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Is Tarte Cruelty-Free?

Is Tarte Cruelty-Free?

Editor’s Note: If you’re like me, you’ve probably gone through your makeup collection and tossed everything that’s expired (or simply not working for me–r.i.p. to those cheap palettes I’d “find some way to use!”)

The fabulous thing about purging the old is being able to replace it with the new! However, lots of brands can definitely be harder on the wallet, so it’s always good to be informed before you load up your Sephora cart.

You may be thinking about factors like animal testing and sustainability when considering your replacement products, and likely have some questions about brands like Tarte cosmetics. We’re here to help!

Tarte Cosmetics is one of the most popular brands on the market today, known for a variety of unique, naturally-sourced products. However, in today’s market, another factor is rapidly increasing in importance – whether or not a brand is cruelty-free. If you are searching for the answer to this question, you are not alone, as many of today’s consumers want to ensure Tarte Cosmetics is a cruelty-free brand before investing in the products.

Below, we will be telling you everything you need to know about Tarte Cosmetics so you can make an informed decision on whether or not to invest in this makeup line.

What Is Tarte Cosmetics Known For?

Tarte Cosmetics is known for its wide variety of products that have been carefully crafted without parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, triclosan, or sodium lauryl sulfate. These are ingredients that are commonly found in other cosmetics brands and are questionable in terms of the health effects they may have on users; parabens, especially, are identified as a problematic addition to cosmetic items.

Many consumers swear by Tarte’s products which include some of today’s most famous makeup items, such as Tarte’s Shape Tape Concealer and its line of Amazonian Clay products. They leave glowing reviews of the cosmetics, stating the products are non-irritating to skin, incredibly pigmented, and long-wearing.

Is Tarte Committed to Cruelty-Free?

In 2000, the Tarte Cosmetics brand dedicated itself to becoming a completely cruelty-free line. They have stuck by this promise today and none of the brand’s products, or any of their individual ingredients, have been tested on animals during any part of the production process.

Several years after Tarte rose to fame, the company was acquired in 2014 by Kosé, a Japanese cosmetics company that wanted to expand its business into North America. This parent company of is not committed to cruelty-free cosmetics, but Kosé has allowed Tarte Cosmetics to continue on with their cruelty-free production uninhibited.

Is Tarte PETA Certified?

Tarte Cosmetics is certified by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) organization. This means that the brand has been approved by PETA as not having any type of animal testing or animal cruelty present during the cosmetic testing and manufacturing process.

The Tarte brand is not Leaping Bunny certified, however, which may be a drawback for some. The Leaping Bunny organization issues an international cruelty-free certification which requires an independent audit, whereas the PETA certification only requires the brand to issue a written agreement before getting certified.

Is Tarte Vegan?

While Tarte Cosmetics as a brand isn’t vegan, they do offer many products that are. Consumers only need to look for the vegan logo on the cosmetic product to verify its vegan status. If you want more information about Tarte’s vegan products, you can check out the full list on their website here.

Is Tarte Sold in Mainland China?

Tarte products are not sold in mainland China. Due to compulsory animal testing requirements for certain cosmetic products, Tarte avoids selling their products in China, so as to keep its brand completely cruelty-free.

Some consumers may notice that a few of Tarte’s products state that they have been “made in China.” Typically, this label is associated with bad press, as many know of China’s regulations on required animal testing. However, animal testing is only required for products that will be sold directly in China. Since Tarte products are just made there and then sold elsewhere, the brand can still maintain its cruelty-free status.

Is Tarte Natural or Organic?

Even though Tarte Cosmetics does not produce makeup with any parabens or other harsh ingredients, they are not certified as completely natural or organic. The brand does use a lot of earth-sourced mineral ingredients and places a focus on general sustainability, but lovers of certified organic products may be a little bit let down by the brand in this regard.

Is Tarte Sustainable?

Tarte has won numerous accolades for its sustainability practices. The brand’s hero ingredients, Amazonian clay and maracuja oil, are ethically and sustainably sourced. The brand also has a charity, Heart to tarte™, which supports both environmental and social causes.

Is Tarte Gluten-Free?

Tarte Cosmetics is a gluten-free brand. All of the cosmetics that they produce are created without gluten as an ingredient, though the company does not guarantee that their other ingredients have come from a completely allergen-free environment. You read more on why gluten-free makeup is important for some here.

Where Can You Purchase Tarte Products?

You can purchase your favorite Tarte Cosmetics products directly from the brand’s website, from makeup companies like Sephora or Ulta, or from Amazon. Though you should remember to be careful when purchasing any kind of makeup from a third-party seller online and may want to look for the official Amazon storefront for Tarte to ensure that you are purchasing an authentic product.

The Quest for Cruelty-Free Beauty

Cruelty-free beauty is at the forefront of many consumers’ minds, especially when it comes to well-known and popular brands such as Tarte Cosmetics. Fortunately, this is a brand that is committed to cruelty-free products, so you can load up on your favorite items with complete peace of mind.