” Potter, Sirius “Padfoot” Black, Peter “Wormtail” Pettigrew and Remus “Moony” Lupin.

The map unlocks when you point the tip of a wand at it and say the sentence “I solemnly swear I am up to no good,” this quote has become widely known by fans and non-fans alike. As it is simply written words on a banner, and footprints this design would be affordable to everyone.

Try Temporary Before Going Permanent

The biggest problem with tattoos is often their longevity. You don’t want to tattoo the wrong thing, and then come to regret it later.

Tattoo removal is an extremely painful, expensive, and slow process, so most people often choose to cover the tattoo rather than removing it, but that creates another problem. Most times you need to choose a design that successfully covers the other, rather than something you genuinely enjoy and choose for yourself.

A great way to combat these issues is to try out the tattoos before getting them permanently. You may be confused as to how that is possible, but the answer is quite simple.

You can use tattoo transfer paper to get your design on your skin. You will also need a transferring solution to rub on your skin.

To transfer the design onto your skin, you just need to do these five simple steps:

  1. Remove the semi-transparent protective tissue paper
  2. Use a ball-point pen to sketch the contours of the design you want for the tattoo on the first layer of the paper
  3. Thoroughly clean the skin where the tattoo is going to go
  4. Apply the shiny side of the transferring paper to the part of the skin that has been treated with the transferring solution
  5. Gently peel the paper off the skin

If you like the idea of trying out the tattoo temporarily, but you’re not artistically oriented enough and fear messing up the design, there is another option: temporary

The downside of using this method rather than the previous one is that you are conditioned to the designs available on the market, so if you are looking for something personalized you wouldn’t be able to find it.

A lot of designs are available, including some on this list, like this one of Nagini and the skull. You can also buy multipacks for you to try many different designs. There are even colored ones. This is an inexpensive idea that you can think about if you want to test out Harry Potter designs.

We wish you great luck. Mischief managed!

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