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What Do Triangle Tattoos Mean?

What Do Triangle Tattoos Mean?

Tattoos don’t need to cover a large surface area to hold significant value. In fact, many small and simple tattoos, like triangle tattoos, can carry deep and symbolic meanings to their wearers. In this article, we’ll dive into the ancient history of the triangle, covering everything from its mythological past and spiritual connections to its religious ties and new age relevance.

What Do Triangles Symbolize?

To some people, a tiny triangle tattoo may come across as a spur-of-the-moment commitment or a hipster-millennial trend, when in actuality this symbol has many intricate meanings tied to it. So much so that you can never really know what someone’s triangle tattoo symbolizes unless you ask them.

Usually, a triangle tattoo will symbolize one of the following, but this ancient symbol can really represent whatever your heart desires.

Wisdom and Balance

If you’re looking for a tattoo that embraces wisdom and balance, a triangle is a fantastic choice because it is represented by the number three. In some cultures and philosophies, the number three symbolizes balance, individualism, and true wisdom.

In astrology, the number three is tied to Jupiter, the planet of ambition, reason, and knowledge.

The triangle also equates to wisdom in Greek mythology, where it is believed that the lines of a triangle combine thought and emotion to create a doorway to higher wisdom.

Positive Change

The fourth letter of the Greek alphabet is the delta, which is represented by a triangle when in its uppercase form. The uppercase delta is used in mathematics to represent change. As such, over time delta triangle tattoos have become a popular symbol for positive change. Those who have undergone a huge transformation, be it emotional or physical, are often drawn to this tattoo because it reminds them of how far they’ve come.

Love and Connection

A triangle tattoo can also represent different kinds of love. Oftentimes, matching triangle tattoos will be dedicated to loving relationships, whether they are romantic or not. Three friends can choose to get this tattoo, giving a different color to each line of the triangle to highlight their personalities. The same can be done by three siblings, too, or by lovers who want to honor their connection.

Although triangles make for great matching tattoos, they aren’t for everyone. Luckily, there are plenty of other matching tattoo ideas that represent deep bonds and relationships.


Throughout history, many cultures have used the triangle to cement their religious or philosophical beliefs. To secure their prominence, a union of three concepts merged to form a trinity.

Below are some of the most well-known trinities. However, keep in mind that when designing your triangle tattoo, you can create a trinity of your own by selecting three themes that matter greatly to you.

Past, Present, and Future

A triangle tattoo can symbolize time and its linear trajectory. The Past, Present, and Future is a very popular trinity because it reminds people of where they came from, where they are now, and where they’re going.

Mind, Body, and Spirit

The Mind, Body, and Spirit trinity is widespread amongst spiritual and religious communities. Oftentimes, those who choose to dedicate their triangle tattoo to this trinity have a profound love for yoga, as its practice seeks to ignite the mind, body, and spirit connection. This trinity may also offer a lot of value to those who practice meditation.

Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit

The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit combine to form the Holy Trinity. In the Christian faith, it is believed that the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit bind together to form the one true God. Devout Christians who wish to honor their faith with body ink may choose to dedicate their triangle tattoo to the Holy Trinity.

Different Triangle Tattoos and Their Meanings

matching triangle tattoos

The triangle is one of the oldest symbols known to mankind. It has such a diverse background that it represents different themes from culture to culture. Today, it seems like the triangle tattoo is becoming more popular by the day, as both men and women are connecting with what this ancient symbol stands for.

Today, a triangle tattoo can represent anything from your faith and ideologies to your closest relationships and wildest dreams. There truly isn’t a view that a triangle tattoo can’t express.

Here are some of the most common triangle tattoos and their meanings.

Triangle Pointing Upwards

A common triangle tattoo for men is one of a triangle pointing up, which is referred to as the “blade.” This symbol references men because its sharpest point is facing up, just like the end of a sword. In this position, the base of the triangle remains grounded, providing the shape with stability and balance.

Its powerful stance is often attributed to men because it symbolizes force, fire, and dominance. When you choose to get a blade triangle tattoo, you are embracing masculinity and strength.

Triangle Pointing Downwards

A triangle pointing down is called the “chalice,” and it is this symbol that is attributed to women and divine femininity. The chalice represents passivity, water, and the womb. It is the complete opposite of what the blade triangle entails.

However, when both the blade and the chalice are combined, forming the star of David, the male and female energies are balanced harmoniously.

The Star of David or the Shatkona

The Star of David is made up of two triangles, one pointing up and the other pointing down. Although the Star of David is primarily linked to Judaism, those who closely follow the Torah tend to view tattoos as impure. Therefore, it is far less common for a Star of David tattoo to symbolize the Jewish faith than the balancement of male and female energies.

If you’d like your tattoo to symbolize the balance between men and women, a Star of David tattoo is an excellent choice. Alternatively, in Hinduism and Buddhism, a tattoo based on the Shatkona, which looks similar to the Star of David, combines the energies of Shiva and Shakti and establishes a rhythmical balance between the genders.

All-Seeing Eye

all-seeing-eye tattoo

Another popular tattoo amongst the Christian community is the Eye of Providence. In Christian mythology, it’s believed that the Eye of Providence serves as a reminder that God is always watching. This tattoo brings a lot of relief to Christians as it reassures them that they are being looked after and cared for by their Creator.

However, the all-seeing eye is also a popular tattoo amongst occultists, as it relates to the secret society that is the Illuminati. However, the difference between the Eye of Providence and the All-Seeing Eye of the Illuminati, is that the Eye of Providence is simply an eye in a triangle, whereas the All-Seeing Eye is usually placed inside of, or on top of, a pyramid.

Three Interlocking Triangles

Another fascinating triangle tattoo is brought to us by Norse mythology. This tattoo combines three triangles, which form a shape called the “valknut.” It is believed by modern Norwegian archeologists that the word “valknut” translates to the “knot of slain warriors.”

Although the original meaning of the valknut is unknown, it commonly appeared on tombstones throughout the Viking Age and is strongly connected to the cult of the dead.

People who choose to get the valknut as a tattoo often have strong ties to Norse mythology, Germanic paganism, and Heathenry. However, since the true meaning of the valknut is unknown, this tattoo is often approached with caution.

Triangle and Flowers

A triangle and flower tattoo is a common combination that is typically selected by women. This is because flowers symbolize beauty, femininity, and love. If you’d like to dedicate your tattoo to a special person in your life, be it a friend, lover, or relative, a triangle and flower tattoo is a fantastic choice. In some cases, one may even choose to forego the borders of the triangle, forming its triangular shape with flowers alone.

Choosing a Placement for Your Triangle Tattoo

Triangle tattoos come in many sizes and styles, some of which look better on different parts of the body. If you’re getting a large or densely-contoured triangle tattoo, placing it over a wider surface area, like your chest, back, or biceps may help the tattoo appear more balanced.

If you’re thinking of getting a small and dainty triangle tattoo, however, you can place it over your wrist, finger, or ankle to make it more visible. But, if you’d prefer to keep your triangle tattoo to yourself, you can place it over your ribcage, sternum, or lower back.

The truth is, triangle tattoos look good no matter where you choose to place them — they’re just that versatile.

Getting a Triangle Tattoo

getting triangle tattooed on arm

Whether you’re thinking of getting your first-ever tattoo or looking to add some meaning to an existing piece, a triangle tattoo can bring your body art to the next level. A triangle can easily be customized to fit your ideologies, as its rich background is bursting at the seams with possibilities.

Although many triangle tattoos have profound meanings, they can be selected by people for aesthetic reasons alone. Ultimately, you’re the one who gets to choose what your triangle tattoo means, or if it even has a meaning.

Triangle tattoos can be made to look dainty and tasteful or large and looming — it all depends on the design you choose. What’s most important, however, is that you take your time to find a talented tattoo artist who can draw up a triangle tattoo that you’ll love for the rest of your life.

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