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The 10 Best Tingle Tanning Lotions to Use in 2024

The 10 Best Tingle Tanning Lotions to Use in 2024

Editor’s Note: I find that as soon as fall rolls around, everyone is doing their best to maintain their tan – and why shouldn’t we? Tingle tanning lotions help to give you a fast tan, and they are a highly popular option for individuals looking to maintain a sun-kissed glow through the darker seasons. We suggest reviewing our top tingle tanning lotion choices and making sure you understand the ingredients in these lotions so that you can get the best tan possible with no stress.

Everybody is looking for that sun-kissed tan. One of the best ways to get it is to use a tingle tanning lotion.

There are many types of lotion on the market, and it’s sometimes hard to tell the difference between them. Tingle tanning lotions are amongst the most popular lotions people buy, especially for established tanners who already have some color and are looking to build it up into the deepest and most luxurious color possible.

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What Is a Tingle Tanning Lotion and What Does It Do?

The reason tingle tanning lotions are called tingles is because of the sensation you feel on your skin when you use them.

Put simply, tingle tanning lotions are designed to give you the fastest tan possible, and as part of their process they make your skin go red and ‘tingle.’ This is because of the active ingredients, which works by opening up capillaries and bringing more blood up to the surface of your skin, almost like you’re blushing all over your body.

This lets you absorb more ultraviolet light (UV) which means you naturally tan more, in the same way that you would if you were out in the sun.

What Should I Look for When Buying a Tingle Lotion?

When buying a tingle tanning lotion, there are several factors to keep in mind. First, they vary in strength, with some lotions accentuating your tan more than others. Secondly, some contain bronzers, which augment your existing tan. Lotions also vary in their impact on your skin. Let’s go over these in more detail.

How Strong Is the Tingle?

The first thing to realize is that not all tingle tanning lotions are created equal.

Tingle lotions come in many different strengths, from mild blush tingles that you might barely feel, up to super intense tingle lotions that will have an instant reaction within seconds of touching your skin, and might even be too strong for anyone who isn’t already super dark.

Generally, the stronger the tingle, the darker the tan you’ll get at the end of your session, so it’s always worth using the strongest tingle cream you can comfortably use. After one or two sessions, you’ll get used to the sensation, and be left with the best color you’ve ever had.

Does It Have Bronzers in It?

On top of having ingredients that boost your natural tanning, a lot of tingle lotions also contain bronzers, or fake tan.

Unlike a lot of other fake tanning products, bronzers in tanning lotions are designed to work with your tan. This means the more tanned you are, the more you will see a reaction from your bronzers, so the darker you are, the darker you get.

When using a lotion with a bronzer in it, you need to pay a little more attention. Bronzing lotions can be streaky if you don’t apply them properly, and can leave a residue around the hands and joints, so make sure you rub it in and have a shower afterward.

Is It Good for the Skin?

It’s no secret that tanning can dry your skin out and contribute to aging. This is why more creams are including moisturizing and anti-aging ingredients that lead to healthy looking and feeling skin.

If you’re tanning, you should already have a good moisturizing routine, because it’s going to look after your skin and boost your color. So a lotion that’s good for your skin isn’t essential, but it’s a great little bonus.

Top 10 Best Tanning Lotions 2024

1. Best Overall lotion Tanovations Ed Hardy Body Shots

Tanovations Ed Hardy Body Shots

Why we like it: An absolute monster of a lotion, Ed Hardy's Body Shots is the strongest tingle in our list. But that also means that it's going to give you the darkest, deepest tan possible. If you can handle the burn, this lotion is amazing.

Editor’s Rating:

Tingle Strength: 5/5


If you’re looking for extreme tingle, you’ve found it. Ed Hardy’s Body Shots is jam-packed with ingredients that will boost your tan and make you darker every single time you step onto a sunbed.

First off, it has an incredibly powerful tingle. This is amazing because it’s going to give you a fantastic color, but it does mean that you’re going to feel that tingle on every inch of your skin and you’ll probably be red for a few hours after use. It’s too strong for people who are only starting to use tanning lotions.

Every time you use this lotion, the quad tyrosine blend, Melanobronze and Melactiva melanin synthesizers increases the natural melanin production in your body, giving you a deeper and more natural-looking tan.

But this lotion doesn’t just tan you. Ed Hardy’s ingredient blend also contains Matrixyl Synth 6, which tightens and tones your body while their Bodyfit formula reduces cellulite and increases skin firmness. Finally, if you love your ink, this lotion also has built-in color fade and tattoo protectors, keeping your body art looking as fresh as the day it was done.

As long as you aren’t brand new to tanning, Ed Hardy’s Body Shots is the best lotion on the market right now. Nothing is going to tan you faster than this.


  • The super-strong tingle gives you an amazing color
  • Active ingredients firm, tighten and tone
  • Strong tattoo protection


  • Far too strong for a starting tanner
  • Reasonably expensive, but worth it

2. Best Starter Tingle Devoted Creations White 2 Black

Devoted Creations White 2 Black

Why we like it: A great starter lotion, White 2 Black by Devoted Creations is a mild, bronzer free budget-friendly lotion, so the tan you end up with is completely natural and all you.

Editor’s Rating:

Tingle strength: 2/5


If you’ve just starting tanning, or you’ve gone through your first bottle of non-tingle cream and you’re looking for something a little stronger to boost your color, White 2 Black is the perfect next step.

It’s a moderately hot tingle that promises to take you up to three shades darker. It does this using multiple accelerators, as well as the tingle formula itself.

The lotion is completely bronzer free, so you don’t have to worry about ending up with an unnatural tan or brown marks around your fingers, you can simply slap this on, lie down and relax, and know that you’re going to get off the bed with a dark tan.

The lotion also contains black tea and cranberry extract, which helps to hydrate and moisturize your skin. The fragrance is also nice and subtle, described as rain kissed leaves, which will help to cover up the after-tan smell.

The last reason this is great for newer tanners is the price. It’s really good value, and about the same price as a lot of non-tingle starter lotions, so you won’t feel bad about picking up a bottle just to try it out.


  • Excellent starting lotion to work onto stronger tingles
  • Gives a good base color
  • Great value


  • Relatively weak tingle means this is aimed at newer tanners
  • No bronzer, if that's what you're looking for

3. Best for Bronzing Ed Hardy Obnoxious Extreme Bronzer Lotion

Ed Hardy Obnoxious Extreme Bronzer Lotion

Why we like it: Packed full of bronzers, Ed Hard's Obnoxious Extreme Bronzing lotion will give you a boost in color even before you get on a sunbed, which will only look better once you've built up a super dark tan.

Editor’s Rating:

Tingle strength: 4/5


Ed Hardy lotions tend to be strong, and this doesn’t break the trend. First the tingle, while not the hottest we’ve seen, is hot enough that experienced tanners will be able to feel it, and it’s definitely going to give you a good color.

Building on that are the bronzers. A high quality bronzing lotion can really push a tan to the next level, and this lotion is absolutely packed with bronzers that keep tanning you for hours after you get off the bed.

Mangosteen and hemp seed oil nourish and soften the skin, and the lotion is also stuffed full of antioxidants and vitamin C and E to keep your skin healthy and fight against aging.

If you’re looking for the best instant tan, and you love lotions with bronzers in them, Ed Hardy’s Obnoxious Extreme is a fantastic option.


  • One of the best bronzing lotions on the market
  • Medium strength tingle is strong but not overwhelming
  • Good end results, dark color


  • Not the strongest tingle
  • You will have to wash your hands after using it

4. Best Value Strong Tingle Millennium Tanning Insanely Black 60X

Millennium Tanning Insanely Black 60X

Why we like it: Millennium makes great creams, and this is their strongest tingle. It's incredibly powerful, and probably too much for beginners. For experienced tanners, this is one of the best tingle creams you can buy.

Editor’s Rating:

Tingle strength: 5/5


One of the strongest single tingle tanning lotions you can buy, Millennium’s Insanely Black lives up to its name. If you use this for just a few weeks, you’re almost guaranteed to have the best color of your life. The luxury silicone emulsion blend means the cream will always have an even coverage, and it’s light and smooth, so no greasy or sticky feeling when you get off the bed. It also smells amazing, a natural blackberry citrus scent that’s gender-neutral and pleasant.

Millennium’s immediate color formula means you see results, even after one use. This is packed with active ingredients like tyrosine, DHA bronzers, and a powerful benzyl nicotinate tingle formula that boosts skin cell micro-circulation for maximum blood flow.

For a high-level cream, this is also surprisingly good value for money, so we’d recommend this for almost anyone looking for a deeper color. However, if you’re a new tanner, we’d advise being careful. This is really intense, especially if you have pale skin. Either mix this with a milder cream, or start with something gentler and see this cream as something to work towards.


  • Very strong tingle gives a super dark color
  • Lotion is silky smooth and easy to apply
  • Great value for money


  • Not for beginners
  • Quite a strong fruit smell

5. Best Long Term Lotion Designer Skin Bombshell 100XX

Designer Skin Bombshell 100XX

Why we like it: Recognized as one of the first strong tingle creams on the market, Bombshell is powerful and effective, and a great option for seasoned tanners and people who've used tingle lotions before.

Editor’s Rating:

Tingle strength: 4/5


Even though it’s marketed as an ultra-extreme sizzle, in our opinion Bombshell isn’t that extreme. A lot of tingle lotions seem to focus on the tingle side, and you end up with creams that leave skin red raw and tingling for hours. while this is one of the more expensive lotions on our list, it’s more than worth it, especially considering the results.

But even though Bombshell is incredibly hot, and gives you a fantastic result at the end of your session, you’re not going to suffer just from putting it on. Instead, the steady heat and amazing list of ingredients will nourish and tan your skin, with white tea extract, soy, and CoQ-10 leaving you with a deep and even tan.

Bronzers top off your color and make sure that you’ll see results every single time, and it’s a dream to use, because of the light and fresh watermelon scent and fluid, easy to apply creamy texture. All we have to say is this. There’s a reason Bombshell is a lotion that’s survived all this time. Even after all these years, it’s still amazing.


  • Powerful, hot tingle without burning
  • Light and easy to apply
  • Smells amazing


  • Not the cheapest option

6. Best for Soft Skin Brown Sugar Spicy Black Chocolate Tingle Bronzer

Brown Sugar Spicy Black Chocolate Tingle Bronzer

Why we like it: Packed full of bronzers, antioxidants, and other ingredients that are great for the skin, all delivered through a high-quality silicone emulsion blend, this lotion is smooth like butter. Not only will you be tanned, but you'll also have the smoothest, softest skin possible.

Editor’s Rating:

Tingle strength: 3/5


We all want to look our best, but that means looking our best tomorrow, next year, ten years from now as well as looking good today. And if you’re searching for a tingle lotion that’s also going to nourish and moisturize your skin, keeping it looking supple and young, you might just have found what you need.

Formulated with chocolate extract for super-soft skin, as well as antioxidants, this lotion is going to fight against aging and keep your skin healthy. In terms of tanning, the tingle is medium heat, and tans without burning you up, so you get all the benefits with none of the pain. However, it might not be strong enough if you’re a seasoned tanner.

On top of that, Spicy Black Chocolate also has a huge amount of bronzers packed into every single shot of lotion, so you end up with that just-got-off-the-beach look fast, possibly as soon as the first time you use this. However, the amount of bronzers means you’ll have to be careful when using this not to have streaks.

All of these benefits are delivered through a huge amount of silicone emulsion for a lotion that glides onto your body and dissolves under your fingertips, leaving a light and flowery scent. If you’re looking for a luxurious lotion that delivers a solid tan without leaving you red raw, and keeping your skin safe, this could be what you need.


  • Bronzer rich for that instant tan
  • So good for the skin
  • Good value for money


  • Might be too bronzer heavy for some
  • Only a medium tingle strength

7. Best for Fake Tan Poison Extreme Hot Tingle

Poison Extreme Hot Tingle

Why we like it: Despite the slightly off-putting name, this is a great value tingle cream that will give you a great color without super high heat. Poison is also packed with bronzers, making it a fantastic mid-range, mid-strength tingle tanning lotion.

Editor’s Rating:

Tingle strength: 4/5


If you’re looking for a strong tingle that’s also packed with bronzers and other fake tan, Poison is a fantastic lotion that’s still going to deliver the burn you need, while pumping up your color between every single session.

This is because it’s loaded with active ingredients, including up to three times the standard amounts of active tanning ingredients like tyrosine, unipertan, and the old favorite of carrot oil.

On top of that, your tan is going to be boosted by the huge amount of bronzers, which are self-adjusting. This means they get darker as you do, reinforcing all the hard work you’re putting in on the tanning beds.

But it’s not just performance that’s impressive. This lotion is silky smooth to apply because of the silicone infusion, and Fixation’s built-in slimming formula means you can tone as you tan. It also smells amazing, with a light citrus touch that’s strong, without being overpowering or artificial.

The strong tingle, slimming formula and light, creamy, easy to apply formula means this is a great lotion for general tanning, whether you’re just starting out or you’ve already got a seasoned color.


  • Strong tingle, without burning
  • Three times the active ingredients for a deep tan
  • Great for skin, with bronzers and a slimming formula


  • Might have too much fake tan for some people

8. Best Premium Tanning Lotion Devoted Creations Ignite Noir

Devoted Creations Ignite Noir

Why we like it: If you want the absolute best, Ignite NOIR is a super-powerful, incredibly strong tingle lotion that's going to give you a fantastic tan, fast. The only real downside that it's one of the most expensive lotions, but you're paying for quality.

Editor’s Rating:

Tingle strength: 5/5


It sounds like a cliché, but Ignite NOIR really will ignite your tanning gains. The incredibly strong tingle, which is built around a super oxygenating formula that gets more blood to your skin and tans you faster naturally. The formula contains a ridiculously high level of DHA, as well as natural and cosmetic bronzers that will boost your color from the moment you step out of the bed.

This is all backed up by tattoo color fade technology, keeping any recent ink looking sharp and stopping it from fading, as well as a bunch of toning and cellulite burning ingredients, so your newly tanned skin is also going to look soft and smooth, as well as incredibly dark. In all honesty, the only real downside is the price. While this lotion is fantastic, and you’re going to get great results using it, it only has about the same tanning power as our top choices and they’re better value for money. But if you do buy this, you’ll never regret it.


  • Powerful tingle will give you a great color
  • Huge amount of bronzers and other tanning boosts
  • Great for the skin


  • Very expensive

9. Best Mild Tingle Supre Cherry Bomb Red Hot Dark Accelerator

Supre Cherry Bomb Red Hot Dark Accelerator

Why we like it: Perfect for starting tanners, the Supre Cherry Bomb is a great accelerator with a really mild tingle that's just enough to get you glowing.

Editor’s Rating:

Tingle strength: 1/5


Despite the name, this lotion is very mild for a tingle lotion. It’s designed more as an accelerator rather than a maximizer. But that doesn’t mean it’s not fantastic. Especially if you’re just starting out and you want a tingle cream to get yourself started.

It’s very light, and thus this lotion spreads easily on the skin and sinks in well, without leaving streaks or other issues. It smells gorgeous, a fruity cherry scent that really helps to get rid of the after-tanning smell.

In terms of tan, just because it’s a mild tingle doesn’t mean it’s not effective. It’s packed full of maximizing ingredients including vitamins A, C and E for long term, healthy skin, skin firming cherry extract and Supre’s own colorburst complex for a great color.

If you’re already dark, this isn’t the lotion for you, but if you’re just starting and want a cream that’s going to kick start your color and get you on the road to being tan, this is a great choice, at an excellent price.


  • Smells beautiful
  • Great value
  • Gentle tingle is perfect for new tanners


  • Not strong enough for seasoned tanners
  • Won't give you the darkest color

10. Best Standard Lotion Pro Tan Hot Tottie

Pro Tan Hot Tottie

Why we like it: A medium tingle from industry vets Pro Tan, this is a great little budget cream that's got enough kick to compete with some of the bigger names on our list.

Editor’s Rating:

Tingle strength: 3/5


Pro Tan has been in business for over 30 years, and even today their products are still trusted by athletes and fitness industry professionals.

This lotion is a hot action bronzer that combines a long list of active ingredients, including; tyrosine for pigment production, a whole host of vitamins A, C and E for long-term skin health, as well as aloe vera and cocoa butter to moisturize and nourish your skin.

While it’s not the hottest lotion on this list, the tingle is strong enough to feel, and you’re going to notice the results. We recommend this for intermediate tanners who are looking to take their tanning to the next level.


  • Medium tingle is powerful without being painful
  • Great for the skin


  • Smell is a little artificial
  • Only a medium tingle

A Full Guide to Tingle Tanning Lotions

If you’re new to tanning lotions, or if you’re a seasoned tanner, our guide will take you through everything you need to know about how to use these darkening lotions and how to get your skin looking like you’ve spent summer in the Maldives.

Why Should I Use a Tingle Tanning Lotion?

Considering the number of tanning creams and lotions out there, why would someone ever use a tingle cream that makes their skin red, and can feel a little strange when it’s first put on?

Simple. Tingle tanning lotions tan you the fastest.

Tingle tanning lotions are generally the strongest type of lotion available. They’re excellent for getting a deep tan fast and getting the darkest tan possible.

If you’re looking for the deepest, darkest, longest-lasting tan you can achieve, you need to try a tingle cream.

Tingle lotions are also excellent if you’ve hit a plateau and you’re struggling to get a darker tan, and they’re great for jump-starting a tan quickly. This is because tingle lotions work slightly differently to normal tanning creams.

Non-tingle tanning lotions contain accelerators and moisturizers, which work by increasing your body’s natural melanin production, and priming the skin to be ready to tan. This means your body is going to produce more of the chemical that makes you tan naturally.

Some lotions also contain bronzers, which work exactly like fake tan, giving you a rapid boost to your tan the first time you use them.

But tingle creams also contain active ingredients that directly boost the amount of UV you absorb, which makes you tan so much faster. They work by stimulating the blood flow in your skin, which means you naturally absorb more UV into your bloodstream. This is also what makes your skin go red and tingle, as it’s like a full-body blush.

Is It an Accelerator or a Maximizer?

When buying tanning lotions, the words accelerator and maximizer are widely used terms you’re going to run into again and again.

Accelerators are designed for people who are just starting out. They work on building a base tan, and will give you a solid tan much faster if you’re currently light-skinned or going on a sunbed for the first few times.

Maximizers on the other hand are created to build on a base tan. If you’ve already got a nice deep tan and you’re looking to maximize it and make it as deep, dark, and beautiful as possible, you’re going to want a maximizing lotion over an accelerator.

What Happens When You Use a Tingle Tanning Cream?

When you use a tingle cream for the first time, you can expect a few things to happen.

First, your skin will normally turn pink or red within a few minutes of rubbing the cream into your skin. This is completely normal, and part of the tanning process. Over time, as your body gets used to your cream, you’ll get less red. This doesn’t mean that your cream is going to be any less effective. On the contrary, now that you’re used to your cream, you may even get a better response from it.

As your skin goes red, you should also feel a tingling sensation. Particularly strong creams, or people who have sensitive skin, might make you experience a stronger tingle that could be described as stinging or burning

The tingling should fade quickly after you exit the sunbed, and the redness will normally last for a few hours after you’ve finished tanning. If you want to get rid of the redness faster for a reason (for example, you have a social event you need to get to), or you’re just not enjoying the tingling sensation, a lukewarm shower will cool down your body and remove the remainder of the tingle cream.

When you’re taking a shower, make sure it’s only warm. Too hot or cold could react with the tingling sensation, feel uncomfortable, and make it worse.

Sometimes, the redness and tingling won’t be evenly covered on your body, and you may have red blotches or uneven patches of redness. This is entirely natural, and despite how it looks, it won’t cause an uneven tan, so don’t worry. The only thing that can cause an uneven tan is actually applying the cream unevenly and completely missing major parts of your body

Be careful after using tingle creams. The cream can easily stay on your body, especially on your hands and face, for several hours after use, and can easily be transferred to other people by touch.

This means being especially careful around people that might be vulnerable, like small children and pets – as well as people that you know have sensitive skin – until you’ve had a shower and washed the remnants of the skin clean.

Will I Like the Tingle Sensation?

Strange as it may sound, a lot of people stick with tingle lotions because of the tingle feeling itself. Of course, the amazing color you get from a tingle lotion helps, but once you’re used to it, the tingling sensation can actually improve your tanning sessions.

If you’re new to tingling creams, a strong tingle can be a strange, even overwhelming feeling. However, once you get used to it, it can be hard to go back. We’re sure that once you’ve used a tingle cream and seen the color it gives you, you’ll swear by it and won’t use anything else again.

How Does a Tingle Cream Work?

The tingle in a tingle cream normally comes from one of three ingredients

  • Methyl Nicotinate
  • Benzyl Nicotinate
  • Hexyl Nicotinate

All three ingredients work in roughly the same way.

Methyl Nicotinate increases the blood flow to the top layers of your skin which brings more oxygen to the melanocytes, the parts of your skin that produce the melanin that lets you tan naturally. This means they work harder and you tan faster, in a natural way. Methyl Nicotinate is the milder of the three ingredients, and normally only produces a gentle tingle when you use it.

Benzyl and Hexyl Nicotinate works similarly, except they open up the capillaries further resulting in more redness and a deeper burn, and ultimately a stronger tan.

What Does a Tingle Cream Feel Like?

Honestly, this is a hard question to answer. The reason it’s so difficult is because the same tingle cream can feel completely different to different people.

Some people might try a mild tingle cream, but because they have more sensitive skin, or they’re more susceptible to the active ingredients, they end up having a much stronger reaction. Other, more seasoned tanners might put on the strongest tingle cream and have absolutely no reaction besides a nice healthy glow.

What everyone can agree on is that tingle creams, well, tingle. It can also be described as hot or itchy.

If this is your first time using a particular tingle cream, or a tingle cream in general, there’s a specific method you should use to test it out.

Are You Using a Tingle Cream for the First Time?

If you’ve never used a tingle cream before, the first time can be a bizarre experience. Tingle creams tingle, and depending on the lotion you’ve chosen the sensation can be as mild as a gentle itch, strong enough to be described as a burning sensation, or anywhere in between.

For this reason, if this is your first time using a tingling sunbed lotion, or you’re using a new lotion that’s stronger than the lotions you are used to, the best idea is to patch test it.

To patch test your lotion, take a small amount of tingle cream and apply it to a single small area of your body. One of the best areas to test is the inside of your wrist or arm, because the skin on the inside of the wrist is thinner than the rest of the body. This makes it slightly more sensitive, so if you have a good reaction from a tingle cream in this area, you shouldn’t have any issues on the rest of your body

Patch testing is especially important if you have sensitive skin or a low pain tolerance. Also bear in mind that a very small amount of people might be allergic to the ingredients used in tingle creams.

There are some areas where you should not use tingle creams. Generally, these are areas where the skin is thinnest, and the lotion could work itself into more sensitive areas such as around the eyes, the nipples, and the genitals.

Is There Any Reason Why I Shouldn’t Use a Tingle Cream?


As we’ve already mentioned, some tingle lotions can be very strong, and might not be suitable for people with sensitive skin or allergies, which is why we always recommend spot testing them before using a new lotion over your whole body.

Why Does My Cream Have a Bronzer?

Bronzers in tanning are a contentious issue. Some people love them and swear by them while other people won’t touch them.

Used in the right way, bronzers can be a fantastic boost to your tanning experience. They work similarly to a skin cream or other product that has a bronzing agent in it. That means there is fake tan in the lotion, which will sink into and tan your skin as you spread your lotion across your body.

While a bronzing tanning lotion is not normally as dark as regular fake tan, lotions with bronzers like these are created to look good on top of an existing tan. That means these types of creams are a great choice if your tan is already super dark and you’re looking to build on top of it, or you’re looking for a lotion that offers an instant sun-kissed glow as soon as you step out of the bed.

Why Do So Many Lotions Have Anti-Aging Ingredients in Them?

It’s no secret that too much tanning can start to age your skin, whether you’re tanning on a sunbed or outside in natural sunlight.

A good tanning lotion can help fight against this by giving your skin all the vitamins and minerals it needs to stay smooth and glowing.

Another ingredient to look out for is caffeine, which is better for a short term boost. Instead of giving you long term benefits like moisturizers and vitamins, caffeine plumps up your skin by getting rid of puffiness and wrinkles, so you’ll step out of the tanning booth with a healthy, youthful, natural glow.

I’ve Recently Got a Tattoo. Do I Need to Use a Lotion With a Tattoo Protector?

UV light, whether it’s from the sun or using a sunbed, can fade and damage tattoos, especially new tattoos. And when you’ve spent so much time, money, and pain working on your body art, having it fade and go patchy is the last thing you want.

Luckily for the tattoo enthusiasts amongst us, a lot of creams have additional tattoo protection built into them. These ingredients are supposed to block all of the UV from the sunbed, protecting your tattoo from damage.

In our experience, if you’re worried about your tattoo, it’s better to provide a second layer of protection by covering the area that has your new tattoo. For small tattoos, plasters are perfect, and bandages work well for larger tattoos. It’s best to keep your tattoo covered for at least two weeks after having work done, then switching to a tattoo protecting cream for at least two more weeks after.

Why Does My Tingle Lotion Have So Many Moisturizers?

Tingle creams tend to have really strong moisturizing elements, both because it helps you tan, and it keeps your skin supple and soft instead of losing moisture to the UV.

A high-quality tingle cream works like a luxury moisturizing beauty cream, and will keep your tan even, so you come out feeling amazing.

Can I Use My Tingle Tanning Cream Outside in the Sun?

While it’s true that the ingredients in a tingle tanning cream would boost your tanning outside in natural sunlight, we have to recommend that you do not do this.

The reason is really simple. Tanning creams aren’t designed to be used outside, and because of this, they have no built-in sun protection so they won’t do anything to prevent sunburn or other skin issues.

You should only use tingle tanning creams when tanning in sunbeds or tanning booths

How Can I Get the Best Tan Possible?

If you want the best tan possible, there’s a simple routine you should be following to get the best color you can.

  • Start by making sure there’s nothing on your skin: This means exfoliating fully, because dead skin will block some of the UV and prevent you from tanning. For best results, exfoliate fully before every sunbed session.
  • Moisturize and hydrate: Just like with dead skin, overly dry skin can block you from tanning by reflecting some of the UV rays. Make sure to drink lots of water and keep your skin moisturized, supple, and healthy.
  • Remove anything that might block the sunbed: This includes make-up and other cosmetics. Not only will most cosmetics block UV just by being on your skin, a lot of modern make-up contains SPF, so it will also activelyblock your tan.
  • Don’t exfoliate or wax afterward: Your tan is focused in the top few layers of skin. If you do anything that removes a layer or two, for example, waxing, you can lose a lot of your color.
  • Use a good sunbed lotion before you tan: A strong sunbed lotion is the single best step to take if you want a strong, even, glowing tan.

Why Do Some Tingle Tanning Lotions Contain Silicone, and What Is It For?

If you’ve looked at the ingredients list of a tingle tanning cream in the last few months, you might have seen silicone on that list and wondered why it was there.

There’s a lot of myths surrounding tanning, how to get the best tan possible, and what you should be looking for when you tan. In general, if you see silicone in your tanning lotion, it means that you’ve got a high-quality product on your hands.

Silicone is used in high-quality skincare products, because it creates a barrier on your skin that locks all of the other ingredients in place so they have the biggest effect. On top of this, silicone also provides a barrier that keeps your skin protected, while still letting through oxygen so your skin can breathe.

You might have also heard negative talk about silicone, and that it should be avoided. We’re here to say that this is a complete myth, and that silicone is completely safe to use in skincare products like tanning lotions.

The reason you may have heard negative rumors about silicone is from other skincare product providers, as silicone is an expensive ingredient, so only the more expensive products tend to contain it.

The only times you should avoid using a silicone-based product is when you have acne, or particularly sensitive skin. Apart from these cases, silicone should normally be completely safe to use, and only enhance the tan you get from your lotion.

Final Thoughts

A tingle tanning lotion might not be for you. Some people simply don’t get on with the sensation, or don’t like the redness that can come with a really strong tingle cream.

But for serious tanners who want to get dark, fast, this is the most effective route. If you want to get tanned as quickly as you can, the best thing to do is buy a medium-strength tingle and try it out for several sessions.

Once you’ve seen the results you get, you’ll be addicted to that rush, and looking forward to your next session. If you don’t think tingle lotions are for you, this list of indoor tanning lotions might contain something more suitable for you.