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The 10 Best Curling Wands to Buy in 2024

The 10 Best Curling Wands to Buy in 2024

Who knew there were so many things to keep in mind while shopping for a curling wand? Not only do you have to choose what material your curling wand is made from, but you also need to take into account what type of hair you have and what curl you’re hoping to achieve. Today, we’re here to talk about all the factors you’ll want to consider while shopping for a curling wand. The last thing we want you to do is unwittingly fry your hair, thereby giving you less hair to work with.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Curling Wand


While stylists typically prefer ceramic and titanium curling wands, there are a few other great materials some wands are made of. For example, you can also find a wide selection of gold-plated and tourmaline curling wands. Interestingly, each material boasts different benefits for different hair types.

  • Ceramic curling wands – are the best for spreading heat evenly and smoothing the hair, and they’re also great for thin, delicate hair that doesn’t hold up well under high temperatures.
  • Tourmaline curling wands – help fight dull, frizzy hair by emitting negative ions. This also makes them great for thicker and more unmanageable hair types.
  • Gold-plated wands – are a good choice if you have coarse or thick hair; they can tolerate high heat settings for a long period.
  • Titanium curling wands – are also great for thicker hair and can also tolerate high heat settings for an extended time, but they’re lighter weight and more durable than their gold-plated counterparts.

Barrel Size

The material from which your wand is made isn’t the only aspect worth mulling over, though; different barrel sizes (i.e., how wide or narrow the wand is itself) will yield different types of curls, and you’ll want to choose the right one according to your hair length and type.

  • ¾-inch barrel size – best for tight ringlets on short or fine hair. These wands will also boost volume for already curly hair.
  • 1-inch barrel size – if you’re looking for more of an all-purpose curling wand that will work on various hair lengths and textures, opt for this size.
  • 1½-inch barrels – 1½-inch to 2-inch barrels are best for long hair, as a wider barrel allows heat to be more evenly distributed to the hair and is also ideal for achieving loose waves.

Heat Setting

The heat setting of your curling wand may be the most important thing to consider, as the heat plays a large role in determining how long your curls will hold. The trick is finding the right balance of heat that will neither fry your hair nor make your hair go limp just hours after styling it. While some materials distribute heat more evenly across the curling wand, they may not come with as many heat settings to choose from.

  • 380 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit – curly, coarse, and thick hair handles heat the best, and you can curl it on settings as high as 450 degrees Fahrenheit. However, just because these hair textures handle heat well doesn’t mean heat protectant isn’t needed; studies show that using a heat protectant while curling your hair helps prevent damage.
  • 300 to 380 degrees Fahrenheit – virgin and medium-thick hair will get the best curls from heat settings within this range. You should definitely use a heat protectant on virgin hair since it’s suffered little damage in comparison.
  • 300 degrees Fahrenheit and below – heat settings for fine or chemically-treated hair should never go higher than 300 degrees Fahrenheit, as it’s the most vulnerable to damage. You may even want to look for special curling wands that cater specifically to fine or chemically-treated hair.


Like barrel sizes, curling wands also come in a variety of shapes that cater to different hair textures and yield different types of curls.

  • Standard curling wands – these have a clamp which holds your hair in place as you roll it up the hair shaft.
  • Clampless curling wands – with this type of wand, you manually wrap the hair around the barrel itself. These wands are better for hair with split or damaged ends, as they won’t have to be exposed to overly high heat since they’ll remain unwrapped.
  • Cone-shaped curling wands – these work similarly to clampless curling wands (i.e., you’ll have to manually wrap the hair around the barrel). They yield curls that are looser at the root and tighter towards the ends.
  • Multi-barreled curling wands – believe it or not, there are some curling wands with two or more barrels, which are great for creating soft, beachy, S-shaped waves.

With all that in mind, let’s jump in and check out the best curling wands on the market today.

Top 10 Best Curling Wands 2024

1. Best Overall Pick INFINITIPRO by Conair Tourmaline-Ceramic Curling Wand

INFINITIPRO by Conair Tourmaline-Ceramic Curling Wand

Why we like it: High value for a fairly low price with five different heat settings and LED temperature indicator lights. Its tourmaline-ceramic hybrid ensures a shiny, frizz-free finish.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts

  • Material: Tourmaline-ceramic hybrid
  • Barrel Size: ½ – 1-inch
  • Heat Setting: Up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Clamp: None
  • Best For: Most hair types; use lower heat settings for finer or thinner hair

For a curling wand that only runs around $20, you’ll get smooth, long-lasting curls that will hold for a considerable period. The clamp-free conical barrel means you’ll get looser curls at the root without frying the ends. Its tourmaline-ceramic blend spreads heat evenly across your hair, which produces a more uniform curl texture.

The 1-inch barrel size makes it great for most hair types, but those with finer, thinner hair should be a bit wary of its super-high heat settings. This wand also comes with a peculiar, three-finger glove that’s meant to protect you from burns. Naturally, though, it offers less protection than a standard five-finger glove. If you’re worried about injuring yourself while using this wand, you might want to invest in a five-finger glove.


  • Great value for low price
  • Suitable for most hair types
  • Curls hold for a long time thanks to even heat distribution
  • LED temperature indicator lights


  • Three-finger glove may not completely prevent burns
  • Super-high heat settings may damage fine or thin hair if not careful

2. Best Multi-Barrelled Wand Alure Three-Barrel Curling Wand

Alure Three-Barrel Curling Wand

Why we like it: This tourmaline-ceramic wand features an aluminum alloy undercoating which emits negative ions that tame dull, dry, and frizzy hair. In addition, its three barrels produce soft waves for hair of all textures and lengths, but work best on long hair.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts

  • Material: Tourmaline-ceramic hybrid
  • Barrel Size: 1-inch
  • Heat Setting: 350 to 410 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Clamp: Yes
  • Best For: Long, medium-thick, and/or virgin hair

This multi-barrelled wand is great for producing soft, beachy waves in a matter of minutes; even people with long hair can get it all curled in under ten minutes. The wand heats up quickly and has two heat settings, so people across the entire hair spectrum can use it without having to worry about frying their locks.

Just be careful not to try curling too much hair at once; it may get tangled in the barrels and achieve the exact opposite effect you’re looking for. Also, note that curling the hair for longer than ten seconds can damage it, so if you have fine hair, beware.


  • Beginner-friendly
  • Produces beachy waves in a matter of minutes
  • Tourmaline-ceramic hybrid with aluminum alloy undercoating prevents frizz or frying


  • Hair might get tangled in the barrels if you try to curl too much at once
  • Curling for longer than ten seconds may damage hair

3. L’ange Hair Lustré Titanium Barrel Curling Wand

L’ange Hair Lustré Titanium Barrel Curling Wand

Why we like it: This wand’s negative ion technology maximizes shine and smoothness while doing little damage to your hair. It also includes extra safety features such as an auto shutoff, a cool tip for handling while curling, and a protective glove for preventing burns.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts

  • Material: Titanium
  • Barrel Size: 1-inch or 1¼-inch
  • Heat Setting: 170 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Clamp: None
  • Best For: Thick, coarse hair that’s hard to curl

Anyone with serious safety concerns about curling wands will be put at ease by the extra safety controls on this wand. With its one-hour automatic shutoff feature and cool tip, you won’t have to worry nearly as much about any haphazard burns. Its titanium barrel also makes it quite lightweight and long-lasting.

While this wand is suitable for all hair types, it works best on thick, coarse hair that typically doesn’t respond well to curling wands. Moreover, its negative ion technology will keep your hair smooth and shiny. However, you still might have to curl each section of your hair for up to 30 seconds, which is a long time compared to some of the other wands mentioned here. Also, be careful if your hair is on the finer side, as the wand’s super-high temperatures might fry your hair.


  • Extra safety features: auto shutoff and cool tip
  • Great for thick, coarse, difficult-to-curl hair
  • Negative ion technology


  • Long curling time compared to other wands

4. Best Premium Pick GHD Curve Creative Curling Wand

GHD Curve Creative Curling Wand

Why we like it: This wand’s tapered barrel will create loose, shiny waves and is suitable for all hair lengths, while its Ultra-Zone technology guarantees an even heat spread across the entire barrel.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts

  • Material: Ceramic
  • Barrel Size: 1-inch
  • Heat Setting: 365 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Clamp: None
  • Best For: All types of hair

The GHD Curve Creative Curling Wand is one of the most versatile curling wands on the market. Its 1-inch barrel makes it a good all-purpose curling wand for various hair lengths and textures.

With a speedy heat up time of 25 seconds, this wand can curl hair in five to eight seconds thanks to GHD’s Ultra-Zone technology, which evenly spreads heat across the barrel. Furthermore, the temperature will hold steady as you continue to curl, so you won’t have to worry about losing heat during the curling process.

This wand also comes with a glove you can wear to prevent burns while curling your hair. However, its price is quite a bit higher compared to other options on this list, so it may not be the best choice for those on a budget. But if you’re looking for a splurge, this one is well worth it.


  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Heats quickly
  • Heat distributed evenly throughout barrel
  • Holds temperature throughout curling process


  • Pricier compared to other options

5. Best for Fast Curls FoxyBae WANDERLUX Titanium Curling Wand

FoxyBae WANDERLUX Titanium Curling Wand

Why we like it: This curling wand doesn’t discriminate against any type of hair, whether it’s dyed, damaged, frizzy, thick, or thin. Reactive titanium barrels lock in moisture and evenly apply heat to hair, thus minimizing any risk of damage.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts

  • Material: Titanium
  • Barrel Size: 1-inch
  • Heat Setting: 300 to 405 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Clamp: None
  • Best For: Long, medium-thick hair

This fast-heating wand curls most types of hair in under 20 minutes, and takes less than a minute to heat up for use. The LCD temperature display alerts you when it reaches your preferred temperature setting. In addition, you can find it on Amazon for about half the price you’d find it for in salons.

Unlike its titanium cousin, the L’ange Curling Wand that’s better suited for thick, coarse hair, this wand works better on long, medium-thick hair. However, it might not work as well on shorter ‘dos; if you fall into this category, you might even be at a greater risk of burning yourself.

Despite this, though, it’s hard to deny the benefits of the wand’s rose gold titanium barrel, which employs negative ion technology to give you–you guessed it–lustrous locks sans frizz. Titanium barrels distribute heat almost as well as ceramic barrels. This, when combined with its temperature control function, is more likely to produce curls that last longer than just a few hours. A 360-degree swivel cord also facilitates styling and reduces any chance of tangles.

Don’t worry about forgetting to turn the wand off after use as it also has an auto-shutoff feature to prevent overheating or a possible fire.


  • Salon-grade
  • Heats quickly
  • Temperature control, auto shutoff, and LCD temperature display
  • Titanium barrels with negative ion technology


  • Harder for people with short hair to use
  • A bit pricier than other options mentioned here

6. Best for Avoiding Damage Remington CI9538 Pro 1 - 1½-Inch Pearl Ceramic Conical Curling Wand

Remington CI9538 Pro 1 - 1½-Inch Pearl Ceramic Conical Curling Wand

Why we like it: The wide, conical ceramic barrel is infused with crushed pearls to deliver soft, smooth, tousled waves with little risk of damage. You can also choose between ten different heat settings and “lock in” the one you want via the temperature control function.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts

  • Material: Pearl-infused ceramic
  • Barrel Size: 1 – 1½-inch
  • Heat Setting: Up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Clamp: None
  • Best For: Long, medium-thick hair

The best thing about this wand is its heat setting versatility; with ten different settings, there’s a temperature that will curl almost every hair type or texture successfully without causing damage. Better yet, you’ll never have to guess how hot this wand is thanks to the LCD temperature display.

Not only does the pearl-infused ceramic barrel create exceptionally soft and smooth waves, but these waves will hold the whole day through. Moreover, if you’re looking for that specific beachy wave hairstyle, this wand will do the trick. However, like other wands with 1 to 1½-inch barrels, this one will work best on medium-length to long hair.

One thing to watch out for is that the wand may not always heat evenly, which could produce uneven curls or even damage your hair. The protective glove it comes with also has unusually long fingers, which may not fit everyone’s hand.


  • Pearl-infused ceramic delivers soft, beachy waves
  • Works on nearly every type of hair texture
  • Ten different heat settings
  • LCD temperature display


  • Occasional uneven heat distribution
  • Oddly-shaped protective glove

7. Most Loved by Stylists Hot Tools Professional 24K Gold Marcel Wand

Hot Tools Professional 24K Gold Marcel Wand

Why we like it: The gold-plated material is a great heat conductor that distributes heat evenly, thus curling your hair in a shorter amount of time. Its Pulse technology senses temperature dips and automatically adjusts so that it maintains the same temperature during use.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts

  • Material: Gold-plated
  • Barrel Size: ¾-inch
  • Heat Setting: Up to 430 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Clamp: Yes
  • Best For: Thin, fine hair

This salon-grade curling wand is a favorite among stylists. The clamp allows you to use both hands while curling and puts less strain on the wrists. In addition, the wand heats up pretty quickly thanks to its gold-plated surface, which acts as an excellent heat conductor.

Its thin barrel size makes it great for thin, hard-to-curl hair that is prone to heat damage. While this wand’s thin barrel is better suited to thinner hair, its high temperature settings mean it can give small pieces of thicker hair nice mini ringlets, too.

However, this wand isn’t recommended for beginners, as it’s a bit hard to handle.


  • Salon-grade
  • Gold-plated surface conducts heat very well
  • Thin barrel size makes it ideal for thin, fine hair
  • Heats up fast and is favored by hairdressers


  • Not very beginner-friendly

8. Best for Textured Looks Bed Head Rock ‘N’ Roller Curling Wand

Bed Head Rock ‘N’ Roller Curling Wand

Why we like it: This wand’s unique, bead-shaped barrel creates tousled, textured waves with lots of body and volume. You can also adjust the way you wrap your hair around the barrel to create different kinds of textures that leave no creases thanks to the wand’s clamp-free design.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts

  • Material: Tourmaline-ceramic hybrid
  • Barrel Size: Round, bead-shaped
  • Heat Setting: Up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Clamp: None
  • Best For: Long hair of varying textures

If you’re looking for a funky, clamp-free curling wand that will deliver interestingly-textured waves, choose this one. You can count on smooth, frizz-free waves thanks to the tourmaline-ceramic barrel, and a protective glove and 360-degree swivel cord make it very easy to use and manipulate. Moreover, you can take this wand and use it anywhere in the world thanks to its dual voltage.

What this wand’s greatest advantage may be, though, is its bead-shaped barrel, which can vary the texture of your waves greatly depending on where you wrap your hair on the barrel. If you’re after looser curls, wrap the hair around the balls of the barrel, whereas those seeking tighter curls should wrap their hair in between them. If you’re looking for a tourmaline-ceramic wand that will give your hair a more uniform texture, though, stick to a standard option like the Conair Tourmaline-Ceramic Curling Wand.

One caveat: while the barrel’s unique shape makes it ideal for longer hair, those with shorter hair might have a difficult time keeping their hair securely wrapped around the barrel. Because it might take you a few tries to get the hang of using this wand, it’s not recommended for newbies.


  • Versatile in providing differently-textured curls
  • Dual voltage for worldwide use
  • Tourmaline-ceramic hybrid delivers smooth, shiny curls


  • Not a great choice for those with shorter hair
  • Not very beginner-friendly

9. Most Strengthening Pick Remington CI5338 Keratin Therapy Curling Wand

Remington CI5338 Keratin Therapy Curling Wand

Why we like it: This wand’s ceramic barrel is infused with keratin to strengthen and smooth your hair. Plus, the ceramic barrel ensures smooth curling with no snags, and is also lightweight and easy to store.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts

  • Material: Keratin-infused ceramic
  • Barrel Size: 1½-inch
  • Heat Setting: Up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Clamp: Yes
  • Best For: Medium-length to long hair

This wand distributes heat evenly and uses a keratin undercoating to fortify tresses. Even better, the keratin undercoating provides the advantages of a keratin treatment without releasing any formaldehyde, one of the most common hazards of keratin treatments. However, this wand takes much longer to heat up than the others listed here and has no digital temperature display–just a finicky wheel that gives you an idea of what the temperature might be.

For this reason, you might have to try this wand out a couple times to get a good idea of what wheel setting you should use to get your curls right. If you’re more on the nervous side, opt for a wand that has an LCD temperature display, such as the FoxyBae Titanium Curling Wand or Remington Pearl Ceramic Curling Wand.

People with fine hair should be extra careful using this wand, as an unclear heat setting could fry your hair beyond repair. However, when you do get the heat levels right they produce very soft, loose waves.


  • Keratin-infused ceramic barrel
  • Creates soft, tousled, beachy waves
  • Works best on medium-length to long hair


  • Adjustable temperature wheel may be hard to read

10. Best Budget Pick AMTOKO by Homitt 5-in-1 Curling Wand Set

AMTOKO by Homitt 5-in-1 Curling Wand Set

Why we like it: You can choose from five different barrel sizes and shapes to get exactly the kind of curl you’re after, all of which easily click and lock into place, so you don’t have to worry about any slippage during while curling.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts

  • Material: Tourmaline-ceramic hybrid
  • Barrel Size: 0.35 – 0.71-inch, 0.71 – 1-inch, 1-inch, 1 – 1¼-inch, 1¼-inch
  • Heat Setting: 375 to 410 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Clamp: None
  • Best For: Medium-thick, virgin hair; thinner barrels suit finer, thinner hair

You’ll definitely get the most bang for your buck with this curling wand, as you get five differently-shaped and sized barrels for just under $40. The ceramic-tourmaline hybrid material from which this wand’s barrels are made means it’s great for evenly spreading heat across virgin or medium-thick hair, while its 360-degree swivel cord means no cumbersome tangling while curling your hair, either. And like many of the others on this list, this wand’s high-quality ceramic-tourmaline hybrid design ensures that curls both lock in moisture and hold for a long time.

Globetrotters will also be happy to know that this wand is dual voltage, meaning you can use it with non-American outlets. This wand also comes with thinner barrels, making it comparable to the HOT TOOLS 24K Gold Marcel Wand for finer, thinner hair.

It’s also easy to change the barrels thanks to this wand’s click-and-lock system, which keeps the barrel snugly in place as you curl. The lock that keeps the barrels in place may become a bit looser with a lot of use, though, so be careful.


  • Five barrels of different shapes and sizes that give you different kinds of curls
  • Relatively inexpensive compared to other options
  • 360-degree swivel cord for easy reaching and no tangling
  • Dual voltage for worldwide use


  • Lock that holds barrels in place might become looser with heavy use

Guide to Buying the Best Curling Wands for 2024

Choosing a fantastic curling wand isn’t as simple as it may seem. For instance, a high price doesn’t necessarily indicate a great curling wand. In fact, some of the best options are quite reasonably-priced, like the Conair Tourmaline-Ceramic Curling Wand.

However, it can be difficult to comb through all of the available wands on the market. How do you know if the wand you’re buying will heat the hair evenly or produce curls that hold for a long time? While it’s generally a good rule to trust products by brands like L’ange, Conair, and Remington, even some of their wands can underperform, too. Let’s talk a little bit about what you should keep an eye out for when shopping around for a new curling wand.

Temperature Adjustment

Some newer models, like the FoxyBae Titanium Curling Wand and Remington Pearl Ceramic Curling Wand have digital temperature displays, which takes the guesswork out of exactly how hot your curling wand is.

Others, like the Remington Keratin Therapy Curling Wand use a temperature wheel which only gives you an approximation of how hot the wand is.

Aside from the temperature display, check out how many heat settings a curling wand has. The more settings the wand has, the more likely it is to work on different types and textures of hair. Avoid wands with fewer than three temperature settings; depending on your hair type, you might end up with hair that’s more damaged than curled using one of these wands.

Hair Type

Consider your hair type while shopping for a wand as well. Thick, coarse hair fares much better on 1 to 1½-inch barrels with temperatures above 400 degrees. Thinner, more delicate hair responds better to lower temperatures and thinner barrels, making the AMTOKO 5-in-1 Curling Wand Set and HOT TOOLS 24K Gold Marcel Wand a better choice for people who fall into this category.

The general rule is the less hair you have, the thinner the barrel and lower the temperature you’ll need. Those with dyed or chemically-damaged hair may also want to stay on the lookout for wands that are specially-designed for such manes, as others could inflict even more damage on them.

Beginner Friendliness

There’s no denying that some curling wands are more difficult than others to use. For example, two of our picks, the Bed Head Rock ‘N’ Roller Curling Wand and the HOT TOOLS 24K Gold Marcel Wand are geared more towards experienced curling wand users.

If you’re just starting out, you’ll want to stick to a wand that is simpler and more straightforward, like the Alure Three-Barrel Curling Wand.

Return Policies

Surprisingly, not all curling wands come with return policies. For example, perhaps you’ve found the easiest wand to use that comes with all the bells and whistles like auto shutoff, LCD temperature display, and multiple heat settings. None of this will mean much, though, if the wand dies on you unexpectedly and you can’t return it. To be on the safe side, it’s best to purchase a wand with a good return policy.

Fortunately, most of the wands mentioned in our top ten list except the Remington Pearl Ceramic Curling Wand are returnable. Return policies are not listed for the GHD Curling Wand and Alure Three-Barrel Curling Wand.


People who frequently travel across the globe may want to consider purchasing a curling wand that has dual voltage, as these will be the only kind that are compatible with non-American outlets. Moreover, wands with dual voltage are compatible with non-American outlets.

The Bed Head Rock ‘N’ Roller Curling Wand and AMTOKO 5-in-1 Curling Wand Set are two dual voltage options from our top ten list.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Clean My Curling Wand?

Just like flat irons, curling wands build up residue, too. However, you clean your sticky curling wand a little differently than your flat iron, but it can be done in three easy steps.

  • Step one: heat up your curling wand for one minute before unplugging it again; this will heat up any residue on the wand and make it easier to wipe off.
  • Step two: take a solution of one part hydrogen peroxide and two parts baking soda to the wand. Brush it on the wand and let it sit for 15 minutes–this will dissolve the residue. Pro tip–use your fingers (check the heat first!) to brush the solution on ceramic barrels and a gentle brush for metal or titanium barrels.
  • Step three: wipe off the residue and your curling wand will be as good as new.

What Products Can I Use on My Hair While Curling It?

Heat protectant is a go, but hairspray is not. While the former is designed to protect your hair from heat damage, the latter may actually dry out and fry your hair if you use it while curling.

Some people are very accustomed to using hairspray while curling their hair, but skipping the hairspray here is a good thing. Since it makes hair more brittle, it’ll make it much more vulnerable to heat damage or breakage.

Do I Even Need a New Curling Wand?

Perhaps you don’t want to give up your old curling wand, but the fact is they may not heat up adequately and confuse you as to how much time you really need to spend curling your hair. Nevertheless, any wrong guesses about how long it takes to curl your hair while using an old curling wand will lead you down one of two roads: under-curled hair or fried, damaged hair. If you’ve owned your wand for more than two years, do both you and your mane a favor by investing in a new one.

The Right Curling Wand Can Make Styling a Breeze

Between materials, barrel sizes, and wand shapes, it can be hard to choose a curling wand that’s right for your hair. When you bring warranties, heat settings, and safety features into the mix, too, it can be downright overwhelming. However, there’s a bevy of product information in our guide that can help you make a smart, informed decision. Don’t rush through and choose like your hair’s on fire; take your time when it comes to your tresses–we guarantee it will be worth the payoff.