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50+ Crazy Hair Ideas for a Brand-New Look

50+ Crazy Hair Ideas for a Brand-New Look

Choosing a hairstyle, hair color, or haircut that fits your personality, face shape, and skin tone can be as daunting as picking out an outfit every morning. While some people rely on hair dye to conceal those first signs of greying, others rely on subtle highlights to infuse character while maintaining the authentic tones in their hair.

Then there’s that third category of people looking to go all out and get crazy with colors, playing with varying hairstyles and shades. If you fall in the latter category, we have rounded up some of the craziest combinations of colors and styles to give you a fresh new look. If, however, you do not fall into that category but are looking to, we’ve got some hairstyles that you can start with before going all-out crazy!

Lobs, bobs, mohawks, and pixies—there is no shortage when it comes to trending hairstyles. Switch things up and take them up a notch with these crazy hair ideas.

If your regular mane seems dull and lackluster, or if you are on a quest for a brand-new look, then you are in safe hands! This comprehensive list ranges from some insanely crazy hairdos to some not-so-crazy ones, giving you a vibrant color palette of options.

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50+ Wacky Hairstyles to Beat the Blues

1. Dichromatic Quirky Classic Bob

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This classic bob begins with straight bangs that gently hover over the eyebrow. A dual tone of watermelon and bubblegum pink adorns the hairdo, adding a quirky touch. The asymmetrical bob is trimmed at the back and gently flows into longer sides that frame the face perfectly.

The bright pop of color that the bubblegum pink brings to the hairdo is balanced far too well by the watermelon pink, making this look perfect for a fun summer afternoon with family and friends.

2. Mint and Navy Blue Streaks

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This shoulder-length asymmetrical bob with curled ends adds a soft touch to the otherwise bold hairdo. A pleasant mint blue streak on one side and an electric blue one on the other side complement the natural black hair color far too well. The mint streak begins with navy blue roots that gradually fade into the lighter tone, with remnants adding a tinge to the hair.

The asymmetrical cut is shorter at the ends and longer at the sides, making it a chic look to pull off at a casual event.

3. Electric Blue Spiked Mohawk

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This edgy, grunge mohawk takes things to a whole new level, as the impressive backcombed central strip of hair suggests. The shaved sides, dyed in turquoise, give way to a sleeked-back top secured with hair gel and hairspray. The electric blue mohawk forms spikes along the top that progress from long to short. The shorter ends at the back are ruffled, adding a soft touch to the overall boldness of the hairdo.

While the roots sport their natural black hue, the glossy mohawk makes the perfect punk rock statement.

4. Floral Crown Brown Hair With a Golden Tinge

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Crown yourself in this lovely assembly of florets meticulously forming a hairband, beginning at the hairline. The brown hair with a golden tinge displays a black undertone bringing out a vivid contrast in color.

Twisted sections of hair form four-petalled flowers secured with black scrunchies, while spirals of hair with rough, sharp ends contribute to the floral theme, adding texture to the style. The rest of the hair rests gently on the shoulder, elevating the elegance of the look.

5. Piped Braided Ponytail

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Well-partitioned sections of hair form a pipeline of colorful scrunchies, beginning at the roots, gently flowing into two braided strands that cross over each other, outlining the crown of the head in a circular pattern. A series of thinner braided strands form a conduit beneath, leading to a high ponytail with a strand of hair wrapped around the scrunchie.

The choice of alternating pink and violet scrunchies adds a playful element to the otherwise cute and creative hairstyle.

6. Fuchsia Pink Hair With Floral Tiara

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Exuding a soft feminine touch that stretches from the roots to the shoulder-length tips, this fuchsia color makes for a lovely hairdo, perfect for casual, informal events. The straightened hair with sharp ends gracefully emphasizes the beautiful hair color, though you can opt to curl the tips for a softer touch.

Adorn the hairdo with a tiara of flowers strung together meticulously, picking out colors such as white and pink that complement the hair dye.

7. Rainbow Knotless Box Braids

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Vivid streaks of intricately braided hair make up this vibrant, playful hairdo that has a summer, beach vibe to it. Bright rainbow highlights integrated into the braids, beginning at different levels, infuse life into these otherwise all-black braids. While blue predominates, orange, green and yellow highlights scattered across the length of the hair adds lightness and balance.

The tapered ends complement the thick braids making for a unique combination of color and textures.

8. Golden Yellow Bob

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If there’s a hairstyle that can give Goldilocks a run for her money, it’s this one! Perfect for the spring, as it is for the winter, this hairdo can serve as the ideal accessory to any outfit. The bold, vibrant color springs from a crown of black roots, dissipating into bright golden yellow locks that end in inwardly curled tips at the nape, adding volume to the style.

Face framing bangs exude femininity and charm, completing the lovely hairstyle all too well.

9. Pixel Curled Locks

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This bright pop of colors begins with purple-dyed roots that give way to an array of pixel-streaked hair down to the tips. The side-parted hairdo features neon shades of blue, pink, purple, yellow, green, and orange, giving rise to an unmistakably impressive look.

Soft curls along the ends form twirls of rainbow shades adding texture to the otherwise glossy hair. You can sport this quirky cut with an all-black ensemble to make it the center of attention.

10. Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

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Modern and chic, this asymmetrical pixie cut exudes a model-like charm that is bound to get heads turning. Shaved sides pave the way for peach bangs that line the forehead, with a single long strand swept to the side, continuing into shorter straight bangs.

A sleek, backcombed lock of hair is left in its natural black hue, spiked up in a wave, resting on a purple-dyed crown. Fuchsia pink dye fills the gap left behind by the shaved sides, while longer brown sidelocks add softness to the look.

11. Pastel Balayage Ponytails

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Soft pastel colors unite in this striking balayage that meticulously begins with purple-dyed roots. Mint, lilac, baby blue, mauve, lemon, and lavender hair dye adorns the straightened hair, bunched up in two high ponytails secured by wrapping a strand of hair around the scrunchies.

The colors are darker at the roots, gently fading into lighter tones along the length of the hair.  Locks of hair from either side flow into the ponytails forming a zig-zag partition, showcasing the lovely color palette far too well.

12. Neon and Blue Ombre

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Sultry and chic at the same time, neon is a shade that encompasses all things bold and loud. What better way to feature it than to combine it with an ultramarine blue ombre to balance the bright pop of color?

The neon-dyed roots meet the ultramarine tips at roughly mid-length, making for a unique shade of green at the points of contact. The side-parted hair features a tint of blue at the partition, ending in graciously styled loose curls resting on the shoulder.

13. Rainbow Wavy Curls

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These intense rainbow locks need no introduction, as the vivid color palette speaks for itself. Leaving no rainbow shade out, sections of hair dyed in each color make up the underlayer of this lovely hairdo.

The upper layer sports a cherry red dye, styled by twisting a section of hair on itself with a few strands teased, forming a rose. The rose has a streak of rainbow-dyed hair lining it in a spiral, making for a unique union of colors.

14. Multi-Toned Afro

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Consider infusing character into a regular afro with purple, pink, azure, and cobalt hair dye. The fluffed-up, teased, voluminous hair sports scattered streaks at irregular intervals giving rise to an asymmetric hairdo. The layered hair hovers just above the shoulder, making this hairdo the ideal pairing for any outfit.

Hair extensions work just as well if you aren’t looking to dye your hair entirely, and you can experiment with just about any color you like.

15. Curled Afro Lob

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Picking up where the last hairdo left off, this one proceeds to shape the afro into an asymmetrical lob. The longer sides sport a red hue, transitioning into orange, finally fading into yellow at the back. Purple-dyed bangs bridge the gap between the vibrant fire-toned sides, adding balance and softness as the lovely curls hover just above the eyebrows. The tightly coiled curled hair springs from a pool of black roots, while gently teased sprigs create volume.

16. Purple and Pink Duo

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Like peas in a pod, pink and purple go hand in hand, much like black and white. This style exploits these complementary colors from root to tips featuring them on either side, with a vivid, straight partition separating the two.

Sections of hair from either side are twisted on themselves and twirled into a braid, adding texture and softness to the secured braid that rests at the center of the vivid duo, meeting the straightened-out smoothened hair roughly at the waistline.

17. Orange Hair With Silver Hoops

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Fiery and fierce, this hairdo begins with auburn-dyed roots that fade into a pool of teased, orange frizz. Sections of hair, twisted on themselves, loop through a chain of locked metallic hoops, adding volume and texture to the hairdo.

The shoulder-length hair, bunched into a high messy ponytail, balances out the neatly stitched sections all too well. Side-swept bangs lead the way, framing the face to perfection while adding a soft touch to the entire updo.

18. Heart-Shaped Pigtails

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Inspired by the iconic Cardi B, this style captures the essence and charm that the Queen of Rap herself exudes. An all-black mane with side-swept bangs leads the way to braided pigtails, twirled on themselves to form space buns on either side.

A single braid, shaped into a heart, emanates from each side, adding a fun, whimsical touch to this quirky cut. Single braided strands, offset from the heart-shaped braids, rest beneath, completing the look.

19. Platinum Blonde Waves With Fuchsia Pink Tips

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Consider platinum blonde locks for a sultry and edgy hairdo that is simply irresistible. Fuchsia pink waves rush to meet the platinum blonde hair at roughly mid-length, creating a lustrous, feminine look. Braids beginning at the hairline form a crown that rest on a messy top-knot while the rest of the hair graciously flows down.

A tint of Fuchsia pink hair encircles the twirled top-knot, secured with transparent hair sticks for color and texture.  Eye makeup that features the same colors as the hair completes the look.

20. Layered Mermaid Hair

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Layered with utmost precision, this neck-length design with sharp ends is simply stunning. The otherwise brown hair streaked in shades of pink, purple, and blue add character to the mane.

The underlayer sports bright blue highlights peeking from beneath the neatly arranged layers at the nape of the neck. The layers, styled similar to a mermaid fishtail, strikes quite the balance between whimsical and fun while staying well within the border of complete craziness.

21. Cobalt Blue Bow Updo

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This high bun strikes the perfect balance between elegance and quirkiness, making it a must-try with just about any hair color you fancy. The mid-length hair from roughly the crown to the tips is a vibrant cobalt blue hue with a tinge of purple, keeping the black roots intact. The hair, knotted in a high bun with a section wrapped around the center, creates a bow that elegantly rests on the crown.

22. Amethyst Underlayer

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An amethyst underlayer serves as the perfect element of surprise with this shiny black mane. The layer begins with dark purple roots that descend into a lighter amethyst tone with a platinum blonde tinge, ending in dark tips that sandwich the shiny undertone.

The upper layer of the hair retains its black charm, accentuated by styling the thick locks in a messy top knot, secured by wrapping a section around the scrunchie. Wavy curls add softness to the overall boldness of the look.

23. Pixie Cut With Purple and Blue Highlights

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Edgy yet casual, this pixie hairdo is a stunning look to pull off. The cream blonde hair is short at the side and back and longer towards the front, adding the right balance between the two. A touch of purple and blue streaks highlights the side-swept hair, infusing color and character to the style. Not only is this look simple to pull off, but also ultra-chic and stylish, making it perfect for parties.

24. Braided Crown With Multi-Toned Streaks

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Curls and braids unite in this intricate yet stunning hairdo. Embedded three-strand braids, left in their natural black hue, form a mat of interweaved locks with streaks of purple and olive. The braids end at the crown of the head, gently flowing into curly waves of pink, purple, olive, and turquoise dyed hair.

The natural black underlayer contrasts the bright, vibrant colors, while the curls add texture and softness to the hair. Consider lining the braids with floral hair accessories for a feminine touch.

25. Pastel Pink Matted Crown

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Soft and subtle, this hairdo takes on a pastel pink hair dye that adorns the hair from root to tip. Playing with criss-cross patterns, sections of hair twisted on themselves run horizontally, forming a thick band at the crown. The twisted strands of hair enclose interweaved, horizontal stripes that cross over strands of hair emanating from the top.

The vivid sections of hair appear to be flowing through the matted crown into a pool of wavy curls.

26. Asymmetrical Neon Lob

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A classic take on bright neon hues, this asymmetrical lob begins with neon pink roots, symmetrically applied on both sides. The tips, dyed in neon, follow the same application pattern as the pink hair dye. A section of blonde hair sandwiched between the neon hues balances the bright pops of color. The straightened-out smoothened hair hovers above the shoulder with its sharp ends.

Consider experimenting with this hairdo if you’re looking for a look you can pull off at parties and casual get-togethers.

27. Twisted Spiral Locks

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A timeless classic that is likely to take you back, this style encapsulates the essence of childhood. While it’s probably going to set you off on a reminiscent-bound journey, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try it out right away! The hairdo begins by sectioning the hair into moderately thin locks, twisting each on itself while creating enough tension to cause each to curl.

The pointed spirals, secured with colorful scrunchies, make the design perfect for summer or spring when paired with brightly colored outfits.

28. Watermelon-Inspired Hair

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This fun yet intriguing hairdo exudes cool summer vibes, representing a watermelon-inspired hair color. Bubblegum pink roots give way to pale green-dyed hair, roughly at the middle of the shoulder-length hair, eventually taking on a darker green shade at the tips. A few of the pale green streaks venture out into the pink zone, much like the rind of an actual watermelon.

Black hair accessories in the shape of watermelon seeds adorn the hair completing the fruit-themed hairstyle all too well.

29. Turquoise and Yellow Streaked Hair

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It’s not obvious that a pairing of turquoise and mustard would ever strike as complimentary hair dye choices – but this hairdo is here to change that! A base of platinum black hair dye hosts turquoise streaks that end in a bright mustard yellow hue. The half-up ponytail, secured by wrapping a strand of hair around a scrunchie, is gently teased to create a puff. The shoulder-length hair ends in wavy curls, adding a soft, graceful touch to the style.

30. Pink and Blue Lob

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Unleash the inner feline within with this playful, edgy hairdo that’s bound to get heads turning! The layered lob sports a sky blue hair dye on one side and a light pink hue on the other side.

A feline imprint is created by shaving the hair in the shape of a cat and is dyed light blue to make it stand out. This uncovered beauty lies concealed beneath the thick upper layer, only coming out to the fore when beckoned, making this the perfect style to sport, depending on the setting.

31. Sushi Inspired Undercut

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Minimalist, but cutting straight to the point, this hairdo has all the right colors and cuts. A dual undercut of brown and cream, separated by a distinct slant, serves as the base for the side-parted top. Peach-dyed hair, with a whitish undertone, adorns the sleeked back layered top.

The backcombed hair meets below the crown forming a V that rests on the asymmetric undercut. At first glance, the well-styled hairdo mimics a piece of sushi far too well.

32. Spooky Halloween Hair

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Look no further if you’re looking for a spooky hairdo to sport on Halloween! This mustard-toned lob combines the right amounts of whimsy and fun with style and panache. Straight bangs, along with the long dips of the lob, frame the face with utmost perfection, while the creepy hair accessories rest on the sides, adding a spooky element to the lovely design. Consider a pair of vampire’s teeth to further up the ante—you could even try a black cloak!

33. Bold Afro With Braided Undercut

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Unleash your inner femme fatale within with this bold, striking hairdo. Drawing inspiration from autumn, the undercut sports an intricate, braided mat of leaves and stars with smoothened-out baby hair resting gently on the forehead, adding a soft touch.

A vibrant color palette of alternating shades of brown, orange, mustard, and red adorn the teased afro curls, making for a loud statement. A few of the curled strands rest on the forehead, serving as bangs while completing the look all too well.

34. Black and Gold Zebra Hair

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This iconic hairdo keeps the natural hue of the hair intact while choosing to bleach some parts of it in a distinct zig-zag pattern. The points at which the hair transitions into the bleached sections depict an orange-brown burnt tinge that contributes to the color gradient further.

The layered length of the hair generally progresses from short to long, making for a unique way to frame the face.  Middle-parted and lovely in its stellar way, the hairdo stands out just by itself without the need for hair accessories.

35. Platinum Space Buns

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Futuristic space buns are here to take the world by storm, as this magnificent design so wonderfully depicts. Platinum dye with a tinge of silver adorns the hair from root to tip, creating a unique blend of colors bound to get heads turning.

Sections of hair beginning at the hairline, folded into a bow with a lock of hair wrapped around rest on either side. The rest of the hair sports loose curls that frame the face with a soft touch.

36. Artsy Braided Hairdo

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This middle-parted sleeked backcombed hairdo is minimalist and perfect for thinner hair. Braided strands of hair from either side meet at the center of the neck, forming a sharp V-shape before being bent back into a triangle and finally a rectangle, creating a symmetrical design.

The baby hair, beginning at the hairline, styled in smooth curls, rests gently on the forehead, adding a soft touch to the otherwise bold hairdo. A generous spritz of hairspray keeps the braids in place.

37. Black and Yellow Bumblebee Hair

Image Source

Deconstructing the humble bumblebee has never been as cute as this stunning hairdo so beautifully depicts. The shoulder-length hair, dyed in mustard yellow from root to tip, is styled in loose waves.

The bangs are spiked up and styled into a loose curl, lined with black hair dye that continues along the sides, finally meeting the tips as a black streak. This smoothened-out, sleek back look exudes boldness and elegance, making it perfect to sport at a formal event.

38. Violet Hello Kitty Inspired Hair

Image Source

Violet and mauve hair dye unite to create this edgy and chic look, styled in loose curls. The shoulder-length hair rests softly on the shoulders as the curled locks are strewn across the forehead, making for a messy updo.

A random distribution of mauve and violet hair dye further adds to the distorted look, accentuated by styling the hair at the crown in pointed clumps. This tiny little inflection brings out a playful feline look which works well when paired with catty eyes.

39. Suave Cobalt Asymmetric Lob

Image Source

Suave and sleek this asymmetrical lob unleashes the inner fashionista within. The lob begins at the nape, progressing into a steep side with a sharp half-moon tip. Black roots give way to a rich, vibrant cobalt blue hue that adorns the locks, making them instantly pop.

Indigo blue steaks fade into an eclectic silver pattern that takes up the entire surface of the longer side. Maroon or dark red lipstick brings out the best in this hairdo.

40. Purple and Pink Strawberry Bun

Image Source

Here’s a “berry” innovative hairdo to experiment with if you’re looking for a playful and fun way to style your locks. A high bun styled in the shape of a strawberry sports pink ends with a greyish-white tinge at the center.

Yellow hair accessories studded on the bun and a green calyx hairclip aid in making the bun seem more realistic. The strawberry bun rests on a bed of purple-dyed hair, making the vivid contrast a treat to the eye.

41. Lava Hair Bun

Image Source

Ignite your thick locks with the electric palette that makes up this stunning updo. Jet black roots lead to fiery lush lava streaks that unite with green, yellow, blue, and purple highlights.

While the orange highlights stand out, the remaining hues infuse character and life into the hairdo. The entire lock of hair, twisted to create a high bun, depicts the vibrant hues in a unique spiral, making this style a must-try.

42. Black Bob With Ombre Extensions

Image Source

Innovative as it is chic, this stellar hairdo is bound to make heads turn. What appears to be a simple take on a jellyfish is executed with utmost precision to bring forth a hairstyle that outdoes itself. The short-cropped bob haircut gently hovers over the eyebrows extending across the entirety of the head. The all-black mane meets ombre, loosely curled strands of blue, pink, and purple, which appear to be extensions of it.

43. Messy Pink Bob With Floral Clips

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Exuding an Alice in Wonderland look, this messy hairdo is every bit crazy as it is chic. Bubblegum pink dyed hair, styled in an ear-length messy bob, births a unique pairing of color and texture.

Voluminous choppy curtain bangs hover just above the eyebrow with sections clipped using floral bobby pins. The randomly placed pins contribute to the chaotic yet alluring hairstyle completed by gently teasing the hair making for a haphazard look.

44. Sleek Piped Updo

Image Source

For a model-like vibe that’s striking and charming, consider this piped updo. The look uses the natural hue of the black hair, styling the baby hair at the hairline in soft curls.

A large section of the hair styled upwards, by tying regular intervals with black scrunchies, forms the crux of the stunning hairdo that gradually descends and rests on the shoulder. Thinner sections of hair follow the same pattern with closely spaced scrunchies, giving rise to bubbles that add texture to the look.

45. Blonde and Black Pixie Cut

Image Source

Chic, sultry, and stunning, this pixie plays on colors and textures in the best of all ways. Shaved sides, left in their natural blonde hue, precede a straightened, smoothed-out top that gradually dips into a crescent at the forehead.

Exhibiting a similar progression, the black-dyed strip separating the side from the top diminishes roughly at the eye, making for a unique blend of blonde and black.  Artistic motifs stain the top with utmost precision, making for a visually stunning hairdo.

46. Looped Black Locks

Image Source

For a sultry look that oozes panache and elegance, consider this creative hairdo that is perfect for a formal event such as a ball or wedding. The backcombed natural black locks, separated into sections, form distinct loops that stack up above each other.

The looped sections of hair progress upwards, beginning at the nape of the neck, with a few ends ruffled to create texture. Curtain bangs help frame the face, although not opting for bangs work just as well to emphasize the hairdo.

47. Icy Blue Gradient Lob

Image Source

Edgy and bold, this fearless hairdo gives conventional hairdos a run for their money, and how! Icy blue hair dye with a silver tint fades into an off-white hue before transitioning into red along the sides. The transition point, marked with maroon and yellow, infuses a rich color gradient into the hairdo.

The asymmetrical lob, when straightened and smoothed, is the perfect canvas to flaunt the bold hair color choices. Consider pairing the look with an all-white or all-black ensemble for the best effect.

48. Cobalt Blue and Neon Green Lob

Image Source

Nothing says crazy quite as well as a combination of bright colors such as cobalt blue and neon green. The simple lob, with straightened ends, is transformed into a playful and loud look with the simple addition of cobalt blue roots, prominent along the mid-part hair. The rest of the hair showcases a vibrant neon green hue that reveals the blue roots along the sides, only when pulled aside. Sections of hair secured with yellow hairclips complete the look perfectly.

49. Yellow Braided Ponytail

Image Source

This bright hairdo plays with multiple textures and patterns, perfect for hair of any length. Five sections of neatly partitioned hair, infused with yellow highlights, form inverted three-strand braids that run along the scalp, meeting at the nape.

A single section of hair wraps around the united braids, leading to a low ponytail of the straightened locks. The ponytail, further divided into two sections, meets at mid-shoulder length before flowing into a ponytail.

50. Pixie Cut With Stars

Image Source

A short pixie cut is by far the best hairstyle if you’re looking for an easy-to-maintain hairdo that’s uber chic and stylish. This short pixie, left in its natural blonde color, serves as the perfect canvas for patterns and motifs, popularized by the hair tattoo trend.

Moderately large black stars strewn across the pixie infuse texture and contrast into the hairdo. If you want to tone up the crazy, a brightly dyed hue such as pink or neon green works just as well.

51. Metallic Blue Ear-Length Asymmetric Bob

Image Source

A combination of a lob and a bob might not strike as an obvious hairstyle choice, but the result is simply stunning, as this striking hairdo depicts.

The ear-length hair comes with straight bangs, hovering well over the eyebrow, adorned in a metallic blue hair dye with a green tinge. Choppy, serrated tips progress at an angle from the sides to the back. The bangs, along with the side dips, frame the upper half of the face.

52. Rainbow Space Buns

Image Source

If this hairstyle doesn’t scream crazy, we don’t know what will! The radiant hairdo has long face-framing bangs that begin with purple roots fading into an orange-red dye, continuing into alternating green and red locks. The remainder is dyed in an electric yellow hue, adorns the curly locks adding texture. Sections of hair bunched up into space buns rest on either side of the head, making this hairdo a Coachella must-try!

Add Some Color to Your Life

Straight or curly, long or short, we’ve tried our best to round up some of the best crazy hair ideas. If you’re relatively new to the game, consider starting small with perhaps a dual-toned asymmetric lob or even smaller, maybe braided highlights. You can work your way up into an electric yellow bob or wavy rainbow locks. Dying your hair a bright color might require you to bleach your hair, be sure that you seek professional help if you haven’t done it yourself before.

There’s always the option of a one-time fix with a bright, popping wig or colorful hair extensions to give your hair that extra punch from time to time without the hassle of having to dye your hair. Hair spray and hair wax are also viable options for you to explore. Don’t be afraid to go all out and unleash all that crazy within!