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Christina Piercing Overview – Is an Intimate Piercing Right for Me?

Christina Piercing Overview – Is an Intimate Piercing Right for Me?

Are you keen to have an intimate piercing? Are you wondering which type would be the best choice for you? This Christina piercing overview will tell you all you need to know so you can make a well-informed decision.

What Is a Christina Piercing?

Sometimes known as a Venus piercing, a Christina piercing is a female genital piercing that has become more popular in recent years. The tradition of genital piercing has been traced back to Borneo tribeswomen, although the Christina piercing has a more modern origin. It’s believed it was given its name in 1990 when this piercing was first carried out to a woman called Christina!

This vertical surface piercing is located at the pubic mound (or mons Venus). This fatty pad is found on the pubic bone with the outer labia come together above the clitoris.


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Why Do Women Want to Have a Christina Piercing?

The Christina piercing is popular with many women because it doesn’t just offer aesthetic appeal, but it also offers some sexual stimulation.

Can I Have a Christina Piercing?

This type of genital piercing isn’t suitable for every woman. Depending on your own unique anatomy you may not be able to get this piercing, and there is a relatively high rate of rejection. You must have a solid fold of skin in your genital lip area and a meatier pubic mound in order to have this piercing. If you have inner labia or a clitoral hood that is too small to have a VCH (vertical clitoral hood) piercing, the Christina piercing could be a good alternative for you.

How Can I Ensure My Christina Piercing Is More Likely to Be Successful?

The Christina piercing is a surface piercing and, as such, may exert lots of pressure and friction to the area when wearing pants and underwear. If you want this type of piercing, it’s advised to be deeply pierced with a traditional barbell, surface bar, or custom-made curving barbell. This will give you the best chance of having a successful piercing experience.

What Will the Christina Piercing Look Like?

As the Christina is a surface piercing, it is made through the area of pinched-up skin in the pubic mound. A gem ball will then be directly placed over the clitoral hood’s tip while a flat disc is seen above the bottom ball, fixing the barbell in place.

The jewelry used for this type of piercing is known as an L-bar or Christina bar. On one side, it is an L-bend surface barbell, while the other hand faces out with a straight, decorative part onto which the gem ball is added. It will then be seen on the closed outer labia, giving a more beautiful look.

Which Materials Are Best for the Christina Piercing?

When your Christina piercing is carried out, the initial piece of jewelry must be high-grade, made from gold, sterling silver, titanium, Bioplast, acrylic or stainless steel. The healing process will take between 2 and 4 months, but when it is completely healed, you’ll be able to change the piece of jewelry to any barbell of your choice.

Will Getting a Christina Piercing Hurt?

Although having a piercing in the intimate genital area may appear to be very painful, in fact, women who have had this piercing claim that it isn’t as painful as having a cartilage piercing in their ear. Although there is some initial pain, this goes away straight away since the piercing is being carried out on an area of thick tissue.

After the piercing, however, the area can be very sensitive and may be easily irritated. It also takes a long time to heal, and because it is easily disturbed you must take extra care while having sex. The stud must not be moved around excessively during the healing process.

Infections and complications may also occur while this piercing is healing, and there can be discomfort because of the long piercing canal that can result in friction.


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How Can I Care for and Clean My Christina Piercing?

Taking care to keep any new piercing clean and cared for is imperative to avoid infection, and this is especially the case when the piercing is in an intimate area. Before you touch your new Christina piercing, make sure your hands have been thoroughly washed and are clean.

You should use a saline spray containing a mix of minerals and salt water to promote healing in the area. This will prevent any visually unappealing skin scabbing and scarring in the pierced area. Make sure to clean your new Christina piercing once daily during the healing period. This helps to promote a speedier recovery. Don’t be tempted to remove the barbell too soon, though. It will take many weeks or months to heal completely, and you risk an infection if you try to take your piercing out and change it too quickly.

Clean your jewelry and the piercing area thoroughly each day using either a mild antibacterial liquid soap or simple salt solution. Avoid taking baths for a minimum of 2 weeks, since sitting in warm water could cause bacteria to be introduced into the piercing and cause an infection. Take showers instead for the initial weeks after being pierced. If there is any crusted blood or dried discharge around the area that has been piercing or on the barbell itself, soak it to soften it then wash it away using a damp cotton wool ball.

When drying your new Christina piercing, pat it with a clean and dry paper towel. Avoid using a washcloth or towel. You should also avoid using any creams, astringents, or ointments on your new piercing to avoid any possible irritation, and although you don’t need to avoid sexual activity, you should make sure that no bodily fluids like saliva or semen contact the pierced area while it’s healing. This will help to guard against infection.

Follow this advice and your new Christina piercing will look fantastic for many years to come.

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