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The 7 Best Cosmetology Schools in Atlanta

The 7 Best Cosmetology Schools in Atlanta

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One of the largest cities in the southeast, Atlanta is a rapidly growing metropolitan area. The city is a prime location for all kinds of colleges and trade schools, with a number of reputable cosmetology schools located in and around the area. New residents and long-time residents alike will be able to find a program in the Atlanta area that efficiently teaches them all of the beauty techniques needed to achieve their dream cosmetology career.

With a strong job industry and growing employment rate regarding cosmetology careers, Atlanta is one of the best cities in the nation to obtain your beauty education. Graduates of programs across the city will easily be able to find jobs working in salons or receive support in opening up their own businesses.

Another added plus to getting a cosmetology license in Atlanta is the fact that the city is the center of its own unique fashion culture, with the many multicultural influences in the area creating a need for cosmetologists to assist during runway shows, photoshoots, and on film sets. If you are obtaining your cosmetology certification in the hopes of working in high-fashion circuits, in commercial photography, or with film and tv studios, then Atlanta is a fantastic place to be.

In addition, getting around the city is made easy by the ample public transportation in Atlanta. Potential cosmetology students have the option of driving or taking one of the MARTA trains to get wherever they need to be, whether it’s attending class, getting to grocery stores, visiting one of the many museums in the city, or trying out a new restaurant. Many of the cosmetology schools in the city are centrally located, so finding a positive work-life balance won’t be an issue.

We’ve covered some of the most impressive cosmetology schools in Atlanta below. To make sure you find the absolute perfect fit for you, you can use our school finder as well to find your ideal match.

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The Best Cosmetology Schools in Atlanta

These cosmetology schools offer a range of comprehensive beauty programs that focus on technique and supporting their students to have the most successful career possible. We’ve taken into account the cost, information taught, program length, and ease of learning to give you the most diverse selection possible.

Aveda Arts and Sciences Institute

The Aveda Arts and Sciences Institute offers one of the most comprehensive cosmetology courses on the market today. Students at the school will learn haircutting techniques, how to provide color and texture services, nail care, and professional makeup application, in addition to developing their business, retail, and client retention knowledge.

The theoretical part of this course is accompanied by real-world, hands-on training experiences, and the cost of taking exams and obtaining all licenses is included in the school’s tuition fee. While tuition is a little more expensive at this school, there are ample opportunities for financial aid and loans available for qualified individuals.

Cost: Approximately $18,000 plus supplies

Program Length: 1500 hours, 13 months

Location: 1745 Peachtree St NE Ste A, Atlanta, GA 30309

Financial Aid: Financial aid and loans are available for qualified individuals

Other Programs Offered: Esthiology, massage therapy



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Health and Style Institute

The Health and Style Institute offers a well-rounded program that is designed to help students find success in the salon and spa industry. Instructors are very attentive and will take their time walking students through the foundational skills needed to start building up their beauty service knowledge.

The program has three components – theoretical classroom experience, practical hands-on training, and assessment testing, which provide students with a chance to practice for the state licensure exams.

This course meets the 1500 hours requirement that the state of Georgia requires for cosmetologists and works to provide students with a direct track to starting their career once they have obtained their license.

Cost: Approximately $20,000 plus supplies

Program Length: 1500 hours, 12 to 13 months

Location: 2450 Piedmont Rd Ste 300 & 100, Atlanta, GA 30324

Financial Aid: Financial aid, grants, and loans are available for qualified individuals

Other Programs Offered: Esthetician training, manicurist program, cosmetology instruction program


Paul Mitchell The School Atlanta

One of the most recognized names in the beauty industry, Paul Mitchell the School offers students an in-depth cosmetology training program. With three different phases, students will start from the basics, building up their foundational cosmetology skills before moving on to hands-on training, all closely supervised by an instructor.

The last phase of the course involves students learning how to run their own business and taking state licensure preparation courses. If you are interested in opening your own salon, you may be pleased to learn that Atlanta provides a number of grants and incentives for local small business owners to get their careers started.

Students at Paul Mitchell the School will be encouraged to work in teams, as this helps build up their teamwork and leadership skills, essential qualities to develop when it comes to working in and running their own salons.

Cost: Approximately $13,000 plus supplies

Program Length: 1500 hours, 12 to 13 months

Location: 2450 Piedmont Rd Ste 300 & 100, Atlanta, GA 30324

Financial Aid: Financial aid, scholarships, and loans are available for qualified individuals

Other Programs Offered: Barbering


CEI Hair Schools

Designed to be highly affordable and allow students to graduate completely debt free, CEI Hair Schools offers tuition rates as low as $1,500, plus an additional small cost for supplies. The school works to provide their students with all the information they need to develop basic cosmetology skills and keep improving on them until advanced levels of technique have been reached.

CEI Hair Schools is also located in the heart of downtown Atlanta, making it a highly convenient location for anyone living in or around the city, and very easy to reach. It also provides students with ample opportunity to practice their skills on the diverse clientele of Atlanta.

Cost: Approximately $1,500 plus supplies

Program Length: 1500 hours, 9 to 12 months

Location: 171 Auburn Ave, Atlanta, GA 30303

Financial Aid: None offered

Other Programs Offered: Barbering, esthetician, nail technician, instructor training


Empire Beauty Schools

With multiple locations in and around the Atlanta area, Empire Beauty Schools offers students a comprehensive cosmetology course that is focused on professional preparedness. The course is designed to be finished in just 11 months of full-time study, which makes it a great option for a student who is excited to get into the workforce.

Students will learn hairdressing techniques, color and texture skills, basic skin and nail care, and hair design, in addition to business and retail training. The kit of supplies that each student receives provides them with everything they need to succeed both in class and at their first job.

Cost: Approximately $19,000

Program Length: 1500 hours, 11 months

Location: 1958 Mt. Zion Road, Morrow, GA

Financial Aid: Financial aid, grants, loans, and scholarships are offered to qualified individuals

Other Programs Offered: Esthetician, nail technician, instructor training programs


Pro Way Hair School

One of the top cosmetology and barbering schools in the area, Pro Way Hair School has been operating for over 50 years. The center has a 93 percent graduation rate and a long history of placing students into their dream careers as soon as their time in the program is completed.

The cost of supplies is included in the tuition fees for Pro Way. Students of the program will learn the skills necessary for performing haircutting, hairstyling, permanent waving and perming, coloring, manicures, pedicures, and basic skin care, all while being supervised by attentive and dedicated instructors.

Cost: Approximately $19,000

Program Length: 1500 hours, 14 months

Location: 5684 Memorial Dr, Stone Mountain, GA 30083

Financial Aid: Financial aid and loans are offered to qualified individuals. Selected veterans’ benefits are also accepted

Other Programs Offered: Barbering



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Atlanta Beauty and Barber Academy

The master cosmetologist program at the Atlanta Beauty and Barber Academy consists of 1500 hours of in-class and practical experience. The course is offered in both full-time or part-time levels, with flexible course hours that allow students to attend whichever lesson plan suits their needs and lifestyle the best.

Students in this course are taught to develop a knowledge, understanding, skill, and appreciation of the theory and operation of cosmetology techniques, and will be extensively prepared on how to find jobs in the workforce and promote a professional environment wherever they are employed.

Additionally, continuing education courses are offered throughout the year to those who already have their cosmetology license.

Cost: Approximately $5,450 plus supplies

Program Length: 1500 hours, 12 to 14 months

Location: 6088 Buford Hwy, Doraville, GA 30340

Financial Aid: Selected veterans’ benefits and scholarships are available for qualified individuals.

Other Programs Offered: Barbering, esthetician, nail technician, cosmetology instructor program, advanced education courses


Georgia Beauty School

Located a short drive outside of Atlanta, the tuition at Georgia Beauty School includes the cost of all cosmetology supplies and textbooks needed for the course. While there aren’t currently any financial aid services offered, the school does work with students to provide payment plans whenever possible.

Topics covered in the course at this school include hairdressing, manicures, pedicures, nail sculpting, coloring, hair weaving, and waxing, among other things. Students will also learn state regulation and laws in preparation for state licensure exams and develop their knowledge on how to perform reception work in salons.

Cost: $6,000

Program Length: 1500 hours, 12 months

Location: 4771 Britt Rd Ste E-15, Norcross, GA 30093

Financial Aid: None offered, but payment plans are available

Other Programs Offered: Esthetician, nail technician


Picking the Best Cosmetology School For You

A professional cosmetology certification is an expensive but rewarding endeavor and can open up a lifelong career within the beauty industry. But if none of the above courses inspire you to enroll, why not consider a rewarding new career as a professional makeup artist?

You can study online at your own pace and learn from industry experts from the comfort of your own home. Click here to get started.