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10 Stores Like Lucy in the Sky

10 Stores Like Lucy in the Sky

Lucy in the Sky is a Los Angeles-based clothing store that offers stylish and affordable apparel designed to make party girls stand out in a crowd. This store sells everything from trendy prom dresses and two-piece sets to swimwear and accessories, and all for a great price, too.

All of the clothing items sold by Lucy in the Sky are designed in Los Angeles and have a total LA vibe about them.

Created by Victor Sayeg in 2006, this clothing brand has become a staple for party-loving women who enjoy wearing preppy and feminine pieces. However, Lucy in the Sky’s sizes do run small and aren’t very plus-size inclusive. And so, we decided to create a list of stores that offer similar styles as Lucy in the Sky, while also offering larger sizes as well as different styles.

If you enjoy shopping at Lucy in the Sky but would like to diversify your wardrobe, we’ve got you covered. Our list of 10 stores like Lucy in the Sky contains some well-known and lesser-known brands that’ll surely pique the interest of fabulous women all over the world.

1. For Designer Names: ASOS

woman in funky ASOS outfit

Much like Lucy in the Sky, ASOS is a popular online destination for fashionistas all over the globe. However, this fashion retailer also has a bustling men’s section where you can find hot brands and designer sneakers. ASOS has a curvy, plus-size, maternity, petite, and tall section, too, allowing ladies of all shapes and sizes to strut their stuff in stylish garb.

If you like the feminine dresses that Lucy in the Sky is so well-known for, ASOS is worth checking out. After all, they sell tons of adorable dresses that you can wear to everything from proms and weddings to holiday parties and homecomings.

ASOS sells a wide variety of clothing brands, popular ones being Tommy Hilfiger, Topshop, and Ralph Lauren. With this in mind, you can expect the clothes sold at ASOS to be more expensive than the ones offered by Lucy in the Sky. However, you can find killer deals on designer brands when you shop in the sales section.

2. For Bejeweled Attire: Bebe

woman in yellow bebe dress

Much like Lucy in the Sky, Bebe is a fashion retailer that has a knack for designing sophisticated yet fabulous dresses that you can wear to many different outings, be it a work party or a wedding.

However, the items sold at Bebe are of much better quality than the ones sold at Lucy in the Sky, as is reflected by their price. If you’re searching for a chic dress that you can wear to prom or homecoming, Bebe has a special occasions section that is bustling with gorgeous dresses that come in many different styles.

What Bebe is most known for, however, is their Bebe t-shirts, dresses, tank tops, and long-sleeved shirts, which are bejeweled with Swarovski crystals. If you like sporting the Bebe brand, you can also check out the Bebe shoe section, where you’ll find sparkling boots and shoes that can take your outfit to the next level.

3. For Plus-Size Party Dresses: Boohoo

woman in olive boohoo dress

If you’re on the prowl for trendy and inexpensive dresses, Boohoo is definitely worth checking out. This store offers everything from laid-back skater dresses and skin-tight bodycon dresses to maxi dresses and wrap dresses.

Better yet, Boohoo has a plus-size and curve section where they offer loads of fabulous dresses, making this online fashion retailer our go-to pick for cute and flowy plus-size party dresses.

Unlike Lucy in the Sky, Boohoo offers so much more than dresses, swimsuits, and rompers, as they also sell tops, activewear, pants, shoes, and beauty products. Their beauty section is so broad that it even includes vegan-friendly products.

If you like to stay on trend without breaking the bank, Boohoo is a fantastic place to shop at. Their online sales are off the hook, and their garments are so diverse that you’re bound to find something you like, no matter what your style is.

4. For Affordable Party Looks: Forever 21

woman in forever21 outfit

Forever 21 is a fashion retailer that constantly pumps out trendy attire. Better yet, this store offers a wide selection of sizes and even has a line dedicated to plus-sized ladies. Although the quality of Forever 21’s garments isn’t up to par with the quality of Lucy in the Sky’s apparel, you can expect to pay a lot less for similar-looking pieces when shopping at Forever 21.

What Forever 21 has that Lucy in the Sky doesn’t, however, is an endless sea of clothing pieces, all of which fall under different categories of style.

When shopping at Forever 21, you’ll find everything from comfortable basics and party dresses to bohemian tops and punk-rock accessories. What’s nice about this store is that you can purchase a handful of cute, flowy, and fashionable summer and party dresses for a very low price — especially when you take advantage of online sales.

Forever 21 has the party look down pat, whether you’re going for the girl next door look or the skater-girl look.

5. For Student Discounts: Missguided

woman in blue missguided outfit

Missguided is a women’s fashion retailer that puts forth many of the same styles as Lucy in the Sky. However, unlike Lucy in the Sky, Missguided sells shoes, beauty products, and denim. If you enjoy wearing frilly outfits, matching sets, activewear, and Playboy-themed apparel, you’ll love surfing through the Missguided website, as this store sells many trendy pieces for a very reasonable price.

Missguided also sells feminine and bohemian-styled beach apparel, making it a great place for beachy babes to shop at. You’re sure to find something you like at Missguided, whether you’re looking for everyday attire, maternity clothes, or plus-sized apparel.

Although some of the pieces sold at Missguided can be more expensive than the ones sold at Lucy in the Sky, you can expect both these stores to offer similar quality. But the price difference isn’t that big of a deal if you’re a student, as Missguided offers students an extra 20% off the final sales price.

6. For Glamorous Everyday Attire: Princess Polly

woman in princess polly outfit

Just like Lucy in the Sky, Princess Polly sells gorgeous and affordable graduation dresses, trendy swimsuits, and classy rompers. But on top of this, Princess Polly also sells graphic T-shirts, vegan leather, comfortable loungewear, and chic accessories.

However, not all the pieces found at Princess Polly are as dressy as the ones sold at Lucy in the Sky, making them more suitable for everyday wear.

Princess Polly offers a similar quality as Lucy in the Sky, and for a comparable price, too. Although, it’s worth mentioning that the denim sold at Princess Polly can be a little pricey. This store’s clothing pieces cater to a wide range of styles, as you can find everything from punkish and bohemian looks to sophisticated and preppy attire.

But unfortunately, Princess Polly doesn’t cater to plus-sized ladies, as this store’s sizes do not exceed a US 12.

7. For Summer Looks: Nasty Gal

women in nastygal clothes

Nasty Gal is a women’s fashion retailer that sells tons of young and fun clothing pieces, making it a great place for teenagers and young adults to shop at. Nasty Gal’s quality and affordability are in line with Lucy in the Sky’s, as are many of their styles.

However, Lucy in the Sky often caters to the girl next door look, whereas Nasty Gal offers a wide range of styles ranging from punk-rock and bohemian to preppy and professional. And unlike Lucy in the Sky, Nasty Gal clothing is size-inclusive.

If you enjoy keeping up with the latest fashion trends and want to stock up on flattering summer clothes, Nasty Gal has a wide selection of items to choose from. They also have a beauty and body section where you can purchase things like makeup brushes, beauty blenders, nipple covers, fake eyelashes, and much more.

8. For the Perfect Little Black Dress: Venus

woman in venus white dress

Venus and Lucy in the Sky both carry a wide selection of trendy dresses. In fact, both these stores are great places to shop if you’re on the hunt for the perfect dress to wear to a party, wedding, or special event.

However, Venus reigns supreme when it comes to little black dresses, as their collection includes everything from feminine options to runway looks. The dresses sold at Venus also tend to be less expensive than the ones sold at Lucy in the Sky, although this can sometimes be reflected in the quality of the garments.

What’s great about Venus is that this store offers a wider range of clothing items — like fake leather jackets, classy blazers, activewear, turtlenecks, jewelry, and novelty jeans. Venus also carries styles that can be worn by people of all ages, which is something that can’t be said about Lucy in the Sky, as the latter caters to teenage party girls and trendy twenty-year-olds.

9. For Quality Dresses: Anthropologie

anthropologie storefront mannequins

Although Anthropologie carries many of the same styles as Lucy in the Sky, there are some notable differences between these two fashion retailers. For starters, the clothing pieces sold at Anthropologie are made with supreme quality, whereas the ones sold at Lucy in the Sky are of a medium-tier quality.

Secondly, you can expect the pieces sold at Anthropologie to be double, if not triple, the price of the apparel sold at Lucy in the Sky. Nevertheless, Anthropologie is a great place to shop if you enjoy wearing flirty summer dresses and would rather invest in quality over quantity.

What’s cool about Anthropologie is that you can set up a registry for your baby shower, engagement party, or wedding and have guests pick presents off the website. This store has a wicked gift section where you can find something cute for the special women in your life, be it your sister, girlfriend, or mother. It’s also worth mentioning that Anthropologie sells home and furniture pieces, as well as beauty products and shoes.

10. For Chic Work Clothes: Tobi

models in tobi streetwear

Do you like staying on trend but find yourself searching for more sophisticated clothing options? Well, then check out Tobi because this online fashion retailer constantly pumps out everything from chic blouses to classy dresses.

Tobi and Lucy in the Sky both offer a wide selection of dresses that can be worn to everything from proms to weddings. However, most of the styles offered by Lucy in the Sky have a very young feel to them, which isn’t always the case at Tobi.

Tobi is a great place to shop if you’re looking for fun and flirty pieces as well as chic apparel that you can wear to work. They sell tons of feminine blouses, trousers, and closed-toe shoes that give off professional vibes. However, Tobi also sells party girl clothing that you can wear to clubs or beach parties.

The clothing sold at Tobi and Lucy in the Sky is similar in price and quality. But keep in mind that just like Lucy in the Sky, Tobi does not sell plus-size clothing.

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