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Celebrate Your Birthday the Right Way With These 50 Outfit Ideas

Celebrate Your Birthday the Right Way With These 50 Outfit Ideas

Our birthday is a day as special as Christmas or New Year’s Eve, it only happens once a year, and every time we await it with excitement and impatience. But of course, such a big day requires some preparation. You need to plan a party, or if you’re not throwing one, you need to plan where you’re going for food or drinks with your loved ones.

Amongst considering the perfect location, and who to invite, there is a pressing dilemma you will eventually get to – what to wear.

The perfect birthday outfit will be very different for everyone. It depends on many factors such as how you’re celebrating and where. Your style also comes into play because although you love to wear jeans and basic tops all year, your birthday is special and deserves a different outfit.

Perhaps the biggest factor you need to consider when picking a birthday outfit is the season. Not only will the weather affect what you can wear, but you may want to take into account the season trends. So, let’s have a look at what you could choose depending on your birthday season.

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Spring Birthday

No surprises here, a Spring birthday outfit is likely to contain floral themes. But apart from that, you can wear the cute little outfits you’d wear on a hot Summer day, combined with the class of a beautiful leather or denim jacket, or a blazer. You don’t have to worry much about the temperature and that’s what makes the Spring a great season to get creative with outfits.

The Spring also comes with a plethora of accessories that would look amazing added to your birthday outfit, such as flower crowns, hairbands, and flower-themed jewelry.

Summer Birthday

If you love small dresses, rompers, mini skirts and were born in the Summer, you won the birthday lottery. Summer birthday parties are filled with cute outfits, sunny outings, and sometimes even beach or swimming pool parties.

Tropical themes are common pattern choices, just like bright and fluorescent colors. And thin fabrics like chiffon, tulle, lace, and mesh are perfect for the season too. You also get to wear accessories you wouldn’t in cold seasons such as sun hats and sunglasses.

Fall Birthday

Fall isn’t much different than Spring when it comes to temperature. But whilst the Spring leans more towards warmer days, Fall tends to get them a bit colder. Overall, a perfect balance is created and you can get creative with small dresses and thick jackets, or a fuzzy sweater and a mini skirt.

The most common autumn colors are rust, brown, and nude tones, as well as suede and leather fabrics.

Winter Birthday

If your birthday is in the colder months you may sometimes get a bit discouraged and think you won’t be able to find a cute outfit because you need to worry about staying warm, but that is not necessarily the case. The winter season comes with the classiest of outfits and you get to wear gorgeous pieces such as faux fur coats that are too warm for other seasons.

The good thing about Winter outfits is that you don’t have specific trends and colors and you can get creative with different patterns. Plus, nothing looks richer than a matching scarf and leather gloves set.

Let’s Get to the Inspiration

With what outfits work best for each season in mind, let’s get to the 50 outfit ideas. For each one, you may get accessory recommendations, ideas to switch things up, and what kind of birthday celebration it would be most suitable for.

1. Chiffon Bodycon Dress With Short Puffed Sleeves

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Your birthday is a special day and it’s also the perfect opportunity to wear something that you normally wouldn’t any other day of the year. If you love girly dresses full of fun details and a princess-like vibe, this dress is worth considering. It’s fully lined with chiffon, the short puffed sleeves are made of many layers of chiffon too, and the bodice and skirt hug the body tightly.

This dress would be ideal if your birthday is in the Summer or on a particularly hot Spring day because any type of coat wouldn’t do the puffed sleeves any favors. You can wear this with heeled sandals or short heeled boots, preferably in a matching pink tone or white.

2. High Shine Long-Sleeve Crop Top and Mini Skirt Set

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Two-piece sets are often simple but classy. The fact that you have two perfectly matching pieces of clothing on your outfit requires little effort and produces great results. This outfit is a great example of just that, all you need is a long-sleeve crop top and mini skirt set, in any color or pattern you prefer, but as you can see this high shine pink tone works really well.

You should try your best to match the color of your shoes to the outfit itself, and in this tone, you are more likely to find heeled sandals or shoes. However, heeled black or white boots would work well too.

3. White Jeans, Pink Crop Top, and Pink Heeled Sandals

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Are you not in the mood for skirts and dresses? Is your birthday in the winter or a cold fall day and you need to wear a coat over your outfit? If you answered yes to those questions, this outfit will tick all your boxes. All you need is a long-sleeved crop top, white jeans, and heeled sandals. To get the best out of the outfit you must make sure that the crop top and the sandals are the same color.

Although you can choose any color for the top and sandals, this baby pink tone is amazing and will surely make you look great. This outfit is great for cold days because you can add any coat you like without ruining the look, such as a leather jacket, a denim jacket, or a wool coat.

4. Mini Dress With Lace Layer

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This fairly simple outfit has all its beauty come from its vintage vibe. It’s a simple white bodycon dress, with an outside lace layer, as well as sleeves that are entirely made of lace. Although a simple white mini dress would be seen as low-effort and too simple for such a big occasion, the lace will add all the class and refinement that a birthday outfit needs.

You will get a classic look that’s better paired with equally classic accessories such as heeled sandals or shoes, thick chain necklaces, a gold watch, gold hoop earrings, and if you need another layer, add a denim jacket.

5. Silver Sequin Dress

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Is there anything better than sequin to make you the center of attention and the life of any party? Surely not. This is the kind of fabric that shines and makes you shine no matter how you wear it. This particular outfit is comprised of a silver sequin bodycon dress only, and that is more than enough to make a statement.

You can wear heeled shoes or sandals, but we recommend you pick silver ones to go with the dress. As for accessories, you can choose to go for silver jewelry so it all matches, but that way the pieces will fade a little. What you should do is wear gold jewelry so the accessories can stand out.

6. Midi Black Skirt and Striped Top

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If your overall style tends to be quite relaxed, and you don’t really want to spend money on a special outfit just for your birthday, don’t worry, you can create something cute with your day-to-day clothing choices. This outfit, for example, is put together with a midi black skirt and a striped top. Both items that you may already own, and that combined create a great birthday outfit.

You can wear both heeled shoes or sandals with this, just make sure you stick to black or white to create harmony between the different elements of the outfit. When picking jewelry, silver would also look better since gold may be too warm and take too much attention away from your clothes.

7. Oversized Pants and Top Set

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This stunning two-piece set works for both casual and formal settings, and it’s proof that you don’t have to abdicate from class to be comfortable. The set is comprised of wide pants and a simple top in the same burgundy color.

You can wear both sandals or heeled shoes, or even short boots. Black would work well, however, if you want to take it one step further and add a different touch to the outfit, pick golden shoes and pair them with gold bracelets and necklaces. The combination between the gold of the shoes and jewelry with the burgundy of the clothes is fantastic and all you need for a special birthday outfit.

8. Lace Jumpsuit

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Back in the mini dress with lace layer outfit we saw how this fabric can make turn any simple look into something special. Lace can be considered a vintage trend, so if you love that trend this is a great way of utilizing it. You will need a long-sleeved long jumpsuit with a nude layer of fabric and a lace fabric over it. It

When picking shoes make sure to go for white or nude, you don’t want to take any protagonism from this gorgeous jumpsuit. The same thing goes for jewelry, pick silver to keep it discreet. If you’re cold, go for a denim or a long-pile faux white fur coat.

9. Black Jeans, Crop Top, and Blazer

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Is your birthday in the middle of winter and you struggle to find something cute that can keep you warm too? Have a look at this one. All you need is black jeans and a black crop top. You may be thinking that it won’t keep you warm at all, but it’s what you add on top that does that. Add a blazer to stay classy, but don’t treat it as your topcoat, treat it as part the part that aims to make you look good.

The jeans, crop top, and blazer will be your look when you’re indoors, dancing, and having fun. But for when you’re outside you can add a long wool or faux fur coat which will surely keep you comfortable in low temperatures.

10. Maxi Floral Dress

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This outfit is for those of you who were born in the Spring. However, if you love this outfit and were born any other time, there is no reason why you shouldn’t give it a go. All you need is a maxi floral dress. That’s it. Pick your favorite background color and your favorite floral pattern style and you’re set to go.

You can wear it with heeled shoes or sandals, but if you want to wear boots, suede or black leather ones would be the best option. When picking accessories you can choose between silver and gold and both would look great on this look.

11. Bodycon Green Mini Dress

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This adorable dress is both simple and classy and it’s perfect for warmer weather because tights might ruin the look. It’s a bodycon green mini dress, and there are two straps of the same fabric hanging from the shoulder, there is a functional need for them, as they serve as your only sleeve, and it adds to the aesthetics. The other shoulder will be bare creating an asymmetrical look.

You can wear heeled shoes, sandals, or boots with this dress, in either the same green tone, black or white. And the same thing goes for the purse, green, black, or white. If you think you might get cold during the night, a denim jacket would look very fashionable and contrast with the classy vibe of the dress.

12. Cross-Neck Maxi Dress With Slit

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This is one of those outfits that must be worn in the Summer or a hot Spring or Fall day because a jacket would just take protagonism away from the dress. To achieve the look you will need a cross neck maxi dress with a slit on the side so your leg shows when you walk. It is fairly simple but the cross-neck detail makes it look elaborate.

You will ideally wear heeled sandals or even flat sandals with this look and opt for camel, nude, and orange tones. Keep those colors into account when you look for a purse too. As for jewelry, avoid necklaces otherwise the neckline will look too cluttered, but you can pick as many bracelets and hair accessories as you like, and even an ankle bracelet.

13. Asymmetrical Sequin Dress

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This asymmetrical sequin dress works for both hot and cold weather. If it’s hot, you won’t get too hot because even though there is a long sleeve, one of the arms is bare so it will balance out. And if it’s cold, you can wear nude tights and a faux fur or wool long coat.

Since we’re talking about silver sequin, you want to pick silver jewelry so the whole look looks cool, adding warmth with gold jewelry might take away some impact from the dress. You can wear both heeled shoes and sandals, and you can pick high shine silver or nude, or you can even find silver sequin shoes to completely match with the dress.

14. Black Skater Dress With Balloon Chiffon Sleeves

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We all know how flattering a black dress is. It has a slimming effect, and it looks super chic. This black skater dress is proof of that, and it’s made even better by the balloon chiffon sleeves with a few embroidered flowers. Although there’s a floral theme, it is very discreet making it perfect for every season.

You can wear anything from boots to heeled sandals or shoes, and although the red shoes look good, they will look even better in black to match the dress. And if you think you’re going to be cold at any point, you can wear any coat you like because everything goes well with a black dress.

15. V-Neck Sequin Dress

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Have you noticed a pattern? Sequin is extremely popular for special occasions such as New Year’s Eve, prom, or your birthday, so you are bound to find many ideas using this stunning fabric. The dress you see here is going to be a head-turner wherever you go, with its bodycon fit, V-neck cut, and fringes around the neckline.

You should wear heeled shoes or sandals, preferably in silver or sequin like the dress. This look is perfect if you want to add a tiara and sash set so everyone knows that you’re the center of attention. If you want to add jewelry you should go with silver pieces as it’s better to achieve a monochromatic silver look than to have gold jewelry clash with the other colors of the outfit.

16. High Low Polka Dot Top and Jeans

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If you can’t stand to stay away from your favorite jeans and are only truly comfortable with them on, this outfit will let you wear them with all the fun and class you need for a birthday outfit. To achieve this look you will ned, of course, your favorite jeans, and a high low top. The polka dot idea is super fun, but if you’re seeking a more glamorous look you can choose any solid color you want.

This outfit is for the relaxed bunch so you can go for the heeled shoes or sandals, but if you wear white sneakers you will look just as amazing. Complement this outfit with a watch, some bracelets, hoop earrings, and a black leather choker.

17. Satin and Chiffon Dress

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This outfit consists of a midi sating dress with long sleeves, a cinched waist, and a very thin chiffon layer over the satin skirt. The combination of fabrics a mostly aesthetic purpose but it can also be useful if it’s quite cold outside and you need a little extra padding. The bodice of the dress is baggy creating an ill-fitting effect that is both glamorous and classy.

If you don’t like the purple color you can go for other colors, baby pink and emerald green being the most honorable mentions, but ultimately you can pick any color you life. You can wear heeled sandals or shoes with this dress and you should opt for a color to match the dress or for neutrals such as nude tones, black, or white.

18. Snake Print Sequin Dress

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We’re back at it again with the sequin, but this time, a little bit more special. This sequin dress also has a snake print and it’s super colorful with an iridescence to each tone. The dress itself has a bodycon fit with two pointed edges at each hip. It’s a unique design that will let everyone know you’re the birthday queen just by looking at you.

You can wear this dress with heeled shoes or sandals, and it would be even better if you could find a pair with iridescent details, but if you don’t, go for black or silver to get the best out of the look.

19. Maxi Dress With Slit and Cutout Waist Detail

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You might’ve not seen this type of dress before, and that would be because this unusual trend appeared recently but quickly reached massive proportions making it into the top of the trend charts in the fashion world.

All you need is a maxi dress with two patches of fabric cut out from the waist revealing the sides of your belly, a bit like a trikini would. This specific dress also has a slit on the side so you can show off your legs when you walk and dance.

You can wear this dress with heeled sandals or shoes, preferably in nude tones to match the dress. And when you’re picking jewelry you can go with either silver or gold, as both colors would look good.

20. Cross Neck Bralette and High Waisted Pants

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This cross-neck bralette besides being absolutely stunning is also a sarong. Yes, with the right amount of creativity you can turn a sarong into anything, just take this outfit as an example. Just put the sarong over your shoulders from behind your neck, cross it and make it go over your breasts, covering them, and then make both ends meet behind your back and tie them.

Once the bralette is done just add high-waisted pants and you have a super casual and fashionable outfit for your birthday. This look is especially fit for beach parties, and outdoor gatherings on hot days. Although the look is relaxed, it would be at its best with heeled sandals.

21. Ruched Top and Flared Bottom Jumpsuit

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This stunning jumpsuit will give you maximum comfort on the dance floor whilst looking super chic with a vintage touch. The jumpsuit is a stunning blue tone that makes it almost look like it’s made of denim. Whilst the bodice is ruched and held up by two thin straps tied over the shoulders, the bottom part is flared with a multilayered effect.

You can wear this with heeled shoes or sandals, and even if you don’t like heels, flat sandals would look awesome too. And if you’re a bit cold and want to add a coat, go for leather or a cropped faux fur jacket.

22. Tube Crop Top and Fluorescent Pleated Skirt

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There are two main occasions when you would consider wearing something fluorescent – the Summer and your birthday. It’s not that fluorescent pieces are ugly, they’re not, but they are too extra if you’re just going out for drinks on a regular night. However, if it’s a hot summer night and it’s also your birthday, you should be as extra as you possibly can.

To achieve this look all your need is a tube crop top, preferably back or white since you’ll get all the color you need on the fluorescent pleated skirt. You can wear this outfit with heeled shoes or sandals in either black or white, whichever matches your top. However, if you want to go the extra mile, finding heeled shoes in the same fluorescent color as the skirt would be perfect.

23. Polka Dot Satin Dress

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Satin is really sensual. Perhaps because we still associate it with nightwear and underwear, but lately this fabric has made its way into the fashion world and taking over many going-out outfits. This cute mini satin dress will hug your body in a way that only satin can, and show off all your curves. The polka dot is optional, but as you can see it would be a pretty great option.

You can wear this with heeled shoes or sandals, or even heeled knee-high boots, and either match the color of the dress or go for white to keep the calm, peaceful vibe of the outfit.

24. V-Neck Floral Dress and Black Tights

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This outfit is very easy to put together, all you need is a V-neck floral dress and black tights. It will work especially well if the background of the floral pattern is black or if the flowers are black themselves. Now, you may be thinking that florals belong in Spring outfits, but that isn’t always the case. This burgundy and black mixture would work very well if your birthday is in the Winter.

As the outfit is to be worn on colder days, the tights are the final touch you need, and they look good too. If you tend to avoid short dresses because you don’t like having your legs out, this is a great option for you too.

25. Ripped Jeans and Knitted Sweater

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This one is for all the casual queens out there. If no matter what day or occasion it is we can find you wearing casual and comfortable outfits, this one is for you. The ripped jeans and knitted sweater will make you feel super cute without having to leave your comfort zone, and you can get creative and play with different colors and patterns on your sweater.

You can wear this outfit with heeled shoes if you want to add an element that makes it clear it’s a special occasion, or you can get your feet as comfortable as your body with short or knee-high boots in camel or suede.

26. Mesh Bardot Top and Jeans

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Since we’re on the subject of comfort, this cute outfit features a super important element: jeans. You can choose your favorite pair of jeans, or you can experiment with styles you usually wouldn’t like flared, mom jeans, boyfriend jeans, or tie-dyed.

Now, the top is very interesting, it looks like a sleeveless crop top with a sweetheart neckline, but then two balloon sleeves come out from the sides almost seamlessly. The whole top has a layer of baby pink fabric and on top a layer of baby pink mesh and the result is stunning. To achieve the look all you need is to pair the Bardot top with jeans, and then add heeled sandals or shoes in a baby pink tone to match the top.

27. Stripes Two Piece Set

Image Source

Two-piece sets make amazing outfits, and stripes are very in vogue nowadays, so this look will hit tick all the boxes for your birthday outfit. The top part of the set is a Bardot top with vertical stripes in green, orange, grey, black, and white. The pants follow the same vertical stripes pattern in the same colors and are high-waisted. It is left to our imagination, so let’s believe that the pants are flared, which makes the outfit even better.

You can wear this with heeled shoes or sandals and combine it with a handbag in any of the colors from the stripes.

28. Shirt Dress

Image Source

Do you like comfortable and edgy looks? This birthday outfit is just that. The trend to buy oversized shirts and wear them as dresses appeared a few years ago and as time goes by it gets more common and people have started experimenting with different combinations such as a vest over the shirt, or in this case, a belt. All you need is a linen shirt many sizes above yours, and a cute belt that can be small and discreet, or have a large statement buckle.

You can wear this with shorts underneath if you don’t feel comfortable, or even add some tights which will also make you feel more dressed.

29. Velvet off-Shoulder Mini Dress

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Velvet is such a dreamy fabric. Not only does it look amazing, it feels amazing. Its soft texture is a delight to wear, and it gives you a royalty vibe which is, of course, super classy and glamorous. All you need to achieve this look is a velvet off-shoulder mini dress, in any color you like. As you can see the yellow velvet looks nice, but so would emerald green or burgundy.

Pair this with heeled shoes or sandals in either the color of the dross or black. You can get heeled shoes or sandals in black velvet so that would be the best choice for you.

30. Flared White Pants and White Top With Pearl Details

Image Source

Monochromatic looks are amazing, you don’t need to worry about finding matching colors or that a piece would look better in a different color you don’t own. Monochromatic outfits bypass that issue and allow you to wear any piece you like as long as it’s a certain color. This look can be achieved by pairing flared white pants with a white top. This specific one has some pearls sewn around, creating a Swiss dot effect but with pearls.

Of course, if you want to wear all black, all green, all red, or any other color, the effect will be the same. In this specific case, you can go with white shoes or sandals, but if you don’t have any, go for a light nude and you won’t have to ruin the monochromatic look.

31. Cross Neck Fuzzy Crop Top and Pleated Pants

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Are you looking for something comfortable that looks stunning and classy? You may have just found it. All you need for this outfit is a cross-neck fuzzy crop top and pleated pants. The crop top will feel super soft and keep you warm to the best of its ability, since it’s so small, and the pleated pants are made of a stretchy fabric that will allow you to move as freely as if you were wearing pajama bottoms.

You can wear this with heeled shoes or sandals, but if you want to follow the comfy theme, you can find slipper shoes with a fuzzy strap so it matches your fuzzy crop top.

32. Leather Pants, Turtleneck Top, and Double-Breasted Blazer

Image Source

If your birthday is in the middle of Winter and it’s impossible to wear small dresses and skirts, this outfit will give you all the good looks in a comfortable and warm manner. All you need is leather pants, which you can get fleece-lined to combat the cold, a turtleneck top, and a double-breasted blazer.

You can wear this with heeled boots or shoes to add a classy touch, but if you’re going to be dancing all night and aren’t used to wearing heels, white sneakers are an amazing option too. If you want to add a little something to ascertain that it is your birthday you can get a tiara and sash mesh to wear with the outfit.

33. Drawstring Bodycon Dress

Image Source

This cute little dress will make you look super adorable at the same time that it gives you all the comfort you need to dance all night and celebrate your birthday. The dress is fairly simple, with long sleeves and a bodycon fit, but there’s a special touch that turns this outfit just a bit more complex, a drawstring on each side that you can pull to give your dress a ruched effect.

You can wear this with heeled shoes, sandals, or boots, in either the same color as the dress or white. Black wouldn’t look as good as white because the dress itself has a light tone, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t look good at all, so wear the color you prefer.

34. Camo Two Piece Set

Image Source

We can’t get enough of two-piece sets, and if you can’t either, here’s another one to add to your options. This set is aimed at a specific personal style rather than a general classy and pretty outfit. Camo patterns are one of those things you either love or hate, and if you love them, this may be the birthday outfit for you. It’s comfortable, it’s fashionable, and you’ll look like a baddie.

To stay in the same style, you should wear this outfit with sneakers, however, it is your birthday after all so heeled shoes or sandals will give you the classy touch you need on such an important date.

35. Boat Neck Shirt and Gold Mini Skirt

Image Source

Here’s another one for the party girls out there. If there’s one thing worthy of a dancefloor, that thing is a nice sparkly fabric. To achieve this fantastic look all you need is a boat neck shirt and a gold mini skirt.

You can buy a boat neck shirt, or you can arrange your oversized shirt to look like one. Just tie the buttons on the bottom half of the shirt and bring up that part to cover your neck, the rest of the shirt is then pushed over to the sides to create that wide neckline effect.

You can wear this outfit with heeled shoes, sandals, or boots in either white to match the shirt, or gold to match the skirt.

36. High Waisted Linen Pants and Top With Batwing Sleeves

Image Source

If you want to celebrate your birthday in a more formal setting rather than going for the usual dinner, drinks, and party, this outfit will give you all the refinement you need. The high-waisted linen pants will make you look like you mean business, but the baby pink color will add a soft, calming effect, worthy of a delicate damsel such as yourself. At the same time, the batwing-sleeved top will give you comfort and class, with the strap of fabric tied at the side being the perfect final touch.

You can wear this outfit with heeled shoes or sandals in either white or baby pink to match your pants or top. But if you don’t own any shoes in those colors, nude tones would work well too.

37. Graphic Bodycon Dress

Image Source

Graphic clothing fell off the fashion radar for a long time, with people favoring minimalist patterns or solid colors, but very recently the trend started to resurface and it looks like it won’t go anywhere for a while. This stunning graphic dress has a bodycon fit and a midi length, and it’s great for any season. If it’s hot you can wear it by itself, if it’s cold, you can add a faux fur or leather coat, as the dress is sleeveless you won’t cover any details by wearing a second layer.

You can wear this dress with heeled shoes or sandals, but go for neutral, solid colors otherwise, the look may become too cluttered.

38. One-Shoulder Bodycon Dress

Image Source

This outfit is very simple, yet, you will look and feel like a million bucks wearing it. The dress is fully white, with a bodycon fit and the length resting just above the knee. It has one long sleeve on one side whilst the other is sleeveless. And to top it off there’s a long piece of fabric that ties around the waist serving as a belt.

If it’s cold, a leather or denim jacket would look the best, but if you want to go for something thicker, long-pile faux fur would look glamorous. Even better if it’s white so the overall look is monochromatic.

39. Mini Striped Dress

Image Source

A good black and white combo can make any simple outfit look formal. There’s just something about those two colors put together that makes any piece of clothing look good. As an example of that, we have this dress with a very simple striped pattern, the fit is a relaxed bodycon, and it’s quite short. It’s incredibly affordable and easy to achieve this look that can both be worn for drinks and dancing, or dinner at a fancy restaurant.

You can wear this dress with heeled sandals or shoes, preferably in black or white to match the dress. If you want to do something different to spice up the look even more, you can wear a white shoe and a black one, as long as they’re the same model.

40. Pink Tutu Dress

Image Source

If you’re into cute and girly looks, this dress will make you look like a princess straight out of a fairy tale. The bodice has two cinched lines and the sleeves are off-shoulder and wide, almost puffed. The skirt is flared and has an outer layer made of chiffon. This whole dress is dreamy and worthy of the “Birthday Queen” title, which you can officialize by getting a tiara and sash set.

You can wear this dress with heeled shoes or sandals, preferably in baby pink to stay within the princess theme. And to make it even better you can add some bow clips to your hair, or even some pearl hairpins.

41. Tweed Mini Skirt and Basic Top

Image Source

This super simple outfit is perfect for those of you who were born during the winter or end of fall, and it is both comfortable and warm. All you need is a tweed mini skirt and a basic top. The top can be fleece-lined if it’s particularly chilly, and if you want to add thick black tights it would look great too. But the look isn’t finished, you still need a jacket. In this case, a faux fur or wool coat in white would look amazing, but so would a leather jacket.

You can wear this outfit with heeled shoes, or short or knee-high boots. Remember that if it’s cold, knee-high boots will contribute towards keeping you warm.

42. One-Shoulder Patterned Midi Dress

Image Source

This stunning dress has everything a birthday outfit should, it has class, it has spark, and it will make you stand out. It has a bodycon fit and an asymmetrical look with only one shoulder strap, and both sides sleeveless. The length goes below the knees, which with the bodycon fit will elongate your figure and may make you look taller.

What makes this dress stand out is its pattern of what looks like flames coming from an epicenter on the hip. You can wear this dress with heeled shoes or sandals, preferably in a nude tone, or yellow to match the flames on the pattern.

43. Romper With Lace Details

Image Source

This super cute romper will give you the elegance of a black outfit, and the vintage vibe you get from lace. The romper is made of non-stretchy fabric with lace added horizontally at the bottom of the shorts, around the waist, around the shoulders, and vertically from the neck to your waistline, and on the side of each arm. It’s unclear, but it looks like there’s also lace around the neck.

You can wear this with any type of heeled shoe, sandals, or boots, as long as they’re black. But if you want to add a different element you can give the shoes some color so they stand out.

44. Graphic Two-Piece Set

Image Source

We’ve had a look at an example of the new graphic trend in the graphic bodycon dress outfit we saw above. So here’s another example of a great way to explore the style. This one is a two-piece set with dollar bill illustrations covering it completely. The top is cropped and long-sleeved, whilst the pants have a mid-rise and tight fit.

There’s a glittery detail around the waist that adds a different element to the outfit, and you can pick up on that and add glittery heeled sandals or shoes. Or you can go for simple black or white shoes and they will look just as nice.

45. Checkered Skirt and Blazer

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If you’re planning on celebrating your birthday in a more formal setting such as a fancy restaurant, or you’re throwing your own party and have a formal dress code, this outfit is for you. To achieve the look you will need a checkered skirt, a basic black top, thick black tights, and a red blazer. The color of the blazer is essential to add a lively vibe to the look because you don’t want to end up looking boring.

You can wear heeled shoes or boots with this outfit, preferably black, but if you want to knock it out of the park go for red to match the blazer.

46. Cold Shoulder Top and Long Pleated Skirt

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This outfit looks super fun and will be ideal for a drinks and dancing kind of celebration. To achieve the look you’ll need a long pleated skirt, preferably in a bright color such as yellow, and then pair it with a top in a color that goes well with the skirt. This top has two flared details at the end of each sleeve and one around the shoulder openings. Then just pull the skirt over the top and a bit above your belly button.

You can wear this outfit with heeled shoes or sandals in any of the colors present in the outfit, or you can go for a neutral nude, black, or white.

47. Fringed Leather Mini Skirt and Long Pile Faux Fur Coat

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There are two things in the fashion world that almost everyone can agree on, the first is that monochromatic looks are amazing, and the second is that black outfits make you look fantastic. This outfit will offer you the elegant vibe of an all-black look, and the easy to assemble side of a monochromatic look. All you need to achieve the look is a fringed leather mini skirt, a basic V-neck black top, and a long pile faux fur coat, in black of course.

You can wear heeled shoes, sandals, or boots with this outfit needless to say that whatever you choose it should be black. However, if you want to add a twist you can go for brightly colored shoes that will pop and stand out.

48. Button-up Leather Dress

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Leather jackets, skirts, and boots are the most common pieces you find, but what if you wore a leather dress? It may not be the most comfortable of fabrics, but it’s your birthday, you want to celebrate and look fantastic and sometimes we must sacrifice a bit of comfort in the name of fashion. This button-up leather dress has a loose bodycon fit and a strap of leather that ties around the waist both serving as an aesthetic detail and accentuating your curves.

You can wear this dress with heeled shoes or sandals, but to achieve the best look you should go for heeled leather boots, short or knee-high depending on how hot it is since knee-high will warm up your legs.

49. Sparkling Suit

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Are you the kind of person who would get married in a suit? Are girly outfits not your jam at all? You just got lucky, this outfit will offer you the elegance of a suit with all the spark of a birthday party outfit. All you need is a basic white top and a matching sequin jacket and pants. This outfit is as comfortable as it looks and you will surely stand out too as you will shine brighter than everyone around you.

You can wear this with heels if you want to add a feminine touch, however, the overall style would go better with flat black shoes or even sneakers if they’re fully black and discreet.

50. Tulle Skirt and off-Shoulder Top

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We’ve had a look at princess-like outfits in the pink tutu dress outfit, but what if you wore an actual tutu? This one isn’t all pink and girly though, you’d look more like a villain princess than the fairy tale protagonist, but that is just as amazing. To achieve this fun look you will need a tulle skirt with various layers to create a puffy effect, and the layers should alternate between two colors, in this case it’s black and cream. The skirt is all you need to stand out so just add a basic black top and you’re ready to go.

You can wear this outfit with black or nude heeled sandals or shoes, but if you want to add yet another super extra element you can go for glittery shoes.

Accessories That Add Some Fun to Your Look

The accessories you’re going to read about aren’t just your regular jewelry or hair accessories, we’re here to explore fun novelty items that will make your look even more unique as special.

Now, of course your style matters, and if you don’t like being extra or aren’t doing anything special besides a family dinner you might not want to go for the extravagant pieces. But some discreet accessories may just be subtle enough for you to consider adding them as a tiny detail to your outfit.

Accessories for Yourself

If you’re into bling and love shiny themes, this glittery sash and crown set will set you right at the center of attention. Another great idea if you like the sash and crown idea, is to get a flower crown and sash set, because even if you want to wear the sash for pictures and take it out the rest of the time, the flower crown will add a lovely touch to your outfit.

While we’re on the crown and sash subject, you can also get them especially for when you hit a milestone. For instance, you have this 50th birthday set or even this Dirty Thirty set, but of course, you can add one to match your age if you’re not turning 50 or 30.

Accessories for the Entire Group

If you don’t like to be the center of attention and feel like wearing a crown and sash is too over the top, you can get accessories for the entire group so when you and your loved ones arrive at a restaurant or a party, you will all stand out.

The first suggestion is ideal if you’re doing a girls night out kind of celebration, these LED flower crowns come in packs of 7 and different colors so you and your friends can pick favorites.

If you’re going for the casual and discreet vibes but still want something cute to distribute to everyone you invite to celebrate with you, these button pins with the words “Birthday Squad” come in packs of 26, so hopefully, there’s enough for everyone. If not, you can buy more than one pack without breaking the bank. And of course, you will get a special pin with the words “Birthday Girl” on it.

Finally, if you want to follow the comical route, this pack of 10 birthday sashes is unique and bound to incite some laughter. Each of your friends will get the sash that matches their personality which in itself can turn into a fun game to assign them to their wearers.

Enjoy the Start of One More Year With the Perfect Outfit

You now have all the tools you need to pick the perfect birthday outfit, or even to create your own based on the ideas you have just seen. With the outfit dilemma out of the way, now you just need to gather all your loved ones and celebrate one more year on this beautiful planet.

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