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What Does It Mean When You Dream About Your Boyfriend?

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Your Boyfriend?

All dreams are normal; even the weirdest dreams are normal. I sometimes dream about riding ten-eyed ponies through giant meringues in the Sahara. And if I’m okay with dreaming about that, you should be okay with dreaming about your boyfriend.

But if you’re having recurring dreams about your boyfriend, or if you’re worried about the meaning of a particular dream about your boyfriend, you might be wondering what these dreams might mean.

In this guide, we’ve unpacked why you might be dreaming about your boyfriend, some of the most common boyfriend-related dreams, and what these specific boyfriend-related dreams might mean.

Why Am I Dreaming About My Boyfriend?

First, let’s clear something up. You probably dream about lots of things like ice cream, horses, shellfish, log flumes, household chores, bushes, coffee, your grandmother, your old school, and even toast. If you can think of it, you can dream of it.

So, while you might want to know why you’re dreaming about your boyfriend, it’s important to put it into context. You dream about all types of things, so don’t put too much significance on your boyfriend-related dreams, because they’re just that: dreams.

As they say, “Dreams are dreams, kid.”

Some psychologists even think that dreams don’t mean anything at all.

You should also know that your dreams aren’t an indication of who your boyfriend actually is, or what he’s actually like, or what he’s actually doing. If you have a dream that your boyfriend is cheating on you, that doesn’t mean he’s really cheating on you. Don’t let your boyfriend’s dream actions influence how you feel about him in real life. Let his real actions do that for you instead.

If you’re dreaming about your boyfriend, it means your boyfriend is on your mind. If you’re dreaming about your boyfriend a lot, it means he’s on your mind a lot. But whether that’s a positive thing or a negative thing, only you know. If you’re having nightly negative dreams about your boyfriend, think about whether there’s currently a problem, or an issue, or something that needs to be solved. If there is, address it in real life, and the nightly dreams might go away.

If you’ve had one dream about your boyfriend, you really shouldn’t worry about it. But if you’re having specific recurring dreams about your boyfriend and you want to know more, here’s what the most common ones mean:

#1 – You’ve Dreamed About Your Boyfriend Cheating on You

unhappy woman lying in bed beside man

Here’s the one you were probably looking for. If you’ve dreamed about your boyfriend cheating on you, no, that doesn’t mean he’s cheating about you in real life. He might be, but it’s not as if there’s some dream goblin somewhere who’s trying to send secret messages to you in your sleep.

Remember – your dreams are a reflection of your subconscious thoughts, not a reflection of actual reality. You’re not psychic.

But if you are dreaming about your boyfriend cheating on you, it can be disturbing. Take a deep breath, and compose yourself; remind yourself that it’s just a dream. If you dream about your boyfriend cheating on you, it might mean any of the following:

  • You are insecure about your relationship
  • You feel that you’re not good enough for your boyfriend
  • You’re worried that you and your partner are drifting apart
  • You’re concerned that your boyfriend is untrustworthy
  • You have a feeling that you and your boyfriend have different goals to one another

If you feel like any of these issues might be causing a recurring cheating dream, talk to your boyfriend about them, and try to solve the underlying issues.

#2 – You’ve Dreamed About Cheating on Your Boyfriend

Don’t feel guilty about this. Again, it isn’t real. Just because you’ve cheated in a dream, doesn’t mean you’ve cheated in real life.

Usually, this type of dream reflects some sort of hidden guilt, that may or may not be related to your boyfriend. If you’ve been feeling guilty about something (no matter how unrelated it might seem!), try to resolve it, and this might make the dreams go away.

#3 – You’ve Dreamed About Your Boyfriend Dying

This is likely rooted in fear that you’re losing your boyfriend. You might feel that:

  • You and your boyfriend are growing apart
  • You and your boyfriend have become different people as the relationship has progressed
  • Your boyfriend doesn’t like you much any more
  • You aren’t spending enough time together

Maybe you’ve both been stressed and busy recently. Maybe your boyfriend is interviewing for a new job or considering moving away.

If these dreams are reflecting how you really feel, try spending more time with your boyfriend.

If you’ve dreamed that you’re struggling to get into contact with your boyfriend, or can’t call him or text him, these dreams also usually indicate that you feel psychologically removed from him. Maybe you need to reconnect in real life!

#4 – You’ve Dreamed About Having Sex With Your Boyfriend, or Doing Intimate Stuff With Your Boyfriend

You’re probably attracted to your boyfriend. If you’re not, you should be. And if you are, that explains these dreams.

There’s a small chance that these dreams might reflect a feeling of lost intimacy, but they’re more likely just to be your brain expressing its lust towards your boyfriend. And that’s a good thing!

#5 – You’ve Dreamed About Marrying Your Boyfriend

newly-married couple in the distance

This is a romantic dream, and it’s another pretty common one. It’s likely that this dream reflects how you feel about your boyfriend on a profound level. Were you happy to be marrying him in your dream? That’s probably because you really like him. Were you unhappy to be marrying him? You probably already know what that means.

#6 – You’ve Dreamed About Having a Baby With Your Boyfriend

Sometimes, this is the scariest boyfriend-related dream of them all, especially if you don’t want to have a baby in real life. There’s nothing like the sweet relief of waking up to find out you don’t have a baby after all.

This dream might mean that you’re excited for the future with your boyfriend. It might mean that you and your partner have recently embarked upon something new, or are soon to embark upon something new. Again, if you were happy about having a baby together, that’s a positive reflection on how you feel about your boyfriend. If you weren’t happy about it, you can work out the rest.

#7 – You’ve Dreamed About Your Boyfriend and His Ex-Partner

Maybe you’re insecure, and feel that you’re not good enough. Maybe your boyfriend spends too much time talking about his ex-partner. Maybe you recently met his ex-partner and it’s made you feel uneasy.

If your boyfriend is no longer with his ex-partner, there’s a reason for that. Don’t let your dreams make you worry about it, especially if you feel your boyfriend is definitely over his ex-partner.

#8 – You’ve Dreamed About Your Ex-Boyfriend

This can be another weird one. But again, your ex-boyfriend was once part of your life, and will forever live in your conscious and subconscious thoughts. So if they sometimes pop up in your dreams, that’s generally no big deal.

Some people think this dream is representative of old habits – and that if you’re dreaming of your ex-boyfriend, you’re worried that some of your old habits are coming back to you.

If you’re having recurring dreams about your ex-boyfriend, it’s likely that you miss them or that you still care for or about them. But you probably don’t need your dreams to tell you that. If that’s how you feel about your ex-boyfriend, that’s probably something you need to address.

Dream On

Hopefully that’s cleared up what it means when you’re dreaming about your boyfriend!

Remember, the most important thing is this: dreams are dreams. How you feel in reality is more important, so address those feelings and your dreams will probably react accordingly.

Remember also that our brains are weird things, as are our dreams. Sometimes, there’s no real reason why we dream the way we do, so there’s no reason to endlessly interpret them, and there’s no one way of interpreting symbols to know what every single dream means anyway. So in short, unless you’re having real relationship problems in real life, don’t worry about your dreams.

That said, if you do believe in all that dream dictionary stuff, here’s one for you.

Goodnight and sweet dreams!