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The 10 Best Clip-In Bangs to Change Your Hairstyle in 2024

The 10 Best Clip-In Bangs to Change Your Hairstyle in 2024

At some point in our lives, most of us have wondered about taking the plunge and getting bangs. After all, it is one of the most noticeable hair changes and can seriously mix up your style for the better. But how do you know if bangs are what you really want?

Clip-in bangs are a fantastic alternative to real bangs that allow you to demo your decision before you cut off all your hair. They let you effortlessly change up your style for the day without much, if any, impact to your real hair. And who knows? Maybe you’ll love the versatility of fake bangs and skip getting real bangs altogether.

With the wide variety of clip-in bang choices out there, it can be hard to narrow down the perfect product. Thankfully, we’re here to help you out and have compiled a list of the best clip-in bangs you can get. Read on to see our top picks and learn about the wonderful accessory that is clip-in bangs.

What You Need to Know About Clip-In Bangs

Before we dive into our product reviews, let’s examine the most important info you need to know about clip-in bangs, including how to choose the right ones for you.

Why Use Clip-In Bangs?

Clip-in bangs are most commonly used to change up a hairstyle without altering your original hair. They can be used to enhance wigs, create costumes, and to help you determine if real bangs are a commitment you want to make. Clip-in bangs can also aid you in deciding which style of bangs would look best on you (we talk more about that later in our full guide).

Things to Look Out For

When choosing clip-in bangs, there are a few things to keep in mind that help set products apart from each other.



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The style of the bang is one of the most important factors in selecting a product. You want to find a style that flatters your face shape and enhances your natural features.

You also want to decide if you are going for a thicker, full-fringed bang like the one’s offered by SLLIE, or if you would prefer a more wispy, airy look like the one found in Swy Hair’s Clip-in Air Bangs.


Purchasing a bang that matches your hair color is vital in making sure the bangs look real and blend in easily with your hair. A product with a wide variety of colors available (such as REECHO’s Clip-in Fringe) offers greater opportunities for trying out different styles and achieving an overall natural look.


There are two main types of material that clip-in bangs are made out of: real human hair and synthetic hair.

Human hair clip-in bangs can look and feel more real, but they are more prone to damage and are higher maintenance. Synthetic clip-in bangs are more durable and better at holding their style, but they may also look slightly fake or plasticky.

Now that we’ve discussed what to look for in a set of clip-in bangs, let’s get to our top 10 picks!

Top 10 Best Clip-in Bangs 2024

1. Best Overall Bangs: AISI QUEENS Clip-In Bangs


Why we like it: AISI’s Clip-in Bangs come in two different styles, are lightweight, and are easy to use for beginners.

Editor’s Rating:

At a Glance:

  • Style: French bangs, airy bangs
  • Colors: 5
  • Material: Human hair

This product is a great choice if you have never worn clip-in bangs before. It is easy to use, and the clip that fastens the bangs to your hair is sturdy. It is also lightweight, meaning it won’t feel heavy on your head or damage the hair it is clipped into.

AISI QUEENS Clip-in Bangs comes in two different styles – thicker French bangs and a wispier airy bang. Both styles are available in colors that range from dark black to a medium brown; there is unfortunately no blond color available. If you are looking for blond-colored bangs, check out REECHO’s Clip-in Fringe.

While the clips on this product are easy to use, they do not stay well in very thick hair. If your hair is super thick or curly, you may have to reinforce the clips with a bobby pin or use a headband to ensure the bangs stay in place.


  • Two different styles
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Great for beginners


  • Doesn’t stay in place on thick hair
  • No blond color

2. Best Premium Bangs: HMD Clip-In Bangs

HMD Clip-In Bangs

Why we like it: These curved bangs from HMD are easily styled and blend into hair naturally.

Editor’s Rating:

At a Glance:

  • Style: Curved bangs
  • Colors: 8
  • Material: Human hair

HMD Clip-in Bangs have a sewn-on comb clip that holds the bangs firmly in place. When applied properly, the clip is attached underneath the hair and completely invisible. It does not make the hair appear fake or bumpy in any way, which is a good feature if you are worried about people noticing your bangs aren’t real.

The human hair that makes up these bangs is good quality and easily styled with heating tools. You are able to dye the hair if you want it a different color, though the 8 colors that the bangs run in are fairly true to color.

On the downside, these bangs may be too short for some people. If you want a blunter look to your bangs with length that goes slightly past your eyebrows, this may not be the best option for you. We suggest checking out Shinon Clip-in Bangs if that is the style you are going for.


  • Clips are hidden underneath hair
  • Sewn-on comb clip
  • True to color


  • Bang length may be too short

3. Best Budget Bangs: HAIQUAN Natural Clip-In Hair Extension

HAIQUAN Natural Clip-In Hair Extension

Why we like it: Providing quality style at an affordable price, HAIQUAN’s Clip-in Hair Extensions are soft and realistic looking.

Editor’s Rating:

At a Glance:

  • Style: Flat bangs
  • Colors: 8
  • Material: Human hair

This flat bang style product is available with and without a temple piece (the piece of hair that frames your face). This gives you the option of two different styles; it is a great choice if you want flat bangs but aren’t sure about how a temple piece would blend into your hair.

HAIQUAN’s product is affordable and made with quality human hair. The look and feel of the bangs is very soft and realistic. This product is easily dyed, though you do need to order the color “natural black” to get the best results.

These bangs tend to run a little on the narrow side. They might not be wide enough to provide coverage across the entire forehead and have pieces that blend in naturally with the sides of your hair. The thickness may also be too wispy if you are trying to style them into side bangs. We recommend looking at SARLA Clip-in Side Bangs if you want a dedicated thick side bang.


  • Available with or without temple piece
  • Affordable
  • Easily dyed
  • Very soft


  • Bangs aren’t wide enough
  • May be too wispy for side bangs

4. Best Wavy Side Bangs: Dsoar Wave Side Bangs

Dsoar Wave Side Bangs

Why we like it: These small side pieces are a great way to change up your look without committing to a full clip-in bang.

Editor’s Rating:

At a Glance:

  • Style: Wavy side bangs
  • Colors: 3
  • Material: Human hair

Dsoar’s Wave Side Bangs are the perfect option for when you want a simple face-framing style and don’t want to invest in a full clip-in bang. The bangs come in a set of two pieces and attach easily to each side of your hair.

There is no need to style these bangs since they are already wavy. They are heat-resistant though, and if you want you can curl them further or straighten them out. They are great for enhancing classic hair styles such as ponytails or formal updos, as well as adding volume to your hair. You can also create a curtain bang look with them.

Because of the positioning of the clips on these side bangs, they are a little hard to fully blend into hair and hide; they tend to stick out from the natural hair. The best way to handle this is to clip the hair slightly further back and pin your natural hair over the clips or invest in a headband that will cover them.


  • Simple face-framing bangs
  • No need to style
  • Perfect for enhancing different hair styles
  • Great for curtain bangs


  • Hard to blend into hair

5. Most Color Variety: REECHO Fashion Synthetic Clip-In Fringe

REECHO Fashion Synthetic Clip-In Fringe

Why we like it: REECHO’s Synthetic Clip-in Fringe has a large color variety and is perfect for lovers of costuming.

Editor’s Rating:

At a Glance:

  • Style: Flat bangs
  • Colors: 34
  • Material: Synthetic

With the most colors offered out of the products on our list, REECHO provides 34 distinct colors for their bangs ranging from platinum blond to dark black. They even have more unique colors such as pink, red, and silver. This wide range of colors makes these bangs a great choice if you need bangs for a costume or love to spice up your look with wild colors.

The clips on these bangs are reinforced and extra secure. This makes it hold the hair without the risk of it slipping out. The hair itself does have a slight shine to it that makes it look healthy and real.

Because these bangs run on the fuller side, they may need to be cut and styled before wearing them. This can be a drawback if you are looking for a product that can be worn immediately without any fuss or preparation. For a clip-in bang that looks great without any styling, check out AISI QUEENS Clip-in Bangs.


  • Great for costuming
  • Large color variety
  • Very secure clips
  • Hair has shine to it


  • May need to be cut and styled

6. Best Straight Bangs: Shinon Clip-In Bangs

Shinon Clip-In Bangs

Why we like it: Shinon’s Clip-in Bangs are easily styled into place and great for when you want to customize your look.

Editor’s Rating:

At a Glance:

  • Style: Straight bang
  • Colors: 5
  • Material: Human Hair

There are different thicknesses of this bang available. It ranges from a very full thick bang, to a medium bang, to a lighter wispy bang similar to Swy Hair’s Clip-in Air Bangs. The many options make this product a good choice for someone with thicker hair who needs a fuller bang to match.

Since the bang style is a straight cut, these clip-ins are very customizable. You can order the thickest volume of hair and trim it down to match it perfectly to your style and existing hair volume. The bangs are also easily styled and hold both a curl and dye well. This product is a great option if you want to tailor your bangs to match you exactly.

The human hair used to make these bangs is not the best quality. It does tend to start falling out and shedding more quickly than its competitors. You may need to take extra care of these clip-in bangs to ensure they don’t start falling apart before you have got a good use out of them.


  • Different thicknesses available
  • Customizable straight bang
  • Easily styled


  • Hair is not the best quality

7. Best Wispy Bangs: Swy Hair Clip-In Air Bangs

Swy Hair Clip-In Air Bangs

Why we like it: These natural looking wispy clip-in bangs from Swy Hair are the best way to capitalize on the air bangs trend.

Editor’s Rating:

At a Glance:

  • Style: Air bangs
  • Colors: 4
  • Material: Human hair

These bangs are the perfect thickness and shape to give you the wispy air bangs style that is all the rage these days. The shape is already great for framing your face and brushing just below your eyebrows, but it can be trimmed up if you would prefer bangs that are shorter.

The hair in these bangs moves naturally as you move and doesn’t look stiff or fake in any way. The clip blends in well with your hair and can even be secured with another bobby pin if you want extra security while wearing them. It is a great option for someone who wants realistic looking, bouncy air bangs.

On the downside, the clip for these bangs can tug and pull on your hair if you apply it too close to the root. To combat this, apply the bangs a little further down your hair and consider further securing them with a headband or a bobby pin.


  • Hair moves naturally
  • Perfect wispy air bangs style
  • Clip blends well with hair


  • Clip can tug on hair

8. Best Curly Bangs: Afro Kinky Curly Bangs

Afro Kinky Curly Bangs

Why we like it: Afro Kinky Curly Bangs are the perfect way to enhance a curly style or add to your everyday curly look.

Editor’s Rating:

At a Glance:

  • Style: Curly bang
  • Colors: 1
  • Material: Synthetic hair

If you have curly or coily hair and want to experiment with bangs, the Afro kinky clip-in curly bangs might be the best product for you. They are designed to match well with very curly or coily hair and are on the thicker side, meaning you can trim and style them as needed.

This product is great for enhancing curly party styles or adding to your everyday curly look. There is a protective netting sewn underneath the hair that keeps the bangs looking natural without damaging any of your hair.

Unfortunately, this bang only comes in one color, a dark natural black. You can dye the bangs if you want, or you could invest in a different colored bang like the ones from REECHO and style them to be curly.


  • Great for enhancing curly styles
  • Blends well with curly and coily hair
  • Protective hair netting


  • Only one color

9. Best Straight Side Bangs: SARLA Clip-In Side Bangs

SARLA Clip-In Side Bangs

Why we like it: SARLA’s Clip-in Side Bangs are well-styled and add just the right amount of volume to hair.

Editor’s Rating:

At a Glance:

  • Style: Side bangs
  • Colors: 11
  • Material: Synthetic hair

These clip-in side bangs are a great option for anyone who wants to try out bangs, but doesn’t like the idea of completely covering their forehead. These side bangs arrive perfectly styled and are not too thick or thin; they help add just the right amount of volume to hair.

There are colors with highlights available, which are a good choice for anyone with already colored and highlighted hair. The bangs also have two sewn-on clips, instead of one, that help the bangs stay securely attached to your hair.

Because this is synthetic hair, it does not respond well to dyeing or to the use of lots of heat styling. This can be a drawback if you want to personalize the product to your exact hair coloring. You may want to consider a product like Dsoar Wave Side Bangs that can be dyed and styled to create straight side bangs.


  • Colors with highlights available
  • Helps add volume
  • Two attached clips for security


  • Cannot dye the bangs
  • Can’t use lots of heat on the hair

10. Best Thick Bangs: SLLIE Clip-In Bangs Full Fringe

SLLIE Clip-In Bangs Full Fringe

Why we like it: This thick full fringe clip-in bang is great for achieving the blunt bang look you’ve always dreamed of.

Editor’s Rating:

At a Glance:

  • Style: Straight bangs
  • Colors: 12
  • Material: Synthetic hair

SLLIE’s Clip-in Bangs are designed to be very thick. The hair is straight and full, and can add a lot of volume to the front of your hair. It is perfect if you want to create a blunt bang look or want full straight bangs to match a blunt cut hair style.

There is a very study lace web attached to the bottom of these bangs. This lace webbing holds the clips firmly in place and provides extra support to the hair; the hair is unlikely to shed or deteriorate easily because it is woven into the lace very securely. It makes a good choice if you want thick clip-in bangs that are long lasting.

These bangs may be too heavy for some due to how thick they are. If you are new to wearing clip-in bangs or have thinner hair, you may want to go with a more lightweight, but still straight cut bang, such as Shinon’s Clip-in Bangs.


  • Sturdy lace web
  • Hair doesn’t shed easily
  • Very thick hair
  • Great for creating blunt bang look


  • May be too heavy

Your Guide to Clip-In Bangs

woman with dark bangs

Clip-in bangs can be a confusing accessory to get started wearing. In our full guide, we give you all the information you need to know about wearing and caring for your clip-in bangs.

Benefits of Clip-In Bangs

There are many benefits to investing in a set of clip-in bangs, the main one being the commitment-free style you can achieve with them. A clip-in bang is never permanent and you can take it out whenever you want to switch things up again.

Another benefit of clip-in bangs is that they allow you to try out a variety of styles risk free. They can help you decide if you want bangs, the style of bang you want, and may even help you figure out if a different hair color would look good on you. They can help you bridge the gap between hair styles if you are growing your hair out, and they’re perfect for costuming and dressing up hair styles on special occasions.

Plus, unlike hair extensions, clip-in bangs are unlikely to damage your hair. The clips that secure them do not stick to your natural hair or rip anything out when they are removed.

How to Use Clip-In Bangs

Clip-in bangs are fairly easily to learn how to use. Below, we have listed a basic set of steps for how to apply your bangs, but you should keep in mind that the clip-in bang you have may be applied differently. Always check the clip-in instructions before putting anything in your hair.

  1. The first step to applying bangs is to brush through your hair, making sure everything is smooth and even. Part your hair down the center and prepare your clip-in bangs.
  2. Hold the bangs to your head and move them back towards your crown until the end of the fringe falls along the line of your brows. You can adjust this placement by moving the bangs slightly forward or back until you are happy with how they look.
  3. Fasten the clips into your hair, making sure they are secure but aren’t pulling on your hair awkwardly.
  4. Brush the bangs into your hair so they blend in.

After your bangs are attached, you can style them however you want. If you are going to trim your bangs in any way, it is recommended that you do this while the bangs are attached to your hair so you can see the results instantly and make adjustments as necessary.

Pro Tips for Styling Clip-In Bangs

Learning how to properly style your bangs is a great way to make the bangs look natural and rock your style with confidence. Follow these pro tips to learn how to expertly style your clip-in bangs.

Use Headbands

If you want to completely cover where your clip-in bangs meet your real hair, consider using a headband or head scarf. These accessories will help the bangs blend more seamlessly into your hair and can be a great addition to your look.

Invest in Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo can be super helpful in making your clip-in bangs look natural, especially if your bangs are made from synthetic hair. Synthetic hair tends to be on the shinier side, which can look fake and plasticky. Apply a light coat of a tinted dry shampoo to your bangs before wearing them to give them a more matte look.

Embrace Curls

Adding curls and waves to your clip-in bangs and regular hair can be a great way to blend the bangs into your natural hair. It also adds more volume to your hair and distracts from any seam that may be visible.

Try Braids

If you aren’t a fan of wearing headbands or scarves, you can try adding a braid over the edge of your clip-in bangs to help them look more natural. A step by step tutorial for this style can be found in this video.

Can You Dye Clip-In Bangs?

Whether or not you can dye clip-in bangs depends on what material you have and if that material has already been pre-colored. Synthetic hair is much harder to dye than human hair and it may not be possible to properly dye it. If you have human hair that has already been treated, you might not be able to dye that either.

That being said, you can dye clip-in bangs. Your best chance at getting positive results is to choose a human hair that has been untreated – something like HAIQUAN’s Clip-in Hair Extension in the natural black color is perfect – and a good quality professional dye. You can then dye the clip-in bangs like you would your own hair, making sure to condition them afterwards to prevent any frizz.

How Long Do Clip-In Bangs Last?

Clip-in bangs can last you a surprisingly long time, as long as you take proper care of them.

Human Hair

Human hair clip-in bangs can last up to a year with really good care and not much heat styling. Though with typical use and heat styling, they will likely last between 3 to 6 months before they start to deteriorate.

Synthetic Hair

Synthetic hair does not usually last as long as a human hair clip-in bang would. With heat styling, synthetic hair will last between 2 and 3 months. If you avoid heat styling and take proper care of your bangs, they can last up to 6 months.

Caring For Your Clip-In Bangs

Taking proper care of your clip-in bangs is the best thing you can do to ensure they look and feel natural for as long as possible. There are slightly different care routines depending on if you have bangs made out of human or synthetic hair.

Human Hair Clip-In Bangs

You can treat human hair bangs a lot like you would treat your natural hair. This means you should be washing them on a somewhat regular basis (though you don’t want to over wash them and make them frizzy).

Depending on how often you use your bangs, you should be washing them approximately every 30 wears, or if you have a large amount of product built up on the hair strands. Wash them in lukewarm water, making sure to shampoo and condition them before laying them out to air dry.

When not using your clip-in bangs, store them carefully in a designated storage box or case away from sunlight and heat. You also want to make sure they are not wet when storing or bacteria will grow on the hair, ruining it.

Synthetic Hair Clip-In Bangs

Synthetic hair is a lot more temperamental than human hair clip-in bangs are. They need to be washed approximately every 4 to 6 weeks, and maybe more often than that if you use a lot of products, smoke, or wear lots of perfume that the clip-in bangs can absorb.

Synthetic hair cannot be washed in hot water as this has a chance of melting the hair. You need to use cool water during every step of the washing process.

Before washing, gently detangle the bangs with your fingers or a wide-toothed comb. Allow the hair to soak in a combination of shampoo and cool water for 5 minutes before rinsing the bangs until the water runs clear. You can then apply a light coat of conditioner, avoiding the base of the hair (the area where the clips are). There is no need to rinse off the conditioner after applying; simply hang the clip-in bangs up and allow them to air dry.

You should be storing your synthetic hair in the same fashion as human hair – in a designated case or box away from sunlight, water, and heat.

Can You Sleep in Clip-In Bangs?

It is not recommended that you sleep with clip-in bangs attached. This could cause the bangs to pull at your natural hair, potentially damaging it. Sleeping on the bangs may also make the clip-in hair appear frizzy or cause it to start shedding.

Can Clip-In Bangs Damage Your Hair?

With proper use, it is unlikely that clip-in bangs will damage your hair. However, if you are constantly clipping bangs into your hair every day, they could alter the appearance of your natural hairline (but this is rare).

Clip-in bangs that are too heavy might cause hair loss or damage the hair it is clipped onto, so if you feel uncomfortable or weighed down by your bangs, you might want to consider a lighter product. AISI QUEENS makes a great lightweight clip-in bang that can prevent this kind of damage.


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Finding Flattering Bangs

The key to finding flattering bangs is to understand what face shape you have, selecting the style of bangs that are best suited to that face shape.

Keep in mind that these face shapes are just approximations; your face may be a combination of any of these shapes. If this happens, pick the shape that seems closest and start trying out styles from there.

Determine Your Face Shape

To figure out your face shape, you need to have a flexible measuring tape and something you can write things down on.

Start by measuring your forehead, taking care to measure the widest part (about halfway between your eyebrows and hairline). Follow up by measuring the width of your cheekbones, starting at the pointiest area up near your eye.

Measure your jawline from the point of your chin to the point where it begins angling upwards towards your ear. Multiply this number by two to get the width of your jawline.

The last step is to measure the length of your face. Place the measuring tape at the tip of your chin and run it up towards the center of the hairline.

Match Measurements to Shape

Once you have all of your measurements compiled, you can begin matching them to the different types of face shapes.

  • Rectangular Faces: For this shape, your face length will have the greatest measurement with forehead, cheeks, and jaw width having similar measurements.
  • Oval Faces: The length of your face will be greater than the width of your cheekbones. Your forehead width will be greater than that of the jawline. The overall angle of your jaw will be rounder.
  • Round Faces: On a round face, your cheeks and face length will have a similar measurement. Your forehead and jaw will have similar measurements and be smaller than the cheeks and face length. Additionally, the jaw is soft and not sharp.
  • Square Faces: Every measurement on a square face will be fairly similar and the angle of your jaw will be shaper and less rounded.
  • Diamond Faces: On a diamond face, the face length is the largest measurement, and the cheeks, forehead, and jaw follow in decreasing order. Your chin will be pointed.
  • Triangular Faces: For this shape, your jawline will have a greater measurement than your cheekbones, and your cheeks will have a larger measurement than your forehead width.
  • Heart Faces: The forehead width will be greater than that of the cheeks and jawline. Similar to a diamond face, the chin is pointed.

Match Shape to Style

As soon as you know your face shape, you can match it to the style of bangs that would suit you best.

  • Rectangular Faces: Longer textured bangs or Bardot bangs emphasize the eyes and round out features.
  • Oval Faces: Softened blunt bangs or medium curly bangs flatter this face shape and bring attention away from a longer chin.
  • Square Faces: A-shaped bangs or long-layered bangs help to soften the features of this shape and bring attention to the eyes.
  • Round Faces: Side bangs are the best for this shape. They help to add length and angles to the face.
  • Heart Faces: Crescent bangs or baby bangs help to balance out this face shape.
  • Diamond Faces: Long, side-swept bangs or center parted bangs brings attention to the cheek bones and eyes.
  • Triangular Faces: Curtain bangs that hang on the side of the face are perfect for adding width to the cheeks and forehead.

DIY Clip-In Bangs

If you already own longer hair extensions or a wig, you might be interested in creating your own clip-in bangs. This is a great option if you love crafts or if you want to make a set of clip-in bangs that will perfectly match your hair color.

This video can show you the step by step process of cutting and styling your existing clip-in hair extensions into a natural looking pair of clip-in bangs.

Perfect Bangs Without the Cut

Clip-in bangs are a trending accessory that can help you achieve a number of winning styles without the commitment of cutting your hair. It can be hard to find a great product, but if you keep in mind the styles, color, and material you prefer, your choice should become easy and you’ll be on your way to a perfect set of clip-in bangs.