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The 9 Best Hair Toppers for Women in 2024

The 9 Best Hair Toppers for Women in 2024

A hair topper is the perfect solution to thinning hair for women. The term refers to a clip-on wig intended to conceal balding or thinning spots by blending in with your natural style and color. Having beautiful hair can do wonders for anyone’s self-confidence, and using a hair topper is an affordable and simple way to help your hair look exactly how you want it to.

Since we all know that the quality of any hairpiece can make or break a look, shopping for hair toppers is a massive decision that you might never be truly ready to tackle on your own. It’s not impossible for anxiety to set in and prevent you from making clear, objective decisions, and navigating the vast world of different hairpieces is often intimidating.

Luckily, you don’t have to face it alone—we’ve created a complete buyer’s guide for finding out what hairpiece makes you look more youthful, confident, and beautiful. You’ll also learn to discern between the various hair toppers available on the market.

Keep reading for the best advice on purchasing hair toppers like an expert.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Hair Topper

Personal preference plays a large role in choosing the right hair topper for you, but there are also several other factors that you should consider when looking for the perfect product.


The goal is to find a hair topper that closely resembles the color of your natural hair. If you can’t seem to find one that matches your hair, you can opt to bleach or dye your wig to adjust the tone. You’d typically want to purchase a wig that comes in the right color, though.


It’s up to you to choose the hair length that best suits your preferences. If your hair is particularly thin, you might want to use longer hair toppers with thicker tops. Those with thicker hair are freer to explore shorter hairstyles. Most hair toppers come in lengths of 8, 12, 16, and 18 inches, though smaller and larger sizes do exist.

Pro Tip: You can cut most hair toppers just like you can real hair, so if you’re unsure, it’s safest to choose a larger size.


You have two options for strand: synthetic or natural human hair. Synthetic fiber is produced using artificial products while the latter is made of real human hair (often donated)—usually outsourced from various institutions. Synthetic fiber is cheaper and easier to maintain in the long run, but it rarely looks as realistic. Hair toppers made of natural human hair blend better with biological hair, and offer more versatility when it comes to styling, too.

Hair Style

What hairstyle do you dream of pulling off? You can choose between straight, curly, center-parted, and air bangs, among others. If you can’t decide between straight and curly, opt for straight hair toppers made of long, natural hair. You can just curl or straighten those strands as needed.


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Top 9 Best Hair Toppers 2024

1. Best Overall Hair Topper SEGO Dense Hair Topper With Human Base

SEGO Dense Hair Topper With Human Base

Why we like it: The SEGO hair topper is the ideal wig for any kind of hairstyle. You can freely style the strands however you want, and these wigs are available in an array of stunning colors.

Editor’s Rating:


  • Colors: 15 options, from platinum blonde to jet black
  • Lengths: 6 to 20 inches
  • Material: Silk

Overall Aesthetic

SEGO hair toppers are neither excessive nor underwhelming. They’re the perfect wig for all kinds of women looking into their first hairpiece. It has a medium-sized base that provides much wider coverage than a simple concealer, but the top isn’t as dense as a normal wig, so it blends well with any hair naturally.


Do you often feel like wigs are too hot and itchy? Don’t worry. SEGO hair toppers are made of breathable, smooth bases that fend off sweat, bacterial accumulation, and skin irritation.


You won’t have any trouble finding a piece that matches your real hair because SEGO hair toppers come in an array of colors. If the tone doesn’t suit you, feel free to bleach or dye the piece to your satisfaction.

Customers will also appreciate that wig length ranges from a short 6 inches to a staggering 20 inches.


SEGO wigs are made to last. You can color, iron, and style the pieces all you want without worrying about damaging the strands or ruining the aesthetic. If you feel the strands are starting to lose shape, you can quickly resolve the issue by giving it a thorough clean.


  • The perfect starter hair topper
  • Various colors for versatile use
  • Top-notch quality


  • Pricier than most wigs on the market

2. Best Human Hair Topper Hairro Clip-in Hair Topper

Hairro Clip-in Hair Topper

Why we like it: These Hairro Hair Toppers are made of 100% human hair that can be curled or straightened to your liking. It sports a soft, breathable silk base that’s extremely comfortable to wear and blends beautifully with any style or cut.

Editor’s Rating:


  • Colors: 14 options, from bleach blonde to dark black
  • Lengths: 6 to 20 inches
  • Material: Human hair

Overall Aesthetic

Some people would probably criticize these hair toppers for being thinner than other hairpieces on the market. The lighter volume isn’t necessarily a bad feature, though. For those with mild hair loss, a thin wig will make your hair look more natural. A chunkier option could even make your head appear bulky or disproportionate. Women with severe balding might want to check out thicker hairpieces, though.


These wigs are light and effortless, and you can wear it all day without feeling hot or uncomfortable. You might even forget about it completely. Heavy hairpieces often make you itch as the day goes on, so discretion is a grand feature of the Hairro range compared to its competitors. The soft, comfortable, smooth, and breathable silk base is easy on the scalp, and you won’t have to worry about a rash, dandruff, or irritation.


Despite the reedy volume, Harrio wigs are versatile. You can straighten, curl, or even cut the strands easily based on the style you prefer, and the hair toppers come in various shades, such as black, brown-black, and golden blonde.


The durability of this hair topper is nothing short of impressive. You can style, wash, and even color it without damaging the strands. It also consists of a base with three thin layers, which keeps both your scalp and wig safe from harmful elements, such as bacteria, UV rays, and sweat.


  • Looks natural, especially on milder bald spots
  • Lightweight and easy to wear
  • Breathable silk base
  • Strands can be straightened and curled
  • Various lengths and shades


  • Unsuitable for those with very thin hair

3. Best Premium Hair Topper Full Shine Long Straight Human Hair Topper

Full Shine Long Straight Human Hair Topper

Why we like it: The Full Shine Long Straight Human Hair topper offers one of the highest-quality human hair toppers around in a variety of lengths and colors.

Editor’s Rating:


  • Colors: 14 options, various shades of blondes, browns, blacks, and ombres
  • Lengths: 6 to 20 inches
  • Material: Human hair

Overall Aesthetic

The main issue with cheaper hair toppers that they tend to stand out from your biological hair or look a bit unnatural—but not this Full Shine topper. These toppers look as natural as any, making them a perfect choice for anyone striving for a seamless look.

Pro Tip: Finding a colored hair topper that’s an identical shade to your true hair color is almost impossible—our best tip is to be open to dyeing or bleaching these wigs to your desired hue.


These hair toppers have a high-grade base that’s breathable, smooth, and easy on the skin. You won’t have to worry about rashes or allergies when using these hairpieces. The 100% human hair used is long, straight, soft, and healthy.


Not many hair toppers can match the versatility that S-Noilite offers. Firstly, it comes in an array of colors, some of which include attractive highlights. Secondly, if it doesn’t appear in the shade you need, you can still achieve the effects because these hair toppers are safe for dyeing and bleaching. Wearers can also straighten and curl the wigs based on their mood or style choices.


You can safely wash, dye, curl, straighten, and bleach these hair toppers. It’s no exaggeration to say it is admirably durable. You can count on these wigs to give you the extra hair volume and color you need for many years to come.


  • 100% human hair
  • Many beautiful colors
  • Durable
  • Easily trimmed, straightened, curled, bleached, and dyed


  • Slightly pricier than other hair toppers on our list

4. Best Budget Hair Topper Hairro Bob Cut Hair Topper

Hairro Bob Cut Hair Topper

Why we like it: Do you want to sport a bob cut, but you are worried you might not have enough volume? The Hairro Bob Cut Hair Topper is the perfect hairpiece for you. It’s a Japanese synthetic hair topper that creates a unique wispy bangs effect.

Editor’s Rating:


  • Colors: 14 options, from bleach blonde to jet black
  • Lengths: 11 to 26 inches
  • Material: Synthetic

Overall Aesthetic

The hair topper features a rare Japanese-inspired bob cut with wispy bangs. It is perfect for women who want to sport a short hairstyle but are worried about how their bald spots might become exposed.


The strands are made of an upgraded synthetic fiber material that closely resembles human hair. Is this better than human hair? It depends on several factors. Human hair might look more realistic, but fiber hair is much softer and easier to wear. Getting it to look natural won’t be an issue because these fiber strands blend exceptionally well with real hair.


You can achieve a wide array of short hairstyles and bob cuts with this hairpiece. The original design sports Japanese-inspired wispy bangs, but you can cut, straighten, and curl the piece to make it match a fringed pixie cut, side-swept bangs cut, or long graduated bob cut. It’s available in eight different colors, so you’ll certainly find one that resembles your hair color.


Wearers can have confidence in the hairpiece, knowing it’s produced by Hairro. The company is an industry expert backed by two decades of experience, and all their products are durable and guaranteed to withstand daily use. The wigs are also resistant to harmful elements, such as UV rays, dust, and sweat, and more.


  • Unique Japanese-style wispy bangs hairstyle
  • Eight varying colors
  • Safe for styling, bleaching, and dyeing
  • Durable


  • Synthetic hair (no human hair options)

5. Best Full-Coverage Hair Topper YoungSee Mono-Based Hair Topper

YoungSee Mono-Based Hair Topper

Why we like it: With YoungSee’s Mono-based hair topper, even women with severe balding can once again enjoy a full set of hair. It’s a thick, dense topper that provides from partial to full coverage, depending on your needs.

Editor’s Rating:


  • Colors: 20 options, from platinum blonde to jet black
  • Lengths: 8 to 16 inches
  • Material: Human hair

Overall Aesthetic

This full-coverage hair topper has a 130% density top that offers partial to full coverage for women suffering from severe balding. You can use it to cover up silver and gray hair, as well.


It has a breathable base so that you won’t feel sweaty, despite its thickness. The strands are made of 100% smooth, silky real human hair that doesn’t get itchy after an extended period.


Customers have the freedom to choose whatever hair color they want as these pieces are available in more than twenty shades and hues—there’s bound to be one that matches your biological hair.

Pro Tip: The thick top allows wearers to sport a middle or side-parting hairstyle without looking unnatural.


These are resistant against harmful elements such as sweat, bacteria, harmful UV rays, and dust particles, among others. Just make sure to clean it properly after use. Remember, dense tops are more prone to dirt buildups.


  • Covers medium to severe balding
  • A wide variety of colors
  • You’re free to curl, iron, and straighten the strands as much as you want


  • Might look unnatural on mild bald spots

6. Best Curly Hair Topper YAIRYANGTZE Curly, Wavy Hair Topper With Bangs

YAIRYANGTZE Curly, Wavy Hair Topper With Bangs

Why we like it: You never have to worry about curling your hair with A YAIRYANGTZE hair topper. It can provide the curly hairstyle you need, which stays fluffy and bouncy all day long.

Editor’s Rating:


  • Colors: Light brown, dark brown, and black
  • Lengths: 14 or 17 inches (with thick and thin options for each)
  • Material: Synthetic

Overall Aesthetic

The hair topper is made with synthetic hair, so you don’t have to worry about the strands losing their curls as you sweat. It has a natural-looking gloss that blends well with real hair, too.


Synthetic hair strands will feel a bit softer and more comfortable than real human hair. It’ll also be more resistant to heat and won’t make you feel itchy when you sweat—we all know how irritating curls can get during the summertime.


The hair topper is exclusive for women who want to sport shoulder-length curly hair with air bangs. Don’t iron, curl, dye, or bleach the strands. Otherwise, the curls might lose volume and bounciness.


It’s a durable hair topper, and the curls are resistant to natural contaminants, such as dust, sweat, and excessive sunlight. When it comes to the curls, it’ll stay bouncy as long as you don’t iron it.


  • Permanent curls don’t lose shape and bounce
  • A breathable base that’s comfortable and easy to wear
  • Synthetic hair feels silkier and smoother than real hair


  • You can’t style or modify the way it looks

7. Best Glossy Hair Topper Full Shine High Density Hair Topper

Full Shine High Density Hair Topper

Why we like it: This beautiful topper by Full Shine is a tangle-free, shedding-free wig that’s easy to attach to the scalp. It has a natural-looking gloss that blends well with the rest of your hair, too.

Editor’s Rating:


  • Colors: 13 options, from white blonde to pure black
  • Lengths: 8 to 18 inches
  • Material: Human hair

Overall Aesthetic

Sometimes, simpler is better. It’s exactly what Full Shine strives to achieve with the collection of off-black hair toppers. These wigs offer a natural-looking set of locks made of real human hair—no wild color streaks, patterns, or hues. Just a simple color that covers your graying or thinning hair in the most subtle way possible. It is quite glossly, though, so those who prefer matte hair should steer clear.


A natural-looking wig is great, but to really pull off your look, you need to feel comfortable in it as well.

Full Shine’s hair topper is shedding-free, tangle-free, and breathable. Even if you wear it under the heat of the sun, you won’t have an issue with sudden scalp itches.


You can add a few streaks or highlights to the strands, but we don’t suggest using loud colors—the wig wasn’t made for major color changes. If you force the hairpiece to a hue outside of the suggested spectrum, its strands might fade, become dull, or look unnatural.


It’s made of 100% real Brazilian human hair, so the strands are guaranteed to endure years of daily use. The long, naturally thick strands flow seamlessly from top to bottom—no fake, double-drawn strands.


  • Natural true-to-life colors
  • A breathable, comfortable base
  • Subtle design


  • The glossy finish might not be preferred by some

8. Best Air Bangs Hair Topper DSYS Short Hair Topper With Fringe Air Bangs

DSYS Short Hair Topper With Fringe Air Bangs

Why we like it: It’s an inexpensive, natural-looking clip topper with bangs. There aren’t too many air bangs wigs on the market that look as natural and seamless as this one, so we think it’s marvelous.

Editor’s Rating:


  • Colors: Light brown, natural black, and jet black
  • Length: Chin-length
  • Material: Human hair

Overall Aesthetic

What sets this hair topper apart is how natural the bangs look. It’s made of 100% human hair and has a 3D design that provides the face with a 360-degree cover range. Other air bangs wigs have cheap, plastic-like strands, which tend to stand out from biological hair, especially long hair.


It has a complex design, but overall, it’s relatively easy to wear. Plus, the bangs aren’t hard to style or maintain throughout the day. Remember to comb it, keep the strands away from sweat, and clip the base properly for all-day comfort.


The bangs are 100% safe to curl, iron, and straighten, too. You can style it any way you want or as close to your real hair as possible. When it comes to color, it’s only available in three shades, so it may not look good on you if you have different hair color. The good news is that you can also dye or bleach the hairpiece to match your needs, though.


You may notice that the bangs easily lose their shape when placed inside packaging. It might even be deformed when you first receive the product, but this is normal. A bit of washing and drying will quickly fix the issue and restore the hairpiece to its original shape.


  • Unique, invisible 3D air bangs with a 360-degree angle coverage
  • Versatile, durable bangs built for ironing, curling, and bleaching
  • 100% human hair


  • Doesn’t look good on women with severe balding
  • Only available in three colors

9. Best Short Hair Topper YAYAFAIRY Pixie Hairstyle Hair Toppers

YAYAFAIRY Pixie Hairstyle Hair Toppers

Why we like it: It’s a unique hair topper designed for women sporting pixie cuts, and there aren’t too many wigs that cater to this market.

Editor’s Rating:


  • Colors: Light brown and medium brown
  • Length: 6 inches
  • Material: Synthetic

Overall Aesthetic

The hair toppers differentiate themselves with their unique pixie cut style. If you love styling your hair, you’ll also appreciate its thick volume—a dense topper allows wearers to style and fix the wig any way they please.


YAYAFAIRY’s pixie hair topper has a soft, breathable hair net under the base, which protects your scalp from irritation, sweat, allergies, and heat. It’s also easy to maintain.  All you need to keep it smelling good is to wash it with shampoo and spray some perfume on it.


The toppers are suitable for all kinds of short hairstyles, but women with long hair might want to choose another next option. Wearing a pixie cut wig will seem very unnatural with longer styles.


YAYAFAIRY made these pixie style hair toppers resilient under daily styling. You can straighten, curl, trim, bleach, and dye these hair toppers all you want without worrying about damages.


  • Durable
  • Unique pixie cut style
  • Natural-looking hair colors
  • Comfortable to wear, even in the heat


  • Not ideal for bald tops because the clips might not attach properly
  • Very few color choices
  • No length options

Everything You Need to Know on How to Find the Perfect Topper

Delving into the many options for the hair topper color and length you want is exciting, but finding the perfect hairpiece goes beyond aesthetic factors. In this section, we’ll be covering everything that buyers should know when shopping for these hair topper wigs.

Synthetic vs. Real Human Hair: Which Should You Choose?

Synthetic Hair

Is synthetic fiber bad? There are people who completely ignore hairpieces made of synthetic hair and prefer 100% human hair.

Synthetic hairpieces aren’t as terrible as many advertisers claim, and technological advancements have allowed hairpiece producers to vastly improve the range on offer. The synthetic hair available today in products like the SEGO Dense Hair Topper is exponentially better than the products that were available a decade ago, for example.

What makes synthetic hair toppers so appealing is the fact that it needs little to no maintenance. You can even use some pieces right out of the box. Wigs made of human hair require a good deal of styling and care before you can wear it out in public.

Synthetic fiber feels a lot more comfortable than real hair, but when it comes to appearance, human hair has synthetic fibers on the back foot. Making synthetic options look natural isn’t hard, though.  It already looks and feels as close as possible to the real deal, and you can only tell the difference through a side-by-side comparison of synthetic fiber and real hair.

The downside of using synthetic fiber is that it doesn’t offer as much versatility. Most options aren’t made for ironing, curling, dyeing, or bleaching, for example. The next best option is to purchase a synthetic hair topper that already has the style you want.

Natural Human Hair

Hairpieces made of natural human hair have always been a favorite among wig proponents. It has a glossy, smooth texture that blends perfectly with your real hair. Why shouldn’t it blend well when it is made of 100% human hair?

Apart from the seamless, natural look that human hair toppers like the Hairro 100% Human Hair Wigs provide, wearers have the freedom to style it and change it. You can cut, trim, bleach, dye, iron, curl, or straighten the strands, which allows you to sport multiple hairstyles using only one hair topper.

It’s no doubt that wigs of human hair are often superior to synthetic hair, but it has disadvantages, as well. Wigs made of 100% natural hair are expensive—depending on the length of the hair topper, the price can spike above a hundred dollars apiece.

It also requires a ton of maintenance—you’ll have to wash, condition, clean, and style the strands on a daily basis. Some people enjoy this type of treatment, with the freedom of being able to control the way the hair topper looks, but others will need to consider the alternatives.


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Your Step-by-Step Guide in Buying a Hair Topper

Step 1: Assess Your Hair Loss Problem

The first thing you need to do is assess the condition of your hair loss.

Knowing the stage you’re at will help you find out the perfect base. There are three stages of hair loss:

  • Beginning: The scalp may not be visible yet, but you’ll notice unusual hair growth at the tip of your crown. Those with mild balding should choose small-base hair toppers—a larger one will be too bulky and look unnatural.
  • Progressive: As the balding worsens, the scalp becomes more visible through the thin areas of your hair. Women at this stage of balding will need a medium-to-large base hair topper.
  • Advanced: At this stage of hair loss, you will need the largest bases available. In the worst case, some might have no choice but to wear a full wig.

Step 2: Accurately Measure Your Bald Spot

Measuring your bald spot is fairly simple, using a measuring tape to scale the widest points of your bald spots.

Pro Tip: Do this in between two mirrors so that you can see your crown from all possible angles.

Step 3: Select Your Preferred Base Type

Here are the three most common base types you’ll see on different hair toppers:


A silk-based hair topper such as the SEGO Dense Hair Topper is perhaps one of the most popular options in the market. Customers love it for its natural aesthetic. The knots are perfectly hidden, so you’re free to sport whatever hairstyle you like, and you can even add emphasis to your hairline without worrying about it being obvious.

Silk is also soft and comfortable to wear, and resistant against sweat, bacteria, and hair fall.

The only disadvantage of silk-based hair toppers is that you can’t easily lay it flat on the scalp, especially if you’ve been wearing it all day. You might notice the crown becoming bulkier at times. Silk also gets hot during the summer.


Monofilament base types, which are more rare but are present in options like the YoungSee Mono-Based Hair Topper, look similar to a natural scalp, which makes it an ideal option for women who want to part hair strands to the side. The reason it looks so natural is that every strand of hair is hand-tied to the soft, fine mesh material on top of the base.

Mono bases are generally comfortable. You can wear one for extended periods without feeling itchy, but it is not as breathable, so you might end up sweating more.

Step 4: Decide on Your Hairstyle

When choosing a hairstyle, consider the length and shape of your hair topper:

  • Oval-Shaped: Women born with an oval-shaped face are lucky enough to pull off any look—whether it is a pixie cut or a long, layered hairstyle. Those who want to try sporting longer hairstyles should wear curled hair toppers, though. The strands don’t further elongate the face.
  • Heart-Shaped: What is a heart-shaped face? It features a larger-than-average forehead that drops directly down to a narrow chin and jawline. To make the most of your natural face shape, try increasing the width on the lower half of your face while simultaneously reducing the top half. One of the hairpieces you can use to do so is a bob cut hair topper—sweep the bangs to the side and let the strands drop down on the sides of the face to reduce the emphasis on your forehead.
  • Rectangle-Shaped: Women with rectangular faces should go for a long, layered hairpiece that softens the corners of the face without blocking the cheekbones. You can try wearing bangs, but not square ones. Instead, opt for curtain bangs with rounded fringes that slightly disguise the forehead so that it doesn’t elongate your face.
  • Square-Shaped: If you have a square-shaped face, your goal should be to soften your strongest features: cheeks, forehead, and jawline. Those with long hair can use thick-topped wigs and sport a side-parted style. The strands will fall on the sides and naturally curve the sharp edges of the face. Women who want a short hairstyle can try a bob cut hair topper with flexible bangs.
  • Diamond-Shaped: Women with a diamond-shaped face should try to reduce the emphasis on their sharp edges. For example, a long, layered hair topper widens the appearance of your jaw and offsets the sharpness of your cheekbones. Add a deep side parting and broaden your forehead.
  • Triangle-Shaped: Triangle-shaped faces are characterized by bottom-heavy features that drown out the size of the forehead. If you have a triangle-shaped face, reduce the emphasis on the lower half of your face. One way you can do so is by using hair toppers that finish somewhere around the eyes rather than the cheekbones. The strands drop a little higher, reducing the sharpness of your jaw and cheeks.
  • Round-Shaped: Round faces tend to make one look fat—it’s why you should aim to add more features and sharpness to your face if you have a round, chubby face. Generally, women with round faces look best in pixie cut hair toppers, which highlight all the features of the face. Paired with a contour and makeup, you’ll be able to achieve that rough, sexy look right away.

Step 5: Choose What Color to Use

various hair colors

A quick way to find out what hair color suits you is by assessing your skin type and color.

Warm Skin Tone

Women with a warm skin tone tend to lean toward yellow, golden undertones.

  • Fair Skin: A golden-brown hair topper would complement your features perfectly.
  • Dark Skin: Try warm brown hair toppers that’ll go well with your skin tone and color.

Both fair- and dark-skinned women can try warm shades of red but should avoid gray, purple, and blue hair toppers.

Cool Skin Tone

A woman with a cool skin tone may notice hints of blue, red, or pink.

  • Fair Skin: Ash-blonde hair toppers would highlight white, pinkish glowing skin.
  • Dark Skin: Women with cool, dark skin have the freedom to explore louder colors, such as burgundy, blue, and red.

Both fair- and dark-skinned women can try lighter versions of their natural hair color but should avoid yellow and orange hues in the hair toppers.

Neutral Skin Tone

A neutral skin tone is a general mixture of cool and warm skin features. Generally, women with a neutral skin tone will look good in any hair color.

The best way to maximize your facial features is to choose hair toppers that complement the eyes instead of the skin tone.

  • Hazel: Auburn, light brown, hazelnut hair toppers will make hazel eyes pop.
  • Brown: Dark brown, golden-honey, deep red, ash blonde, and light brown hair toppers will make brown eyes pop.
  • Green: Red, strawberry blonde, auburn, jet black, platinum blonde, and brown hair toppers will make green eyes pop.
  • Blue: Golden-brown, platinum blonde, honey blonde, burgundy, and chestnut brown hair toppers will make blue eyes pop.

Final Thoughts

That’s everything you need to know when shopping for a hair topper. Our top overall pick is the SEGO Dense Hair Topper. It’s perfect as a starter hair topper, silky smooth, versatile, comfortable, and available in a range of different colors, but others with more specialized needs may prefer other toppers.

Perhaps the best parting advice is to take your time in browsing your options. Check all the features, styles, and designs available and ease into a decision that suits your needs—for coverage, style, maintenance, tone, and comfort.