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50 Small Tattoo Ideas for Women

50 Small Tattoo Ideas for Women

Small tattoos can be the best choice for anyone who is looking for a tasteful and fashionable design that isn’t overly bold or noticeable. Small-sized tattoos are adorable, they take less time to finish, and can be positioned discreetly or covered up easily depending upon their placement.

At the same time, micro tattoos can still make a bold statement with a symbolic meaning or adorable design, which make them good options for those who are a little nervous about getting a large, intricate tattoo inked on their body.

Many excellent small tattoos they feature a basic design and uncomplicated details. However, this does not mean that you have to keep things simple. Even though it is a small tattoo, it will still be a permanent mark on your body, so pick something you love. The best tattoos hold a personal meaning to beyond mere aesthetics.

Things to Consider When Getting a Small Tattoo

Small tattoos may be simple and minimalistic, but there are still a few things to watch out for when choosing a micro tattoo design.


Although small tattoos can be inked anywhere on the body, you need to carefully choose the location for your tattoo. Not all areas are equally suited for small tattoos. For instance, if you get a tiny tattoo inked on the bottom of your hands or on your feet, it will fade more quickly because of the continuous use of those areas. Moreover, it will also make it a bit difficult for you to show off your ink or admire it for yourself.


Finding the right size for your small tattoo is also very important. Most small tattoo ideas are restricted to simpler details, which makes them more favorable to age well and last longer.

A tiny tattoo with too complex of a design, on the contrary, may make the ink bleed to different areas and ruin the tattoo. That is why you should work with your tattoo artist to figure out the ideal small tattoo size to suit your purposes.


There are numerous designs that can be scaled to a smaller size to create an inspiring micro tattoo. Quotes and letters often work well as small pieces, yet your choice of fonts and typography will play a vital role in how they turn out. Many tribal designs and floral tattoos are simple to scale down as tiny tattoos. Nonetheless, it is vital to ensure that you choose a design you love, because it will be a part of you for the rest of your life.

Remember that there is a low margin for error in small tattoos, which makes it even more important to find the best tattoo design when inking one. Below are some small tattoo ideas that will help you to narrow down your choices.

1. Heart-Shaped Blue Diamond

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Diamonds are always special; heart-shaped diamonds even moreso because they feature one of the most coveted diamond shapes. The added appeal and symbolic meaning of a heart-shaped diamond make it a good choice for small tattoos.

The color blue is generally associated with peace and harmony, so this tattoo design can also represent your composed and straightforward yet romantic side. This will also be a great small tattoo idea if you admire the beauty of the “Heart of the Ocean” diamond popularized by the movie Titanic.

2. Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Symbol

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If you are a Harry Potter fan, then nothing can be more creative than inking the Deathly Hallows symbol on your wrist. The triangular symbol with a circle inside has become a popular motif among aficionados of the series and can be a great way to show off your fandom. Inking the Elder Wand as it is depicted in the Harry Potter books and movies gives you an elegant and mystical tattoo that also shows off your interests in a classy way.

3. Painted Dragonfly With Colorful Wings

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A dragonfly tattoo design can symbolize many things to the wearer, such as peace, prosperity, positive energy, strength, purity, maturity, and harmony.

In some cultures, it is believed that a dragonfly brings good luck when it lands on you. No matter what you believe in, this small dragonfly tattoo with colorful wings will add a graceful touch to your ink collection. Dragonfly tattoos can also represent independence and your high regard for the beauty of nature.

4. Tribal Spear With Red Thread

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A tribal spear tattoo can be a metaphor for your inner strength, bravery, and courage, and symbolize the warrior within you.

The red thread on the spear not only elevates its appearance but also adds a powerful message to the tattoo design. As a red thread is often considered a symbol of the unification of two lovers, including that in the tattoo will remind you how ancient warriors had to leave their beloved to fight the battles for the common good. This can also be a subtle way to commemorate a loved one who served the country in a war.

5. Classic Laurel Wreath

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Laurel wreath tattoos have long been associated with triumph and success. In Greek mythology, Apollo is depicted as wearing a laurel wreath on his head, while ancient Romans used to award laurel wreaths to commanders to honor their martial success.

In modern-day culture, a laurel wreath tattoo can represent victory and symbolize how you have overcome the challenges in life like a true warrior. It can also mean victory over oneself by defeating negative qualities.

6. Black and Gray Cherry Blossoms

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Cherry blossoms symbolize the transient nature of life while also carrying the virtues of love and beauty. This means that the simple tattoo on your hand can be a constant reminder to take a break and admire every moment of life.

At the same time, it will also remind you of the spring season, which is a time of renewal and rebirth. This can be a delicate way to express your reformation through tough times in life as well.

7. Semicolon

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A small semicolon tattoo on your wrist can hold a much deeper symbolic meaning than many of complex tattoo designs. A writer puts a semicolon when the sentence could have been ended, but they chose to continue instead.

This makes a semicolon a symbol of hope and optimism. The tattoo can perfectly symbolize how a difficult time in life may have had broken you, but you chose to fight back and emerged as a champion through the challenges.

8. Rising Phoenix

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The most common symbolic meanings of a phoenix tattoo are rebirth, renewal, and the beginning of a new life just as the phoenix rises from the ashes. It symbolizes how you have overcome the toughest times in life and transformed into the new you. You can also get this tattoo inked to honor a loved one you have lost, stating that they will always remain alive in your memories.

9. Crystal Red Heart

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Similar to the Heart-Shaped Blue Diamond tattoo design, here the heart shape is formed by a beautiful red crystal. You can also customize this small tattoo idea to accommodate your birthstone in the design, or make it something like which can be any gemstone, such as coral, ruby, carnelian, or red tourmaline.

10. Dragon

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Dragons are fascinating mythological creatures that can symbolize different things in different cultures. In general, dragon tattoos represent power, protection, wisdom, and the freedom of your soul.

This cute little dragon tattoo can uphold all those virtues while expressing your fearless, bold, and courageous nature. Even if you aren’t interested in the symbolic meaning, the mythical creature will make a great addition to your ink collection.

11. Crescent Moon With Cardinal Points

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Crescent moon tattoos are elegant and usually hold less detail than many small tattoos. This makes inking a crescent moon in a delicate area like the neck or behind the ear a great option. It can symbolize transition and represent the ever-changing time.

In some cultures, crescent moons also signify fertility, birth cycles, and womanhood. Adding cardinal points to the tattoo design will make it more unique and can depict your longing desire to reach to the sky.

12. Yin and Yang Symbol

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This is a minimalistic yet powerful tattoo design that can hold deep symbolic meanings. According to Ancient Chinese philosophy, yin and yang represent the concept of dualism and signify how contrary forces may be interdependent or interconnected in the natural world.

This makes it a great tattoo idea to keep reminding yourself that there is always a silver lining in every tough situation and you just need to stay positive.

13. Lucky Number 21

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In numerology, the number 21 represents a spirit of inspiration, valuing relationships, and creative self-expression. It can also stand for optimistic, diplomatic, and imaginative qualities. So inking the number 21 will symbolize that you carry all these virtues and denote how you can beat any negative situation with your creative spirit.

This small tattoo idea can be adapted for any number with significant symbolic or personal meaning.

14. Minimalist Star for Couples

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If you are looking for a minimalist couples tattoo idea, this could be right for you. A five-pointed star is one of the most popular ideograms in modern culture and can represent fame, recognition, truth, spirituality, and acknowledgment. In some cultures, star tattoos can also represent a divine relationship with God.

In any case, this micro couples tattoo will always mean that you are the star in each other’s life.

15. Dolphin With Crescent Moon

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Similar to the Crescent Moon With Cardinal Points tattoo design, except this time instead of the cardinal directions, an adorable little dolphin is added to the tattoo.

Dolphins are known for their playfulness and cheerful mood, which makes this tattoo a great idea to express your free-spirited and lighthearted attitude toward life.

16. Japanese Folding Fan

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There is a variety of symbolism associated with Japanese folding fans. Also known as a sensu or ougi, a Japanese folding fan is considered a symbol of prosperity, fulfillment, and wealth. These fans come in various styles, pictures, and patterns too, which give them a deeper symbolic meaning.

This makes a Japanese fan tattoo idea more intriguing as it opens up many ways to customize the tattoo design and represent your personality.

17. Winnie-the-Pooh

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If you are a Winnie-the-Pooh fan, then this small tattoo idea will be the best way to show your love for the character. This tattoo design features an outline of Pooh with his iconic honey pot.

Even if you are not a Winnie-the-Pooh enthusiast, this tiny teddy bear tattoo can be a great way to express characteristics like happiness, sweetness, friendship, youthfulness, joy, and hope.

18. Tiny Sparkling Blue Stars

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This small tattoo idea gives a colorful twist to a Minimalistic Star tattoo design. Here, you can choose to go with 3 – 4 bright blue stars of different sizes and accentuate them with a few relatively smaller red dotted stars.

The symbolic meaning aside, this can be one of the best small tattoo ideas for expressing your creativity and imagination.

19. Tiny Paw Prints

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This small tattoo idea can be a great way to show your love for your canine friend. Dogs are known to be loyal and express unconditional devotion to their owners. This makes the tiny paw print tattoo idea a great choice to state it out loud how much you cherish your relationships.

While many get this type of tattoo inked to honor the memory of a pet, it can also symbolize that you long to embody the traits of loyalty, affection, and commitment.

20. Minimalist Creation of Adam

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The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo is one of the most popular fresco paintings ever known. If you are an art lover but do not want to ink the entire illustration on your body, then this simplistic representation of the masterpiece can be an ideal way to achieve your desires.

This little tattoo just includes the outline of the hands of God and Adam as depicted in the fresco painting. Apart from reminding you of the great artwork and showing your high regard for art, this small tattoo can also symbolize your relationship with.

21. Flying Swallow Bird

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Swallow tattoos hold great symbolic meanings, and were often chosen by sailors to symbolize their sailing experiences. In some cultures, it is believed that swallows carry the souls of deceased sailors to heaven.

This makes it a great tattoo idea to honor a departed loved one who served in the navy. At the same time, having a bird inked on your body can signify freedom, independence, spirituality, and understanding too.

22. Dots in a Straight Line

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If you are looking for a modest symbolic tattoo idea like the Semicolon tattoo, then you should consider this one. Having three dots in a line can represent ellipsis, denoting that you are not done yet and are on an unfinished journey. Adding three more dots to the straight line can further indicate a concept of continuance or reflect on your thoughtful and considerate nature.

23. Sunflower

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Sunflowers are the most common choices when it comes to flower tattoo ideas. They hold great symbolic meaning and can represent love, loyalty, endurance, happiness, joy, good luck, or many other things depending upon your cultural beliefs.

In any case, the bright sunflower tattoo will remind you of the natural beauty of summer and motivate you to be positive and seek the light in all situations.

24. Tiny African Elephant

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Scaling down the majestic African elephant to a small tattoo design seems quite fascinating in itself. In Africa, elephants are considered a symbol of strength and wisdom, while they are valued in many other cultures for their noble nature. In general, an elephant tattoo can mean authority, compassion, and faith, no matter how small the size of the tattoo design is.

25. Bumblebee

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Bumblebees are known for their hard work and collaboration, and can symbolize growth with cooperation. In some cultures, bumblebees are also considered a symbol of renewal and the season of spring.

If you are a nature lover, then this small tattoo design can be the best way to show your admiration for the beauty of nature while reminding you of your responsibility to preserve the environment.

26. Lightning Bolt Silhouette With Sunflowers

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This tattoo design takes your imagination to the next level. It features a lightning bolt shape filled with sunflowers that blend the symbolic meanings of the two distinct elements in a perfectly balanced design.

While sunflowers symbolize adoration, loyalty, good luck, endurance, and happiness, a lightning bolt can represent power, strength, and intelligence. Together, this tattoo design shows several positive virtues that many wish to embody in life.

27. Sword With a Floral Vine

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A sword tattoo can symbolize protection, courage, authority, and strength. The metaphysical meaning of a sword is to penetrate the power of the intellect.

This small tattoo includes a floral vine wrapped around the sword, which adds the symbolic meanings of endurance, promise, survival, and progress to the tattoo design. Even if you don’t care about the symbolism, the unique appeal of the sword with a floral vine might be enough to tempt you to go for it.

28. Elegant Mandala Flower

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Mandala tattoos feature a circular design with different shapes and patterns radiating outwards from the center. This small tattoo design follows the same concept and turns it into an elegant flower.

As for the symbolic meaning, this mandala floral design can mean balance, perfection, harmony, peace, and eternity. It can also be a symbol of enlightenment and represent your constant spiritual growth.

29. Feather With Flock of Birds

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Feather and bird tattoos can hold different meanings, such as truth, freedom, bravery, and courage.

In Native American culture, a feather tattoo can be considered a symbol of inherent virtue, wisdom, power, spiritual protection, while many other cultures view feathers as messages from the spirit world. Regardless of what your cultural roots or beliefs are, this small tattoo will be an elegant piece of work on your body and can stand for your own unique personality.

30. Be Bold

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This simple two-word quote, “Be Bold,” is a complete sentence with a powerful message. It will remind you to be strong, courageous, brave, and bold to face any challenge in life. Just make sure to choose the typography and fonts carefully because that will play a big role in how your tattoo design will show the meaning you want to convey.

31. Mountains, Moon, and Stars

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This small tattoo idea gives life to your desire to travel and explore different places. It can be a delicate way to express how you long to discover every end of the earth and that you feel alive under the star-lit skies.

Meanwhile, it can also hold different symbolic meanings by combining mountains, crescent moon, and stars in a circular tattoo design. It can be a symbol of your spiritual achievement, love for nature, and wanderlust in a single tattoo.

32. Bow and Floral Arrow

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A bow and arrow tattoo design generally symbolize strength and power. It can also represent a sense of direction and signify how you constantly strive to move forward without looking at the past.

The floral arrow in this small tattoo design can symbolize that you are ready to tackle any challenge in life with positivity. Likewise, the floral arrow can also stand for your love for natural beauty and life.

33. Outline of Pair of Cherries

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A cherry tattoo has become a quite popular idea to represent feminine chastity, purity, innocence, and virtue. This simple tattoo with a pair of cherries can also symbolize sweetness, love, and harmony, as well as aspects of your innate beauty.

In some cultures, cherries also symbolize friendship; Japan once presented as many as 3,000 cherry trees to the US as a sign of friendship.

34. Chinese Lettering

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Chinese characters are beautiful logograms that look awesome in a tattoo design. If you do not want an intricate tattoo on your body, inking your loved one’s name in Chinese lettering can be an ideal way to express your love and devotion.

You could also use Chinese characters to transform the Be Bold simplistic quote tattoo idea and give it a new dimension.

35. Tiny Finger Rose

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You cannot skip considering rose tattoo designs when it comes to small flower tattoo ideas. If you admire the beauty of nature and have a liking towards flowers, then inking a tiny rose tattoo will be an amazing way to exhibit your passion. Roses symbolize promise, hope, love, romance, and new beginnings. This gives you enough room for defining your persona with the small finger tattoo.

36. Bouquet of Birth Flowers

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In floriography, or the language of flowers, each month has a different flower that can symbolize different things and can be associated with the person born in that month.

For instance, marigold is the birth flower of October, which can represent creativity and passion, while carnation is the birth flower of January that signifies love and hope. A bouquet of your birth flower is a great way to celebrate yourself or someone you care about with a beautiful design.

37. Colorful Mandala-Inspired Lotus

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If you are impressed by the symbolic meaning of the Mandala Flower tattoo design but want something more vibrant, then this small tattoo idea can be the right one for you.

Here, you get a colorful artistic representation of a mandala-inspired lotus flower that adds a unique aspect and appeal to the tattoo idea. At the same time, the lotus flower tattoo design can also symbolize characteristics like hope and strength.

38. Pearl in a Seashell

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This small wrist tattoo can mean a lot to the wearer. Pearls are considered a symbol of purity, richness, light, clarity, and femininity. As they have a pale glow, pearls are also associated with the full moon and can stand for change, transformation, and accomplishment.

This makes it a great tattoo design to represent your transformation over time and signify how you have evolved to accomplish your goals. The seashell can further give it a meaning of protection and portray your caring nature for your loved ones.

39. Roman Numerals With Heart

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Inking Roman numerals tattoo is always a subtle yet unique way to commemorate a special day. It could be your birthday, anniversary, the birth of your child, or any other important day that you want to cherish your entire life. The heart shape included in the tattoo design gives it an adorable finish while further underlining the significance of the day for you.

40. Butterfly Line Tattoo

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Butterfly tattoos can symbolize freedom, beauty, and transformation, and are often chosen to represent a period of change. This humble tattoo can show how you have evolved through different situations in life to become the new you.

You can also accentuate the appeal of this small line tattoo by adding colors and elegant patterns to the butterfly wings later, or add the flair of a flower to the design if needed.

41. Cute Little Angel Wings

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The symbolic meaning of angel wings tattoos can differ based on the design, yet in general, they represent protection, hope, guidance, and faith.

This small tattoo idea can be a delicate way to depict your religious beliefs or to express the innate qualities of positivity in you. Angel wings also symbolize rebirth and reincarnation in some cultures, so the tattoo design can also stand for your transformation and triumph over difficult times.

42. Flower With Someone’s Name in the Stem

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If you admire the symbolic meaning of roses as in the Tiny Finger Rose tattoo design but are looking for something more distinctive, then this one will suit your needs in the best way. The pinkish-purple colored rose in this small tattoo idea adds the virtues of royalty and enchantment to the design, and including the name of your loved one weaved into the stem makes it especially unique and meaningful.

43. Paper Plane With Heart Symbol

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A paper plane tattoo flying in the wind can mean many things to the wearer. It can be a symbolic representation of your creative dreams or remind you to move forward in life letting go of the things that pull you down.

The small heart shape in the tattoo design can also add a deeper meaning to it, adding virtues like love, affection, and devotion. The paper airplane can even represent your love for traveling or denote how you long to explore life wherever it takes you with a positive spirit.

44. Cherub Shooting an Arrow

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Cherubs are considered angels of the second highest order of the nine-fold celestial hierarchy in traditional Christian angelology. This makes it a great tattoo idea to portray your determination to overcome any challenge in life, just like a winged angelic figure.

The design can also mean power, valor, innocence, purity, and victory, or symbolize a sense of protection for your loved ones. Even without any symbolic meanings, the tiny cherub on your arm will draw everyone’s attention to it with its cute appeal.

45. Lilo and Stitch Ohana Tattoo

Image source

Ohana means “family” in Hawaiian, and is synonymous with “nest” in the Māori language. Inking this small tattoo on your arm can be the best way to convey how you value your family and are ready to do anything for them.

Including Stitch, the koala-esque alien from Disney’s Lilo & Stitch franchise, not only gives a cute appeal to the tattoo design but it also adds the symbolic meanings of safety and memory to the tattoo. It blends perfectly with Ohana to express how you cherish your family and feel secure with them.

46. Graceful Palm Tree

Image source

Palm tree tattoos are very popular among those who look for nature-inspired tattoos. A palm tree tattoo can have different meanings, such as wisdom and innate goodness, while it is also considered a symbol of God in some cultures.

This tattoo can symbolize a laid-back lifestyle or the “island life” too, which is why many people in Hawaii, Florida, California, and other tropical locations choose to ink a palm tree to represent their connection to their home state.

47. Black Sunflower

Image source

Sunflower tattoos are one of the most preferred flower tattoo ideas because they represent the most coveted qualities in life – truth, peace, and light.

This small tattoo design, although entirely different from the painted Sunflower tattoo idea, still upholds the symbolic meanings of sunflower and can signify your constant desire to seek the light, truth, and peace. You can also ink a tiny sunflower on your wrist to honor the person who helped you out of your darkest times in life.

48. Four-Leaf Clover

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A four-leaf clover has long been associated with good fortune. Generally, the three petals in clovers symbolize faith, hope, and love, and a four-petal clover is very rare to find. It is considered “lucky” to have spotted the fourth petal in clover, which gives the symbolic meaning of good luck and fortune to four-leaf clovers.

As four-leaf clovers are very rare, the small tattoo can also mean individuality and uniqueness, while depicting that you carry your luck everywhere.

49. Starfish

Image source

Starfish or sea stars are very fascinating creatures, although they are not that common in tattoo designs. Typically, a starfish tattoo symbolizes intuition, regeneration, and renewal because starfishes can let go of a limb when its life is threatened. Yet in some cultures, starfish tattoos are also associated with salvation, protection, divine love, and even guidance by the Virgin Mary. This means that the micro tattoo can have a deeper personal meaning to express your religious beliefs or the positive characters in your life.

50. Artistic Sagittarius Symbol

Image source

The Sagittarius symbol represents optimistic, progressive, and adventurous characters, and can signify your independent, confident, and open-minded personality.

This small finger tattoo combines the Sagittarius astrological sign (November 23-December 21) with the unalome symbol to give you a unique design. It can be an ideal way to express your eccentric persona to the world.

Choosing the Best Small Tattoo for You

The best small tattoo idea will give you the perfect balance of symbolic meaning and aesthetic appeal. A tiny tattoo can be a gateway tattoo to start off and later move on to a more detailed full-sleeve or back tattoo design. Small tattoos can even be expanded or accentuated with other elements later to create an intricate and bigger tattoo design.

For instance, you can work around the Mandala Flower tattoo to create a larger design easily by following the same pattern.

Or you could add elements like an infinity symbol, flowers, and other patterns to the Yin and Yang tattoo to create a bigger masterpiece. No matter what you’re looking for, you should also choose a small tattoo design that will fit with your future goals and ideas.

If you are looking to get a micro tattoo to get started and want to develop it later, make sure to let the small tattoo heal well before you work on it further. You need to care for your delicate tattoos more delicately and follow strict aftercare instructions as provided by your tattoo artist.

It is recommended to apply a thin coat of moisturizing lotion over the tattooed area for at least 4 – 7 days to let the ink heal well. You can buy After Inked Tattoo Moisturizer to keep the tattooed skin moisturized and reduce the chance that it will flake and peel. No matter what, do not pick or scratch the scabs; just cleanse your tattooed skin gently with some warm water and antibacterial soap.