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50+ Summer Outfit Ideas

50+ Summer Outfit Ideas

Lasting from June to September, Summer is most people’s favorite season. It’s warm, it feels amazing to be outside, and it’s time for the yearly vacation abroad.

Summer outfits are always something we look forward to all year. You don’t have to worry about being cold later, and you can wear that mini dress with no tights or a jacket, something you can’t do any other season.

What you wear will depend on the occasion. Are you going to the beach with friends? Or are you going to sunbathe at the park, with a cooler full of refreshments and an enormous sun hat?

First, let’s see the different types of outfits for each occasion.

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The Beach/Swimming Pool

Summer is synonymous with fun, warmth, and cold water. Whether you’re going to the beach or the swimming pool, your attire should be simple and easy to put on and off. A bathing suit or a bikini under a simple dress, or an oversized t-shirt with shorts may be all you need.

The Park

Here you want to be relaxed. The only non-stretchy fabric allowed should be your favorite pair of jeans that are practically molded to your body. Nothing beats sitting on the grass, under the shade of a tree, reading a book, listening to music, writing, or just hanging out with friends.

For this occasion, you would want to wear a maxi dress or skirt, with a thin-fabric top or t-shirt and a nice pair of sandals.

Summer Party

Summer parties are the best. Not only do you not have to worry about how cold it will be to go back home in the middle of the night, but you can dance and party outdoors too.

You don’t have to worry about a jacket, tights, or any other warming piece of clothing, you can wear your sequin dress, your mini skirt with a bralette, there are no limits, you can wear anything. If it’s a beach party, even better. Just wear your bikini with denim shorts.

Food and Drinks

Going out for a meal and some drinks with friends or family, or even a date, is good any time of the year, but it’s even better when you can sit outside and enjoy the fresh air while you’re at it.

You will want to look more formal than at the park, but more casual than at a party. A nice plaited skirt with a spaghetti strap top would do wonders. So would a ruffle dress, or even flared pants with a chiffon shirt.

The Outfits

Below you will find 50 different outfit ideas for the Summer. For each one, we will tell you what occasion it would be good for, and maybe even give you some ideas for accessories to complement the looks. Ultimately, you can wear these anywhere and there are so many styles that you are bound to find something you love.

1. Linen Shorts, Cotton T-Shirt and Sandals

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This is a perfect example of an outfit to take to the park. The linen shorts are a comfortable option, and especially pretty in this pink tone. You can get them, or a similar design, in any color you want too. The cotton t-shirt adds to the overall comfort of the look even more, and if the day is too hot, consider substituting the black for a white one, it will keep you much fresher.

Finally, the sandals. What better way to stay cool on a hot day than to ditch the socks and sneakers? These have a beautiful camel color that combines with the small purse. To top it off you can add a sun hat. They are fashionable and protect you against direct sunlight.

2. Asymmetrical Ruffle Skirt

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Sometimes a single piece of clothing shines so brightly that even if all the other elements are basic, the overall outfit is still a head-turner. That is the case with this asymmetrical ruffle skirt. The combination of the vibrant red color with the floral print makes this outfit look both fun and classy.

You can wear this anywhere. Do you want to wear it to the beach? Wear a bikini top and sandals with the skirt. Do you want to go to a party or the park? You’re ready to go with this outfit. The stretchy fabric will give you all the comfort you need for a relaxed summer afternoon. And the white t-shirt will keep you nice and cool.

3. Corduroy Pants and Crop Top

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This adorable combination of a linen crop top and corduroy pants is perfect if you’re looking for something trendy to wear for a meal out or a Summer party. Corduroy is a type of fabric that tends to be warm and if it’s too hot outside you’ll have a hard time. This outfit is perfect for the night owls.

The linen crop top will give make you look classy and fashionable, whilst the pants will make you look cute and girly. The combination is fantastic, and all you have to do is wear these two simple articles of clothing. If you want to add some accessories, a white leather choker or some string bracelets would be perfect.

4. Mini Skirt and Jacket Set

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If you’re looking for the perfect Summer outfit to take to a party, a date, or a fancy function, this one is for you. The blazer and skirt set will give you all the glam and class you need, while the bralette adds a cool Summer touch.

The blazer may be too warm for a Summer afternoon, but it’s perfect for an evening. To complement you can either wear black short boots or some simple white heels. Maybe even some pearl earrings if the occasion is formal enough. Now you just need to add a white handbag and you got the perfect all-white Summer outfit.

5. Bardot Top and White Jeans

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This outfit is perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re out on a date, out for a meal with family, or an afternoon at the park, this outfit has you covered. The Bardot top will hug your figure and you can tuck it in the white jeans and add a black belt. The black sandals are the final touch to an outfit that is perfect and easy to obtain.

You can’t go wrong with white jeans, especially during the Summer when the white will help you stay cool. To make this outfit even better, you could add a big sun hat, either in a natural straw color, white, or black.

6. Midi Bodycon Dress

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If you’re looking for something to wear to a Summer party, take a close look at this one. This dress will hug your figure and accentuate all your curves, and if you take it to a party all you have to do is dance and have fun, the dress will do the rest.

The orange color will give you a fun vibe, and combined with the white sneakers this outfit has everything a Summer outfit should – comfort, fun, and freshness. If you want to add some accessories, a white handbag, watch and some bracelets are all you need.

If you like the dress but you want to wear it to a formal event, just substitute the white sneakers for a simple pair of white or orange heels.

7. Bright Two-Piece Summer Outfit

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You can wear bright colors all year, but in the Summer it just feels right to wear a fluorescent outfit. This glorious two-piece set is perfect for parties. You stand out from the crowd, look lively and approachable.

The high-waisted pants are followed by a crop top with a big bowknot at the front. The combination is amazing, and it’s made even better by the fabric used. You’ll be dancing the night away and feeling like you’re wearing pajamas, that’s how comfortable it is.

If you want to add accessories, a small, white handbag and a choker would complete this look marvelously.

8. Oversized T-Shirt and Ripped Mom Jeans

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Oversized clothing is a trend that appeared a few years ago, and it looks like it came to stay. In today’s fashion, wearing something snug and tight looks as fashionable as wearing something a few sizes up that hides all your curves. This outfit is a good example of that.

The ripped mom jeans are already oversized naturally, with no need to buy them bigger and add a belt. On top of that, the oversized T-shirt will give you a relaxed look, perfect to take out to the park and spend the day enjoying the Summer breeze.

As for accessories, the good thing about this kind of style is that you don’t need to accessorize much, a simple handbag will do.

9. Ruffle Chiffon Dress

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This gorgeous ruffle chiffon dress can be taken to a party, or a meal out. Whether it’s formal or casual, this outfit will make you fit right in. It may be long-sleeved, but the chiffon fabric will not warm you up too much, so you can take it out for an evening or afternoon.

The beauty of the Summer season is being able to wear cute dresses without having to worry about tights or jackets, this dress will be your whole outfit. To make it even better, you can add heeled sandals or even a pair of white sneakers, because they go well with everything.

As for accessories, you can add bright colored bracelets, especially in lilac and blue. And since it’s a dress you could wear an ankle bracelet, to reinforce the Summer vibes.

10. Denim Shorts and Cotton Bralette

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If you’re going to the beach or the swimming pool and have no idea what to wear, this outfit is for you. It can’t be any simpler, a cotton bralette and denim shorts. Easy to undress and dress, so you can be in your bikini within seconds with no fuss.

As for accessories, you don’t need any. The outfit is adorable and functional, which is all you need for a morning or afternoon at the beach. For your feet, a pair of flip-flops is the easiest thing to take off and put on but if you want something cuter, a pair of sandals can be just as easy and a lot prettier.

11. Short V-Neck Dress

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This cute dress is good for any occasion. If you wear it with a pair of heels, it’s perfect to go to a party or a formal event like a wedding. If you wear it with flat sandals you can take it to the beach or the swimming pool. And if you wear it with a pair of white sneakers you can take it to the park or a relaxed meal out with friends or family.

The ruffles sleeves add some charm and class whilst the pattern and color make it look fun and perfect for the Summer. As for accessories, it will look good with anything, so what you choose will depend on the occasion.

12. Denim Short Skirt and Spaghetti Strap Top

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This outfit consists of a denim short skirt, with a strip of denim serving as a belt that ties at the front, and a simple spaghetti strap top. You can wear this to the beach or the swimming pool, as it simple to take off and put back on, or you can take it to the park. It’s such a simple combination, so you probably already own everything you need to achieve this look, but if you don’t, you can find these or similar products in most stores.

You can even wear this to a party, especially if it’s a cool evening as this would look amazing with a denim jacket.

13. Asymmetrical Crop Top and Matching Bodycon Skirt

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If you’re looking for something to take to a Summer party, and you love showing off your curves this one may be the one for you. The asymmetrical crop top is fashionable, yet simple, with all its charm being from having one shoulder strap only.

In the same color and fabric comes the bodycon skirt, which has two layers. The bottom layer is basic white, and the top layer is netted. The effect is stunning, and proof that a simple two-piece white outfit can be a head-turner.

To accessorize, you should opt for white too, because you can never go wrong with a monochromatic look. A white handbag, watch, and a choker are all you need to complement this already stunning outfit.

14. Maxi Dress With Slit Front and Juliette Sleeves

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This maxi dress with a slit front and Juliette sleeves is for those who love vintage, classic looks. This outfit is perfect for meals out with friends or family, a nice time at the park, or even a walk at the beach. This dress will give you a discreet, classy look that you’ll want to take everywhere.

You could combine this dress with a pair of simple flat sandals, some white string bracelets, and a sun hat or some hair jewelry such as white flowers or pearls. If it’s a sunny afternoon, a pair of oversized sunglasses will make you look even cuter and more relaxed.

15. Short Checkered Dress With Linen Sleeves

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This quite unusual dress has a unique charm, perfect for parties, dates, afternoons with friends, walks at the beach, everything you can think of. The checkered dress will give you a vintage look, and then the linen sleeves and neckline add a formal touch that allows this outfit to be worn everywhere and fit in.

As for accessories, you can use black and white pieces like handbags, sneakers, sandals or heels, and even a thick leather choker. But it would also look really cute if you added an element of a different color, like a coral handbag, red shoes, or a straw sun hat.

16. Vintage Pattern Mini Skirt

Image Source

The pattern of this mini skirt was very popular in the early 2000s, and even though that specific trend hasn’t come back, the vintage and old-fashioned trend is very much in vogue. When you have a statement piece like this skirt, all you need to do is add a basic spaghetti strap top and some white sneakers.

This outfit is perfect for a fun afternoon out with friends, a picnic outdoors, or a visit to the amusement park. As for accessories, you can add other elements from the early 2000s like big bracelets, and instead of a purse add a bum bag.

17. Ruffle Floral Skirt

Image Source

This outfit is similar to the asymmetrical ruffle skirt one as the skirt is the star of the outfit. The color and pattern are perfectly in tune with the season, and the ruffle style allows for maximum mobility and comfort.

You can pair the skirt with a spaghetti strap top of any color, as you can see the blue one looks nice, but a white or black one would make the outfit look more neutral and thought out. With a fun outfit like this one, you can play around with the accessories and add oversized sunglasses, a sun hat, and lots of string bracelets. You could wear this to the park, and the beach or swimming pool.

18. Fringed Skirt and Crochet Top

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Fringed skirts are overall a very fun thing to wear. When you walk you sense the fringes brush on your legs and it gives a fuzzy and slightly ticklish feel. Not only are they nice to wear, they look nice. We go back again to the vintage trend that brought back things just like this skirt.

The fringed skirt combined with the crochet top is perfect to take to the park, the beach or swimming pool, or even a party. You can go for the comfort of sneakers, but it would look even better with some sandals. Add some string bracelets and a hairband and you’re ready to go.

19. Linen Overalls

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Overalls are a rising trend and no wonder why. Overalls are comfortable, fashionable and can be warm during the winter, and cool during the Summer. These white linen overalls are perfect for a relaxed afternoon with friends, a meal at a restaurant, or even a Summer party.

You can wear them with the white T-shirt underneath, or you can get creative and try different colors, patterns and fabrics. As for shoes, white sneakers are a safe choice, but a pair of sandals would look just as nice if you’re going for a walk at the beach. All you need to add is a straw hat and some sunglasses.

20. Crochet and Chiffon Romper

Image Source

Can we all agree that rompers are the best piece of clothing ever invented? Especially ones like this, where it looks like you’re wearing two different articles of clothing. The only downside of wearing a romper is all the fuss you have to go through when you need the toilet.

The crochet part of the romper will give you a vintage, complex look with all its patterns and details, whilst the bottom part gives you loose, fresh chiffon fabric. This outfit is perfect for any occasion ‐ a summer party, the park, a meal at a restaurant or cafe, and the beach or swimming pool.

21. Pleated Romper

Image Source

Here we have another stunning romper. This one is pleated and although it has two layers, it looks like it’s one piece unlike the Crochet and Chiffon Romper we just saw. That vibrant dark blue is an amazing tone to wear to parties and casual events, but since it is a romper, this would look amazing anywhere from a party to the beach or the park.

When choosing accessories you should go for black or white, because if you choose to bring colored accessories they will class with the romper. Better to opt for a black sun hat, sunglasses, a white handbag, or even a black leather choker.

22. Tiered Pleated Dress

Image Source

This stunning knee-length dress is the perfect choice for a beach trip, an afternoon at the swimming pool, or a picnic at the park. This pleated dress has two layers, the top one has horizontal lines whilst the rest has vertical lines, an odd combination that you may frown upon, but when you see it combined so masterfully in a dress you will certainly love it.

You can wear this dress with sandals or flip-flops or even white sneakers. A straw hat, a pair of oversized sunglasses, and a beach bag are all you’ll need to complete the Summer look.

23. Cotton Shorts and Wrap T-Shirt Summer Outfit

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This one is for the lovers of comfort and practicality above all. This outfit combines knee-length leggings, a T-shirt tied at the front, and a pair of white sneakers. You may be thinking that that’s attire for the gym, but although it can be, it is much more than that. This outfit would look great for the beach or swimming pool, an afternoon at the park, and even brunch at a restaurant or cafe.

Just combine the outfit with a pair of oversized sunglasses, a black handbag, and some gold jewelry and you’ve just turned a sporty outfit into a fashionable one.

24. Frayed Denim Shirt and Cinched Waist Top

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On the surface, this outfit and the denim short skirt and spaghetti strap top outfit we saw before are almost the same. But if you start looking at the details they have completely different vibes and purposes. This outfit combined with heeled sandals is perfect for a formal dinner, a party, or a shopping day out with friends.

The fringed denim skirt is the most casual thing about this outfit, but it becomes much more complex when you add in the cinched waist top. This style of top is very popular and it helps bring out your curves by accentuating your waist. You can combine these two pieces of clothing with oversized sunglasses and a black leather handbag, as well as any silver or gold jewelry.

25. Tropical Patterned Skirt

Image Source

Nothing says “Summer” more than a cute tropical pattern. This skirt has a red background with white palm tree leaves, an amazing twist to the usual white and green combination. This outfit combines that beautiful skirt with a basic black crop top, and it’s lovely. You can switch things up by making the crop top white instead of black, but overall those two colors would be the best choices with that skirt.

Add a pair of sandals, sunglasses, and a beach bag and you’re perfectly dressed to go to the beach or swimming pool. If you must add jewelry opt for string bracelets with a charm or two, and a silver or gold ankle bracelet.

26. Maxi Tricolor Dress

Image Source

Beach dresses are that piece of clothing we wear almost every day during our vacation, and we truly miss wearing the rest of the year. These oversized dresses keep you cool, look amazing, and are easy to dress and undress. Just combine it with sandals or flip-flops and you have the perfect outfit for the beach or swimming pool.

Something else that looks stunning with these types of dresses are sun hats, the wider the better. It will reinforce the Summer vibe and protect you from direct sunlight. To make the look even better you can add your favorite sunglasses and a beach bag.

27. Ruched Mini Skirt and Linen Crop Top Summer Outfit

Image Source

This cute outfit is a perfect example of a girly Summer outfit. The ruched mini skirt will hug your body and accentuate your curves while giving you maximum comfort and mobility. The skirt combined with the linen crop top looks so nice that it could pass as a two-piece set. Although the top is long-sleeved, you don’t have to worry about being too warm since the neckline is very open and the bottom cropped enough that your whole abdomen is out.

You can wear this outfit with your favorite pair of white sneakers, but it would look much better with some cute sandals, heeled or flat. This outfit is perfect for a day at the park, brunch at the cafe with your friends, or even a walk at the beach.

28. White Bathing Dress

Image Source

If you had never come across a bathing dress, your world is about to change. As the name indicates, it’s a dress that you can bathe with, it’s made of spandex just like your bikini or swimming suit so it’s perfectly safe and comfortable to dive with.

You could even go for lunch at a restaurant and then to the beach without having to change your outfit at all. This cute white bathing dress looks like a regular dress to unknowing eyes, yet it’s much more than that. The only reason why you might not want to wear something like this is if you enjoy having tan lines.

29. Double Slit Long Skirt and Crop Top Summer Outfit

Image Source

Those outfits that you can wear from the morning till the evening, and look amazing wherever you go, are the best type of outfits. This one can be worn to the beach or swimming pool, a cafe or restaurant, an afternoon at the park, and a Summer party at night. All of this in one outfit is an amazing accomplishment.

The long skirt with two slits will give you comfort while you look amazing, perhaps even a little mysterious as you only give small sneak peeks of your legs as you walk. This skirt combined with the Bardot crop top makes the most versatile Summer outfit you’ll find.

30. Leather Skirt and Graphic T-Shirt Summer Outfit

Image Source

If you love leather pants and are quite devastated that they’re too hot for the Summer, don’t despair, leather skirts are a thing too. This short leather skirt with two golden zippers will give you the bad girl vibe you love so much. Combine it with the black graphic T-shirt and you’ll have a heartstopper look people won’t be able to stop looking at.

Now we have found a suitable substitute for the leather pants, but nothing can replace black short boots, and that’s not a problem. Since the rest of your outfit is suitable for the weather, the black boots won’t make much difference to your temperature, so you can go on and wear your favorite pair.

31. Tropical Patterned Loose Mini Dress

Image Source

Just like the short V-neck dress we saw previously, this tropical patterned mini dress is perfect for any occasion. If you’re going to the beach or swimming pool, just wear it with flat sandals or flip-flops. If you’re going to a party, wear heeled sandals. This dress would look amazing in any context so it all depends on what shoes you pick.

As for accessories, you should choose back or any other color present in the dress. Maybe even a string bracelet for each color the dress has. Apart from that, there isn’t much that needs to be added, the dress is cute enough as it is with no need to accessorize.

32. Maxi Skirt and Checkered Crop Top Summer Outfit

Image Source

This outfit combines a dark blue maxi skirt with a checkered crop top. It’s perfect to take to a Summer party, the park, or a restaurant or cafe. And if you don’t mind the tightness of the crop top you could even wear it to the beach or swimming pool as long with a pair of sandals or flip-flops.

This outfit would look amazing with a straw sun hat and big sunglasses so if you’re thinking of wearing it during the day those are great accessories to get. But if you’re wearing it to a party, a gold necklace and some silver bracelets will look amazing.

33. Kimono, Bikini, and Denim Shorts

Image Source

This outfit is for you if you are going to the beach or swimming pool and want to look your best. When you’re putting on clothes just to take them off sometimes it doesn’t make much sense to wear a complete outfit, so leaving your bikini top out is a very popular option.

All you have to do to achieve this look is put your bikini on, add denim shorts, and then pick your favorite kimono. Kimonos are one of the best articles of clothing that come with the Summer season, they don’t make you warm, and they look fantastic with anything. There are endless patterns to choose from, and the floral one you can see here is just an example of how stunning you can look wearing one of them.

34. Flare Pants and Bralette Summer Outfit

Image Source

This outfit combines flare pants with a white bralette, and it’s perfect to take to any casual and relaxed event you may attend. The bralette can easily be swapped with a bikini top and you can wear this to the beach or swimming pool.

The star of this outfit is the flare pants. The fit is snug and will accentuate your beautiful curves, whilst the orange theme adds an element of fun that’s bound to attract some attention. In the same way, there’s a design with oranges, you can find all kinds of fun themes to make this outfit even more scandalous (in a good way).

35. Ruffle Dress With Crochet Details

Image Source

This dress is another poster child of a Summer outfit. It’s fresh, cute and the crochet details add a vintage element that is trendy at the moment. You can wear this anywhere you go, but it is better suitable for the beach or swimming pool because of the fabric it’s made from. It can be slightly see-through which may not look as good on a restaurant as it looks on a beach.

As for accessories, a straw sun hat and sunglasses are the basis for any beach look, but just imagine how adorable it would look with a white flower crown or some pearl pins scattered around your hair.

36. Leopard Print Skirt and Spaghetti Strap Top

Image Source

This outfit combines a leopard print mini skirt with a spaghetti strap top, and it’s perfect for parties, dates, and fun times with friends. The leopard print skirt has a zipper at the front which adds to the charm and makes the outfit look more elaborate.

You can wear this with flat sandals, but for a more charming effect, you should opt for heeled sandals. Although if you’re going to be dancing all night you should consider taking some flats in your handbag. Then all you need to do is add some silver or gold bracelets, a black leather choker, and a black handbag.

37. Ruffled Long Dress With Crochet and Chiffon Details

Image Source

This beautiful long dress is a complex piece of clothing perfect for a formal event such as a wedding. It is so stunning you could even be the bride wearing it. The dress has ruffled layers and most are baby blue, but one of them is white, and all of them have a discreet floral pattern. Inbetween layers there are sections made of transparent chiffon with Swiss dots – a type of Polka dot that superimposes the fabric giving it a 3D effect. To wrap it up, you have a crochet section around the waist.

On paper, this dress sounds like a mess with so many elements and details, but put into practice it forms the most stunning article of clothing you could wear this Summer. You will stand out from any crowd and be the center of attention at any event.

38. Swan Neck Midi Dress

Image Source

This swan neck midi dress is the perfect outfit to take to formal functions, a first date, a workplace dinner, or a visit to a museum or art gallery. Everything about this outfit screams glamour and class.

You can combine this dress with a pair of black heels or even short boots, and you have all you need for a formal day or night out. When it comes to accessories you could opt for a black wide hat and oversized sunglasses during the day, and during the night you can add a black handbag, and silver or gold bracelets and necklace.

39. Velvet Jumpsuit

Image Source

If you love comfortable outfits then look no further, you can’t get any more comfortable than this. The mobility you get from wearing a jumpsuit like this one is the same as you would get from wearing pajamas. The twist? It made of velvet so you’ll still look like a million bucks if you took it out.

You would want to wear something like this to a cafe, the park, or any other fun activity with friends. It may get too warm if you’re going to be doing something active, so make sure you’re going to be as relaxed as possible if you decide to wear this outfit.

40. Polka Dot Maxi Dress

Image Source

The polka dot trend came back when the vintage one appeared, especially in this style – black background and tiny white dots. You will look charming wearing this, and it will be the perfect choice for a dinner out with friends or family, maybe even a date. You would also fit in if you wore this to the park or a Summer party.

You can wear this dress with heeled shoes or sandals, and it would also look adorable with white sneakers. Just add a white or black wide hat, sunglasses, your favorite black handbag, and some silver bracelets. That’s all you need for a brilliant Summer outfit.

41. Nude Leggings and Basic Top Summer Outfit

Image Source

This outfit combines nude leggings with a basic white top and it’s a perfect example that you don’t need much to have a fashionable look. The nude leggings are high-waisted so if you tuck the shirt in them you’ll be able to show off all your beautiful curves. If you think the basic top makes the outfit too simple you can replace it with a cute crop top or a bralette.

You can wear this to the park, to a fun activity with friends, and even to a party. If you wish to add accessories, a black handbag and sunglasses would be nice additions. And as for jewelry, gold chain necklaces and a gold or rose gold watch would be the best choices.

42. Bustier Top and Joggers Summer Outfit

Image Source

This outfit is an unlikely combination of a bustier top and joggers. You wouldn’t think of joggers as something you can wear to a party or a formal event, but this outfit is here to prove you wrong. The two pieces combine beautifully and the color is adorable. Plus, you have the perk of being extra comfortable on the dance floor.

You can wear this with heeled shoes or sandals, but if your plans are more relaxed and you’re just going out for dinner and drinks with friends you can wear your favorite white sneakers and still look fantastic.

43. Twisted Top and Jeans Summer Outfit

Image Source

This outfit combines a beautiful twisted top and ripped jeans, perfect for the lovers of a classic, simple look and you can wear this to a party, dinner, and drinks with friends, or even a date. This outfit is for a breezy Summer evening, as it would probably be too warm for a sunny day as the top is long-sleeved. But the cotton fabric will give you a comfortable warmth during a cool night.

You would look better wearing flats with an outfit this basic, but if you want to wear some heeled sandals it could definitely work, especially if you choose a black velvet chunky style of heels.

44. Distressed Mom Jeans and Button-up Edge Top Summer Outfit

Image Source

Sometimes all you need is something simple to assemble but that still makes you look cute, this outfit is just that. It’s comprised of distressed mom jeans and a simple button-up edge top, and it’s perfect for a relaxed day with friends at the park or at your favorite cafe. Maybe even a study or work session outdoors.

This super relaxed look doesn’t need much when it comes to accessories but if you want to add something, a black choker or a leather string necklace with a cute charm, and some string bracelets would be perfect. Then all you need is a pair of sneakers and a handbag.

45. Black Sequin Top and Rust Silk Skirt

Image Source

If you’re looking for something special to take to a date, dinner and drinks, or a party this outfit has you covered. Whether it’s a formal or casual event, this outfit will fit perfectly as it is glamorous but it’s simple at the same time.

The black sequin top will give you all the spark you need for a brilliant night out, whilst the rust silk skirt will give you a comfortable, classy touch. If you pull the skirt up to touch the sequin top it will look as if you’re wearing a dress. You can wear this with heeled shoes or sandals, bonus points if it’s a chunky heel.

46. Colorful Striped Set

Image Source

If you love colorful, lively outfits this one may be the one for you. The short skirt and Bardot crop top match perfectly and will allow you to stay comfortable and fresh all night. This outfit is perfect for parties, dates, and dinner, and drinks with friends.

If you’re the sort of person who can’t stand Bardot tops because you feel like you have to pull them up constantly, even if you don’t need to, this set won’t give you that problem. The top has two thin straps that will hold the top up so you can be comfortable. The vertical colorful stripes add so much life to the outfit that you don’t need anything else to complement it, but if you must you should go for black or white accessories and leave the color to the clothes.

47. Flared Jeans and Crochet Bralette Summer Outfit

Image Source

This outfit combines flared jeans with a crochet bralette and it’s perfect to take anywhere like a restaurant, a party, or the park. And although the outfit may seem too basic to wear to a formal event, the crochet top gives it the personality and glamour necessary to fit in on fancy environments.

You can wear this with sneakers if your plans are more relaxed, or add heeled sandals or shoes if you feel comfortable in them and are going to a party. As for accessories, why not add crochet bracelets? It will match the top and look adorable.

48. Graphic T-Shirt and Denim Shorts Summer Outfit

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Here’s another basic outfit, because the Summer is the best season to spend time outdoors and not all occasions call for elaborate outfits. This one combines a graphic T-shirt and denim shorts and you can take it to the park, a fun afternoon with friends at a cafe, a walk on the beach, or even a nature adventure.

You can wear this with your favorite sneakers so you are as comfortable as possible, and as for accessories a sun hat would look adorable, and so would sunglasses, a bum bag, and string bracelets. You could even wear this to the beach or swimming pool as it’s easy to dress and undress.

49. Ruched Silk Dress

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This ruched silk dress will accentuate all your curves and show off your beautiful body, the ruched finish helps create those folds which turns any simple dress into a work of art. You can wear this anywhere whether it’s casual or formal as it’s comfortable and simple, but the silk gives it all the class it needs to be worn to a first date or even a wedding.

To get the best effect you should wear this with heeled sandals, especially those with thin lines that almost make you look like you’re barefoot. Then all you need to do is add a silk purse to match, and a gold chain necklace and bracelets.

50. Buttoned Loose Dress

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This amazing buttoned loose dress will make you look classy with a vintage touch, and at the same time, you’ll have maximum mobility and comfort. This is one of those outfits you can wear anywhere and look like you belong. You can take it to the beach or swimming pool over your swimwear, to a party, to a restaurant, and even to a cute date.

You can wear a pair of white sneakers with this dress, but if you’re going to a party it would look awesome with heeled sandals, or flat sandals if you’re taking to the beach. The color and loose fit would make this dress go really well with a wide sun hat and oversized sunglasses.

Take Care of Your Skin During the Summer

The Summer may be amazing for our physical and mental health – we go out more, we have more fun, and everyone seems happier. However, the season isn’t so kind to our skin. So taking care of your skin is the most important thing you can do during the months when the sun shines brighter and hotter.

You don’t have to do much, but the little you can do will help massively in the prevention of skin diseases. All you have to do is stop wearing tanning lotion, and instead wear a good sunscreen. Yes, some tanning lotions have sunscreen in them, but it isn’t a good enough amount to give you the protection you need.

This sunscreen is sweat and water-resistant, and it’s a size you can take with you on a plane abroad. You can apply it to your entire body, including your face. However, if you prefer to have something stronger for your face, this sunscreen will do the job perfectly.

Essential Accessories to Complement your Summer Outfit

No outfit is complete without accessories. Common items that go with summer outfits are sunglasses, sun hats, and simple jewelry like ankle bracelets, and leather or string friendship bracelets.

Here follow a few accessory suggestions worth getting this Summer.


These oversized vintage shades will give you a glamorous effect with their almost frameless design. The lenses are mirrored and have a glorious pink tint, plus, they will protect your eyes from long-term UV damage.

If you’re looking for something that you can pair with many different outfits, is cheap and classy, these sunglasses with a semi-rimless frame are the ones for you.

Alternatively, if you like the oversized trend, these oversized round sunglasses will be a great addition to your collection. If you like the size, but not the shape, you can go for oversized square sunglasses.


A wide sun hat isn’t only fashionable, it is also a great way to protect your head and face from direct sunlight. Straw hats specifically are trendy and complement any summer outfit perfectly.

You can get a black straw hat or even a white straw hat. But the most popular option is the original straw color, you can get many different styles and sizes, like this one with a black stripe around it, or this one with a bowknot in the same straw color as the hat.


Finally, for Summer jewelry you could maybe go for a multipack of silver ankle bracelets, and combine each of them with a different outfit. But overall you should opt for string or leather accessories so you can go to the beach or the swimming pool and always have them on without worrying about ruining them.

This pack of adjustable bracelets is good for any occasion, with the pretty sunflower being a beautiful detail added to any outfit. If you like this type of jewelry, you can also get a 16-pack of string bracelets, in the most common Summer colors.

As for necklaces, this genuine leather pendant with a gemstone or this very affordable leather choker with a small pearl, are both great to complement simple outfits, and you can take them anywhere from the beach to a party.

You’re Ready for the Hottest Season!

Now that you have seen the trendiest Summer outfits, you know what accessories to get and how to protect your skin from the sun, you have all you need to spend a wonderful, fun-filled Summer.

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