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The 10 Best Eyebrow Pencils to Buy in 2024

The 10 Best Eyebrow Pencils to Buy in 2024

Many people struggle with pale or thinning eyebrows. Eyebrows like this can be very difficult to see. Therefore, they don’t frame the face and eyes to accentuate the definition and balance of your face. If you’re one of these people, you don’t need to fret.

There are several ways to enhance your eyebrows so that they can complement and set off your facial features in a more positive way. One of the easiest yet most effective ways is using an eyebrow pencil. Eyebrow pencils can define and improve on existing eyebrows, creating a more defined shape and outline arches.

This can result in a thicker, fuller look to your brow, adding character to your facial features. Read on to learn more about these pencils, as well as how to find the best eyebrow pencil for your needs.

Three Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Eyebrow Pencil

What should you look for when you’re trying to find the best eyebrow pencil? Not all eyebrow pencils are made equal, and not all of them are right for you. Here are three important things to consider when choosing an eyebrow pencil:


The right color of eyebrow pencil can make a massive difference in the final look of your eyebrows. It’s a good idea to choose a pencil color close to your hair color. It shouldn’t be more than a shade darker.

A shade darker is a better choice. If you have black hair, a harsh black eyebrow pencil may not be the right choice for you. Consider going for a shade or two lighter.

This ensures your brows remain soft while still shaping and filling in. For light eyebrows, a shade or two darker than the natural brow color is an ideal choice. If you’re a redhead, you can go with either auburn, light brown, or medium brown.

It’s worth noting that you can make your eyebrows darker by simply exerting more pressure on the pencil when applying. When choosing the best eyebrow pencil, choose a shade that compliments not only your hair color but your skin tone as well.

Pencil Softness

The harder the pencil, the harsher the line it will leave on your brow. A softer pencil lets the wax coat the brow hair. This creates a more natural look compared to a severe line drawn on the skin.

Harder eyebrow pencils are more prone to breakage, and softer pencils give you more control when applying.


It’s a good idea to choose a waterproof brow pencil. Waterproof eyebrow pencils are usually creamier compared to their non-waterproof counterparts. They’re also more durable.

Top 10 Best Eyebrow Pencils 2024

1. Maybelline Total Temptation Eyebrow Definer Pencil

Maybelline Total Temptation Eyebrow Definer Pencil

Why we like it: It delivers beautiful, softly defined eyebrows. It comes with a teardrop definer, making it easy to achieve the desired brow arch and shape. The included fluffy rounded brush helps with blending in for a natural look and finish.

Editor’s Rating:

Maybelline Total Temptation Eyebrow Definer Pencil is able to softly define the brows, thanks to its richly pigmented cream to powder formula. The pencil features a fine triangle tip. This allows it to draw in both subtle and full strokes.

It is quite hard, making it stick to the hair and skin flawlessly.  It is sufficiently pigmented to fill in brows quickly. As such, users don’t have to worry about accidentally drawing overly dark brows.

This eyebrow pencil comes equipped with a retractable angled tip applicator. The applicator is ideal for someone with sparse eyebrows. It allows for a firm, accurate stroke, filling in brows precisely.

The included soft grooming brush allows for shaping and fluffing the brows for a natural finish. The Total Temptation Brow Definer is available in four shades: soft brown, medium brown, deep brown, and blonde. Each shade comes in a stunning pink retractable pencil with an attached brush spoolie.

These brow definer pencils are part of Maybelline’s new makeup collection known as Total Temptation. The products in this collection all feature cute pink packaging.

How to Apply

  • Define the brow with the narrow end of the applicator
  • Using the base of the tip, fill from the brow anchor to the brow arch
  • Fill in the rest of the eyebrow tail with the narrow end of the applicator


  • Easy to use
  • Long-wearing
  • Built-in spoolie
  • Sweat-resistant


  • You may need to apply twice to achieve the desired effect

2. L'Oreal Paris Brow Stylist Definer

L'Oreal Paris Brow Stylist Definer

Why we like it: A simple, waterproof, and inexpensive eyebrow pencil. It’s effective at drawing and shaping natural-looking brows. It’s made from soft crayon tip, and hence doesn’t irritate the eyes.

Editor’s Rating:

If you’re looking for a cheap yet effective waterproof brow pencil, L’Oreal Paris Makeup Brow Stylist Definer Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil is an ideal choice. A 2018 Glamour Award Beauty Award winner, this pencil features a pro-tip for finely shaped brows.

It is waterproof. You can wear it and dive into the swimming pool without worrying about ruining your brow makeup. This pencil also features a grooming brush for combing your eyebrows upward and outward, creating a more defined look.

If you have sensitive eyes, this brow pencil is right for you. It is made of soft crayon, which is 100% safe. It won’t irritate your eyes or skin. It is also ideal for people with contact lenses.

This L’Oreal Paris Makeup brow pencil is available in seven shades to fit a variety of hair colors and skin tones.  The notable setback of this product is that it can be difficult to tell if it is finished. Nonetheless, it is a great buy, especially if you have sensitive eyes or skin.

How to Apply

  • Start with clean, brushed eyebrows
  • Draw the outline of your brow shape with the ultra-fine tip pencil
  • Fill in the gap with light feathered strokes
  • Using the soft spoolie brush, comb up following the arch shape to create a more defined look


  • Easy to use, even for beginners
  • Gives natural-looking brows
  • Waterproof
  • Ophthalmologist-tested
  • Ideal for contact lens wearers and sensitive eyes
  • Accurately defines and easily blends
  • Seven different shades to choose from


  • Difficult to tell the amount of product left

3. NYX Professional Makeup Micro Brow Pencil

NYX Professional Makeup Micro Brow Pencil

Why we like it: This brow pencil features a vegan formula with no animal-derived ingredients. It is cruelty-free, and PETA certified. It is dual-ended for easy brow care.

Editor’s Rating:

If you’re looking for an eyebrow pencil to create fuller-looking brows, you can’t go wrong with NYX Professional Makeup Micro Brow Pencil. This dual-ended, ultra-thin brow pencil can coat even the finest hair with color. The result is thicker, fuller, and more natural-looking eyebrows.

This pencil features a pencil on one end and a spoolie brush on the other. It is an ideal choice for those looking to define their sparse brows. It is also useful for taming unruly hairs.

It allows you to effortlessly define and tidy brows without worrying about the ‘drawn on’ effect. If you’re a vegan, this is an excellent product for you. NYX Professional Makeup Micro Brow Pencil is composed of a vegan formula with no animal-based ingredients. In fact, it is cruelty-free, and PETA certified.

The creamy, long-wearing formula glides on smoothly, making it easy to apply. It comes in eight different shades. These are blonde, taupe, auburn, ash brown, chocolate, espresso, brunette, and black. No matter your natural hair color or complexion, you can find a shade that complements it.

 How to Apply

  • Use the pencil to fill in areas that look sparse or over-tweezed. This creates a more defined brow.
  • Use short strokes to help create fuller-looking brows.
  • Use the spoolie end to brush and blend to achieve a more natural look


  • Glides on easily
  • Travel-friendly
  • Attractive packaging
  • Delivers a natural finish
  • The ultra-thin pencil is easy to use


  • You might mess your brows if you apply it too harshly
  • The texture could have been better
  • You don’t get much in each pencil

4. Maybelline New York Define-A-Brow Eyebrow Pencil

Maybelline New York Define-A-Brow Eyebrow Pencil

Why we like it: This mechanical pencil is a waterproof formula for all-day wear. It easily defines brows. No sharpening needed for the pencil.

Editor’s Rating:

If you’re looking for an easy way to make your sparse eyebrows appear fuller, consider buying Maybelline New York Define-A-Brow Eyebrow Pencil. Define-A-Brow eyebrow pencil has proved to be effective in helping people create the kind of facial appearance they desire.

As the name suggests, it helps you define your eyebrows with ease. The best thing about this product is that it is 100% safe.

What’s more, the Define-A-Brow eyebrow pencil is waterproof. You don’t have to worry about your eyebrows being washed away when you sweat or if it’s raining.

With this eyebrow pencil, you’ve got the assurance of all-day wear without any embarrassing moments. Another remarkable attribute of this pencil is that it doesn’t need sharpening. Simply pull out the lid and apply.

It features a comb on the rear end. You can use the comb to groom your hair upward and outward. This mechanical brow pencil glides smoothly, giving your eyebrows a perfect definition. Ophthalmologists around the world have tested it and proved that it is safe for sensitive eyes.

Therefore you don’t need to worry about eye irritation after applying it. The Define-A-Brow pencil blends seamlessly with your eyebrows. This allows you to preserve your original hair color for a natural look.

The only shortcoming of this brow pencil is that it can be difficult to tell how much product is left. Nonetheless, it offers value for money.

How to Apply

  • Swivel up a single full turn to expose pencil point
  • Glide the liner along your natural brow line with thin strokes,
  • Blend the color and groom eyebrow hair using the comb


  • Built-in comb for easy grooming of the brows
  • The waterproof formula has good staying power
  • Safe for sensitive eyes
  • Affordable
  • Five different shades to choose from
  • Versatile
  • Colorful packaging makes the pencil easy to identify in the makeup bag


  • The pencil is prone to breakage. You need to handle it with care when applying
  • The formula dries quickly. You need to work with it fast to spread it over the brow

5. Etude House Drawing Eye Brow Pencil

Etude House Drawing Eye Brow Pencil

Why we like it: This brow pencil is affordable, waterproof, and smudge-proof. It adds a perfect tint to eyebrows.

Editor’s Rating:

Etude House Drawing Eyebrow is a soft, textured, angled brow pencil. It comes in different color variants to match different hair colors and skin tones. The angled pencil is easy to use.

You can easily draw on individual hairs to achieve a thicker, fuller-looking arch. Whether you’re looking for a natural appearance or a bolder and eye-catching look, you can achieve that with this eyebrow pencil. It fills in any gaps for instant brow-enhancement and a defined outline, creating the perfect arch without appearing unnatural.

With the included spoolie, you can groom the brows perfectly into place, filling in sparse areas, dispersing the product, and softening any overly harsh lines. The spoolie brush is just the right size.

This makes it useful when it comes to tidying your handiwork. This eyebrow pencil comes in seven different shades. These are Brown, Gray, Black Brown, Gray Brown, Light Brown, Dark Gray, and Black.

How to Apply

  • Fill in between the hairs using the wider surface
  • Draw eyebrow line and delicate edges using the slimmer surface
  • Use short upward strokes in the direction of hair growth
  • Starting at the arch, work towards the tail of the brow
  • Using the soft-bristled spoolie, blend the brow for uniform, natural-looking definition


  • Affordable
  • Waterproof and smudge-proof
  • Doesn’t irritate the eyes
  • Comes with a brush
  • Natural-looking
  • Easy to use
  • Different shades to choose from


  • Minimal product quantity
  • Eventually fades when sweating
  • Not ideal for those who love bold and dramatic eyebrows

6. Revlon ColorStay Brow Pencil

Revlon ColorStay Brow Pencil

Why we like it: This eyebrow pencil is affordable and easy to use. It is automatic and hence no need for sharpening. It features an angled applicator and can define brows easily with small strokes.

Editor’s Rating:

Revlon ColorStay Brow Pencil is an easy-to-use eyebrow pencil that offers soft, blendable color to fill and define your bros like a pro. It features an angled tip for precise application on one end and a spoolie brush for blending on the other.

This pencil boasts a soft and smooth formula. It glides smoothly and defines the eyebrows without making them look awfully thick or unnatural. This gives shape to the brows and defines them perfectly.

It’s worth noting that the consistency isn’t very creamy. Hence, you’ll need at least two swipes to build the color. Nonetheless, it has excellent pigmentation.

You can expect the color to last all day without smudging. That’s because the pencil has a remarkable waterproof and long-lasting formula. The attached spoolie brush helps to groom the brows and soften the edges, making them look shapely.

What’s more, you don’t need to sharpen this pencil as it comes in a twist-up mechanism. It is available in five different shades: soft black, soft brown, auburn, blonde, and dark brown. The price of the ColorStay Brow Pencil is average compared to its competitors.

You can even purchase it in multiple packs to save some cash. The major setback of this pencil is that it breaks if you take a lot of product out for application. Use it with care to promote its longevity.

How to Apply

  • Define your eyebrows with the angled tip of the eyebrow pencil
  • Feather a soft line along the lower and upper edges of natural eyebrow shape
  • Fill in the brows using the flat side of the pencil. Work in short, feathery strokes, toward the direction of your natural hair growth.
  • Using the spoolie brush, comb through your brow to blend the color


  • Angle tip precisely defines the brows and glides smoothly on the skin
  • The mechanical design ensures the pencil remains sharp all the time
  • Five different shades to suit different skin tones


  • The formula is quite hard. You have to swipe it several times to achieve the desired color
  • The pencil breaks easily, so you need to be gentle when using it and pull out only a small amount of the product.

7. IT Cosmetics Brow Power Universal Brow Pencil

IT Cosmetics Brow Power Universal Brow Pencil

Why we like it: While this brow pencil comes in only one shade, it works perfectly on every brow color. The soft, powdery formula adheres to individual hairs, resulting in fuller, more defined arches.

Editor’s Rating:

IT Cosmetics Brow Power Universal is a long-wearing, two-in-one eyebrow pencil. It includes a pencil and a spoolie, with their respective safety caps. It comes in one universal shade, which can match all hair colors.

It is designed to adjust to different hair colors based on how hard you press, delivering a stunning, natural-looking brow. The pencil features an oval shape tip, which works well for both thick and thin brows.

The formula adheres to skin, helping you achieve fuller-looking eyebrows in sparse areas. You can use the included spoolie end brush to create a natural, polished look. The pencil comes in a sturdy silver and black-colored metallic retractable pencil packaging.

This brow pencil is also fragrance-free. These attributes make it an exceptionally travel-friendly product.

IT Cosmetics also gives you an opportunity to contribute to charity whenever you purchase this eyebrow pencil. For every Brow Powder Universal Brow Pencil bought, the company donates a beauty product to Look Good Feel Better. This campaign is geared toward helping women face the appearance-related side effects of cancer with confidence.

How to Apply

  • For lighter hair colors, including gray and blonde, use softer strokes
  • For darker tones, including black and brown, exert more pressure on the pencil
  • Lastly, lightly brush the spoolie brush through your eyebrows for a natural, polished look.


  • The universal brow is ideal for all hair colors
  • The oval-shaped tip can quickly deliver soft, smooth, and precise finishing
  • It easily gives the desired color and finishing on eyebrows without any mess
  • The long-wear formula can stay on your skin the whole day
  • It doesn’t smudge even on oily skin


  • It is mostly chemically formulated and may not be healthy to use 24/7
  • The product quantity is meager

8. Maybelline Brow Precise Micro Eyebrow Pencil

Maybelline Brow Precise Micro Eyebrow Pencil

Why we like it: The ultra-fine 1.5mm tip allows for micro-precision with every stroke. It comes with a blending brush to soften the lines for fuller, natural-looking brows.

Editor’s Rating:

If you’re looking for an effective way to improve your shapeless, uneven eyebrows, you can’t go wrong with Maybelline Brow Precise Micro Eyebrow Pencil. The pencil features an ultra-fine 1.5mm retractable tip and a short soft blending brush. It works by creating soft hair-like lines, which fill and shape brows naturally.

This precision pencil glides smoothly through hairs. In the process, it fills in sparse spots of the brow while adding depth and definition to the arches. The result is an expertly framed face.

The ultra-fine tip delivers natural-looking strokes which blend seamlessly with your natural hair. This helps to define, sculpt, and accentuate your brows. You can use the attached spoolie brush to blend and tame your brow for a super-preened finish.

This brow pencil comes in four different shades to suit different hair colors and skin tones. These are blonde, soft brown, dark brown, and auburn. The pigment is rich, and you can expect it to last all day provided you don’t touch your brows.

How to Apply

  • Draw small, light strokes along your brow contour
  • Using the blending brush, groom your hairs upward and outward to blend color and set brows


  • Blends into brows perfectly, making them defined and natural-looking
  • Easy to use
  • Four different shades to choose from
  • Comes with blending brush


  • The product amount is minimal. Runs out fast

9. ANASTASIA Beverly Hills Brow Wiz

ANASTASIA Beverly Hills Brow Wiz

Why we like it: The water-resistant formula is effective in creating the perfect brows. It’s available in a diverse shade range to suit all skin tones. While it’s quite expensive, the pencil is worth the price thanks to the soft and creamy formula.

Editor’s Rating:

ANASTASIA Beverly Hills Brow Wiz Soft Brown brow pencil will help you mimic fine, hair-like strokes that appear exceptionally natural. An Allure Best of Beauty award winner, this pencil lasts all day without fading away.

The pencil’s staying power is impressive. It can stay for at least 8 hours provided you don’t wipe your brows. The smudge-proof formula can do wonders on over-tweezed and overly sparse brows.

You need just a small amount to draw clean, precise lines for perfectly defined brows. This brow pencil comes in ten different shades. The shades range from soft brown to ebony and granite.

The soft brown shade is ideal for lighter skin tones while ebony and granite work best for dark skin tones. Another remarkable thing about this product is that it’s retractable. There’s no product wastage.

It boasts a soft and creamy formula, which glides smoothly on the brows. You can even use it as an eyeliner. This brow pencil also comes with a grooming brush, which combs and shapes the brows perfectly.

While the pencil is quite expensive, the brand holds a reputation for producing quality makeup products. One notable setback of this brow pencil is that it breaks easily if you exert too much pressure. The formula is extremely soft. Be sure to exert light pressure when defining your eyebrows using this pencil.

How to Apply

To get the best out of ANASTASIA Beverly Hills Brow Wiz Soft Brown brow pencil, follow these steps:

  • Brush your brows in the opposite direction using the attached spoolie brush
  • Fill in the visible areas using the eyebrow pencil
  • Brush once more using the brush. This time, however, do so in the natural direction of your eyebrows. This helps to blend the color and give an attractive shape to the brows.


  • The ultra-thin tip makes it easy to define thin or sparse brows
  • The attached spoolie combs and shapes the brows nicely
  • The creamy formula blends nicely to give the brows a natural look
  • Ten different shades to choose from. You can combine different shades for a dual-toned effect
  • Great pigmentation and staying power.


  • The pencil is quite expensive compared to its competitors
  • The thin tip is prone to breakage if you apply excess pressure

10. Almay Brow Defining Pencil

Almay Brow Defining Pencil

Why we like it: This pencil has a soft color that looks natural and lasts all day. It sharpens automatically into a super-thin tip for precise definition. It’s fortified with aloe and vitamin E to soothe and nourish your brows.

Editor’s Rating:

Looking to refine your messy, sparse eyebrows and have a more attractive face? Then Almay Brow Defining Pencil is the right tool for you. This simple, mechanical eyebrow pencil will give your brows a soft, natural look.

The creamy formula is 100% waterproof. You can expect it to stay intact the whole day. It saves you the stress of having to reapply your brow pencil frequently.

With Almay Brow Defining Pencil, doing your brows once daily is enough, irrespective of the weather. Hence, it minimizes wastage while guaranteeing you a nicely groomed look throughout the day.

This brow pencil doesn’t require sharpening. It boasts a mechanical twist construction that allows it to sharpen itself automatically. After self-sharpening, you end up with an ultra-fine tip that will define your eyebrows precisely.

Another remarkable thing about this product is that it features a grooming brush on one end. You can use the brush to comb your brows upward and outward, ensuring they appear natural. Another purpose of the brush is to ensure your brows stay in good shape, ensuring they blend in well with your facial features.

What’s more, this pencil contains beneficial nutrients like aloe and vitamin E. These nutrients allow it to soothe and nourish your eyebrows and skin. Moreover, this pencil is comprised of ingredients that are completely healthy for your skin.

This makes it ideal for individuals that have sensitive eyes. It is also great for contact lens wearers. In fact, ophthalmologists around the world have tested and certified the product.

Also worthy of note is that this brow pencil doesn’t have any fragrances. It is also hypoallergenic. Despite its great attributes, the product is not without a few setbacks.

It only comes in three shades, limiting your choices. Also, it can be difficult to tell how much product you have left. Nonetheless, Almay Brow Defining Pencil is among the top-rated brow pencils you can buy today.

How to Apply

  • Define brow shape using the pointed tip
  • Fill in brows using the flat edge
  • Finish by grooming hair with the brush


  • Fragrance-free
  • Ophthalmologist-tested
  • Hypoallergenic
  • No sharpening
  • All-day wear


  • Available in three shades only
  • Quite hard to tell the amount of product left

Guide to Buying the Best Eyebrow Pencil

Whether you’re just getting started in the world of makeup or you’re a beauty product junkie, it’s essential to find the right product. Otherwise, you may not get the desired results. There are several things to consider when shopping for the best eyebrow pencil.

These include formula, shade, and budget. Let’s take a more in-depth look at them.


It’s advisable to go for a brow pencil that features a smooth and soft formula. This ensures you can effortlessly glide the pencil over your brows and shape them the way you desire.

It’s also essential to choose a product with a long-lasting formula. Otherwise, heat and humidity may make your brow pencil to fade. Consider trying a range of formulas to determine which works best for your brows.


Another critical factor to consider when shopping for a brow pencil is the shade. Consider choosing a pencil shade that matches your hair color and skin tone. If you’ve got naturally dark or black hair, for example, you should use a dark brown shade.

This is very effective at filling in brows. You may think that a black brow pencil will complement your dark hair. The truth is that a black shade may end up looking fake.

If you have a deep skin tone, you should first apply a dark brown before going over to fill them with a black very subtly.

For natural brown hair, a medium brown shade will work well with it. It’s also advisable to `ensure that your brow pencil shade is somewhat lighter compared to actual eyebrow color. If you have blonde hair, try using a taupe that is not too deep brown or too light.

Very light colors normally start looking pale on your skin and do nothing on your brows as well. If you have burgundy or mulled wine hair color, it is not a good idea to match your eyebrows to your hair. If you have a cool skin tone, a pale brown brow pencil should help you achieve the desired results.

If you are warm-toned, however, you should go for a deep brown pencil shade. This will accentuate your facial features without looking too overpowering.

Skin Tone

It is important to consider your skin tone when choosing the best eyebrow pencil. If you have light skin with pink undertones, consider choosing an ashy blonde eyebrow pencil. This ensures your skin tone doesn’t look too orange or yellow.

If you have light skin and dark hair, consider trying a light brown eyebrow pencil that is ashy. It’s not a good idea to use warm or reddish tones for your eyebrows, even if you have brown or warm blonde hair.

Eyebrows are normally ashier compared to the hair on your head. Hence, using a cooler shade will deliver a more natural look. For people with olive skin, a light to medium brown eyebrow pencil is an ideal choice.

If your skin tans easily, choose a medium brown eyebrow shade. This makes your browns stand out against your skin tone. If you have dark skin, a light to medium brown eyebrow pencil that has a matte finish will work best for you.

Overall, you should go for a color that is 1-2 shades lighter than your skin tone. This will ensure the color stands out on your face, making your eyebrows look more defined.

Eye Size vs. Eyebrow Color

The size of the eye also has some relationship with the choice of eyebrow shade. If you have bright and large eyes, you should choose an eyebrow pencil shade that is not too light. This shade is ideal for bright and dark brows.

On the other hand, if you have somewhat smaller eyes, you should go for a mild hue. Then you can taper your eyebrows accordingly.


Eyebrow pencils are quite affordable. So, you won’t need to break a bank to get the best eyebrow pencil.

You should also realize that the most expensive doesn’t necessarily mean the best quality. More often than not, you’re just paying for the brand name. High-end eyebrow pencils are not always better compared to the ones in the medium price range.

Before you make a purchase, consider how well the brow pencil matches your look. Consider the brand as well to determine if it will deliver value for your money.

Final Thoughts

Just like your eyelashes, it’s no secret that eyebrows have a significant impact on the overall look of your face. From framing the facial features to creating symmetry, having properly groomed, well-shaped brows are vital. With proper brow shaping, your eyebrows will draw attention to your eyes.

Well-defined eyebrows give your face that perfect balance and soften your facial features. Unfortunately, not everyone has full, thick eyebrows. An eyebrow pencil is the best tool to help you achieve those beautiful looking brows.

With the right eyebrow pencil and proper application, you can end up with thicker, fuller, natural-looking brows. These brows will give your face a dramatic lift. However, finding the best eyebrow pencil can be challenging.

There are many brands which to choose. All of the pencils on this list are from well-known brands. Be sure to choose a pencil that blends with the color of your hair and skin. Also, make sure the eyebrow pencil formula is soft and smooth.

Keep in mind that the best eyebrow pencil doesn’t have to be expensive. We hope this comprehensive eyebrow pencil review and buyer’s guide helps you find the best brow pencil for your needs.