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50 Spring Outfit Ideas – Fun & Floral

50 Spring Outfit Ideas – Fun & Floral

Spring is a beautiful season. The grass gets greener, the flowers start blooming, and everyone is happy that the cold is slowly bidding farewell. That’s the magic of spring: the cold is leaving, and the warmth is coming, and the clash results in the perfect temperature balance.

As with every other season, spring comes with its own trends that include specific patterns, pieces of clothing, and accessories. You might want to abide by what’s trending, but you may also have a personal style you don’t ever let go of, no matter the season. Either way, you’ll find an idea here to suit you.

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What’s Stylish This Spring?

So what’s trending this spring? Let’s have a look at patterns and prints, articles of clothing, and accessories that’ll be hot this season.


The tie-dye trend has been kicking around for decades, and it seems that it will stay strong for years to come. Tie-dyed clothing has reached its popularity due to its affordability, as the majority of the pieces can be done at home by yourself, which also makes each piece unique.

Colorful Stripes

Stripes are back, especially colorful ones. Whether you enjoy vertical stripes that can make you look taller, or horizontal stripes that may have a slimming effect, this is the perfect season to explore this pattern.

Vintage Florals

Florals are always present in the spring, whether they make it to the top of the trending charts or not. However, vintage florals are in vogue and will be prevalent in most spring looks.


The checkered pattern trend is still going strong, and in the spring it’ll come with beautiful color pairings such as white and yellow, and orange and green. And they’re used everywhere from shirts to skirts and dresses.


These cute articles of clothing have spread from a summer piece to a spring one too. They’re small, come in all colors and patterns, and look amazing with high-waisted pants or skirts.

Maxi Dresses

If you’re not into the bodycon trend and prefer baggy clothes that you can move comfortably with, this trend will be your best friend. Maxi dresses are classy and fashionable whilst providing all the comfort you need.

Baggy Pants

It all started a few years ago with palazzo pants, then the flared jeans appeared, and nowadays the baggy pants trend is stronger than ever. People have started to value comfort and this trend is proof of that.

Platform Sandals

Are you unable or simply find it too uncomfortable to wear heels? Do you still love how tall you are wearing them? You can get the figure heels give you without going through any discomfort with platform heels.

Beaded Jewelry

This type of jewelry is amazing. It’s affordable, comes in all shapes and colors, and you can create it yourself. Since beaded jewelry is trending, why not take on a new hobby?

Thick Chains

The thick chain trend is making a comeback, and whether you have bracelets or necklaces in this style, you will look super fashionable wearing them this spring. You can even combine them with thinner chains and go for another rising trend: layering jewelry.


Perls have always been present in the fashion world, but lately they’ve been barging into the trend charts stronger than ever. The best thing about this craze is that you’re likely to already own some pearl products like earrings, and you’re ready to join the trend.

And Much More…

These trends are at the peak of their popularity, but there are many more that deserve an honorable mention, such as fishnets, corsets, sequins, capes, slipper shoes, batwing bags, and mismatched earrings.

With these trends in mind, let’s dive in and explore 50 spring outfit ideas.

1. Jeans, V-Neck Top, and Long Suede Coat

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To start off this list we have this super basic look that is both comfortable and fashionable. To achieve the look you’ll need some jeans: you can get creative here and make them mom jeans, flared jeans, or anything else. You’ll also need a V-neck top in any color you like, or even in a pattern. To finish the outfit, you’ll need a long suede coat.

The suede coat is neutral enough that no matter what color or pattern you have on your shirt, it will look amazing. To complement the look, just add a belt, sunglasses, and a pretty handbag. This outfit is ideal for casual events such as some quality time with friends or family, but if you wish to wear it to a semi-formal occasion, you’ll fit in too.

2. Vintage Maxi Dress With Floral Pattern

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This outfit is the embodiment of a spring vibe. It combines a vintage maxi dress with white sneakers and a belt. The dress has a stunning floral pattern that adds to the old-fashioned look, and the belt will accentuate your waistline. This look is perfect for both casual and formal events, just make sure to wear the white sneakers for casual situations only, and replace them with heeled sandals or shoes for formal ones.

If you wish to accessorize, all you need is a nice handbag either in one of the colors of the dress or in brown or black. You can also add jewelry in either silver or gold.

3. White Jeans and Sweater

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This outfit is specially assembled to fit the beginning of the spring when the days lean more to the colder side, but you already have a bit of sunlight. All you need is white jeans and a comfortable sweater; not too thick so you don’t get too hot. As for shoes, you can get a bit creative: the animal print flats are a nice idea, but so would white sneakers or platform sandals.

You can wear this anywhere, no matter how casual the situation, and it can also work on semi-formal events because basic looks can usually fit in in most environments. Just add a nice handbag and some jewelry if you’re going someplace nicer.

4. Cross-Neck Sweater and White Jeans

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You can never go wrong with white jeans, and that is why they are featured on so many looks. If you love to wear jeans but denim isn’t suitable for certain occasions, white jeans are the way to go. This outfit pairs them with a cross-neck sweater in a beautiful blue tone.

This super simple outfit would be a good choice for both casual and formal occasions as the sweater adds all the class and glamour you would need for events such as a business meeting or an art exhibition. All that’s missing is the shoes. Well, you could wear white sneakers for casual occasions, and you can go for heeled sandals or even short boots for formal ones.

5. Cross Over Crop Top and Ripped Jeans

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This fashionable outfit is the one to go with for parties, a fun time with friends, and dinner with drinks with your other half. You would want to wear this to relaxed outings only, as it is not suitable for formal or semi-formal events.

The cross-over crop top adds all the spark you need to look like you made an effort, and the ripped jeans will give you all the comfort you need while looking amazing. You will truly be the life of the party. Just wear a pair of sneakers or platform sandals, a small handbag, and some gold or silver jewelry, and you’re ready to go.

6. Oversized Sweater and Mini Skirt

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If you love to look cute and girly at all times, this outfit is for you. All you need is an oversized sweater with a pastel color and a mini white skirt. You will look like you came straight out of a fairy tale, especially if you wear two braids like that. This look is ideal for casual and fun situations such as a party, fun time with friends, or a date with your other half.

To complement the outfit, make sure to stick to the theme. A big white belt and a white handbag would look amazing, and so would a hairband matching the color of your sweater. As for jewelry, big hoop earrings and bracelets would look the best. You can wear white sneakers with this, but if you want the outfit to reach its full potential go for knee-high white boots.

7. Floral Wrap Top and Jeans

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We hope you’re getting used to the florals, because in this season they’re everywhere. This simple outfit combines jeans with a floral wrap top and it’s ideal for day-to-day activities like going shopping, to the bank, or even to work if you don’t need to wear a uniform or formal attire.

You can pair this outfit with platform sandals or short boots, but if you want to wear sneakers, it wouldn’t look too bad either. You just need to accessorize with a thick chain necklace, bracelets, and cute earrings, maybe even a hairband or floral hair jewelry if you want to go for a spring hairstyle too.

8. Batwing Sweater and White Jeans

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Here’s a great idea if you’re attending a formal event but want to be comfortable and avoid dresses and skirts, this look would even be suitable to take to a wedding. All you need to achieve the look is a batwing sweater and white jeans, then all your accessories and sweater must create an almost monochromatic look mixing white with cream, eggshell, and light browns.

The short boots are the best option for this outfit, but if you don’t own a pair you can replace them with sandals. Now you just need a cute purse and some gold jewelry, as it would look better than silvers to create the monochromatic effect.

9. Checkered Crop Jacket and Ripped Jeans

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We love basic outfits, and we love basic outfits that look unique and fashionable even more. This one is a perfect example of that. You’ll need a basic top, a checkered crop jacket, and ripped jeans, bonus points if they have that gorgeous dark green color.

Is that all? Of course not. No outfit is complete without accessories. Wear your favorite white sneakers and a big belt, and add a black handbag or backpack. If you also want to wear jewelry, a black choker would be your best option. This outfit is ideal for fun and casual situations such as a walk outdoors with friends, a party, or getting a coffee with your loved ones.

10. Bishop Sleeve Shirt and Jeans

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This is the best type of outfit, you can wear it anywhere, casual or formal, and look like you belong. And it’s as simple as combining jeans with a bishop sleeve shirt. To make this outfit serve its versatile purpose, you should choose a fabric like suede or velvet for the shirt, just to give that classy side you’ll need to take this to a formal event.

Then all you need to do is match the color of the shirt with the shoes, for example, suede short or knee-high boots or heeled nude sandals. These details will allow you to wear jeans anywhere without looking too casual.

11. Shirt Dress and Leather Jacket

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This outfit plays again with whites and light browns, and the end result is stunning. The look combines a shirt dress with Swiss dots, with a brown leather jacket and knee-high boots in the same brown tone as the jacket. If you’re looking for something cute to wear anywhere from a fun party to a formal event such as a wedding or a business function, this outfit will have your back.

You should pick a handbag that matches the color of the boots and jacket for a better effect, and when it comes to jewelry, gold would be the best option as it matches the warmth of the brown tones.

12. Linen Pants and Wool Jacket

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This adorable outfit would suit formal occasions better, as the linen pants aren’t exactly casual outing material. However, if you’re feeling yourself and love to look classy at all times, this could work in a relaxed environment too. But for better impact, you should pick this to attend or give a lecture, go to a business meeting, or an art exhibition.

All you need to achieve this look is linen pants, somewhat baggy, in a cream or eggshell color, a basic top in a neutral tone, and a wool jacket in a bright color, preferably a pastel pink, green, blue, yellow, orange, or any color you like. You can pair this outfit with suede boots or platform sandals.

13. Basic Long-Sleeved Top and Denim Shorts

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This look is for your day-to-day use, and it’s very easy to achieve too, you probably already own all the pieces you need. You just need to combine a basic long-sleeved top and denim shorts. The top gives you a chance to be creative as you can pick any color or pattern you like. This is the kind of outfit you would wear to go shopping, for a walk with your friends, or even by yourself, or to run errands.

If you want to make the outfit a bit less basic you can add a kimono, replace the sandals with white sneakers or short boots, and add some simple jewelry like earrings and bracelets, and maybe even a thick chain necklace.

14. Snake Print Pants and Long-Sleeved Crop Top

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If you love animal prints, have a look at this one. All you need is snake print pants and a long-sleeved crop top. Preferably, you’d want to match the colors of the two pieces so if your snake print pants are mostly brown, add a brown top—if they’re white, add a white top, and so on.

This outfit is ideal for casual situations as animal print isn’t the most formal of patterns, but even if you’re only wearing this to go somewhere casual, you can still make the best of it. Add a brown or black leather jacket, a handbag to match, and short suede boots.

15. Cotton Bodycon Jumpsuit

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This one is for those of you who value comfort above everything else, this stunning look will give you just that, and at the same time, you’ll look amazing. This cotton bodycon jumpsuit will hug your figure and accentuate all your curves. You’ll feel like you’re wearing pajamas.

As you can imagine, this level of comfort abdicates the class you would need for a formal event, so this outfit is strictly for casual and relaxed outings such as a day at the library, getting coffee with friends, or going out for a walk. Just add white sneakers or platform sandals, a small handbag or a backpack, and maybe some hoop earrings.

16. Drawstring Ruched Dress

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This simple outfit consists of only a drawstring ruched dress in a baby pink tone. Although the outfit is simple, it is suitable for both formal and casual events. You could wear it to a wedding or a date at a fancy restaurant, or you could take it to a party or for a fun afternoon with friends. Either way, this outfit is versatile enough to be worn to many different places.

You must complement the outfit, and to do so you can wear heeled or platform sandals or short or knee-high boots, as long as the color matches the dress or is neutral enough not to overshadow it, such as white, cream, or eggshell.

17. Oversized Shirt and Cardigan

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For the past few years, there has been a trend to wear an oversized shirt with something over it, like a crop top. The trend hasn’t reached the top of the charts quite yet, but you can already see many people using it. This outfit is a great choice if you love the trend or want to give it a try for the first time. All you need is an oversized shirt and a knitted cardigan, preferably oversized too.

This outfit is meant to look like a dress, but if you’re uncomfortable not wearing anything else, add denim shorts or linen shorts in the same color as the cardigan you choose. Then all you need is a pair of short or knee-high boots and a small handbag to match too.

18. White Tunic and Jeans

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If you’re into modest and discreet looks and believe that nothing can beat a basic outfit, this one may be just what you’re looking for. To achieve the look, you just need to pair jeans with a white tunic. The jeans can be flared, ripped, or mom jeans, whichever you’re more comfortable with, and the tunic can be any color, but they’re usually nicer in white tones or similar, such as cream or light browns.

You can wear short boots or platform sandals, but try to steer clear from sneakers as tunics tend to give a more formal vibe. That means that you can wear this outfit to semi-formal events such as work meetings, art exhibitions, or a lecture.

19. Frayed Denim Shorts, Basic Crop Top, and Plaid Shirt

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This look is amazing. It’s super fun, and it will give you a country vibe that’s perfect for a spring party, a walk outdoors, a picnic at the park, or an afternoon enjoying the spring weather in the countryside. All you need is three simple pieces, a basic crop top, a plaid shirt, and frayed denim jeans. You can make the crop top and shirt any color you like; just make sure that they go well together.

You can wear this with short boots, or even with sneakers if you’re going to be walking a lot. And if you wish to accessorize, go for a cowboy hat and a big belt.

20. Pleated Mini Skirt and Sweater

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The fun of the season is that you won’t be either too hot or too cold, so you can get away with wearing a mini skirt with a warm sweater, and no one will bat an eye. This adorable outfit does just that: it combines a cream-colored sweater with a pleated mini shirt in white.

To make the outfit even better, you could combine it with short pointed boots in white to match the skirt or even white sneakers. This look is ideal for both relaxed and semi-formal occasions, so you can take it to the park or the cafe with your friends, or you can wear it on a cute date at a fancy restaurant.

21. Midi Dotted Dress and White Leather Jacket

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Polka dots are trending this spring, which is amazing news for those who had stuck to the vintage trend since Polka dots are quite a popular element in that type of outfit. All you need to achieve this look is a midi dotted dress and a white leather jacket. Pretty simple, but you’ll look like a million bucks.

You could wear this to semi-formal events, but the look is better suited for casual outings such as a date, dinner, and drinks with your friends, or a walk at the park with your pet. You can either wear short boots or white sneakers to match your leather jacket.

22. Plaid Jacket, Leggings, and Knee-High Rubber Boots

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If you’re going to spend a day in the countryside, visiting family at a farm, or just going out on a rainy spring day, this outfit has you covered. All you need is a plaid jacket, leggings, a basic top, and knee-high rubber boots. This outfit would be especially good if you love horseback riding. Imagine having a horseriding date with your other half, wearing this? It’s a spectacular image.

You don’t need to accessorize much for simple outfits such as this, but if you really want to, you can wear a thin chain necklace with a cute charm, a bracelet or watch, and a hairband with a color to match your outfit.

23. Snake Print Wrap Top

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If you love the look of snake print but can’t find any pants like the ones in the snake print pants and long-sleeved crop top outfit, don’t worry, there are alternatives. This outfit combines a snake print wrap top with dark jeans, and it’s all you need to sport snake print fashionably.

You can wear this outfit with heeled or platform sandals, white sneakers, or flats, but to make it better, you should try short or knee-high boots in a brown tone that matches the snake print on your shirt. Then all you need is some gold accessories such as a thick chain necklace and a watch.

24. Puff Sleeve Crop Top and Ruched Skirt Set

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We’re back to the floral theme with this stunning crop top and skirt set. The puff sleeves turn this simple crop top into something super classy and beautiful, while the ruched details on the skirt help turn this whole outfit into a glamorous look that’s fit for the most formal of occasions.

If you wish to wear this to a party or a relaxed afternoon with friends, you absolutely can, but this combination is ideal for a wedding, a date at a fancy restaurant, or an art exhibition. If you’re unsure on what shoes to pick, go for black or white short boots, or heeled sandals.

25. Layered Maxi Dress

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If you’re a maxi dress wearer, you’re bound to love this one. It is white with four different layers, and it has two thick straps of fabric that tie into bows on your shoulders. This outfit is ideal for outdoor activities such as a walk or picnic at the park, a photoshoot in the countryside, or getting a coffee with your best friend. But the magic of this look is that it can also be a formal attire when you need it to be, and you can take it to an art exhibition or a business function.

You can wear this with flat sandals, bonus points if they’re white. And if you’re going to be outdoors, you can add a wide sun hat.

26. Ripped Flared Jeans and Shirt With Vertical Ruffles

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If you’re looking for a fun outfit to wear to an afternoon with friends, a walk at the park, or a lunch date with your other half, you should give this one a go. All you need is ripped flared jeans, maybe even a bit high-waisted, and a shirt with nice details. This one, for example, has a ruffle layer on each side.

You can wear this with sandals, short boots, or even white sneakers. And if you feel like the basic white shirt may be too simple for you, you can add some jewelry to make it pop, such as a thick chain necklace, some bracelets, hoop earrings, and a big belt.

27. Polka Dot Mini Skirt and Basic Top

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We’ve had a go at the polka dot trend in the midi dotted dress and white leather jacket outfit, but we’re not done with it and wanted to bring you this stunning outfit featuring the Polka dot trend yet again.

All you need to achieve the look is a mini skirt with a Polka dot pattern and a basic top, preferably black or white. You can pair the look with short black boots or even sneakers if you’re going for a walk. To add a bit more spark, go for a big belt, a fashionable sun hat, and a small handbag.

28. Floral Maxi Dress With Slit

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This outfit combines two very strong trends for this season – vintage florals and maxi dresses. The dress has a V-neck cut with a ruffle detail that extends to the shoulders. Further down, the dress has a long slit so you can show your legs as you casually walk around. And to make it all better, the dress has a floral pattern perfect for the spring, and a gorgeous baby pink background.

You can wear this to both casual and formal occasions, just wear sneakers if you’re going out for coffee with your best friend, and wear heeled sandals if you’re going to a wedding or any other type of formal function.

29. Button-up Leather Skirt

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Here’s a versatile outfit that you can wear to go grocery shopping, and right after a date at a fancy restaurant. We all know that outfits that are suitable for every occasion are the best to have, and this one is a perfect example of that. All you need is a basic long-sleeve top, the button details are optional but add some charm, and a button-up leather skirt with a long strap of leather you can tie around your waist to work as a belt.

All you need then is short-heeled leather boots or even knee-high ones, and if there’s a cold breeze outside, you can add thin black tights.

30. Pleated V-Neck Leather Dress

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There are no words to describe how amazing this outfit is. It’s fashionable, it’s simple, it’s edgy, and it’s adorable. And all you need to achieve the look are two things: knee-high black boots and a pleated V-neck leather dress. We’ve seen leather skirts, leather jackets, leather boots, leather handbags, but nothing compares to the magnificence of a leather dress.

This look is ideal for formal occasions such as a wedding but even better for creative settings such as an art exhibition. But if you wish to wear it to a simple coffee date with your best friend or dinner out with your family, there is no reason why you shouldn’t.

31. Turtleneck Mini Dress

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This very simple outfit consists only of a turtleneck mini dress. It may still be unusual to see turtleneck dresses, but the trend has been gaining popularity over the past few years, and it’s only going to get stronger. This cute dress isn’t only soft to the touch with its cotton fabric, but it’s black, and it hugs the body—two essential ingredients to an elegant look.

You can wear this cute dress anywhere, formal or casual. Since it’s a monochromatic look with a soft fabric and a turtleneck you would fit in on any relaxed setting, but it’s also a dress (and a bodycon one at that), so you would also be able to look the part at formal functions.

32. Satin Skirt and Long Wool Coat

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Long gone are the days when satin was reserved for underwear and nightdresses. Nowadays, this stunning fabric can be worn on your day-to-day activities, usually on crop tops or dresses. But what about a skirt? It looks awesome, too, and it adds a classy touch to an overall casual outfit.

To achieve this look, you will need a midi sating skirt, a warm knitted sweater, and a long wool coat. And the skirt can singlehandedly make you fit in on both formal and relaxed occasions, so you can wear this any time and anywhere. Just wear some white sneakers if you’re going for a quick coffee with a friend, and replace them with heeled sandals if you’re going to a fancy restaurant.

33. Crop Top, Bomber Jacket, and Jeans

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With this outfit, you can wear your favorite crop top on a colder day without abdicating from your fashion sense. All you need is a bomber jacket, preferably a bit oversized, and you’ll hit the trend spot without much effort. The bomber jacket combined with your favorite crop top and jeans is a great outfit to take out for a walk, a coffee date with friends, or a study session at the library.

If you want to add some bling, go for a thick chain necklace, hoop earrings, and a lot of bracelets. And since you’re wearing a crop top, why not try a waist necklace?

34. Mini Dress and Denim Jacket

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Although this dress is classy enough to wear to a wedding or art exhibition, if you pair it with white sneakers and a denim jacket you have an amazing outfit to wear to a fun party, a casual dinner and drinks with friends, or a lunch date with your other half. However, if you wish to adapt and wear this somewhere fancier, just replace the white sneaker with heeled boots or sandals, and switch the denim jacket with a suede one.

To accessorize, you can add an ankle bracelet, gold earrings, a watch, a thick chain necklace, or even a belt to accentuate your waist even more.

35. Nude Leggings, Bralette, and Blazer

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If you are looking for something basic yet fashionable, this outfit may just tick the box for you. Have you ever thought about adding a blazer to a casual outfit? If you haven’t, your whole fashion world is about to change. This super simple look combines slightly flared nude leggings and a bralette, with a white blazer, and we love to see it.

When picking accessories to go with this outfit, make sure to stick to the color theme, so handbags should be white, cream, or suede. And the same thing applies to shoes, go for short boots, white sneakers, heeled or platform sandals, or a simple pair of flats.

36. Turtleneck Sweater, White Leggings, and Long Wool Coat

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On the topic of adding unusual pieces to an outfit, how about leggings on a formal one? It surely isn’t your first choice when you’re looking for something classy, but on this outfit, it works marvelously. To achieve the complete look you’ll need white leggings, a turtleneck sweater, and a long wool coat, either in white to create a monochromatic effect, or in brown to add some warmth to the look.

You can wear this anywhere, but it’s especially suitable for formal and semi-formal events. Just add a pair of sneakers if you’re going somewhere casual, but otherwise, short white boots of heeled sandals are the way to go.

37. Striped Sweater and Ripped Jeans

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Here’s another outfit for your day-to-day use. This look is ideal for daily activities such as going shopping, to the bank, to the library, or even walking the dogs, or a nice picnic at the park. You can’t get any simpler than this. All you need is a striped sweater and ripped jeans.

We’ve seen that colorful stripes are going to be a big trend this spring, and this is the best way to get into the craze in a comfortable and subtle way. Just pair this outfit with your favorite pair of sneakers, a few bracelets over the sleeves of the sweater, and a thick chain necklace.

38. Maxi Floral Dress and Suede Jacket

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If you love dresses and wish you could wear them more often, you don’t need to wish anymore. This outfit will allow you to wear a classy dress casually. All you need is a maxi dress, preferably with a floral pattern to make it perfect for the season, or even striped to go with the current trends and a suede jacket.

You can wear this anywhere, but it’s especially suitable for casual outings such as a coffee date with your best friend or a walk at the park. Add short suede boots to get the best out of the look, but if you don’t have any and want to stay as comfortable as possible, just wear your favorite pair of white sneakers.

39. Halter Neck Bodycon Dress and Denim Jacket

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Here’s another great idea to introduce a cute dress into your daily life. This halter neck bodycon dress goes perfectly with the denim jacket. If it’s an early spring day and it’s still a bit cold, the faux shearling that lines the inside of the jacket will give you all the warmth you need, but if it’s a warm day you can pick a denim jacket without any fluffy lining.

You can wear this outfit with white sneakers, or even baby pink ones to match the dress if you have any. If you wish to accessorize, a thick chain necklace would look amazing over the halter neckline of the dress.

40. Floral Gypsy Top and White Jeans

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This super simple outfit can be worn to casual outings or even semi-formal events such as a lecture, a business meeting, or an art exhibition. The slightly flared white jeans set the classy tone, and the floral gypsy tone adds a fun and cheerful element that’s essential for a good spring outfit.

You can wear heeled shoes or sandals with this, in either a white tone to mix with the pants or go for red ones to achieve a seductive yet fun look perfect for parties. After you have sorted the clothes and shoes, you just need to accessorize with gold jewelry to add to the warmth you get from the floral top.

41. Smocked Dress With Balloon Sleeves

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If spring was a person, it would wear this. The dress is everything you could ever ask for, and more, with its floral pattern, smocked style with balloon sleeves, and tiered details. This look is suitable for relaxed outings such as a photoshoot in the countryside, a picnic at the park, lunch and drinks with friends, or a dinner date with your other half. Just add platform sandals or white sneakers, and maybe some hair accessories such as a flower crown.

If it’s a bit cold outside and you feel like you need a jacket, a denim one would look nice, or maybe even a suede one. Just add some gold jewelry to give the outfit some extra warmth, such as a thick chain necklace, cute earrings, and lots of matching bracelets.

42. Striped Bodycon Dress and Leather Jacket

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This outfit combines two popular trends – bodycon dresses and striped patterns. Although the trend is more about colorful stripes, this combination of nude tones is bound to make an impact too. And as the dress uses nude tones only, you should choose short boots or heeled sandals in nude tones too.

What adds personality to this outfit is the leather jacket, which is black, clashing entirely with the color combination of the rest of the outfit. In other cases that could be a bad thing, but here it just adds some life and versatility which is essential in spring outfits. With the outfit complete, you just need to add some jewelry and wear this to casual or semi-formal events.

43. Puffer Vest, Basic Top, and Jeans

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This super casual outfit is ideal for when the spring is just starting and the days are still a bit cold. All you need to achieve the look is a basic top, your favorite pair of jeans, and a puffer vest. The puffer trend has just been hot the entire winter, and whilst it’s suitable it’ll slide his way into spring outfits as often as possible.

You can wear this with short boots, platform sandals, or your most comfortable pair of sneakers, as the outfit is suitable for casual and relaxed occasions such as a walk at the park, a coffee date with your best friend, or a day at the library.

44. Long Knitted Kimono and Layered Ruffle Dress

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We couldn’t end this list without a kimono. These articles of clothing have crept their way into the fashion world. They add the fashionable touch of a jacket without warming you up too much, so they’re quite common in the spring and summer when it’s nice and hot outside.

To achieve this look, all you need is a layered ruffle dress, preferably with a floral pattern to spread those spring vibes, and a long knitted kimono in any color you like, as long as it combines with the dress. You can wear anything from short boots to sneakers with this, but for better results, you should go for flat or platform sandals.

45. Halter Neck Top and Button-up Leather Skirt

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This vintage spring outfit combines a halter neck top with a gorgeous floral pattern with a button-up brown leather skirt, and it’s perfect for casual occasions such as fun times with friends, a lunch date with your other half, or a walk at the park. However, if you like this and want to wear it to a semi-formal event, you absolutely can since the button-up leather skirt and the vintage floral pattern of the top will give you all the class needed in formal attire.

You can pair this outfit with heeled or platform sandals, but for better results, you should wear suede boots to match with the brown from the leather skirt.

46. Cropped Cardigan and Linen Pants

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Linen pants on casual outfits are on another level of fashion. Years ago it would be unthinkable to wear this style of pants anywhere outside of formal occasions, but nowadays people love to think outside of the box and try new things, and thus this trend was born.

To achieve this look, you just need to combine linen pants in a cute pastel tone and pair it with a cropped cardigan with a pattern or color to match the pants. As for shoes, you can go for classic white sneakers or short boots in a light color like white or a pastel tone to match the clothes.

47. High Waisted Linen Pants and Bralette

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Since we’re on the topic of wearing linen pants in casual outfits, here’s another one. This one is making use of the stripes trend, even though they’re thin and discreet. It’s fairly simple to assemble this look, you just need high-waisted linen pants and a bralette. You can get creative with the colors and patterns as long as the end result matches perfectly.

If you want to wear this on a colder day, you can add a cardigan in a nude tone, or even a leather jacket in either brown or black. Apart from that, you just need a pair of flats or platform sandals and some gold jewelry such as a thick chain necklace and some bracelets.

48. Denim Dress

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We’ve seen looks with jeans, denim shorts, and denim jackets, but what about a denim dress? It’s quite an unusual piece, even though it’s absolutely stunning. And it’s all you need for a completed look. Denim is one of those neutral fabrics that doesn’t get too warm but it doesn’t let you get too cold either.

You can wear sandals or heeled shoes with this dress, or even a pair of sneakers, but for the outfit to reach its full potential, you should get knee-high denim boots. It will be a unique kind of monochromatic look. However, if you don’t want to go full denim, you can add a black leather jacket or black suede boots.

49. Bishop Sleeve Shirt and High Waisted Shorts

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This super cute look is for those of you who love to feel girly and fashionable at all times, even if you’re just going to the shops for some groceries. This look is very casual, but it’s still classy enough that you can wear it to semi-formal occasions such as a date at a nice restaurant or an art exhibition. You just need to play around with the shoes to fit the setting.

All you need to achieve the look is a bishop sleeve shirt with a subtle minimalist floral pattern and high-waisted shorts with a long strip of fabric to tie around the waist to serve as a belt. The rubber boots are entirely optional, but a great idea if you want to go for something different.

50. Pleated Midi Skirt and Satin Crop Top

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To end this list with a bang we have this stunning outfit that’s ideal for both casual and formal occasions. We don’t see satin enough, as we’ve discussed when looking at this satin skirt and long wool coat outfit. This fabric is still widely used only on nightwear and underwear, but it gives such a classy look that it’s a matter of time before it becomes a popular trend.

This outfit combines a pleated midi skirt in black with a white satin crop top, a stunning combination only made better by the sun hat and the heeled sandals. You should also add some gold jewelry to give the look some warmth, a thick chain necklace is especially recommended.

Accessories Are the Essence of Any Good Outfit

Spring is the best season to mix cute summer outfits with classy winter ones. You get the best of both worlds. You can wear shorts, a mini skirt, a bralette, or sandals, but at the same time, you can add a nice jacket, tights, or a knitted sweater.

Besides versatile outfits, what can you do to spruce up your look? Accessorize, of course! This season is the best when it comes to accessories, as the floral theme is commonly used and easy to find for good prices.

Here are a few suggestions for you to complement your spring outfit.

Hair Accessories

Your hair offers you the perfect opportunity to add a new element to your outfit. As you can imagine, most pieces made for the spring are floral-themed. For instance, this pack of four hairpins offers a variety of colors in a beautiful and shiny arrangement.

If you love hair clips and most of your hairstyles consist of you twisting your hair and holding it up with a claw, this pack of four hair clips is the perfect choice for the spring. With different colors in the same floral pattern, you’ll always have one to match your outfit.

We couldn’t end this article without mentioning flower crowns. They’re the perfect spring accessory, and if you love going out with friends to take pictures, this is a must-have. You can get this pack of 10 flower crowns, with various colors and long green strands that you can wrap around two locks of your hair, or even two braids.


A nice pair of earrings can go a long way when it comes to complementing an outfit. A necklace or bracelet may go unnoticed, but earrings never do. If you like being extra on your earrings choices, this pack of 12 earrings features spring themes from floral patterns to cute bees.

Speaking of bees, what about a flower stud earring with a bee dangle? It’s stunning, and it can’t get any more spring-themed. However, if you’re going for a classy look, a discreet rose made of soft fabric would be the best choice for you.

Bracelets and Necklaces

When looking for the perfect bracelets and necklaces to add to your spring outfit you can take into account the current trends and maybe get a thick chain bracelet and necklace set.

But if you’re going for the classic spring, sunflowers are adorable and look awesome on jewelry. Take this sterling silver sunflower bracelet as an example of just how gorgeous these pieces are. Or even this sterling silver locket necklace, which you can open to show an uplifting message.

Wear the Sunflowers and Sunsets on Your Skin

You may have gotten amazing ideas for a perfect spring outfit, or perhaps you found an accessory you must get, but either way we hope you have found what you were searching for.

But remember that the secret to a perfect outfit is how you carry it: walk around like you mean it, wear your outfits like they were made especially for you, and shine brighter than the sun.